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Chapter 1[edit]

1 The visioun, ether profesie, of Ysaie, the sone of Amos, which he siy on Juda and Jerusalem, in the daies of Osie, of Joathan, of Achas, and of Ezechie, kyngis of Juda.

2 Ye heuenes, here, and thou erthe, perseyue with eeris, for the Lord spak. Y haue nurschid and Y haue enhaunsid sones; sotheli thei han dispisid me.

3 An oxe knew his lord, and an asse knew the cratche of his lord; but Israel knewe not me, and my puple vndurstood not.

4 Wo to the synful folk, to the puple heuy in wickidnesse, to the weiward seed, to the cursid sones; thei han forsake the Lord, thei han blasfemyd the hooli of Israel, thei ben aliened bacward.

5 On what thing schal Y smyte you more, that encreessen trespassyng? Ech heed is sijk, and ech herte is morenynge.

6 Fro the sole of the foot til to the nol, helthe is not ther ynne; wounde, and wannesse, and betyng bolnynge is not boundun aboute, nether curid bi medicyn, nether nurschid with oile.

7 Youre lond is forsakun, youre citees ben brent bi fier; aliens deuouren youre cuntrei bifore you, and it schal be disolat as in the distriyng of enemyes.

8 And the douytir of Sion, `that is, Jerusalem, schal be forsakun as a schadewynge place in a vyner, and as an hulke in a place where gourdis wexen, and as a citee which is wastid.

9 If the Lord of oostis hadde not left seed to vs, we hadden be as Sodom, and we hadden be lijk as Gomorre.

10 Ye princes of men of Sodom, here the word of the Lord; and ye puple of Gommorre, perseyue with eeris the lawe of youre God.

11 Wherto offren ye to me the multitude of youre sacrifices? seith the Lord. Y am ful; Y wolde not the brent sacrifices of wetheris, and the ynnere fatnesse of fatte beestis, and the blood of calues, and of lambren, and of buckis of geet.

12 Whanne ye camen bifore my siyt, who axide of youre hondis these thingis, that ye schulden go in myn hallys?

13 Offre ye no more sacrifice in veyn; encense is abhomynacioun to me; Y schal not suffre neomenye, and sabat, and othere feestis.

14 Youre cumpenyes ben wickid; my soule hatith youre calendis and youre solempnytees; tho ben maad diseseful to me, Y trauelide suffrynge.

15 And whanne ye stretchen forth youre hondis, Y schal turne awei myn iyen fro you; and whanne ye multiplien preyer, Y schal not here; for whi youre hondis ben ful of blood.

16 Be ye waischun, be ye clene; do ye awei the yuel of youre thouytis fro myn iyen; ceesse ye to do weiwardli, lerne ye to do wel.

17 Seke ye doom, helpe ye hym that is oppressid, deme ye to the fadirles and modirles child, defende ye a widewe.

18 And come ye, and repreue ye me, seith the Lord. Thouy youre synnes ben as blood reed, tho schulen be maad whijt as snow; and thouy tho ben reed as vermylioun, tho schulen be whijt as wolle.

19 If ye wolen, and heren me, ye schulen ete the goodis of erthe.

20 That if ye nylen, and ye terren me to wrathfulnesse, swerd schal deuoure you; for whi the mouth of the Lord spak.

21 Hou is the feithful citee ful of dom maad an hoore? riytfulnesse dwellide ther ynne; but now menquelleris dwellen ther ynne.

22 Thi siluer is turned in to dros, ether filthe; thi wyn is medlid with watir.

23 Thi princes ben vnfeithful, the felowis of theuys; alle louen yiftis, suen meedis; thei demen not to a fadirles child, and the cause of a widewe entrith not to hem.

24 For this thing, seith the Lord God of oostis, the stronge of Israel, Alas! Y schal be coumfortid on myn enemyes, and Y schal be vengid on myn enemyes.

25 And Y schal turne myn hond to thee, and Y schal sethe out thi filthe to the cleene, and Y schal do awei al thi tyn.

26 And Y schal restore thi iuges, as thei weren bifor to, and thi counselours, as in elde tyme. Aftir these thingis thou schalt be clepid the citee of the riytful, a feithful citee.

27 Sion schal be ayen bouyt in dom, and thei schulen bringe it ayen in to riytfulnesse;

28 and God schal al to-breke cursid men and synneris togidere, and thei that forsoken the Lord, schulen be wastid.

29 For thei schulen be aschamed of idols, to whiche thei maden sacrifice; and ye shulen be aschamid on the orcherdis, whiche ye chesiden.

30 Whanne ye schulen be as an ook, whanne the leeues fallen doun, and as an orcherd with out watir.

31 And youre strengthe schal be as a deed sparcle of bonys, `ether of herdis of flex, and youre werk schal be as a quyk sparcle; and euer either schal be brent togidere, and noon schal be that schal quenche.

Chapter 2[edit]

1 The word which Ysaie, the sone of Amos, siy on Juda and Jerusalem.

2 And in the laste daies the hil of the hous of the Lord schal be maad redi in the cop of hillis, and schal be reisid aboue litle hillis. And alle hethene men schulen flowe to hym;

3 and many puplis schulen go, and schulen seie, Come ye, stie we to the hil of the Lord, and to the hous of God of Jacob; and he schal teche vs hise weies, and we schulen go in the pathis of hym. For whi the lawe schal go out of Syon, and the word of the Lord fro Jerusalem.

4 And he schal deme hethene men, and he schal repreue many puplis; and thei schulen welle togidere her swerdes in to scharris, and her speris in to sikelis, ether sithes; folk schal no more reise swerd ayens folk, and thei schulen no more be exercisid to batel.

5 Come ye, the hous of Jacob, and go we in the liyt of the Lord.

6 Forsothe thou hast cast awei thi puple, the hous of Jacob, for thei ben fillid as sum tyme bifore; and thei hadden false dyuynouris bi the chiteryng of briddis, as Filisteis, and thei cleuyden to alien children.

7 The lond is fillid with siluer and gold, and noon ende is of the tresouris therof; and the lond therof is fillid with horsis, and the foure horsid cartis therof ben vnnoumbrable.

8 And the lond therof is fillid with ydols, and thei worschipiden the werk of her hondis, which her fyngris maden;

9 and a man bowide hymsilf, and a man of ful age was maad low. Therfor foryyue thou not to hem.

10 Entre thou, puple of Juda, in to a stoon, be thou hid in a diche in erthe, fro the face of the drede of the Lord, and fro the glorie of his mageste.

11 The iyen of an hiy man ben maad low, and the hiynesse of men schal be bowid doun; forsothe the Lord aloone schal be enhaunsid in that dai.

12 For the dai of the Lord of oostis schal be on ech proud man and hiy, and on ech boostere, and he schal be maad low;

13 and on alle the cedres of the Liban hiye and reisid, and on alle the ookis of Baisan,

14 and on alle hiy munteyns, and on alle litle hillis, `that ben reisid;

15 and on ech hiy tour, and on ech strong wal;

16 and on alle schippis of Tharsis, and on al thing which is fair in siyt.

17 And al the hiynesse of men schal be bowid doun, and the hiynesse of men schal be maad low; and the Lord aloone schal be reisid in that dai,

18 and idols schulen be brokun togidere outirli.

19 And thei schulen entre in to dennes of stoonys, and in to the swolewis of erthe, fro the face of the inward drede of the Lord, and fro the glorie of his maieste, whanne he schal ryse to smyte the lond.

20 In that dai a man schal caste awei the idols of his siluer, and the symylacris of his gold, whiche he hadde maad to hym silf, for to worschipe moldewarpis and backis, `ether rere myis.

21 And he schal entre in to chynnis, ethir crasyngis, of stoonys, and in to the caues of hard roochis, fro the face of the inward drede of the Lord, and fro the glorie of his mageste, whanne he schal ryse to smyte the lond.

22 Therfor ceesse ye fro a man, whos spirit is in hise nose thirlis, for he is arettid hiy.

Chapter 3[edit]

1 For lo! the lordli gouernour, the Lord of oostis, schal take awei fro Jerusalem and fro Juda a myyti man, and strong, and al the strengthe of breed, and al the strengthe of watir;

2 a strong man, and a man a werriour, and a domesman, and a profete, and a false dyuynour in auteris, and an elde man,

3 a prince ouer fifti men, and a worschipful man in cheer, and a counselour, and a wijs man of principal crafti men, and a prudent man of mystik, ethir goostli, speche.

4 And Y schal yyue children the princes of hem, and men of wymmens condiciouns schulen be lordis of hem.

5 And the puple schal falle doun, a man to a man, ech man to his neiybore; a child schal make noyse ayens an eld man, and an vnnoble man ayens a noble man.

6 For a man schal take his brother, the meneal of his fadir, and schal seie, A clooth is to thee, be thou oure prince; forsothe this fallyng be vndur thin hond.

7 And he schal answere in that dai, and seie, Y am no leche, and nether breed, nether cloth is in myn hous; nyle ye make me prince of the puple.

8 For whi Jerusalem felle doun, and Juda felle doun togidere; for the tunge of hem, and the fyndingis of hem weren ayens the Lord, for to terre to wraththe the iyen of his mageste.

9 The knowyng of her cheer schal answere to hem; and thei prechiden her synne, as Sodom dide, and hidden not. Wo to the soule of hem, for whi yuels ben yoldun to hem.

10 Seie ye to the iust man, that it schal be to hym wel; for he schal ete the fruyt of hise fyndyngis.

11 Wo to the wickid man in to yuel; for whi the yeldyng of hise hondis schal be maad to hym.

12 The wrongful axeris of my puple robbiden it, and wymmen weren lordis therof. Mi puple, thei that seien thee blessid, disseyuen thee, and distrien the weie of thi steppis.

13 The Lord stondith for to deme, and `the Lord stondith for to deme puplis;

14 the Lord schal come to doom, with the eldere men of his puple, and with hise princes; for ye han wastid my vyner, and the raueyn of a pore man is in youre hous.

15 Whi al to-breken ye my puple, and grynden togidere the faces of pore men? seith the Lord God of oostis.

16 And the Lord God seide, For that that the douytris of Syon weren reisid, and yeden with a necke stretchid forth, and yeden bi signes of iyen, and flappiden with hondis, and yeden, and with her feet yeden in wel araied goyng,

17 the Lord schal make ballyd the nol of the douytris of Sion, and the Lord schal make nakid the heer of hem.

18 In that dai the Lord schal take awei the ournement of schoon, and goldun litle bellis lijk the moone,

19 and ribans, and brochis, and ournementis of armes nyy the schuldris, and mytris, ether chapelettis,

20 and coombis, and ournementis of armes niy the hondis, and goldun ourenementis lijk laumpreis, and litil vessels of oynementis,

21 and eere ryngis, and ryngis, and preciouse stoonys hangynge in the forheed,

22 and chaungynge clothis, and mentils, and schetis, ether smockis, and needlis,

23 and myrouris, and smal lynun clothis aboute the schuldris, and kercheues, and roketis.

24 And stynk shal be for swete odour, and a corde for the girdil; ballidnesse schal be for crispe heer, and an heire for a brest girdil.

25 Also thi faireste men schulen falle bi swerd, and thi stronge men schulen falle in batel.

26 And the yatis therof schulen weile, and morene; and it schal sitte desolat in erthe.

Chapter 4[edit]

1 And seuene wymmen schulen catche o man in that dai, and schulen seie, We schulen ete oure breed, and we schulen be hilid with oure clothis; oneli thi name be clepid on vs, do thou awei oure schenschip.

2 In that dai the buriownyng of the Lord schal be in greet worschip and glorie; and the fruyt of erthe schal be hiy, and ful out ioye `schal be to hem that schulen be sauyd of Israel.

3 And it schal be, ech that is left in Sion, and is resydue in Jerusalem, schal be clepid hooli; ech that is writun in lijf in Jerusalem;

4 if the Lord waischith awei the filthis of the douytris of Sion, and waischith the blood of Jerusalem fro the myddis therof, in the spirit of doom, and in the spirit of heete.

5 And the Lord made on ech place of the hille of Sion, and where he was clepid to help, a cloude bi dai, and smoke, and briytnesse of fier flawmynge in the niyt; for whi hilyng schal be aboue al glorie.

6 And a tabernacle schal be in to a schadewynge place of the dai, fro heete, and in to sikirnesse and in to hidyng, fro whirlewynd and fro reyn.

Chapter 5[edit]

1 I schal synge for my derlyng the song of myn vnclis sone, of his vyner. A vyner was maad to my derlyng, in the horne in the sone of oile.

2 And he heggide it, and chees stoonys therof, and plauntide a chosun vyner; and he bildide a tour in the myddis therof, and rerede a presse ther ynne; and he abood, that it schulde bere grapis, and it bare wielde grapis.

3 Now therfor, ye dwelleris of Jerusalem, and ye men of Juda, deme bitwixe me and my viner.

4 What is it that Y ouyt to do more to my vyner, and Y dide not to it? whether that Y abood, that it schulde bere grapis, and it bare wielde grapis?

5 And now Y schal schewe to you, what Y schal do to my vyner. Y schal take awei the hegge therof, and it schal be in to rauyschyng; Y schal caste doun the wal therof, and it schal be in to defoulyng; and Y schal sette it desert,

6 ether forsakun. It schal not be kit, and it schal not be diggid, and breris and thornes schulen `growe vp on it; and Y schal comaunde to cloudis, that tho reyne not reyn on it.

7 Forsothe the vyner of the Lord of oostis is the hous of Israel, and the men of Juda ben the delitable buriownyng of hym. Y abood, that it schal make doom, and lo! wickidnesse; and that it schulde do riytfulnesse, and lo! cry.

8 Wo to you that ioynen hows to hous, and couplen feeld to feeld, `til to the ende of place. Whether ye aloone schulen dwelle in the myddis of the lond?

9 These thingis ben in the eeris of me, the Lord of oostis; if many housis ben not forsakun, grete housis and faire, with outen dwellere, bileue ye not to me.

10 For whi ten acris of vynes schulen make a potel, and thretti buschels of seed schulen make thre buschels.

11 Wo to you that risen togidere eerli to sue drunkennesse, and to drinke `til to euentid, that ye brenne with wyn.

12 Harpe, and giterne, and tympan, and pipe, and wyn ben in youre feestis; and ye biholden not the werk of the Lord, nether ye biholden the werkis of hise hondis.

13 Therfor my puple is led prisoner, for it hadde not kunnyng; and the noble men therof perischiden in hungur, and the multitude therof was drye in thirst.

14 Therfor helle alargide his soule, and openyde his mouth with outen ony ende; and strong men therof, and the puple therof, and the hiy men, and gloriouse men therof, schulen go doun to it.

15 And a man schal be bowid doun, and a man of age schal be maad low; and the iyen of hiy men schulen be pressid doun.

16 And the Lord of oostis schal be enhaunsid in doom, and hooli God schal be halewid in riytfulnesse.

17 And lambren schulen be fed bi her ordre, and comelyngis schulen ete desert places turned in to plentee.

18 Wo to you that drawen wickydnesse in the cordis of vanyte, and drawen synne as the boond of a wayn; and ye seien,

19 The werk of hym haaste, and come soone, that we se; and the counsel of the hooli of Israel neiy, and come, and we schulen knowe it.

20 Wo to you that seien yuel good, and good yuel; and putten derknessis liyt, and liyt derknessis; and putten bittir thing in to swete, and swete thing in to bittir.

21 Wo to you that ben wise men in youre iyen, and ben prudent bifor you silf.

22 Wo to you that ben myyti to drynke wyn, and ben stronge to meddle drunkenesse;

23 and ye iustifien a wickid man for yiftis, and ye taken awei the riytfulnesse of a iust man fro hym.

24 For this thing, as the tunge of fier deuourith stobil, and the heete of flawme brenneth, so the roote of hem schal be as a deed sparcle, and the seed of hem schal stie as dust; for thei castiden awei the lawe of the Lord of oostis, and blasfemyden the speche of the hooli of Israel.

25 Therfor the strong veniaunce of the Lord was wrooth ayens his puple, and he stretchide forth his hond on it, and smoot it; and hillis weren disturblid, and the deed bodies of hem weren maad as a toord in the myddis of stretis. In alle these thingis the stronge vengeaunce of him was not turned awei, but yit his hond was stretchid forth.

26 And he schal reise a signe among naciouns afer, and he schal hisse to hym fro the endis of erthe; and lo! he schal haaste, and schal come swiftli.

27 Noon is failynge nethir trauelynge in that oost; he schal not nappe, nether slepe, nether the girdil of his reynes schal be vndo, nether the lace of his scho schal be brokun.

28 Hise arowis ben scharpe, and alle hise bowis ben bent; the houys of hise horsis ben as a flynt, and hise wheelis ben as the feersnesse of tempest.

29 His roryng schal be as of lioun; he schal rore as the whelpis of liouns; and he schal gnaste, and schal holde prey, and schal biclippe, and noon schal be, that schal delyuere.

30 And he schal sowne on it in that dai, as doith the soun of the see; we schulen biholde in to the erthe, and lo! derknessis of tribulacioun, and liyt is maad derk in the derknesse therof.

Chapter 6[edit]

1 In the yeer in which the kyng Osie was deed, Y siy the Lord sittynge on an hiy seete, and reisid; and the hous was ful of his mageste, and tho thingis that weren vndur hym, filliden the temple.

2 Serafyn stoden on it, sixe wyngis weren to oon, and sixe wyngis to the tothir; with twei wyngis thei hiliden the face of hym, and with twei wyngis thei hiliden the feet of hym, and with twei wyngis thei flowen.

3 And thei crieden `the toon to the tother, and seiden, Hooli, hooli, hooli is the Lord God of oostis; al erthe is ful of his glorie.

4 And the lyntels aboue of the herris were moued togidere of the vois of the criere, and the hous was fillid with smoke.

5 And Y seide, Wo to me, for Y was stille; for Y am a man defoulid in lippis, and Y dwelle in the myddis of the puple hauynge defoulid lippis, and Y siy with myn iyen the kyng Lord of oostis.

6 And oon of serafyn flei to me, and a brennynge cole was in his hond, which cole he hadde take with a tonge fro the auter.

7 And he touchide my mouth, and seide, Lo! Y haue touchid thi lippis with this cole, and thi wickidnesse schal be don awei, and thi synne schal be clensid.

8 And Y herde the vois of the Lord, seiynge, Whom schal Y sende, and who schal go to you? And Y seide, Lo! Y; sende thou me.

9 And he seide, Go thou, and thou schalt seie to this puple, Ye herynge here, and nyle ye vndurstonde; and se ye the profesie, and nyle ye knowe.

10 Make thou blynde the herte of this puple, and aggrege thou the eeris therof, and close thou the iyen therof; lest perauenture it se with hise iyen, and here with hise eeris, and vndurstonde with his herte, and it be conuertid, and Y make it hool.

11 And Y seide, Lord, hou long? And he seide, Til citees ben maad desolat with out dwellere, and housis with out man. And the lond schal be left desert,

12 and the Lord schal make men fer. And that that was forsakun in the myddil of erthe, schal be multiplied, and yit tithing schal be ther ynne;

13 and it schal be conuertid, and it schal be in to schewyng, as a terebynte is, and as an ook, that spredith abrood hise boowis; that schal be hooli seed, that schal stonde ther ynne.

Chapter 7[edit]

1 And it was don in the daies of Achas, the sone of Joathan, the sone of Osias, kyng of Juda, Rasyn, the kyng of Sirie, and Facee, the sone of Romelie, the kyng of Israel, stieden to Jerusalem, for to fiyte ayens it; and thei myyten not ouercome it.

2 And thei telden to the hous of Dauid, and seiden, Sirie hath restid on Effraym, and the herte of hym and of his puple was mouyd togidere, as the trees of wodis ben mouyd of the face of the wynd.

3 And the Lord seide to Isaie, Go thou out, and Jasub, thi sone, which is left, in to the meetyng of Achas, at the laste ende of the water cundijt of the hiyere cisterne, in the weie of the feeld of the fullere.

4 And thou schalt seie to hym, Se thou, that thou be stille; nyle thou drede, and thin herte be not aferd of twei tailis of these brondis smokynge in the wraththe of woodnesse, of Rasyn, kynge of Sirie, and of the sone of Romelye.

5 For Sirie, and Effraym, and the sone of Romelie, han bigunne yuel councel ayens thee, and seien, Stie we to Juda,

6 and reise we hym, and drawe we hym out to vs; and sette we a kyng in the myddis therof, the sone of Tabeel.

7 The Lord God seith these thingis, This schal not be, and it schal not stonde;

8 but Damask schal be the heed of Sirie, and Rasyn `schal be the heed of Damask; and yit sixti yeer and fiue, and Effraym schal faile to be a puple;

9 and Samarie shal faile to be the heed of Effraym, and the sone of Romelie `schal faile to be heed of Samarie. Forsothe if ye schulen not bileue, ye schulen not dwelle.

10 And the Lord addide to speke to Achas,

11 and seide, Axe thou to thee a signe of thi Lord God, in to the depthe of helle, ethir in to heiythe aboue.

12 And Achas seide, Y schal not axe, and Y schal not tempte the Lord.

13 And Ysaie seide, Therfor the hous of Dauid, here ye; whether it is litil to you to be diseseful to men, for ye ben diseseful also to my God?

14 For this thing the Lord hym silf schal yyue a signe to you. Lo! a virgyn schal conseyue, and schal bere a sone; and his name schal be clepid Emanuel.

15 He schal ete botere and hony, that he kunne repreue yuel, and cheese good.

16 For whi bifore that the child kunne repreue yuel, and chese good, the lond, which thou wlatist, schal be forsakun of the face of her twei kyngis.

17 The Lord schal brynge on thee, and on thi puple, and on the hous of thi fadir, daies that camen not fro the daies of departyng of Effraym fro Juda, with the kyng of Assiriens.

18 And it schal be, in that dai the Lord schal hisse to a flie, which is in the laste parte of the floodis of Egipt; and to a bee, which is in the lond of Assur;

19 and `alle so schulen come, and schulen reste in the strondis of valeis, and in caues of stoonis, and in alle places of buyschis, and in alle hoolis.

20 And in that dai the Lord schal schaue with a scharp rasour in these men, that ben biyendis the flood, in the kyng of Assiriens, the heed, and heeris of the feet, and al the beerd.

21 And it schal be, in that day a man schal nurische a cow of oxis, and twei scheep,

22 and for the plentee of mylk he schal ete botere; for whi ech man that schal be left in the myddis of the lond, schal ete boter and hony.

23 And it schal be, in that dai ech place where a thousand vyneris schulen be worth a thousynde platis of siluer, and schulen be in to thornes and breeris,

24 men schulen entre thidur with bouwis and arowis; for whi breris and thornes schulen be in al the lond.

25 And alle hillis that schulen be purgid with a sarpe, the drede of thornes and of breris schal not come thidir; and it schal be in to lesewe of oxen, and in to treding of scheep.

Chapter 8[edit]

1 And the Lord seide to me, Take to thee a greet book, and write ther ynne with the poyntil of man, Swiftli drawe thou awei spuylis, take thou prey soone.

2 And Y yaf to me faithful witnessis, Vrie, the prest, and Sacarie, the sone of Barachie.

3 And Y neiyede to the profetesse; and sche conseyuede, and childide a sone. And the Lord seide to me, Clepe thou his name Haste thou to drawe awei spuylis, haaste thou for to take prey.

4 For whi bifor that the child kan clepe his fadir and his modir, the strengthe of Damask schal be doon awei, and the spuylis of Samarie, bifor the kyng of Assiriens.

5 And the Lord addide to speke yit to me, and he seide,

6 For that thing that this puple hath caste awei the watris of Siloe, that goen with silence, and hath take more Rasyn, and the sone of Romelie, for this thing lo!

7 the Lord schal brynge on hem the stronge and many watris of the flood, the king of Assiriens, and al his glorie; and he schal stiye on alle the stremes therof, and he schal flowe on alle the ryueris therof.

8 And he schal go flowynge bi Juda, and he schal passe til to the necke, and schal come; and the spredyng forth of hise wyngis schal be, and schal fille the breede of thi lond, thou Emanuel.

9 Puplis, be ye gaderid togidere, and be ye ouercomun; and alle londis afer, here ye. Be ye coumfortid, and be ye ouercomun; gird ye you, and be ye ouercomun;

10 take ye councel, and it schal be destried; speke ye a word, and it schal not be doon, for God is with vs.

11 For whi the Lord seith these thingis to me, as he tauyte me in a stronge hond, that Y schulde not go in to the weie of this puple,

12 and seide, Seie ye not, It is sweryng togidere, for whi alle thingis which this puple spekith is sweryng togidere; and drede ye not the ferdfulnesse therof, nether be ye aferd.

13 Halowe ye the Lord hym silf of oostis; and he schal be youre inward drede, and he schal be youre ferdfulnesse, and he schal be to you in to halewyng.

14 Forsothe he schal be in to a stoon of hirtyng, and in to a stoon of sclaundre, to tweyne housis of Israel; in to a snare, and in to fallyng, to hem that dwellen in Jerusalem.

15 And ful many of hem schulen offende, and schulen falle, and thei schulen be al to-brokun, and thei schulen be boundun, and schulen be takun.

16 Bynde thou witnessyng, mark thou the lawe in my disciplis.

17 Y schal abide the Lord, that hath hid his face fro the hous of Jacob, and Y schal abide hym.

18 Lo! Y and my children, whiche the Lord yaf to me in to a signe, and greet wondur to Israel, of the Lord of oostis that dwellith in the hil of Sion.

19 And whanne thei seien to you, Axe ye of coniureris, and of false dyuynouris, that gnasten in her enchauntyngis, whether the puple schal not axe of her God a reuelacioun for quyke men and deed?

20 It is to go to the lawe more and to the witnessyng, that if thei seien not after this word, morewtide liyt schal not be to hem.

21 And it schal passe bi that, and it schal falle doun, and it schal hungre. And whanne it schal hungre, it schal be wrooth, and schal curse his kyng and his God, and it schal biholde vpward.

22 And it schal loke to the erthe, and lo! tribulacioun, and derknessis, and vnbyndyng, ether discoumfort, and angwisch, and myist pursuynge; and it schal not mow fle awei fro his angwisch.

Chapter 9[edit]

1 In the firste tyme the lond of Zabulon and the lond of Neptalym was releessid; and at the laste the weie of the see biyende Jordan of Galile of hethene men was maad heuy.

2 The puple that yede in derknessis siy a greet liyt; whanne men dwelliden in the cuntre of schadewe of deth, liyt roos vp to hem.

3 Thou multipliedist folk, thou magnefiedist not gladnesse; thei schulen be glad bifore thee, as thei that ben glad in heruest, as ouercomeris maken ful out ioie, whanne thei han take a prey, whanne thei departen the spuylis.

4 For thou hast ouercome the yok of his birthun, and the yerde of his schuldre, and the ceptre of his wrongful axere, as in the day of Madian.

5 For whi al violent raueyn with noise, and a cloth meddlid with blood schal be in to brennyng, and `schal be the mete of fier.

6 Forsothe a litil child is borun to vs, and a sone is youun to vs, and prinsehod is maad on his schuldre; and his name schal be clepid Wondurful, A counselour, God, Strong, A fadir of the world to comynge, A prince of pees.

7 His empire schal be multiplied, and noon ende schal be of his pees; he schal sitte on the seete of Dauid, and on the rewme of hym, that he conferme it, and make stronge in doom and riytfulnesse, fro hennus forth and til in to with outen ende. The feruent loue of the Lord of oostis schal make this.

8 The Lord sente a word in to Jacob, and it felle in Israel.

9 And al the puple of Effraym schal wite, and thei that dwellen in Samarie, seiynge in the pride and greetnesse of herte,

10 Tijl stoonys fellen doun, but we schulen bilde with square stoonys; thei han kit doun sicomoris, but we schulen chaunge cedris.

11 And the Lord schal reise the enemyes of Rasyn on hym, and he schal turne the enemyes of hym in to noyse;

12 God schal make Sirie to come fro the eest, and Filisteis fro the west; and with al the mouth thei schulen deuoure Israel. In alle these thingis the stronge veniaunce of the Lord is not turned awei, but yit his hond is stretchid forth;

13 and the puple is not turned ayen to the Lord smytynge it, and thei souyten not the Lord of oostis.

14 And the Lord schal leese fro Israel the heed and the tail; crokynge and bischrewynge, ether refreynynge, in o dai.

15 An elde man and onourable, he is the heed, and a profete techynge a leesyng, he is the tail.

16 And thei that blessen his puple, schulen be disseyueris, and thei that ben blessid, schulen be cast doun.

17 For this thing the Lord schal not be glad on the yonge men therof, and he schal not haue merci on the fadirles children and widewis therof; for ech man is an ypocrite and weiward, and ech mouth spak foli. In alle these thingis the stronge veniaunce of hym is not turned awei, but yit his hond is stretchid forth;

18 and the puple is not turned ayen to the Lord smytynge it. For whi wickidnesse is kyndlid as fier; it schal deuoure the breris and thornes, and it schal be kyndlid in the thickenesse of the forest, and it schal be wlappid togidere in the pride of smoke.

19 In the wraththe of the Lord of oostis the lond schal be disturblid, and the puple schal be as the mete of fier; a man schal not spare his brothir.

20 And he schal boowe to the riyt half, and he schal hungre, and he schal ete at the left half, and he schal not be fillid; ech man schal deuoure the fleisch of his arm. Manasses schal deuoure Effraym, and Effraym `schal deuoure Manasses, and thei togidere ayens Juda.

21 In alle these thingis the strong veniaunce of hym is not turned awei, but yit his hoond is stretchid forth.

Chapter 10[edit]

1 Wo to them that maken wickid lawis, and thei writynge han wryte vnriytfulnesse, for to oppresse pore men in doom,

2 and to do violence to the cause of meke men of my puple; that widewis schulen be the prey of them, and that thei schulden rauysche fadirles children.

3 What schulen ye do in the dai of visitacioun, and of wretchidnesse comynge fro fer? To whos help schulen ye fle? and where schulen ye leeue youre glorie,

4 that ye be not bowid doun vndur boond, and falle not doun with slayn men? On alle these thingis his strong veniaunce is not turned awei, but yit his hond is stretchid forth.

5 Wo to Assur, he is the yerde and staf of my strong veniaunce; myn indignacioun is in the hond of them.

6 Y schal send hym to a fals folk, and Y schal comaunde to hym ayens the puple of my strong veniaunce; that he take awei the spuylis, and departe prey, and that he sette that puple in to defouling, as the fen of stretis.

7 Forsothe he schal not deme so, and his herte schal not gesse so, but his herte schal be for to al to-breke, and to the sleynge of many folkis.

8 For he schal seie, Whether my princes ben not kyngis to gidere?

9 Whether not as Carcamys, so Calanno; and as Arphat, so Emath? whether not as Damask, so Samarie?

10 As myn hond foond the rewmes of idol, so and the symylacris of hem of Jerusalem and of Samarie.

11 Whether not as Y dide to Samarie, and to the idols therof, so Y schal do to Jerusalem, and to the simylacris therof?

12 And it schal be, whanne the Lord hath fillid alle hise werkis in the hil of Syon and in Jerusalem, Y schal visite on the fruit of the greet doynge herte of the kyng of Assur, and on the glorie of the hiynesse of hise iyen.

13 For he seide, Y haue do in the strengthe of myn honde, and Y haue understonde in my wisdom; and Y haue take awei the endis of peplis, and Y haue robbid the princes of them, and Y as a myyti man haue drawun doun them that saten an hiy.

14 And myn hond foond the strengthe of puplis as a nest, and as eirun ben gaderid togidere that ben forsakun, so Y gaderid togidere al erthe; and noon was that mouyde a fethere, and openyde the mouth, and grutchide.

15 Whether an ax schal haue glorie ayens hym that kittith with it? ether a sawe schal be enhaunsid ayens hym of whom it is drawun? as if a yerde is reisid ayens hym that reisith it, and a staf is enhaunsid, which sotheli is a tre.

16 For this thing the lordli gouernour, Lord of oostis, schal sende thinnesse in the fatte men of hym, and his glorie kyndlid vndur schal brenne as `the brenning of fier.

17 And the liyt of Israel schal be in fier, and the hooli of it in flawme; and the thorn of him and brere schal be kyndlid and deuourid in o dai.

18 And the glorie of his forest and of his Carmele schal be wastid, fro the soule `til to fleisch; and he schal be fleynge awei for drede.

19 And the relifs of the tree of his forest schulen be noumbrid for fewnesse, and a child schal write hem.

20 And it schal be in that dai, the remenaunt of Israel, and thei that fledden of the house of Jacob, schal not adde for to triste on hym that smytith hem; but it schal triste on the hooli Lord of Israel, in treuthe.

21 The relifs, Y seie, the relifs of Jacob, schulen be conuertid to the stronge Lord.

22 Forwhi, Israel, if thi puple is as the grauel of the see, the relifs schulen be turned therof; an endyng maad schort schal make riytfulnesse to be plenteuouse.

23 For whi the Lord God of oostis schal make an endyng and a breggyng in the myddis of al erthe.

24 For this thing the Lord God of oostis seith these thingis, My puple, the dwellere of Sion, nyle thou drede of Assur, for he schal smite thee in a yerde, and he schal reise his staf on thee in the weie of Egipt.

25 Forwhi yit a litil, and a litil, and myn indignacioun and my strong veniaunce schal be endid on the greet trespas of hem.

26 And the Lord of oostis schal reise a scourge on hym bi the veniaunce of Madian in the stoon of Oreb, and bi his yerde on the see; and he schal reise that yerde in the wei of Egipt.

27 And it schal be in that dai, his birthun schal be takun awei fro thi schuldre, and his yok fro thi necke; and the yok schal wexe rotun fro the face of oile.

28 He schal come in to Aioth, he schal passe in to Magron, at Magynas he schal bitake his vessels to kepyng.

29 Thei passiden swiftli, Gabaa is oure seete, Rama was astonyed, Gabaa of Saul fled.

30 Thou douytir of Gallym, weile with thi vois; thou Laisa, perseyue, thou pore Anatot.

31 Medemena passide; the dwelleris of Gabyn fledden; be ye coumfortid.

32 Yit it is dai, that me stonde in Nobe; he schal dryue his hond on the hil of the douyter of Syon, on the litil hil of Jerusalem.

33 Lo! the lordli gouernour, the Lord of oostis, schal breke a potel in drede, and hiy men of stature schulen be kit doun.

34 And proude men schulen be maade low, and the thicke thingis of the forest schulen be distried bi irun; and the Liban with hiy thingis schal falle doun.

Chapter 11[edit]

1 And a yerde schal go out of the roote of Jesse, and a flour schal stie of the roote of it.

2 And the Spirit of the Lord schal reste on hym, the spirit of wisdom and of vndurstondyng, the spirit of counsel and of strengthe, the spirit of kunnyng and of pitee;

3 and the spirit of the drede of the Lord schal fille him. He schal deme not bi the siyt of iyen, nether he schal repreue bi the heryng of eeris;

4 but he schal deme in riytfulnesse pore men, and he schal repreue in equyte, for the mylde men of erthe. And he schal smyte the lond with the yerde of his mouth, and bi the spirit of his lippis he schal sle the wickid man.

5 And riytfulnesse schal be the girdil of hise leendis, and feith schal be the girdyng of hise reynes.

6 A wolf schal dwelle with a lombe, and a parde schal reste with a kide; a calf, and a lioun, and a scheep schulen dwelle togidere, and a litil child schal dryue hem.

7 A calf and a beere schulen be lesewid togidere; the whelpis of hem schulen reste, and a lioun as an oxe schal ete stre.

8 And a yonge soukyng child fro the tete schal delite on the hole of a snake, and he that is wenyd schal putte his hond in the caue of a cocatrice.

9 Thei schulen not anoye, and schulen not sle in al myn hooli hil; forwhi the erthe is fillid with the kunnyng of the Lord, as watris of the see hilynge.

10 In that dai the roote of Jesse, that stondith in to the signe of puplis; hethene men schulen biseche hym, and his sepulchre schal be gloriouse.

11 And it schal be in that day, the Lord schal adde the secounde tyme his hond to haue in possessioun the residue of his puple that schal be left, of Assiriens, and of Egipt, and of Fethros, and of Ethiope, and of Elan, and of Sennar, and of Emath, and of ylis of the see.

12 And he schal reise a sygne to naciouns, and schal gadere togidere the fleeris awei of Israel; and he schal gadere togidere the scaterid men of Juda fro foure coostis of erthe.

13 And the enuye of Effraym schal be don awei, and the enemyes of Juda schulen perische; Effraym schal not haue enuye to Juda, and Juda schal not fiyte ayens Effraym.

14 And thei schulen flie in to the schuldris of Filisteis bi the see, thei schulen take prey togidere of the sones of the eest; Ydume and Moab schulen be the comaundement of the hond of hem, and the sones of Amon schulen be obedient.

15 And the Lord schal make desolat the tunge of the see of Egipt, and he schal reise his hond on the flood in the strengthe of his spirit; and he schal smyte, ethir departe, it in seuene ryueris, so that schood men passe bi it.

16 And a weie schal be to my residue puple that schal be left, of Assiriens, as it was to Israel, in the dai in which it stiede fro the lond of Egipt.

Chapter 12[edit]

1 And thou schalt seie in that dai, Lord, Y schal knouleche to thee, for thou were wrooth to me; thi strong venieaunce is turned, and thou hast coumfortid me.

2 Lo! God is my sauyour, Y schal do feithfuli, and Y schal not drede. For whi the Lord is my strengthe and my preysyng, and he is maad to me in to helthe.

3 Ye schulen drawe watris with ioie of the wellis of the sauyour.

4 And ye schulen seie in that dai, Knouleche ye to the Lord, and clepe ye his name in to help; make ye knowun hise fyndyngis among puplis; haue ye mynde, that his name is hiy.

5 Synge ye to the Lord, for he hath do worschipfuli; telle ye this in al erthe.

6 Thou dwellyng of Syon, make ful out ioie, and preise; for whi the hooli of Israel is greet in the myddis of thee.

Chapter 13[edit]

1 The birthun of Babiloyne, which birthun Ysaie, the sone of Amos, siy.

2 Reise ye a signe on a myisti hil, and enhaunse ye vois; reise ye the hond, and duykis entre bi the yatis.

3 Y haue comaundid to myn halewid men, and Y clepid my stronge men in my wraththe, that maken ful out ioie in my glorie.

4 The vois of multitude in hillis, as of many puplis; the vois of sown of kyngis, of hethene men gaderit togidere. The Lord of oostis comaundide to the chyualry of batel,

5 to men comynge fro a fer lond. The Lord cometh fro the hiynesse of heuene, and the vessels of his strong veniaunce, that he distrie al the lond.

6 Yelle ye, for the dai of the Lord is niy; as wastyng it schal come of the Lord.

7 For this thing alle hondis schulen be vnmyyti, and eche herte of man schal faile,

8 and schal be al to-brokun. Gnawyngis and sorewis schulen holde Babiloyns; thei schulen haue sorewe, as they that trauelen of child. Ech man schal wondre at his neiybore; her cheris schulen be brent faces.

9 Lo! the dai of the Lord schal come, cruel, and ful of indignacioun, and of wraththe, and of woodnesse; to sette the lond into wildirnesse, and to al to-breke the synneris therof fro that lond.

10 For whi the sterris of heuene and the schynyng of tho schulen not sprede abrood her liyt; the sunne is maade derk in his risyng, and the moone schal not schine in hir liyt.

11 And Y schal visite on the yuels of the world, and Y schal visite ayens wickid men the wickidnesse of hem; and Y schal make the pride of vnfeithful men for to reste, and Y schal make low the boost of stronge men.

12 A man of ful age schal be preciousere than gold, and a man schal be preciousere than pure gold and schynyng.

13 On this thing I schal disturble heuene, and the erthe schal be moued fro his place; for the indignacioun of the Lord of oostis, and for the dai of wraththe of his strong veniaunce.

14 And it schal be as a doo fleynge, and as a scheep, and noon schal be that schal gadere togidere; ech man schal turne to his puple, and alle bi hem silf schulen fle to her lond.

15 Ech man that is foundun, schal be slayn; and ech man that cometh aboue, schal falle doun bi swerd.

16 The yonge children of them schulen be hurtlid doun bifore the iyen of them; her housis schulen be rauischid, and her wyues schulen be defoulid.

17 Lo! Y schal reise on them Medeis, that seken not siluer, nethir wolen gold;

18 but thei shulen sle litle children bi arowis, and thei schulen not haue merci on wombis yyuynge mylk, and the iye of them schal not spare on sones.

19 And Babiloyne, thilke gloriouse citee in rewmes, noble in the pride of Caldeis, schal be destried, as God destried Sodom and Gomore.

20 It shall not be enhabitid til in to the ende, and it schal not be foundid til to generacioun and generacioun; a man of Arabie schal not sette tentis there, and scheepherdis schulen not reste there.

21 But wielde beestis schulen reste there, and the housis of hem schulen be fillid with dragouns; and ostrichis schulen dwelle there, and heeri beestis schulen skippe there.

22 And bitouris schulen answere there in the housis therof, and fliynge serpentis in the templis of lust.

Chapter 14[edit]

1 It is niy that the tyme therof come, and the daies therof schulen not be maad fer; for whi the Lord schal haue merci of Jacob, and he schal chese yit of Israel, and schal make them for to reste on her lond; a comelyng schal be ioyned to them, and schal cleue to the house of Jacob.

2 And puplis schulen holde hem, and schulen brynge hem in to her place. And the hous of Israel schal haue hem in possessioun in to seruauntis and handmaidis on the lond of the Lord; and thei schulen take tho men that token hem, and thei schulen make suget her wrongful axeris.

3 And it schal be in that dai, whanne God schal yyue to thee reste of thi trauel, and of thi shakyng, and of hard seruage, in which thou seruedist bifore,

4 thou schalt take this parable ayens the kyng of Babiloyne, and thou schalt sei, Hou ceesside the wrongful axere, restide tribute?

5 The Lord hath al to-broke the staf of wickid men, the yerde of lordis,

6 that beet puplis in indignacioun, with vncurable wounde, that sugetide folkis in woodnesse, that pursuede cruely.

7 Ech lond restide, and was stille; it was ioiful, and made ful out ioie.

8 Also fir trees and cedris of the Liban weren glad on thee; sithen thou sleptist, noon stieth that kittith vs doun.

9 Helle vndur thee is disturblid for the meeting of thi comyng; he schal reise giauntis to thee; alle the princes of erthe han rise fro her seetis, alle the princes of naciouns.

10 Alle thei schulen answere, and thei shulen seie to thee, And thou art woundid as and we, thou art maad lijk vs.

11 Thi pride is drawun doun to hellis, thi deed careyn felle doun; a mouyte schal be strewyd vndur thee, and thin hilyng schal be wormes.

12 A! Lucifer, that risidist eerli, hou feldist thou doun fro heuene; thou that woundist folkis, feldist doun togidere in to erthe.

13 Which seidist in thin herte, Y schal stie in to heuene, Y schal enhaunse my seete aboue the staris of heuene; Y schal sitte in the hil of testament, in the sidis of the north.

14 Y schal stie on the hiynesse of cloudis; Y schal be lijk the hiyeste.

15 Netheles thou schalt be drawun doun to helle, in to the depthe of the lake.

16 Thei that schulen se thee, schulen be bowid doun to thee, and schulen biholde thee. Whether this is the man, that disturblid erthe, that schook togidere rewmes?

17 that settide the world desert, and distried the citees therof, and openyde not the prisoun to the boundun men of hym?

18 Alle the kyngis of hethene men, alle slepten in glorie, a man in his hous.

19 But thou art cast out of thi sepulcre, as an vnprofitable stok, as defoulid with rot; and wlappid with hem that ben slayn with swerd, and yeden doun to the foundement of the lake.

20 As a rotun careyn, thou schalt not haue felouschipe, nethir with hem in sepulture, for thou hast lost thi lond, thou hast slayn the puple; the seed of the worst men schal not be clepid with outen ende.

21 Make ye redi hise sones to sleying, for the wickidnesse of her fadris; thei schulen not rise, nether thei schulen enherite the lond, nether thei schulen fille the face of the roundenesse of citees.

22 And Y schal rise on hem, seith the Lord of oostis, and Y schal leese the name of Babyloyne, and the relifs, and generacioun, and seed, seith the Lord.

23 And Y schal sette that Babiloyne in to possessioun of an irchoun, and in to mareisis of watris; and Y schal swepe it with a beesme, and Y schal stampe, seith the Lord of oostis.

24 The Lord of oostis swoor, seiynge, Whether it schal not be so, as Y gesside, and it schal bifalle so, as Y tretide in soule?

25 That Y al to-breke the kyng of Assiriens in my lond, and that Y defoule hym in myn hillis; and his yok schal be takun awei fro hem, and his birthun schal be takun awei fro the schuldur of hem.

26 This is the councel which Y thouyte on al the lond, and this is the hond stretchid forth on alle folkis.

27 For whi the Lord of oostis hath demed, and who mai make vnstidfaste? and his hond is stretchid forth, and who schal turne it awei?

28 The birthun of Filisteis. In the yeer wheryne kyng Achas diede, this birthun was maad.

29 Al thou Filistea, be not glad, for the yerde of thi smytere is maad lesse; for whi a cocatrice schal go out of the roote of an eddre, and his seed schal soupe up a brid.

30 And the firste gendrid of pore men schulen be fed, and pore men schulen reste feithfuli; and Y schal make thi throte to perisch in hungur, and Y schal sle thi relifs.

31 Yelle, thou yate; cry, thou citee, al Filistea is cast doun; for whi smoke schal come fro the north, and noon is that schal ascape his oost.

32 And what schal be answerid to the messangeris of folk? for the Lord hath foundid Sion, and the pore men of his puple schulen hope in hym.

Chapter 15[edit]

1 The birthun of Moab. For Ar was destried in niyt, Moab was stille; for the wal was distried in the niyt, Moab was stille.

2 The kingis hous, and Dybon stieden to hiy places, in to weilyng; on Nabo, and on Medaba Moab schal yelle. In alle hedis therof schal be ballidnesse, and ech beerd schal be schauun.

3 In the meetyng of thre weies therof thei ben gird in a sak, alle yellyng on the housis therof and in the stretis therof; it schal go doun in to wepyng.

4 Esebon schal crie, and Eleale, the vois of hem is herd `til to Jasa; on this thing the redi men of Moab schulen yelle, the soule therof schal yelle to it silf.

5 Myn herte schal crie to Moab, the barris therof `til to Segor, a cow calf of thre yeer. For whi a wepere schal stie bi the stiyng of Luith, and in the weie of Oronaym thei schulen reise cry of sorewe.

6 For whi the watris of Nemrym schulen be forsakun; for the eerbe dried up, buriownyng failide, al grenenesse perischide.

7 Bi the greetnesse of werk, and the visityng of hem, to the stronde of salewis thei schulen lede hem.

8 For whi cry cumpasside the ende of Moab; `til to Galym the yellyng therof, and the cry therof `til to the pit of Helym.

9 For the watris of Dibon ben fillid with blood; for Y schal sette encreessyngis on Dibon, to tho men of Moab that fledden fro the lioun, and to the relifs of the lond.

Chapter 16[edit]

1 Lord, sende thou out a lomb, the lordli gouernour of erthe, fro the stoon of desert to the hil of the douyter of Sion.

2 And it schal be as a foule fleynge, and briddis fleynge awei fro the nest, so schulen be the douytris of Moab in the passyng ouer of Arnon.

3 Take thou councel, constreyne thou councel; sette thou as niyt thi schadewe in myddai, hide thou hem that fleen, and bitraye thou not men of vnstidfast dwellyng.

4 My fleeris awei schulen dwelle at thee. Moab, be thou the hidyng place of hem fro the face of distriere. For whi dust is endid, the wretchid is wastid; he that defoulide the lond failude.

5 And the kyngis seete schal be maade redi in merci, and he schal sitte on it in treuthe, in the tabernacle of Dauid, demynge, and sekynge doom, and yeldynge swiftli that that is iust.

6 We han herd the pride of Moab, he is ful proud; his pride, and his boost, and his indignacioun is more than his strengthe.

7 Therfor Moab schal yelle to Moab, al Moab shal yelle to hem that ben glad on the wallis of bakun tijl stoon; speke ye her woundis.

8 For whi the subarbis of Esebon and the vyner of Sabama ben forsakun. The lordis of hethene men han kit doun the siouns therof; thei camen `til to Jaser, thei erriden in desert. The bowis therof ben forsakun, thei passiden the see.

9 On this thing Y schal wepe in the weping of Jaser, and on the vyner of Sabama. Esebon and Eleale, Y schal fille thee with my teer; for the vois of defouleris fellen on thi vyndage, and on thi heruest.

10 And gladnesse and ful out ioiyng schal be takun awei fro Carmele; and noon schal make ful out ioye, nether schal synge hertli song in vyneris. He that was wont to wringe out, schal not wrynge out wyn in a pressour; Y haue take awei the vois of wryngeris out.

11 On this thing my wombe schal sowne as an harpe to Moab, and myn entrails to the wal of bakun tiel stoon.

12 And it schal be, whanne it schal appere, that Moab hath trauelid on hise places, it schal entre to hise hooli thingis, that it biseche, and it schal not be worth.

13 This is the word which the Lord spak to Moab fro that tyme.

14 And now the Lord spak, seiynge, In thre yeer that weren as the yeeris of an hirid man, the glorie of Moab schal be takun awei on al the myche puple; and ther schal be left in it as a litil rasyn, and a litil, and not myche.

Chapter 17[edit]

1 The birthun of Damask. Lo! Damask schal faile to be a citee, and it schal be as an heep of stoonys in fallyng.

2 The forsakun citees of Aroer schulen be to flockis; and tho schulen reste there, and noon schal be that schal make aferd.

3 And help schal ceesse fro Effraym, and a rewme fro Damask; and the relifs of Sirie schulen be as the glorie of the sones of Israel, seith the Lord of oostis.

4 And it schal be, in that dai the glorie of Jacob schal be maad thinne, and the fatnesse of his fleisch shal fade.

5 And it schal be as gaderyng togidere that that is left in heruest, and his arm schal gadere eeris of corn, and it schal be as sekynge eeris of corn in the valei of Raphaym.

6 And there schal be left in it as a rasyn, and as the schakyng doun of the fruyt of olyue tre, as of tweyne ether of thre olyue trees in the hiynesse of a braunche, ether of foure ether of fyue; in the cooppis therof schal be the fruyt therof, seith the Lord God of Israel.

7 In that dai a man schal be bowid to his maker, and hise iyen schulen biholde to the hooli of Israel.

8 And he schal not be bowid to the auteris, whiche hise hondis maden, and whiche hise fyngris wrouyten; he schal not biholde wodis, and templis of idols.

9 In that dai the citees of strengthe therof schulen be forsakun as plowis, and cornes that weren forsakun of the face of the sones of Israel; and thou schalt be forsakun.

10 For thou hast foryete God, thi sauyour, and haddist not mynde on thi stronge helpere; therfor thou schalt plaunte a feithful plauntyng, and thou schalt sowe an alien seed.

11 In the dai of thi plauntyng schal be a wielde vyne, and erli thi seed schal floure; ripe corne is takun awei in the dai of eritage, and Israel schal make sorewe greuousli.

12 Wo to the multitude of many puplis, as the multitude of the see sownynge, and the noise of cumpenyes as the sown of many watris.

13 Puplis schulen sowne as the sown of flowynge watris, and God schal blame hym; and he schal fle fer, and he schal be rauyschid as the dust of hillis fro the face of the wynd, and as a whirlewynd bifor tempest.

14 In the time of euentide, and lo! disturbling; in the morewtid, and he schal not abide. This is the part of hem that destrieden vs, and the part of hem that rauyschiden vs.

Chapter 18[edit]

1 Wo to the lond, the cymbal of wyngis, which is biyende the flood of Ethiopie; that sendith messangeris bi the see,

2 and in vessels of papirus on watris. Go, ye messangeris, to the folk drawun up and to-rent; to a ferdful puple, aftir which is noon other; to the folk abidynge and defoulid, whos lond the flodis han rauyschid; to the hil of the name of the Lord of oostis, to the hil of Sion.

3 Alle ye dwelleris of the world, that dwellen in the lond, schulen se whanne a signe schal be reisid in the hillis, and ye schulen here the cry of a trumpe.

4 For whi the Lord seith these thingis to me, Y schal reste, and Y schal biholde in my place, as the myddai liyt is cleer, and as a cloude of dew in the dai of heruest.

5 For whi al flouride out bifore heruest, aud vnripe perfeccioun buriownede; and the litle braunchis therof schulen be kit doun with sithis, and tho that ben left, schulen be kit awei. Thei schulen be schakun out,

6 and schulen be left togidere to the briddis of hillis, and to the beestis of erthe; and briddis schulen be on hym by a somer euerlastinge, and alle the beestis of erthe schulen dwelle bi wyntir on hym.

7 In that tyme a yifte schal be brouyt to the Lord of oostis, of the puple drawun up and to-rent; of the puple ferdful, aftir which was noon other; of the folk abidynge and defoulid, whos lond floodis rauyschiden; the yifte schal be brouyt to the place of the name of the Lord of oostis, to the hil of Sion.

Chapter 19[edit]

1 The birthun of Egipt. Lo! the Lord schal stie on a liyt cloude, and he schal entre in to Egipt; and the symilacris of Egipt schulen be mouyd fro his face, and the herte of Egipt schal faile in the myddis therof.

2 And Y schal make Egipcians to renne togidere ayens Egipcians, and a man schal fiyte ayens his brother, and a man ayens his frend, a citee ayens a citee, and a rewme ayens a rewme.

3 And the spirit of Egipt schal be brokun in the entrailis therof, and Y schal caste doun the councel therof; and thei schulen axe her symylacris, and her false diuinouris, and her men that han vncleene spiritis spekinge in the wombe, and her dyuynouris bi sacrifices maad on auteris to feendis.

4 And Y schal bitake Egipt in to the hond of cruel lordis, and a strong kyng schal be lord of hem, seith the Lord God of oostis.

5 And watir of the see schal wexe drie, and the flood schal be desolat, and schal be dried.

6 And the floodis schulen faile, and the strondis of the feeldis schulen be maad thynne, and schulen be dried; a rehed and spier schal fade.

7 The botme of watir schal be maad nakid, and stremys fro her welle; and the moiste place of al seed schal be dried, schal waxe drie, and schal not be.

8 And fischeris schulen morne, and alle that casten hook in to the flood, schulen weile; and thei that spreden abrood a net on the face of watris, schulen fade.

9 Thei schulen be schent, that wrouyten flex, foldynge and ordeynynge sutil thingis.

10 And the watir places therof schulen be drye; alle that maden poondis to take fischis, schulen be schent.

11 The fonned princes of Tafnys, the wise counselouris of Farao, yauen vnwise counsel; hou schulen ye seie to Farao, Y am the sone of wise men, the sone of elde kyngis?

12 Where ben now thi wise men? Telle thei to thee, and schewe thei, what the Lord of oostis thouyte on Egipt.

13 The princes of Tafnys ben maad foolis; the princes of Memphis fadiden; thei disseyueden Egipt, a corner of the puplis therof.

14 The Lord meddlid a spirit of errour in the myddis therof; and thei maden Egipt for to erre in al his werk, as a drunkun man and spuynge errith.

15 And werk schal not be to Egipt, that it make an heed and tail bowynge and refreynynge.

16 In that dai Egipt schal be as wymmen, and thei schulen be astonyed, and schulen drede of the face of the mouynge of the hoond of the Lord of oostis, which he mouede on it.

17 And the lond of Juda schal be to Egipt in to drede; ech that schal thenke on it, schal drede of the face of the counsel of the Lord of oostis, whiche he thouyte on it.

18 In that dai fyue citees schulen be in the lond of Egipt, and schulen speke with the tunge of Canaan, and schulen swere bi the Lord of oostis; the citee of the sunne schal be clepid oon.

19 In that dai the auter of the Lord schal be in the myddis of the lond of Egipt, and the title of the Lord schal be bisidis the ende therof;

20 and it schal be in to a signe and witnessyng to the Lord of oostis, in the lond of Egipt. For thei schulen crie to the Lord fro the face of the troblere, and he schal sende a sauyour to hem, and a forfiytere, that schal delyuere hem.

21 And the Lord schal be knowun of Egipt, and Egipcians schulen knowe the Lord in that dai; and thei schulen worschipe hym in sacrifices and yiftis, and thei schulen make vowis to the Lord, and thei schulen paie.

22 And the Lord schal smyte Egipt with a wounde, and schal make it hool; and Egipcians schulen turne ayen to the Lord, and he schal be plesid in hem, and he schal make hem hool.

23 In that dai a wei schal be fro Egipt in to Assiriens, and Egipcians schulen serue Assur; and Assur schal entre in to Egipt, and Egipt in to Assiriens.

24 In that dai Israel schal be the thridde to Egipt and to Assur, the blessyng in the myddil of erthe;

25 whom the Lord of oostis blesside, seiynge, Blessid be my puple of Egipt, and the werk of myn hondis be to Assiriens; but myne eritage be to Israel.

Chapter 20[edit]

1 In the yeer wherynne Tharthan entride in to Azotus, whanne Sargon, the kyng of Assiriens, hadde sent hym, and he hadde fouyte ayens Azotus, and hadde take it;

2 in that tyme the Lord spak in the hond of Isaye, the sone of Amos, and seide, Go thou, and vnbynde the sak fro thi leendis, and take awei thi schoon fro thi feet. And he dide so, goynge nakid and vnschood.

3 And the Lord seide, As my seruaunt Ysaie yede nakid and vnschood, a signe and greet wondur of thre yeer schal be on Egipt, and on Ethiopie;

4 so the kyng of Assiriens schal dryue the caitifte of Egipt, and the passyng ouer of Ethiopie, a yong man and an eld man, nakid and vnschood, with the buttokis vnhilid, to the schenschipe of Egipt.

5 And thei schulen drede, and schulen be schent of Ethiopie, her hope, and of Egipt, her glorie.

6 And a dwellere of this ile schal seie in that dai, This was our hope, to which we fledden for help, that thei schulden delyuere vs fro the face of the kyng of Assiryens; and hou moun we ascape?

Chapter 21[edit]

1 The birthun of the forsakun see. As whirlewyndis comen fro the southwest, it cometh fro desert, fro the orible lond.

2 An hard reuelacioun is teld to me; he that is vnfeithful, doith vnfeithfuli; and he that is a distriere, distrieth. Thou Helam, stie, and thou, Meda, biseche; Y made al the weilyng therof for to ceesse.

3 Therfor my leendis ben fillid with sorewe; angwische weldide me, as the angwisch of a womman trauelynge of child; Y felle doun, whanne Y herde; Y was disturblid, whanne Y siy.

4 Myn herte fadide, derknessis astonieden me; Babiloyne, my derlyng, is set to me in to myracle.

5 Sette thou a boord, biholde thou in to a toting place; rise, ye princes, etynge and drynkynge, take ye scheeld.

6 For whi the Lord seide these thingis to me, Go thou, and sette a lokere; and telle he, what euer thing he seeth.

7 And he siy the chare of tweyne horse men, the stiere of an asse, and the stiere of a camel; and he bihelde diligentli with myche lokyng,

8 and criede as a lioun, Y stonde contynueli bi dai on the totyng place of the Lord, and Y stonde bi alle nyytis on my kepyng.

9 Lo! this cometh, a man stiere of a carte of horse men. And Isaie criede, and seide, Babiloyne felle doun, felle doun; and alle the grauun ymagis of goddis therof ben al to-brokun in to erthe.

10 Mi threschyng, and the douyter of my cornfloor, Y haue teld to you what thingis Y herde of the Lord of oostis, of God of Israel.

11 The birthun of Duma. It crieth fro Seir to me, Kepere, what our of the niyt? `kepere, what our of the niyt?

12 The kepere seide, Morewtid cometh, and niyt; if ye seken, seke ye, and be ye conuertid, and `come ye.

13 The birthun in Arabie. In the forest at euentid ye schulen slepe, in the pathis of Dodanym.

14 Ye that dwellen in the lond of the south, renne, and bere watir to the thristi; and renne ye with looues to hym that fleeth.

15 For thei fledden fro the face of swerdis, fro the face of swerd neiyynge, fro the face of bouwe bent, fro the face of greuouse batel.

16 For the Lord seith these thingis to me, Yit in o yeer, as in the yeer of an hirid man, and al the glorie of Cedar schal be takun awei.

17 And the remenauntis of the noumbre of stronge archeris of the sones of Cedar schulen be maad lesse; for whi the Lord God of Israel spak.

Chapter 22[edit]

1 The birthun of the valei of visioun. What also is to thee, for and al thou stiedist in to roouys,

2 thou ful of cry, a citee of myche puple, a citee ful out ioiynge? thi slayn men weren not slayn bi swerd, nether thi deed men weren deed in batel.

3 Alle thi princes fledden togidere, and weren boundun harde; alle that weren foundun, weren boundun togidere, thei fledden fer.

4 Therfor Y seide, Go ye awei fro me, Y schal wepe bittirli; nyle ye be bisie to coumforte me on the distriyng of the douyter of my puple.

5 For whi a dai of sleyng, and of defoulyng, and of wepyngis, is ordeined of the Lord God of oostis, in the valei of visioun; and he serchith the walle, and is worschipful on the hil.

6 And Helam took an arowe caas, and the chare of an horse man; and the scheeld made nakid the wal.

7 And thi chosun valeis, Jerusalem, schulen be ful of cartis; and knyytis schulen putte her seetis in the yate.

8 And the hilyng of Juda schal be schewid; and thou schalt se in that dai the place of armuris of the hous of the forest;

9 and ye schulen se the crasyngis of the citee of Dauid, for tho ben multiplied. Ye gaderiden togidere the watris of the lowere cisterne,

10 and ye noumbriden the housis of Jerusalem, and ye distrieden housis, to make strong the wal; and ye maden a lake bitwixe twei wallis,

11 and ye restoriden the watir of the elde sisterne; and ye biholden not to hym, that made `thilke Jerusalem, and ye sien not the worchere therof afer.

12 And the Lord God of oostis schal clepe in that dai to wepyng, and to morenyng, and to ballidnesse, and to a girdil of sak; and lo!

13 ioie and gladnesse is to sle caluys, and to strangle wetheris, to ete fleisch, and to drynke wyn; ete we, and drynke we, for we schulen die to morewe.

14 And the vois of the Lord of oostis is schewid in myn eeris, This wickidnesse schal not be foryouun to you, til ye dien, seith the Lord God of oostis.

15 The Lord God of oostis seith these thingis, Go thou, and entre to hym that dwellith in the tabernacle, to Sobna, the souereyn of the temple; and thou schalt seie to hym,

16 What thou here, ethir as who here? for thou hast hewe to thee a sepulcre here, thou hast hewe a memorial in hiy place diligentli, a tabernacle in a stoon to thee.

17 Lo! the Lord schal make thee to be borun out, as a kapoun is borun out, and as a cloth, so he shal reise thee.

18 He crowninge schal crowne thee with tribulacioun; he schal sende thee as a bal in to a large lond and wijd; there thou schalt die, and there schal be the chare of thi glorie, and the schenschipe of the hous of thi Lord.

19 And Y schal caste thee out of thi stondyng, and Y schal putte thee doun of thi seruyce.

20 And it schal be, in that dai Y schal clepe my seruaunt Eliachim, the sone of Helchie; and Y schal clothe hym in thi coote,

21 and Y schal coumforte hym with thi girdil, and Y shal yyue thi power in to the hondis of hym; and he schal be as a fadir to hem that dwellen in Jerusalem, and to the hous of Juda.

22 And Y schal yyue the keie of the hous of Dauyd on his schuldre; and he schal opene, and noon schal be that schal schitte; and he schal schitte, and noon schal be that schal opene.

23 And Y schal sette hym a stake in a feithful place, and he schal be in to the seete of glorie of the hous of his fadir.

24 And thou schalt hange on hym al the glorie of the hous of his fadir, diuerse kindis of vessels, eche litil vessel, fro the vesselis of cuppis `til to ech vessel of musikis.

25 In that dai, seith the Lord of oostis, the stake that was set in the feithful place, schal be takun awei, and it schal be brokun, and schal falle doun; and schal perische that hangide therynne, for the Lord spak.

Chapter 23[edit]

1 The birthun of Tire. Ye schippis of the see, yelle, for the hous is distried, fro whennus coumfort was wont to come; fro the lond of Cethym, and was schewid to hem.

2 Be ye stille, that dwellen in the ile, the marchaundie of Sidon; men passynge the see filliden thee in many watris;

3 the seed of Nylus is heruest, the flood is the corn therof, and it is maad the marchaundie of hethene men.

4 Thou, Sidon, be aschamed, seide the see, the strengthe of the see, and seide, Y trauelide not of child, and Y childide not, and Y nurschide not yonge men, and Y brouyte not fulli virgyns to encreessyng.

5 Whanne it schal be herd in Egipt, thei schulen make sorewe, whanne thei heren of Tire.

6 Passe ye the sees; yelle ye, that dwellen in the ile.

7 Whether this citee is not youre, that hadde glorie fro elde daies in his eldnesse? the feet therof schulen lede it fer, to go in pilgrymage.

8 Who thouyte this thing on Tire sum tyme crownede, whos marchauntis weren princes, the selleris of marchaundie therof weren noble men of erthe?

9 The Lord of oostis thouyte this thing, that he schulde drawe doun the pride of al glorie, and that he schulde bringe to schenschipe alle the noble men of erthe.

10 Thou douyter of the see, passe thi lond as a flood; a girdil is no more to thee.

11 It stretchide forth his hond aboue the see, and disturblide rewmes. The Lord sente ayenes Canaan, for to al to-breke the stronge men therof;

12 and he seide, Thou maide, the douyter of Sidon, that suffrist caleng, schalt no more adde, that thou haue glorie. Rise thou, and passe ouer the see in to Sechym; there also no reste schal be to thee.

13 Lo! the lond of Caldeis, sich a puple was not; Assur foundide that Tyre; thei ledden ouer in to caitifte the strong men therof; thei myneden the housis therof, thei settiden it in to fallyng.

14 Yelle, ye schippis of the see, for youre strengthe is distried.

15 And it schal be, in that dai, thou Tire, schalt be in foryetyng bi seuenti yeer, as the daies of o king; but aftir seuenti yeer, as the song of an hoore schal be to Tyre.

16 Thou hoore, youun to foryetyng, take an harpe, cumpasse the citee; synge thou wel, vse thou ofte a song, that mynde be of thee.

17 And it schal be, aftir seuenti yeer, the Lord schal visite Tire, and schal brynge it ayen to hise hiris; and eft it schal be, whanne it schal do fornycacioun with alle rewmes of erthe, on the face of erthe.

18 And the marchaundies therof and the meedis therof schulen be halewid to the Lord; tho schulen not be hid, nethir schulen be leid vp; for whi the marchaundie therof schal be to hem that dwellen bifore the Lord, that thei ete to fulnesse, and be clothid `til to eldnesse.

Chapter 24[edit]

1 Lo! the Lord schal distrie the erthe, and schal make it nakid, and schal turmente the face therof; and he schal scater abrood the dwelleris therof.

2 And it schal be, as the puple, so the preest; as the seruaunt, so his lord; as the handmaide, so the ladi of hir; as a biere, so he that sillith; as the leenere, so he that takith borewyng; as he that axith ayen, so he that owith.

3 Bi distriyng the lond schal be distried, and schal be maad nakid by rauyschyng; for whi the Lord spak this word.

4 The erthe morenyde, and fleet awei, and is maad sijk; the world fleet awei, the hiynesse of the puple of erthe is maad sijk,

5 and the erthe is slayn of hise dwelleris. For thei passiden lawis, chaungiden riyt, distrieden euerlastynge boond of pees.

6 For this thing cursyng schal deuoure the erthe, and the dwelleris therof schulen do synne; and therfor the louyeris therof schulen be woode, and fewe men schulen be left.

7 Vyndage morenyde, the vyne is sijk; alle men that weren glad in herte weiliden.

8 The ioie of tympans ceesside, the sowne of glad men restide; the swetnesse of harpe with song was stille.

9 Thei schulen not drynke wyn; a bittere drynk schal be to hem that schulen drynke it.

10 The citee of vanyte is al to-brokun; ech hous is closid, for no man entrith.

11 Cry schal be on wyn in streetis, al gladnesse is forsakun, the ioie of erthe is `takun awei.

12 Desolacioun is left in the citee, and wretchidnesse schal oppresse the yatis.

13 For these thingis schulen be in the myddis of erthe, in the myddis of puplis, as if a fewe fruitis of olyue trees that ben left ben schakun of fro the olyue tre, and racyns, whanne the vyndage is endid.

14 These men schulen reise her vois, and schulen preise, whanne the Lord schal be glorified; thei schulen schewe signes of gladnesse fro the see.

15 For this thing glorifie ye the Lord in techyngis; in the ilis of the see glorifie ye the name of the Lord God of Israel.

16 Fro the endis of erthe we han herd heriyngis, the glorye of the iust. And Y seide, My priuyte to me, my pryuyte to me. Wo to me, trespassours han trespassid, and han trespassid bi trespassyng of brekeris of the lawe.

17 Ferdfulnesse, and a diche, and a snare on thee, that art a dwellere of erthe.

18 And it schal be, he that schal fle fro the face of ferdfulnesse, schal falle in to the diche; and he that schal delyuere hym silf fro the dich, schal be holdun of the snare; for whi the wyndows of hiye thingis ben openyd, and the foundementis of erthe schulen be schakun togidere.

19 The erthe schal be brokun with brekyng,

20 the erthe schal be defoulid with defoulyng, the erthe schal be mouyd with mouyng, the erthe schal be schakun with schakyng, as a drunkun man.

21 And it schal be takun awei, as the tabernacle of o nyyt, and the wickidnesse therof schal greue it; and it schal falle down, and it schal not adde, for to rise ayen. And it schal be, in that dai the Lord schal visite on the knyythod of heuene an hiy, and on the kyngis of erthe, that ben on erthe.

22 And thei schulen be gaderid togidere in the gadering togidere of a bundel in to the lake, and thei schulen be closid there in prisoun; and aftir many daies thei schulen be visited.

23 And the moone schal be aschamed, and the sunne schal be confoundid, whanne the Lord of oostis schal regne in the hil of Sion, and in Jerusalem, and schal be glorified in the siyt of hise eldre men.

Chapter 25[edit]

1 Lord, thou art my God, Y schal enhaunse thee, and Y schal knouleche to thi name; for thou hast do marueils, thin elde feithful thouytis.

2 Amen. For thou hast set the citee in to a biriel, a strong citee in to fallyng, the hous of aliens, that it be not a citee, and be not bildid with outen ende.

3 For this thyng a strong puple schal herie thee, the citee of strong folkis schal drede thee.

4 For thou art maad strengthe to a pore man, strengthe to a nedi man in his tribulacioun, hope fro whirlwynd, a schadewyng place fro heete; for whi the spirit of stronge men is as a whirlewynd hurlynge the wal.

5 As bi heete in thirst, thou schalt make meke the noise of aliens; and as bi heete vndur a cloude brennynge, thou schalt make the siouns of stronge men to fade.

6 And the Lord of oostis schal make in this hil to alle puplis the feeste of fatte thingis, the feeste of vyndage of fatte thingis ful of merow, of vyndage wel fyned.

7 And he schal caste doun in this hil the face of boond, boundun togidere on alle puplis, and the web which he weuyde on alle naciouns.

8 And he schal caste doun deth with outen ende, and the Lord God schal do awey ech teer fro ech face; and he schal do awei the schenschipe of his puple fro ech lond; for the Lord spak.

9 And thei schulen seie in that dai, Lo! this is oure God; we abididen hym, and he schal saue vs; this is the Lord; we suffriden him, and we schulen make ful out ioie, and schulen be glad in his helthe.

10 For whi the hond of the Lord schal reste in this hil, and Moab schal be threischid vndur hym, as chaffis ben stampid in a wayn.

11 And he schal stretche forth hise hondis vndur hym, as a swymmere stretchith forth to swymme; and he schal make low the glorye of him with hurtlyng doun of hise hondis.

12 And the strengthingis of thin hiy wallis schulen falle doun, and schulen be maad low, and schulen be drawun doun to the erthe, `til to the dust.

Chapter 26[edit]

1 In that dai this song schal be sungun in the lond of Juda. The citee of oure strengthe; the sauyour schal be set ther ynne, the wal and the `fore wal.

2 Opene ye the yatis, and the iust folk schal entre, kepynge treuthe.

3 The elde errour is gon awei; thou schalt kepe pees, pees, for thou, Lord, we hopiden in thee.

4 Ye han hopid in the Lord, in euerlastynge worldis, in the Lord God, strong with outen ende.

5 For he schal bowe doun hem that dwellen an hiy, and he schal make low an hiy citee; he schal make it low `til to the erthe; he schal drawe it doun `til to the dust.

6 The foot of a pore man schal defoule it, and the steppis of nedi men schulen defoule it.

7 The weie of a iust man is riytful, the path of a iust man is riytful to go.

8 And in the weie of thi domes, Lord, we suffriden thee; thi name, and thi memorial is in desir of soule.

9 My soule schal desire thee in the niyt, but also with my spirit in myn entrails; fro the morewtid Y schal wake to thee. Whanne thou schalt make thi domes in erthe, alle dwelleris of the world schulen lerne riytfulnesse.

10 Do we merci to the wickid man, and he schal not lerne to do riytfulnesse; in the lond of seyntis he dide wickid thingis, and he schal not se the glorie of the Lord.

11 Lord, thin hond be enhaunsid, that thei se not; puplis hauynge enuye se, and be schent, and fier deuoure thin enemyes.

12 Lord, thou schalt yyue pees to vs, for thou hast wrouyt alle oure werkis in vs.

13 Oure Lord God, lordis hadden vs in possessioun, withouten thee; oneli in thee haue we mynde of thi name.

14 Thei that dien, lyue not, and giauntis risen not ayen. Therfor thou hast visityd, and hast al-to broke hem, and thou hast lost al the mynde of hem; and Lord, thou hast foryoue to a folc,

15 thou hast foryoue to a folc. Whether thou art glorified? thou hast maad fer fro thee all the endis of erthe.

16 Lord, in angwisch thei souyten thee; in the tribulacioun of grutchyng thi doctryn to hem.

17 As sche that conseyuede, whanne sche neiyeth sorewful to the child beryng, crieth in her sorewis, so we ben maad, Lord, of thi face.

18 We han conseyued, and we han as trauelid of child, and we han childid the spirit of helthe; we diden not riytfulnesse in erthe. Therfor the dwelleris of erthe fellen not doun; thi deed men schulen lyue,

19 and my slayn men schulen rise ayen. Ye that dwellen in dust, awake, and herie; for whi the deew of liyt is thi deew, and thou schalt drawe doun the lond of giauntis in to fallyng.

20 Go thou, my puple, entre in to thi beddis, close thi doris on thee, be thou hid a litil at a moment, til indignacioun passe.

21 For lo! the Lord schal go out of his place, to visite the wickidnesse of the dwellere of erthe ayens hym; and the erthe schal schewe his blood, and schal no more hile hise slayn men.

Chapter 27[edit]

1 In that dai the Lord schal visite in his hard swerd, and greet, and strong, on leuyathan, serpent, a barre, and on leuyathan, the crookid serpent; and he schal sle the whal, which is in the see.

2 In that dai the vyner of cleen wyn and good schal synge to him.

3 Y am the Lord that kepe that vyner; sudeynli Y schal yyue drynke to it, lest perauenture it be visitid ayens it;

4 nyyt and dai Y kepe it, indignacioun is not to me. Who schal yyue me a thorn and brere? In batel Y schal go on it, Y schal brenne it togidere.

5 Whether rathere Y schal holde my strengthe? It schal make pees to me, it schal make pees to me, for

6 the merit of hem that schulen go out with fersnesse fro Jacob. Israel schal floure and brynge forth seed, and thei schulen fille the face of the world with seed.

7 Whether he smoot it bi the wounde of the puple of Jewis smytynge hym? ether as it killide the slayn men of hym, so it was slayn?

8 In mesure ayens mesure, whanne it schal be cast awei, he schal deme it; he bithouyte in his hard spirit, bi the dai of heete.

9 Therfor on this thing wickidnesse schal be foryouun to the hous of Jacob, and this schal be al the fruyt, that the synne therof be don awei, whanne it hath set all the stoonys of the auter as the stoonys of aische hurtlid doun. Wodis and templis schulen not stonde.

10 Forsothe the strong citee schal be desolat, the fair citee schal be left, and schal be forsakun as a desert; there a calf schal be lesewid, and schal ligge there, and schal waste the hiynessis therof.

11 In the drynesse of ripe corn therof wymmen comynge, and thei that techen it, schulen be al to-brokun. Forsothe it is not a wijs puple, therfor he that made it, schal not haue mercy on it; and he that formyde it, schal not spare it.

12 And it schal be, in that dai the Lord schal smyte thee, fro the botme of the flood `til to the stronde of Egipt; and ye sones of Israel, schulen be gaderid oon and oon.

13 And it schal be, in that dai me schal come with a greet trumpe, and thei that weren lost, schulen come fro the lond of Assiriens, and thei that weren cast out, schulen come fro the lond of Egipt; and they schulen worschipe the Lord, in the hooli hil in Jerusalem.

Chapter 28[edit]

1 Wo to the coroun of pride, to the drunkun men of Effraym, and to the flour fallynge doun of the glorie of the ful out ioiyng therof, that weren in the cop of the fatteste valei, and erriden of wyn.

2 Lo! the myyti and strong Lord, as the feersnesse of hail, a whirlwynd brekynge togidere, as the fersnesse of many watris flowynge, and sent out on a large lond.

3 The coroun of pride of the drunken men of Effraym schal be defoulid with feet,

4 and the flour of glorie of the ful out ioiyng of hym, that is on the cop of valei of fat thingis, schal be fallyng doun, as a tymeli thing bifore the ripenesse of heruest; which whanne a man seynge biholdith, anoon as he takith with hond, he schal deuoure it.

5 In that dai the Lord of oostis schal be a coroun of glorie, and a garlond of ful out ioiyng, to the residue of his puple;

6 and a spirit of doom to hym that sittith on the trone, and strengthe to hem that turnen ayen fro batel to the yate.

7 But also thei knewen not for wyn, and erriden for drunkenesse; the preest and profete knewen not for drunkenesse; thei weren sopun up of wyn, thei erriden in drunkenesse; thei knewen not a profete, thei knewen not doom.

8 For whi alle bordis weren fillid with spuyng and filthis, so that ther was no more place.

9 Whom schal he teche kunnyng, and whom schal he make to vndurstonde heryng? Men wenyd fro mylk, men drawun awei fro tetis.

10 For whi comaunde thou, comaunde thou ayen; comaunde thou, comaunde thou ayen; abide thou, abide thou ayen; abide thou, abide thou ayen; a litil there, a litil there.

11 For whi in speche of lippe, and in other langage he schal speke to this puple,

12 to which he seide, This is my reste; refreische ye a weri man, and this is my refreischyng; and thei nolden here.

13 And the word of the Lord schal be to hem, Sende thou, sende thou ayen; send thou, sende thou ayen; abide thou, abide thou ayen; abide thou, abide thou ayen; a litil there, a litil there; that thei go, and falle backward, and be al to-brokun, and be snarid, and be takun.

14 For this thing, ye men scorneris, that ben lordis ouer my puple which is in Jerusalem, here the word of the Lord.

15 For ye seiden, We han smyte a boond of pees with deth, and we han maad couenaunt with helle; a scourge flowynge whanne it schal passe, schal not come on vs, for we han set a leesyng oure hope, and we ben kyuered with a leesyng.

16 Therfor the Lord God seith these thingis, Lo! Y schal sende in the foundementis of Sion a corner stoon preciouse, preuyd, foundid in the foundement; he that bileueth, schal not haaste.

17 And Y schal sette doom in weiyte, and riytfulnesse in mesure; and hail schal distrie the hope of leesyng, and watris schulen flowe on proteccioun. And youre boond of pees with deth schal be don awei,

18 and youre couenaunt with helle schal not stonde; whanne the scourge flowynge schal passe, ye schulen be to it in to defoulyng.

19 Whanne euer it schal passe, it schal take awei yow; for whi erli in the grey morewtid it schal passe, in dai and niyt; and oonli trauel aloone schal yyue vndurstondyng to heryng.

20 Forsothe the bed is streit, so that the tother falle doun; and a schort mentil schal not hile euer either.

21 For as in the hil of departyngis the Lord schal stonde, as in the valei, which is in Gabaon, he schal be wroth, that he do his werk; his werk alien, that he worche his werk; his werk is straunge fro hym.

22 And now nyle ye scorne, lest perauenture youre boondis be maad streit togidere; for Y herde of the Lord God of oostis, endyng and abreggyng on al erthe.

23 Perseyue ye with eeris, and here ye my vois; perseyue ye, and here ye my speche.

24 Whether he that erith, schal ere al dai, for to sowe, and schal be kerue, and purge his londe?

25 Whether whanne he hath maad euene the face therof, schal he not sowe gith, and sprenge abrood comyn? and he schal not sette wheete bi ordre, and barli, and mylium, and fetchis in his coostis?

26 And his God schal teche hym, in doom he schal teche hym.

27 Forsothe gith schal not be threischid in sawis, and a wheel of a wayn schal not cumpasse on comyn; but gith schal be betun out with a yerd, and comyn with a staf.

28 Sotheli breed schal be maad lesse, but he that threischith schal not threische it with outen ende, nether schal trauele it with a wheel of a wayn, nether schal make it lesse with hise clees.

29 And this thing yede out of the Lord God of oostis, that he schulde make wondirful councel, and magnefie riytfulnesse.

Chapter 29[edit]

1 Wo! Ariel, Ariel, the citee which Dauid ouercam; yeer is addid to yeer, solempnytees ben passyd.

2 And Y schal cumpasse Ariel, and it schal be soreuful and morenynge; and Jerusalem schal be to me as Ariel.

3 And Y schal cumpasse as a round trendil in thi cumpasse, and Y schal caste erthe ayens thee, and Y schal sette engynes in to thi bisegyng.

4 Thou schalt be maad low, thou schalt speke of erthe, and thi speche schal be herd fro the erthe; and thi vois schal be as the vois of a deed man reisid bi coniuring, and thi speche schal ofte grutche of the erthe.

5 And the multitude of hem that wyndewen thee, schal be as thynne dust; and the multitude of hem that hadden the maistrie ayens thee, schal be as a deed sparcle passynge.

6 And it schal be sudenli, anoon it schal be visitid of the Lord of oostis, in thundur, and in mouyng of the erthe, and in greet vois of whirlwynd, and of tempest, and of flawme of fier deuowrynge.

7 And the multitude of alle folkis that fouyten ayens Ariel schal be as the dreem of a nyytis visioun; and alle men that fouyten, and bisegiden, and hadden the maistrie ayens it.

8 And as an hungry man dremyth, and etith, but whanne he is awakid, his soule is voide; and as a thirsti man dremeth, and drynkith, and after that he is awakid, he is weri, and thirstith yit, and his soule is voide, so schal be the multitude of alle folkis, that fouyten ayens the hil of Sion.

9 Be ye astonyed, and wondre; wake ye, and douyte ye; be ye drunken, and not of wyn; be ye moued, and not with drunkenesse.

10 For the Lord hath meddlid to you the spirit of sleep; he schal close youre iyen, and schal hile youre profetis, and princes that sien visiouns.

11 And the visioun of alle profetis schal be to you as the wordis of a book aseelid; which whanne thei schulen yyue to hym that kan lettris, thei schulen seie, Rede thou this book; and he schal answere, Y may not, for it is aseelid.

12 And the book schal be youun to him that kan not lettris, and it schal be seid to hym, Rede thou; and he schal answere, Y kan no lettris.

13 And the Lord seide, For that this puple neiyeth with her mouth, and glorifieth me with her lippis, but her herte is fer fro me; and thei dredden me for the comaundement and techyngis of men, therfor lo!

14 Y schal adde, that Y make wondryng to this puple, in a greet myracle and wondurful; for whi wisdom schal perische fro wise men therof, and the vndurstondyng of prudent men therof schal be hid.

15 Wo to you that ben hiye of herte, that ye hide counsel fro the Lord; the werkis of whiche ben in derknessis, and thei seien, Who seeth vs, and who knowith vs?

16 This thouyt of you is weiward, as if cley thenke ayens a pottere, and the werk seie to his makere, Thou madist not me; and a thing `that is maad, seie to his makere, Thou vndurstondist not.

17 Whether not yit in a litil time and schort the Liban schal be turned in to Chermel, and Chermel schal be arettid in to the forest?

18 And in that dai deef men schulen here the wordis of the book, and the iyen of blynde men schulen se fro derknessis and myisty;

19 and mylde men schulen encreesse gladnesse in the Lord, and pore men schulen make ful out ioie in the hooli of Israel.

20 For he that hadde the maistrie, failide, and the scornere is endid, and alle thei ben kit doun that walkiden on wickidnesse;

21 whiche maden men to do synne in word, and disseyueden a repreuere in the yate, and bowiden awey in veyn fro a iust man.

22 For this thing the Lord, that ayen bouyte Abraham, seith these thingis to the hous of Jacob, Jacob schal not be confoundid now, nether now his cheer schal be aschamed; but whanne he schal se hise sones,

23 the werkis of myn hondis, halewynge my name in the myddis of hym. And thei schulen halewe the hooli of Jacob, and thei schulen preche God of Israel;

24 and thei that erren in spirit, schulen knowe vndurstondyng, and idil men schulen lerne the lawe.

Chapter 30[edit]

1 Wo! sones forsakeris, seith the Lord, that ye schulden make a councel, and not of me; and weue a web, and not bi my spirit, that ye schulden encreesse synne on synne.

2 Whiche goen, to go doun in to Egipt, and ye axiden not my mouth; ye hopynge help in the strengthe of Farao, and ye hauynge trist in the schadewe of Egipt.

3 And the strengthe of Farao schal be to you in to confusioun, and the trist of the schadewe of Egipt in to schenschipe.

4 For whi thi princes weren in Taphnys, and thi messangeris camen til to Anes.

5 Alle thei weren schent on the puple, that myyten not profite to hem; thei weren not in to help, and in to ony profit, but in to schame and schenschip.

6 The birthun of werk beestis of the south. In the lond of tribulacioun and of angwisch, a lionesse, and a lioun, of hem a serpent, and a cocatrice; thei weren berynge her richessis on the schuldris of werk beestis, and her tresours on the botche of camels, to a puple that myyte not profite to hem.

7 For whi Egipt schal helpe in veyn, and idili. Therfor Y criede on this thing, It is pride oneli; ceesse thou.

8 Now therfor entre thou, and write to it on box, and write thou it diligentli in a book; and it schal be in the last dai in to witnessyng, til in to with outen ende.

9 For it is a puple terrynge to wrathfulnesse, and sones lieris, sones that nylen here the lawe of God.

10 Whiche seien to profetis, Nyle ye prophesie; and to biholderis, Nyle ye biholde to vs tho thingis that ben riytful; speke ye thingis plesynge to vs, se ye errouris to vs.

11 Do ye awei fro me the weie, bowe ye awei fro me the path; the hooli of Israel ceesse fro oure face.

12 Therfor the hooli of Israel seith these thingis, For that that ye repreuiden this word, and hopiden on fals caleng, and on noise, and tristiden on it,

13 therfor this wickidnesse schal be to you as a brekyng fallynge doun, and souyt in an hiy wal; for sudeynli while it is not hopid, the brekyng therof schal come.

14 And it schal be maad lesse, as a galoun of a pottere is brokun with ful strong brekyng; and a scherd schal not be foundun of the gobetis therof, in which scherd a litil fier schal be borun of brennyng, ethir a litil of watir schal be drawun of the diche.

15 For whi the Lord God, the hooli of Israel, seith these thingis, If ye turnen ayen, and resten, ye schulen be saaf; in stilnesse and in hope schal be youre strengthe. And ye nolden.

16 And ye seiden, Nai, but we schulen fle to horsis; therfor ye schulen fle. And we schulen stie on swifte horsis; therfor thei schulen be swiftere, that schulen pursue you.

17 A thousynde men schulen fle fro the face of the drede of oon; and ye schulen fle fro the face of drede of fyue, til ye be left as the mast of a schip in the cop of a munteyn, and as a signe on a litil hil.

18 Therfor the Lord abidith, that he haue mercy on you, and therfor he schal be enhaunsid sparynge you; for whi God is Lord of doom, blessid ben alle thei that abiden hym.

19 Forsothe the puple of Sion schal dwelle in Jerusalem; thou wepynge schal not wepe, he doynge merci schal haue merci on thee; at the vois of thi cry, anoon as he herith, he schal answere to thee.

20 And the Lord schal yyue to thee streyt breed, and schort watir, and schal no more make thi techere to fle awei fro thee; and thin iyen schulen be seynge thi comaundour,

21 and thin eeris schulen here a word bihynde the bak of hym that monestith; This is the weie, go ye therynne, nether to the riyt half nether to the left half.

22 And thou schalt defoule the platis of the grauun ymagis of thi siluer, and the cloth of the yotun ymage of thi gold; and thou schalt scatere tho, as the vnclennesse of a womman in vncleene blood; Go thou out, and thou schalt seie to it.

23 And reyn schal be youun to thi seed, where euere thou schalt sowe in erthe, and the breed of fruytis of erthe schal be moost plenteuouse and fat; in that dai a lomb schal be fed largeli in thi possessioun.

24 And thi bolis and coltis of assis, that worchen the lond, schulen ete barli with chaf meynd togidere, as it is wyndewid in the cornfloor.

25 And strondis of rennynge watris schulen be on ech hiy munteyn, and on ech litil hil reisid, in the dai of sleyng of many men, whanne touris fallen doun.

26 And the liyt of the moone schal be as the liyt of the sunne, and the liyt of the sunne schal be seuenfold, as the liyt of seuene daies, in the dai in which the Lord schal bynde togidere the wounde of his puple, and schal make hool the smytynge of the wounde therof.

27 Lo! the name of the Lord cometh doun fro fer; his strong veniaunce is brennynge and greuouse to bere; hise lippis ben fillid of indignacioun, and his tunge is as fier deuouringe.

28 His spirit is as a stef streem, flowynge `til to the myddis of the necke, to leese folkis in to nouyt, and the bridil of errour, that was in the chekis of puplis.

29 Song schal be to you, as the vois of an halewid solempnyte; and gladnesse of herte, as he that goth with a pipe, for to entre in to the hil of the Lord, to the stronge of Israel.

30 And the Lord schal make herd the glorie of his vois, and he schal schewe the ferdfulnesse of his arm in manassyng of strong veniaunce, and in flawme of fier brennynge; he schal hurtle doun in whirlewynd, and in stoon of hail.

31 For whi Assur smytun with a yerde schal drede of the vois of the Lord;

32 and the passyng of the yerd schal be foundid, which yerde the Lord schal make for to reste on hym. In tympans, and harpis, and in souereyn batels he schal ouercome hem.

33 For whi Tophet, that is, helle, deep and alargid, is maad redi of the kyng fro yistirdai; the nurschyngis therof ben fier and many trees; the blast of the Lord as a streem of brymstoon kyndlith it.

Chapter 31[edit]

1 Wo to hem that goon doun in to Egipt to help, and hopen in horsis, and han trist on cartis, for tho ben manye, and on knyytis, for thei ben ful stronge; and thei tristiden not on the hooli of Israel, and thei souyten not the Lord.

2 Forsothe he that is wijs, hath brouyt yuel, and took not awei hise wordis; and he schal rise togidere ayens the hous of worste men, and ayens the helpe of hem that worchen wickidnesse.

3 Egipt is a man, and not God; and the horsis of hem ben fleisch, and not spirit; and the Lord schal bowe doun his hond, and the helpere schal falle doun, and he schal falle, to whom help is youun, and alle schulen be wastid togidere.

4 For whi the Lord seith these thingis to me, If a lioun rorith, and a whelp of a lioun on his prey, whanne the multitude of schipherdis cometh ayens hym, he schal not drede of the vois of hem, and he schal not drede of the multitude of hem; so the Lord of oostis schal come doun, for to fiyte on the mounteyn of Sion, and on the litil hil therof.

5 As briddis fleynge, so the Lord of oostis schal defende Jerusalem; he defendynge and delyuerynge, passynge forth and sauynge.

6 Ye sones of Israel, be conuertid, as ye hadden go awei in to depthe.

7 Forsothe in that dai a man schal caste awei the idols of his siluer, and the idols of his gold, whiche youre hondis maden to you in to synne.

8 And Assur schal falle bi swerd, not of man, and a swerd, not of man, schal deuoure hym; and he schal fle, not fro the face of swerd, and hise yonge men schulen be tributaries;

9 and the strengthe of hym schal passe fro ferdfulnesse, and hise princes fleynge schulen drede. The Lord seide, whos fier is in Sion, and his chymeney is in Jerusalem.

Chapter 32[edit]

1 Lo! the kyng schal regne in riytfulnesse, and princes schulen be souereyns in doom.

2 And a man schal be, as he that is hid fro wynd, and hidith hym silf fro tempest; as stremes of watris in thirst, and the schadewe of a stoon stondynge fer out in a desert lond.

3 The iyen of profetis schulen not dasewe, and the eeris of heereris schulen herke diligentli;

4 and the herte of foolis schal vndurstonde kunnyng, and the tunge of stuttynge men schal speke swiftli, and pleynli.

5 He that is vnwijs, schal no more be clepid prince, and a gileful man schal not be clepid the grettere.

6 Forsothe a fool shal speke foli thingis, and his herte schal do wickidnesse, that he performe feynyng, and speke to the Lord gilefuli; and he schal make voide the soule of an hungry man, and schal take awei drynke fro a thirsti man.

7 The vessels of a gileful man ben worste; for he schal make redi thouytis to leese mylde men in the word of a leesyng, whanne a pore man spak doom.

8 Forsothe a prince schal thenke tho thingis that ben worthi to a prince, and he schal stonde ouer duykis.

9 Riche wymmen, rise ye, and here my vois; douytris tristynge, perseyue ye with eeris my speche.

10 For whi aftir daies and a yeer, and ye that tristen schulen be disturblid; for whi vyndage is endid, gaderyng schal no more come.

11 Ye riche wymmen, be astonyed; ye that tristen, be disturblid; vnclothe ye you, and be ye aschamed;

12 girde youre leendis; weile ye on brestis, on desirable cuntrei, on the plenteuouse vyner.

13 Thornes and breris schulen stie on the erthe of my puple; hou myche more on alle the housis of ioie of the citee makynge ful out ioie?

14 For whi the hous is left, the multitude of the citee is forsakun; derknessis and gropyng ben maad on dennes, `til in to with outen ende. The ioie of wield assis is the lesewe of flockis;

15 til the spirit be sched out on us fro an hiy, and the desert schal be in to Chermel, and Chermel schal be arettid in to a forest.

16 And doom schal dwelle in wildirnesse, and riytfulnesse schal sitte in Chermel;

17 and the werk of riytfulnesse schal be pees, and the tilthe of riytfulnesse schal be stilnesse and sikirnesse, `til in to with outen ende.

18 And my puple schal sitte in the fairnesse of pees, and in the tabernaclis of trist, and in riche reste.

19 But hail schal be in the coming doun of the foreste, and bi lownesse the citee schal be maad low.

20 Blessid ben ye, that sowen on alle watris, and putten yn the foot of an oxe and of an asse.

Chapter 33[edit]

1 Wo to thee, that robbest; whether and thou schalt not be robbid? and that dispisist, whether and thou schalt not be dispisid? Whanne thou hast endid robbyng, thou schalt be robbid; and whanne thou maad weri ceessist to dispise, thou schalt be dispisid.

2 Lord, haue thou merci on vs, for we abiden thee; be thou oure arm in the morewtid, and oure helthe in the tyme of tribulacioun.

3 Puplis fledden fro the vois of the aungel; hethene men ben scaterid of thin enhaunsyng.

4 And youre spuylis schulen be gaderid togidere, as a bruke is gaderid togidere, as whanne dichis ben ful therof.

5 The Lord is magnefied, for he dwellide an hiy, he fillid Sion with doom and riytfulnesse.

6 And feith schal be in thi tymes; the ritchessis of helthe is wisdom and kunnynge; the drede of the Lord, thilke is the tresour of hym.

7 Lo! seeris withoutenforth schulen crye, aungels of pees schulen wepe bittirli.

8 Weies ben distried, a goere bi the path ceesside; the couenaunt is maad voide, he castide doun citees, he arettide not men.

9 The lond morenyde, and was sijk; the Liban was schent, and was foul; and Saron is maad as desert, and Basan is schakun, and Carmele.

10 Now Y schal ryse, seith the Lord, now I schal be enhaunsid, and now I schal be reisid vp.

11 Ye schulen conseyue heete, ye schulen brynge forth stobil; youre spirit as fier schal deuoure you.

12 And puplis schulen be as aischis of the brennyng; thornes gaderid togidere schulen be brent in fier.

13 Ye that ben fer, here what thingis Y haue do; and, ye neiyboris, knowe my strengthe.

14 Synneris ben al to-brokun in Syon, tremblyng weldide ipocritis; who of you mai dwelle with fier deuowringe? who of you schal dwelle with euerlastinge brennyngis?

15 He that goith in riytfulnessis, and spekith treuthe; he that castith awei aueryce of fals calenge, and schakith awei his hondis fro al yifte; he that stoppith his eeris, that he heere not blood, and closith his iyen, that he se not yuel.

16 This man schal dwelle in hiy thingis, the strengthis of stoonys ben the hiynesse of hym; breed is youun to hym, hise watris ben feithful.

17 Thei schulen se the kyng in his fairnesse; the iyen of hym schulen biholde the londe fro fer.

18 Eliachym, thin herte schal bithenke drede; where is the lettrid man? Where is he that weieth the wordis of the lawe? where is the techere of litle children?

19 Thou schalt not se a puple vnwijs, a puple of hiy word, so that thou maist not vndurstonde the fair speking of his tunge, in which puple is no wisdom.

20 Biholde thou Sion, the citee of youre solempnyte; thin iyen schulen se Jerusalem, a riche citee, a tabernacle that mai not be borun ouer, nether the nailis therof schulen be takun awei withouten ende; and alle the cordis therof schulen not be brokun.

21 For oneli the worschipful doere oure Lord God is there; the place of floodis is strondis ful large and opyn; the schip of roweris schal not entre bi it, nethir a greet schip schal passe ouer it.

22 For whi the Lord is oure iuge, the Lord is oure lawe yyuere, the Lord is oure kyng; he schal saue vs.

23 Thi roopis ben slakid, but tho schulen not auaile; thi mast schal be so, that thou mow not alarge a signe. Thanne the spuylis of many preyes schulen be departid, crokid men schulen rauysche raueyn.

24 And a neiybore schal seie, Y was not sijk; the puple that dwellith in that Jerusalem, wickidnesse schal be takun awei fro it.

Chapter 34[edit]

1 Neiye, ye hethene men, and here; and ye puplis, perseyue; the erthe, and the fulnesse therof, the world, and al buriownyng therof, here ye.

2 For whi indignacioun of the Lord is on alle folkis, and strong veniaunce on al the chyualrie of hem; he killide hem, and yaf hem in to sleyng.

3 The slayn men of hem schulen be cast forth, and stynk schal stie of the careyns of hem; hillis schulen flete of the blood of hem.

4 And al the chyualrie of heuenys schal faile, and heuenys schulen be foldid togidere as a book, and al the knyythod of tho schal flete doun, as the leef of a vyner and of a fige tre fallith doun.

5 For my swerd is fillid in heuene; lo! it schal come doun on Ydumee, and on the puple of my sleyng, to doom.

6 The swerd of the Lord is fillid of blood, it is maad fat of the ynner fatnesse of the blood of lambren and of buckis of geet, of the blood of rammes ful of merow; for whi the slayn sacrifice of the Lord is in Bosra, and greet sleyng is in the lond of Edom.

7 And vnycornes schulen go doun with hem, and bolis with hem that ben myyti; the lond of hem schal be fillid with blood, and the erthe of hem with ynnere fatnesse of fatte beestis;

8 for it is a dai of veniaunce of the Lord, a yeer of yeldyng of the dom of Sion.

9 And the strondis therof schulen be turned in to pitche, and the erthe therof in to brymstoon; and the lond therof schal be in to brennyng pitch, niyt and dai.

10 It schal not be quenchid withouten ende, the smoke therof schal stie fro generacioun in to generacioun, and it schal be desolat in to worldis of worldis; noon schal passe therbi.

11 And onocrotalus, and an irchoun schulen welde it; and a capret, and a crowe schulen dwelle therynne; and a mesure schal be stretchid forth theronne, that it be dryuun to nouyt, and an hangynge plomet in to desolacyoun.

12 The noble men therof schulen not be there; rathere thei schulen clepe the kyng in to help, and alle the princes therof schulen be in to nouyt.

13 And thornes and nettlis schulen growe in the housis therof, and a tasil in the strengthis therof; and it schal be the couche of dragouns, and the lesewe of ostrichis.

14 And fendis, and wondurful beestis, lijk men in the hiyere part and lijk assis in the nethir part, and an heeri schulen meete; oon schal crie to an other.

15 Lamya schal ligge there, and foond rest there to hir silf; there an irchoun hadde dichis, and nurschide out whelpis, and diggide aboute, and fostride in the schadewe therof; there kitis weren gaderid togidere, oon to another.

16 Seke ye diligentli in the book of the Lord, and rede ye; oon of tho thingis failide not, oon souyte not another; for he comaundide that thing, that goith forth of my mouth, and his spirit he gaderide tho togidere.

17 And he sente to hem eritage, and his hond departide it in mesure; til in to withouten ende tho schulen welde that lond, in generacioun and in to generacioun tho schulen dwelle ther ynne.

Chapter 35[edit]

1 The forsakun Judee and with outen weie schal be glad, and wildirnesse schal make ful out ioye, and schal floure as a lilie.

2 It buriownynge schal buriowne, and it glad and preisynge schal make ful out ioie. The glorie of Liban is youun to it, the fairnesse of Carmele and of Saron; thei schulen se the glorie of the Lord, and the fairnesse of oure God.

3 Coumforte ye comelid hondis, and make ye strong feble knees.

4 Seie ye, Men of litil coumfort, be ye coumfortid, and nyle ye drede; lo! oure God schal brynge the veniaunce of yeldyng, God hym silf schal come, and schal saue vs.

5 Thanne the iyen of blynde men schulen be openyd, and the eeris of deef men schulen be opyn.

6 Thanne a crokid man schal skippe as an hert, and the tunge of doumbe men schal be openyd; for whi watris ben brokun out in desert, and stremes in wildirnesse.

7 And that that was drie, is maad in to a poond, and the thirsti is maad in to wellis of watris. Grenenesse of rehed, and of spier schal growe in dennes, in whiche dwelliden dragouns bifore. And a path and a weie schal be there,

8 and it schal be clepid an hooli weie, he that is defoulid schal not passe therbi; and this schal be a streiyt weie to you, so that foolis erre not therbi.

9 A lioun schal not be there, and an yuel beeste schal not stie therbi, nether schal be foundun there.

10 And thei schulen go, that ben delyuered and ayenbouyt of the Lord; and thei schulen be conuertid, and schulen come in to Sion with preisyng; and euerlastynge gladnesse schal be on the heed of hem; thei schulen haue ioie and gladnesse, and sorewe and weilyng schulen fle awei.

Chapter 36[edit]

1 And it was don in the fourtenthe yeer of kyng Ezechie, Sennacherib, the kyng of Assiriens, stiede on alle the stronge citees of Juda, and took tho.

2 And the kyng of Assiriens sente Rapsases fro Lachis to Jerusalem, to kyng Ezechie, with greet power; and he stood at the watir cundit of the hiyere sisterne, in the weie of the feeld of a fullere.

3 And Eliachym, the sone of Elchie, that was on the hous, yede out to hym, and Sobna, the scryuen, and Joae, the sone of Asaph, the chaunceler.

4 And Rapsases seide to hem, Seie ye to Ezechie, The greet king, the king of Assiriens, seith these thingis, What is the trist, in which thou tristist?

5 ethir bi what councele ether strengthe disposist thou for to rebelle? on whom hast thou trist, for thou hast go awei fro me?

6 Lo! thou tristist on this brokun staf of rehed, on Egipt, on which if a man restith, it schal entre in to his hoond, and schal perse it; so doith Farao, the kyng of Egipt, to alle men that tristen in hym.

7 That if thou answerist to me, We tristen in oure Lord God; whether it is not he, whose hiye places and auteris Esechie dide awei, and he seide to Juda and to Jerusalem, Ye schulen worschipe bifore this auter?

8 And now bitake thee to my lord, the kyng of Assiriens, and Y schal yyue to thee twei thousynde of horsis, and thou maist not yyue of thee stieris of tho horsis.

9 And hou schalt thou abide the face of the iuge of o place of the lesse seruauntis of my lord? That if thou tristist in Egipt, and in cartis, and in knyytis;

10 and now whethir Y stiede to this lond with out the Lord, that Y schulde distrie it? The Lord seide to me, Stie thou on this lond, and distrie thou it.

11 And Eliachym, and Sobna, and Joae, seiden to Rapsaces, Speke thou to thi seruauntis bi the langage of Sirie, for we vndurstonden; speke thou not to vs bi the langage of Jewis in the eeris of the puple, which is on the wal.

12 And Rapsaces seide to hem, Whether mi lord sente me to thi lord, and to thee, that Y schulde speke alle these wordis, and not rathere to the men that sitten on the wal, that thei ete her toordis, and drynke the pisse of her feet with you?

13 And Rapsaces stood, and criede with greet vois in the langage of Jewis, and seide, Here ye the wordis of the greet kyng, the kyng of Assiriens.

14 The kyng seith these thingis, Esechie disseyue not you, for he may not delyuere you;

15 and Ezechie yyue not to you trist on the Lord, and seie, The Lord delyuerynge schal delyuere vs; this citee schal not be youun in to the hoond of the kyng of Assiriens.

16 Nyle ye here Ezechie. For whi the kyng of Assiriens seith these thingis, Make ye blessyng with me, and go ye out to me; and ete ye ech man his vyner, and ech man his fige tre, and drynke ye ech man the water of his cisterne,

17 til Y come, and take awei you to a lond which is as youre lond; to a lond of whete and of wyn, to a lond of looues and of vyneris.

18 Ezechie disturble not you, and seie, The Lord schal delyuere vs. Whether the goddis of folkis delyuereden ech his lond fro the hond of the kyng of Assiriens?

19 Where is the god of Emath, and of Arphat? Where is the god of Sepharuaym? Whethir thei delyueriden Samarie fro myn hond?

20 Who is of alle goddis of these londis, that delyueride his lond fro myn hond, that the Lord delyuere Jerusalem fro myn hond?

21 And thei weren stille, and answeriden not to hym a word. For whi the kyng comaundide to hem, and seide, Answere ye not to him.

22 And Eliachym, the sone of Elchie, that was on the hous, and Sobna, the scryueyn, and Joae, the sone of Asaph, chaunceler, entriden with to-rent clothis to Ezechie, and telde to hym the wordis of Rapsaces.

Chapter 37[edit]

1 And it was don, whanne kyng Ezechie hadde herd, he to-rente hise clothis, and he was wlappid in a sak, and entride in to the hous of the Lord.

2 And he sente Eliachym, that was on the hous, and Sobna, the scryuen, and the eldre men of prestis, hilid with sackis, to Isaie, the prophete, the sone of Amos.

3 And thei seiden to hym, Ezechie seith these thingis, A dai of tribulacioun, and of angwisch, and of chastisyng, and of blasfemye is this dai; for children camen `til to childberyng, and vertu of childberyng is not.

4 Therfor reise thou preier for the relifs that ben foundun, if in ony maner thi Lord God here the wordis of Rapsaces, whom the king of Assiriens, his lord, sente, for to blasfeme lyuynge God, and to dispise bi the wordis, whiche thi Lord God herde.

5 And the seruauntis of kyng Esechie camen to Isaie;

6 and Isaie seide to hem, Ye schulen seie these thingis to youre lord, The Lord seith these thingis, Drede thou not of the face of wordis whiche thou herdist, bi whiche the children of the kyng of Assiriens blasfemyden me.

7 Lo! Y schal yyue to hym a spirit, and he schal here a messanger; and he schal turne ayen to his londe, and Y schal make hym to falle doun bi swerd in his lond.

8 Forsothe Rapsaces turnede ayen, and foond the kyng of Assiriens fiytynge ayens Lobna; for he hadde herd, that the kyng was gon fro Lachis.

9 And the kyng herde messangeris seiynge of Theracha, kyng of Ethiopiens, He is gon out to fiyte ayens thee. And whanne he hadde herd this thing, he sente messangeris to Ezechie, and seide, Ye schulen seie,

10 spekynge these thingis to Ezechye, kyng of Juda, Thi God disseyue not thee, in whom thou tristist, and seist, Jerusalem schal not be youun in to the hond of the kyng of Assiriens.

11 Lo! thou herdist alle thingis whiche the kynges of Assiriens diden to alle londis whiche thei distrieden; and maist thou be delyuered?

12 Whethir the goddis of folkis delyuereden hem, whiche my fadris distrieden; Gosan, and Aran, and Reseph, and the sones of Eden, that weren in Thalasar?

13 Where is the kyng of Emath, and the kyng of Arphath, and the kyng of the citee of Sepharuaym, and of Ana, and of Aua?

14 And Ezechie took the bookis fro the hond of messangeris, and redde tho; and he stiede in to the hous of the Lord, and spredde abrood tho bifore the Lord;

15 and preiede to the Lord,

16 and seide, Lord of oostis, God of Israel, that sittist on cherubyn, thou art God aloone of alle the rewmes of erthe; thou madist heuene and erthe.

17 Lord, bowe doun thin eere, and here; Lord, open thin iyen, and se; and here thou alle the wordis of Sennacherib, whiche he sente for to blasfeme lyuynge God.

18 For verili, Lord, the kyngis of Assiriens maden londis dissert, and the cuntreis of tho, and yauen the goddis of tho to fier;

19 for thei weren not goddis, but the werkis of mennus hondis, trees and stoonys; and thei al to-braken tho goddis.

20 And now, oure Lord God, saue thou vs fro the hond of hym; and alle rewmes of erthe knowe, that thou art Lord God aloone.

21 And Isaie, the sone of Amos, sente to Ezechie, and seide, The Lord God of Israel seith these thingis, For whiche thingis thou preidist me of Sennacherib, the kyng of Assiriens,

22 this is the word which the Lord spak on hym, Thou virgyn, the douyter of Sion, he dispiside thee, he scornede thee; thou virgyn, the douyter of Jerusalem, he moued his heed aftir thee.

23 Whom despisist thou, and whom blasfemedist thou? and on whom reisidist thou thi vois, and reisidist the hiynesse of thin iyen?

24 To the hooli of Israel. Bi the hond of thi seruauntis thou dispisidist the Lord, and seidist, In the multitude of my cartis Y stiede on the hiynesses of hillis, on the yockis of Liban; and Y schal kitte doun the hiy thingis of cedris therof, and the chosun beechis therof; and Y schal entre in to the hiynesse of the cop therof, in to the forest of Carmele therof.

25 Y diggide, and drank watir; and Y made drie with the step of my foot all the strondis of feeldis.

26 Whether thou, Sennacherib, herdist not what thingis Y dide sum tyme? Fro elde daies Y fourmyde that thing, and now Y haue brouyt; and it is maad in to drawyng vp bi the roote of litle hillis fiytynge togidere, and of strong citees.

27 The dwelleris of tho citees trembliden togidere with hond maad schort, and ben aschamed; thei ben maad as hei of the feeld, and the gras of lesewe, and as erbe of roouys, that driede vp bifore that it wexide ripe.

28 Y knew thi dwellyng, and thi goyng out, and thin entryng, and thi woodnesse ayens me.

29 Whanne thou were wood ayens me, thi pride stiede in to myn eeris; therfor Y schal sette a ryng in thi nosethirlis, and a bridil in thi lippis; and Y schal lede thee ayen in to the weie, bi which thou camest.

30 Forsothe to thee, Ezechie, this schal be a signe; ete thou in this yeer tho thingis that growen bi her fre wille, and in the secunde yeer ete thou applis; but in the thridde yeer sowe ye, and repe ye, and plaunte ye vyneris, and ete ye the fruyt of tho.

31 And that that is sauyd of the hous of Juda, and that, that is left, schal sende roote bynethe, and schal make fruyt aboue;

32 for whi relifs schulen go out of Jerusalem, and saluacioun fro the hil of Sion; the feruent loue of the Lord of oostis schal do this thing.

33 Therfor the Lord seith these thingis of the kyng of Assiriens, He schal not entre in to this citee, and he schal not schete there an arowe; and a scheeld schal not ocupie it, and he schal not sende erthe in the cumpas therof.

34 In the weie in which he cam, he schal turne ayen bi it; and he schal not entre in to this citee, seith the Lord.

35 And Y schal defende this citee, that Y saue it, for me, and for Dauid, my seruaunt.

36 Forsothe the aungel of the Lord yede out, and killide an hundride thousynde and fourscoor and fyue thousynde in the tentis of Assiriens; and thei risen eerli, and lo! alle men weren careyns of deed men.

37 And Sennacherib yede out of Jude, and wente awei. And Sennacherib, the kyng of Assiriens, turnede ayen, and dwellide in Nynyue.

38 And it was don, whanne he worschipide Mesrach, his god, in the temple, Aramalech and Sarasar, hise sones, killiden hym with swerd, and fledden in to the lond of Ararath; and Asaradon, his sone, regnyde for hym.

Chapter 38[edit]

1 In tho daies Esechie was sijk `til to the deth; and Isaie, the profete, the sone of Amos, entride to hym, and seide to hym, The Lord seith these thingis, Dispose thi hous, for thou schalt die, and thou schalt not lyue.

2 And Esechie turnede his face to the wal, and preiede the Lord, and seide, Lord, Y biseche;

3 haue thou mynde, Y biseche, hou Y yede bifore thee in treuthe, and in perfit herte, and Y dide that that was good bifore thin iyen. And Ezechye wept with greet wepyng.

4 And the word of the Lord was maad to Isaie, and seide,

5 Go thou, and seie to Ezechye, The Lord God of Dauid, thi fadir, seith these thingis, I haue herd thi preier, and Y siy thi teeris. Lo! Y schal adde on thi daies fiftene yeer;

6 and Y schal delyuere thee and this citee fro the hond of the kyng of Assiriens, and Y schal defende it.

7 Forsothe this schal be to thee a signe of the Lord, that the Lord schal do this word, which he spak.

8 Lo! Y schal make the schadewe of lynes, bi which it yede doun in the orologie of Achas, in the sunne, to turne ayen backward bi ten lynes. And the sunne turnede ayen bi ten lynes, bi degrees bi whiche it hadde go doun.

9 The scripture of Ezechie, kyng of Juda, whanne he hadde be sijk, and hadde rekyuered of his sikenesse.

10 I seide, in the myddil of my daies Y schal go to the yatis of helle.

11 Y souyte the residue of my yeeris; Y seide, Y schal not se the Lord God in the lond of lyueris; Y schal no more biholde a man, and a dwellere of reste.

12 My generacioun is takun awei, and is foldid togidere fro me, as the tabernacle of scheepherdis is foldid togidere. Mi lijf is kit doun as of a webbe; he kittide doun me, the while Y was wouun yit. Fro the morewtid `til to the euentid thou schalt ende me;

13 Y hopide til to the morewtid; as a lioun, so he al to-brak alle my boonys. Fro the morewtid til to the euentid thou schalt ende me; as the brid of a swalewe, so Y schal crie;

14 Y schal bithenke as a culuer. Myn iyen biholdynge an hiy, ben maad feble. Lord, Y suffre violence, answere thou for me; what schal Y seie,

15 ether what schal answere to me, whanne `I mysilf haue do? Y schal bithenke to thee alle my yeeris, in the bitternisse of my soule.

16 Lord, if me lyueth so, and the lijf of my spirit is in siche thingis, thou schalt chastise me, and schalt quykene me.

17 Lo! my bitternesse is moost bittir in pees; forsothe thou hast delyuered my soule, that it perischide not; thou hast caste awey bihynde thi bak alle my synnes.

18 For not helle schal knowleche to thee, nethir deth schal herie thee; thei that goon doun in to the lake, schulen not abide thi treuthe.

19 A lyuynge man, a lyuynge man, he schal knouleche to thee, as and Y to dai; the fadir schal make knowun thi treuthe to sones.

20 Lord, make thou me saaf, and we schulen synge oure salmes in all the daies of oure lijf in the hous of the Lord.

21 And Ysaie comaundide, that thei schulden take a gobet of figus, and make a plaster on the wounde; and it schulde be heelid.

22 And Ezechie seide, What signe schal be, that Y schal stie in to the hous of the Lord?

Chapter 39[edit]

1 In that tyme Marodach Baladan, the sone of Baladam, the kyng of Babiloyne, sente bookis and yiftis to Ezechie; for he hadde herd, that Ezechie hadde be sijk, and was rekyuerid.

2 Forsothe Ezechie was glad on hem, and schewide to hem the selle of swete smellynge spices, and of siluer, and of gold, and of smellynge thingis, and of best oynement, and alle the schoppis of his purtenaunce of houshold, and alle thingis that weren foundun in hise tresours; no word was, which Ezechie schewide not to hem in his hous, and in al his power.

3 Sotheli Ysaie, the prophete, entride to kyng Ezechie, and seide to hym, What seiden thes men, and fro whennus camen thei to thee? And Ezechie seide, Fro a fer lond thei camen to me, fro Babiloyne.

4 And Ysaie seide, What siyen thei in thin hous? And Ezechie seide, Thei sien alle thingis that ben in myn hous; no thing was in my tresours, which Y schewide not to hem.

5 And Ysaie seide to Ezechie, Here thou the word of the Lord of oostis.

6 Lo! daies schulen come, and alle thingis that ben in thin hous, and whiche thingis thi fadris tresoriden til to this dai, schulen be takun awei in to Babiloyne; not ony thing schal be left, seith the Lord.

7 And thei schulen take of thi sones, that schulen go out of thee, whiche thou schalt gendre; and thei schulen be onest seruauntis and chast in the paleis of the kyng of Babiloyne.

8 And Ezechie seide to Ysaie, The word of the Lord is good, which he spak. And Ezechie seide, Pees and treuthe be maad oneli in my daies.

Chapter 40[edit]

1 My puple, be ye coumfortid, be ye coumfortid, seith youre Lord God.

2 Speke ye to the herte of Jerusalem, and clepe ye it, for the malice therof is fillid, the wickidnesse therof is foryouun; it hath resseyued of the hond of the Lord double thingis for alle hise synnes.

3 The vois of a crier in desert, Make ye redi the weie of the Lord, make ye riytful the pathis of oure God in wildirnesse.

4 Ech valey schal be enhaunsid, and ech mounteyn and litil hil schal be maad low; and schrewid thingis schulen be in to streiyt thingis, and scharpe thingis schulen be in to pleyn weies.

5 And the glorie of the Lord schal be schewid, and ech man schal se togidere, that the mouth of the Lord hath spoke.

6 The vois of God, seiynge, Crie thou. And Y seide, What schal Y crie? Ech fleisch is hei, and al the glorie therof is as the flour of the feeld.

7 The hei is dried vp, and the flour felle doun, for the spirit of the Lord bleew therynne.

8 Verely the puple is hey; the hey is dried vp, and the flour felle doun; but the word of the Lord dwellith with outen ende.

9 Thou that prechist to Sion, stie on an hiy hil; thou that prechist to Jerusalem, enhaunse thi vois in strengthe; enhaunse thou, nyle thou drede; seie thou to the citees of Juda, Lo! youre God.

10 Lo! the Lord God schal come in strengthe, and his arm schal holde lordschipe; lo! his mede is with hym, and his werk is bifore hym.

11 As a scheepherd he schal fede his flok, he schal gadere lambreen in his arm, and he schal reise in his bosom; he schal bere scheep `with lomb.

12 Who mat watris in a fist, and peiside heuenes with a spanne? Who peiside the heuynesse of the erthe with thre fyngris, and weide mounteyns in a weihe, and litle hillis in a balaunce?

13 Who helpide the Spirit of the Lord, ether who was his councelour, and schewide to hym?

14 With whom took he councel, and who lernyde hym, and tauyte hym the path of riytfulnesse, and lernyde hym in kunnyng, and schewyde to him the weie of prudence?

15 Lo! folkis ben as a drope of a boket, and ben arettid as the tunge of a balaunce; lo!

16 ylis ben as a litil dust, and the Liban schal not suffice to brenne his sacrifice, and the beestis therof schulen not suffice to brent sacrifice.

17 Alle folkis ben so bifore hym, as if thei ben not; and thei ben rettid as no thing and veyn thing to hym.

18 To whom therfor maden ye God lijk? ether what ymage schulen ye sette to hym?

19 Whether a smyth schal welle togidere an ymage, ether a gold smyth schal figure it in gold, and a worchere in siluer schal diyte it with platis of siluer?

20 A wijs crafti man chees a strong tre, and vnable to be rotun; he sekith how he schal ordeyne a symylacre, that schal not be mouyd.

21 Whether ye witen not? whether ye herden not? whether it was not teld to you fro the begynnynge? whether ye vndurstoden not the foundementis of erthe?

22 Which sittith on the cumpas of erthe, and the dwelleris therof ben as locustis; which stretchith forth heuenes as nouyt, and spredith abrood tho as a tabernacle to dwelle.

23 Which yyueth the sercheris of priuytees, as if thei be not, and made the iugis of erthe as a veyn thing.

24 And sotheli whanne the stok of hem is nether plauntid, nether is sowun, nether is rootid in erthe, he bleew sudenli on hem, and thei drieden vp, and a whirle wynd schal take hem awei as stobil.

25 And to what thing `ye han licned me, and han maad euene? seith the hooli.

26 Reise youre iyen an hiy, and se ye, who made these thingis of nouyt; which ledith out in noumbre the kniythod of tho, and clepith alle bi name, for the multitude of his strengthe, and stalworthnesse, and vertu; nether o residue thing was.

27 Whi seist thou, Jacob, and spekist thou, Israel, My weie is hid fro the Lord, and my doom passide fro my God?

28 Whether thou knowist not, ether herdist thou not? God, euerlastynge Lord, that made of nouyt the endis of erthe, schal not faile, nether schal trauele, nether enserchyng of his wisdom is.

29 That yyueth vertu to the weeri, and strengthe to hem that ben not, and multiplieth stalworthnesse.

30 Children schulen faile, and schulen trauele, and yonge men schulen falle doun in her sikenesse.

31 But thei that hopen in the Lord, schulen chaunge strengthe, thei schulen take fetheris as eglis; thei schulen renne, and schulen not trauele; thei schulen go, and schulen not faile.

Chapter 41[edit]

1 Iles, be stille to me, and folkis chaunge strengthe; neiye thei, and thanne speke thei; neiye we togidere to doom.

2 Who reiside the iust man fro the eest, and clepide hym to sue hym silf? He schal yyue folkis in his siyt, and he schal welde kyngis; he schal yyue as dust to his swerd, and as stobil `that is rauyschid of the wynd, to his bowe.

3 He schal pursue hem, he schal go in pees; a path schal not appere in hise feet.

4 Who wrouyte and dide these thingis? clepynge generaciouns at the bigynnyng. Y am the Lord; and Y am the firste and the laste.

5 Ilis sien, and dredden; the laste partis of erthe were astonyed; thei camen niy, and neiyiden.

6 Ech man schal helpe his neiybore, and schal seie to his brother, Be thou coumfortid.

7 A smyth of metal smytynge with an hamer coumfortide him that polischyde, ethir made fair, in that tyme, seiynge, It is good, to glu; and he fastenede hym with nailis, that he schulde not be mouyd.

8 And thou, Israel, my seruaunte, Jacob, whom Y chees, the seed of Abraham, my frend, in whom Y took thee;

9 fro the laste partis of erthe, and fro the fer partis therof Y clepide thee; and Y seide to thee, Thou art my seruaunt; Y chees thee, and castide not awei thee.

10 Drede thou not, for Y am with thee; boowe thou not awei, for Y am thi God. Y coumfortide thee, and helpide thee; and the riythond of my iust man vp took thee.

11 Lo! alle men schulen be schent, and schulen be aschamed, that fiyten ayens thee; thei schulen be as if thei ben not, and men schulen perische, that ayen seien thee.

12 Thou schalt seke hem, and thou schalt not fynde thi rebel men; thei schulen be, as if thei ben not, and as the wastyng of a man fiytynge ayens thee.

13 For Y am thi Lord God, takynge thin hond, and seiynge to thee, Drede thou not, Y helpide thee.

14 Nyle thou, worm of Jacob, drede, ye that ben deed of Israel. Y helpide thee, seith the Lord, and thin ayen biere, the hooli of Israel.

15 Y haue set thee as a newe wayn threischynge, hauynge sawynge bilis; thou schalt threische mounteyns, and schalt make smal, and thou schalt sette litle hillis as dust.

16 Thou schalt wyndewe hem, and the wynd schal take hem awei, and a whirlewynd schal scatere hem; and thou schalt make ful out ioie in the Lord, and thou schalt be glad in the hooli of Israel.

17 Nedi men and pore seken watris, and tho ben not; the tunge of hem driede for thirst. Y the Lord schal here hem, I God of Israel schal not forsake hem.

18 Y schal opene floodis in hiy hillis, and wellis in the myddis of feeldis; Y schal sette the desert in to poondis of watris, and the lond without weie in to ryuers of watris.

19 Y schal yyue in wildirnesse a cedre, and a thorn, and a myrte tre, and the tre of an olyue; Y schal sette in the desert a fir tre, an elm, and a box tre togidere.

20 That thei se, and knowe, and bithenke, and vndurstonde togidere; that the hond of the Lord dide this thing, and the hooli of Israel made that of nouyt.

21 Make ye niy youre doom, seith the Lord; brynge ye, if in hap ye han ony thing, seith the kyng of Jacob.

22 Neiy tho, and telle to vs, what euer thingis schulen come; telle ye the formere thingis that weren, and we schulen sette oure herte, and schulen wite; schewe ye to vs the laste thingis of hem, and tho thingis that schulen come.

23 Telle ye what thingis schulen come in tyme to comynge, and we schulen wite, that ye ben goddis; al so do ye wel, ethir yuele, if ye moun; and speke we, and see we togidere.

24 Lo! ye ben of nouyt, and youre werk is of that that is not; he that chees you, is abhomynacioun.

25 I reiside fro the north, and he schal come fro the risyng of the sunne; he schal clepe my name. And he schal brynge magistratis as cley, and as a pottere defoulynge erthe.

26 Who tolde fro the bigynnyng, that we wite, and fro the bigynnyng, that we seie, Thou art iust? noon is tellynge, nether biforseiynge, nether herynge youre wordis.

27 The firste schal seie to Sion, Lo! Y am present; and Y schal yyue a gospellere to Jerusalem.

28 And Y siy, and noon was of these, that token councel, and he that was axid, answeride a word.

29 Lo! alle men ben vniust, and her werkis ben wynd and veyn; the symylacris of hem ben wynd, and voide thing.

Chapter 42[edit]

1 Lo! my seruaunt, Y schal vptake hym, my chosun, my soule pleside to it silf in hym. I yaf my spirit on hym, he schal brynge forth doom to hethene men.

2 He schal not crie, nether he schal take a persoone, nether his vois schal be herd withoutforth.

3 He schal not breke a schakun rehed, and he schal not quenche smokynge flax; he schal brynge out doom in treuthe.

4 He schal not be sorewful, nether troblid, til he sette doom in erthe, and ilis schulen abide his lawe.

5 The Lord God seith these thingis, makynge heuenes of noyt, and stretchynge forth tho, makynge stidfast the erthe, and tho thingis that buriownen of it, yyuynge breeth to the puple, that is on it, and yyuynge spirit to hem that treden on it.

6 Y the Lord haue clepid thee in riytfulnesse, and Y took thin hond, and kepte thee, and Y yaf thee in to a boond of pees of the puple, and in to liyt of folkis.

7 That thou schuldist opene the iyen of blynde men; that thou schuldist lede out of closyng togidere a boundun man, fro the hous of prisoun men sittynge in derknessis.

8 Y am the Lord, this is my name; Y schal not yyue my glorie to an othere, and my preisyng to grauun ymagis.

9 Lo! tho thingis that weren the firste, ben comun, and Y telle newe thingis; Y schal make herd to you, bifore that tho bigynnen to be maad.

10 Synge ye a newe song to the Lord; his heriyng is fro the laste partis of erthe; ye that goon doun in to the see, and the fulnesse therof, ilis, and the dwelleris of tho.

11 The desert be reisid, and the citees therof; he schal dwelle in the housis of Cedar; ye dwelleris of the stoon, herie ye; thei schulen crie fro the cop of hillis.

12 Thei schulen sette glorie to the Lord, and they schulen telle his heriyng in ilis.

13 The Lord as a strong man schal go out, as a man a werryour he schal reise feruent loue; he schal speke, and schal crie; he schal be coumfortid on hise enemyes.

14 Y was stille, euere Y helde silence; Y was pacient, Y schal speke as a womman trauelynge of child; Y schal scatere, and Y schal swolowe togidere.

15 Y schal make desert hiy mounteyns and litle hillis, and Y schal drie vp al the buriownyng of tho; and Y schal sette floodis in to ilis, and Y schal make poondis drie.

16 And Y schal lede out blynde men in to the weie, which thei knowen not, and Y schal make hem to go in pathis, whiche thei knewen not; Y schal sette the derknessis of hem bifore hem in to liyt, and schrewid thingis in to riytful thingis; Y dide these wordis to hem, and Y forsook not hem.

17 Thei ben turned abac; be thei schent with schenschipe, that trusten in a grauun ymage; whiche seien to a yotun ymage, Ye ben oure goddis.

18 Ye deef men, here; and ye blynde men, biholde to se.

19 Who is blynd, no but my seruaunt? and deef, no but he to whom Y sente my messangeris? Who is blynd, no but he that is seeld? and who is blynd, no but the seruaunt of the Lord?

20 Whether thou that seest many thingis, schalt not kepe? Whether thou that hast open eeris, schalt not here?

21 And the Lord wolde, that he schulde halewe it, and magnefie the lawe, and enhaunse it.

22 But thilke puple was rauyschid, and wastid; alle thei ben the snare of yonge men, and ben hid in the housis of prisouns. Thei ben maad in to raueyn, and noon is that delyuereth; in to rauyschyng, and noon is that seith, Yelde thou.

23 Who is among you, that herith this, perseyueth, and herkneth thingis to comynge?

24 Who yaf Jacob in to rauyschyng, and Israel to distrieris? Whether not the Lord? He it is, ayens whom thei synneden; and thei nolden go in hise weies, and thei herden not his lawe.

25 And he schedde out on hem the indignacioun of his strong veniaunce, and strong batel; and thei brenten it in cumpas, and it knewe not; and he brente it, and it vndurstood not.

Chapter 43[edit]

1 And now the Lord God, makynge of nouyt thee, Jacob, and formynge thee, Israel, seith these thingis, Nyle thou drede, for Y ayenbouyte thee, and Y clepide thee bi thi name; thou art my seruaunt.

2 Whanne thou schalt go bi watris, Y schal be with thee, and floodis schulen not hile thee; whanne thou schalt go in fier, thou schalt not be brent, and flawme schal not brenne in thee.

3 For Y am thi Lord God, the hooli of Israel, thi sauyour. I yaf thi merci Egipt; Ethiopie and Saba for thee.

4 Sithen thou art maad onourable, and gloriouse in myn iyen; Y louyde thee, and Y schal yyue men for thee, and puplis for thi soule.

5 Nyle thou drede, for Y am with thee; Y schal brynge thi seed fro the eest, and Y schal gadere thee togidere fro the west.

6 Y schal seie to the north, Yyue thou, and to the south, Nyle thou forbede; brynge thou my sones fro afer, and my douytris fro the laste partis of erthe.

7 And ech that clepith my name to help, in to my glorie Y made hym of nouyt; Y fourmyde hym, and made hym.

8 Lede thou forth the blynde puple, and hauynge iyen; the deef puple, and eeris ben to it.

9 Alle hethene men ben gaderid togidere, and lynagis be gaderid togidere. Who among you, who schal telle this, and schal make you to here tho thingis, that ben the firste? yyue thei witnessis of hem, and be thei iustified, and here thei, and seie.

10 Verili ye ben my witnessis, seith the Lord, and my seruaunt, whom Y chees; that ye wite, and bileue to me, and vndurstonde, for Y mysilf am; bifore me is no God formere, and after me schal noon be.

11 Y am, Y am the Lord, and with out me is no sauyour.

12 I telde, and sauyde; Y made heryng, and noon alien God was among you. Ye ben my witnessis, seith the Lord;

13 and Y am God fro the bigynnyng, Y my silf am, and noon is that delyuerith fro myn hoond; Y schal worche, and who schal distrie it?

14 The Lord, youre ayenbiere, the hooli of Israel, seith these thingis, For you Y sente out in to Babiloyne, and Y drow doun alle barris, and Caldeis hauynge glorie in her schippis.

15 Y am the Lord, youre hooli, youre king, makynge Israel of nouyt.

16 The Lord seith these thingis, that yaf weie in the see, and a path in rennynge watris;

17 which ledde out a carte, and hors, a cumpany, and strong man; thei slepten togidere, nether thei schulen rise ayen; thei ben al tobrokun as flex, and ben quenchid.

18 Thenke ye not on the formere thingis, and biholde ye not olde thingis.

19 Lo! Y make newe thingis, and now tho schulen bigynne to be maad; sotheli ye schulen know tho. Y schal sette weie in desert, and floodis in a lond without weie.

20 And a beeste of the feelde schal glorifie me, dragouns and ostrigis schulen glorifie me; for Y yaf watris in desert, and floodis in the lond without weie, that Y schulde yyue drynk to my puple, to my chosun puple.

21 Y fourmyde this puple to me, it schal telle my preysyng.

22 Jacob, thou clepidist not me to help; and thou, Israel, trauelidist not for me.

23 Thou offridist not to me the ram of thi brent sacrifice, and thou glorifiedist not me with thi slayn sacrifices. Y made not thee to serue in offryng, nethir Y yaf to thee trauel in encense.

24 Thou bouytist not to me swete smellynge spicerie for siluer, and thou fillidist not me with fatnesse of thi slayn sacrifices; netheles thou madist me to serue in thi synnes, thou yauest trauel to me in thi wickidnessis.

25 Y am, Y my silf am, that do awei thi wickidnessis for me, and Y schal not haue mynde on thy synnes.

26 Brynge me ayen in to mynde, and be we demyd togidere; telle thou, if thou hast ony thing, that thou be iustified.

27 Thi firste fadir synnede, and thin interpretours trespassiden ayens me.

28 And Y made foul hooli princes, and Y yaf Jacob to deth, and Israel in to blasfemye.

Chapter 44[edit]

1 And now, Jacob, my seruaunt, here thou, and Israel, whom I chees.

2 The Lord makynge and foryyuynge thee, thin helpere fro the wombe, seith these thingis, My seruaunt, Jacob, nyle thou drede, and thou moost riytful, whom Y chees.

3 For Y schal schede out watris on the thirsti, and floodis on the dry lond; Y schal schede out my spirit on thi seed, and my blessyng on thi generacioun.

4 And thei schulen buriowne among erbis, as salewis bisidis rennynge watris.

5 This man schal seie, Y am of the Lord, and he schal clepe in the name of Jacob; and this man schal write with his hoond to the Lord, and schal be licned in the name of Israel.

6 The Lord, kyng of Israel, and ayenbiere therof, the Lord of oostis seith these thingis, Y am the firste and Y am the laste, and with outen me is no God.

7 Who is lijk me? clepe he, and telle, and declare ordre to me, sithen Y made elde puple; telle he to hem thingis to comynge, and that schulen be.

8 Nyle ye drede, nether be ye disturblid; fro that tyme Y made thee for to here, and Y telde; ye ben my witnessis. Whethir a God is with out me, and a formere, whom Y knew not?

9 Alle the fourmeris of an idol ben no thing, and the moost louyd thingis of hem schulen not profite; thei ben witnessis of tho, that tho seen not, nether vndurstonden, that thei be schent.

10 Who fourmyde a god, and yetide an ymage, not profitable to ony thing?

11 Lo! alle the parteneris therof schulen be schent; for the smythis ben of men. Whanne alle schulen come, thei schulen stonde, and schulen drede, and schulen be schent togidere.

12 A smith wrouyte with a file; he fourmyde it in coolis, and in hameris, and he wrouyte with the arm of his strengthe. He schal be hungri, and he schal faile; he schal not drynke watre, and he schal be feynt.

13 A carpenter stretchide forth a reule, he fourmyde it with an adese; he made it in the corner places, and he turnede it in cumpas; and he made the ymage of a man, as a fair man, dwellynge in the hous.

14 He kittide doun cedris, he took an hawthorn, and an ook, that stood among the trees of the forest; he plauntide a pyne apple tre, which he nurschide with reyn,

15 and it was maad in to fier to men. He took of tho, and was warmed, and he brente, and bakide looues; but of the residue he wrouyte a god, and worschipide it, and he made a grauun ymage, and he was bowid bifore that.

16 He brente the myddil therof with fier, and of the myddil therof he sethide fleischis, and eet; he sethide potage, and was fillid; and he was warmed, and he seide, Wel!

17 Y am warmed; Y siy fier. Forsothe the residue therof he made a god, and a grauun ymage to hym silf; he is bowide bifore that, and worschipith that, and bisechith, and seith, Delyuere thou me, for thou art my god.

18 Thei knewen not, nether vndurstoden, for thei han foryete, that her iye se not, and that thei vndurstonde not with her herte.

19 Thei bythenken not in her soule, nether thei knowen, nether thei feelen, that thei seie, Y brente the myddil therof in fier, and Y bakide looues on the coolis therof, and Y sethide fleischis, and eet; and of the residue therof schal Y make an idol? schal Y falle doun bifore the stok of a tree?

20 A part therof is aische; an vnwijs herte schal worschipe it, and he schal not delyuere his soule, nether he schal seie, A strong leesyng is in my riythond.

21 Thou, Jacob, and Israel, haue mynde of these thingis, for thou art my seruaunt; Y formyde thee, Israel, thou art my seruaunt; thou schalt not foryete me.

22 Y dide awei thi wickidnessis as a cloude, and thi synnes as a myist; turne thou ayen to me, for Y ayenbouyte thee.

23 Ye heuenes, herie, for the Lord hath do merci; the laste partis of erth, synge ye hertli song; hillis, sowne ye preisyng; the forest and ech tre therof, herie God; for the Lord ayenbouyte Jacob, and Israel schal haue glorie.

24 The Lord, thin ayenbiere, and thi fourmere fro the wombe, seith these thingis, Y am the Lord, makynge alle thingis, and Y aloone stretche forth heuenes, and stablische the erthe, and noon is with me;

25 and Y make voide the signes of false dyuynours, and Y turne in to woodnesse dyuynours, that dyuynen by sacrifices offrid to feendis; and Y turne wise men bacward, and Y make her science fonned.

26 And the Lord reisith the word of his seruaunt, and fillith the councel of hise messangeris; and Y seie, Jerusalem, thou schalt be enhabitid; and to the citees of Juda, Ye schulen be bildid, and Y schal reise the desertis therof;

27 and Y seie to the depthe, Be thou desolat, and Y shal make drie thi floodis;

28 and Y seie to Cirus, Thou art my scheepherde, and thou schalt fille al my wille; and Y seie to Jerusalem, Thou schalt be bildid; and to the temple, Thou schalt be foundid.

Chapter 45[edit]

1 The Lord seith these thingis to my crist, Cirus, whos riythond Y took, that Y make suget folkis bifor his face, and turne the backis of kyngis; and Y schal opene yatis bifore hym, and yatis schulen not be closid.

2 Y schal go bifore thee, and Y schal make lowe the gloriouse men of erthe; Y schal al to-breke brasun yatis, and Y schal breke togidere irun barris.

3 And Y schal yyue hid tresours to thee, and the priuy thingis of priuytees, that thou wite, that Y am the Lord, that clepe thi name, God of Israel,

4 for my seruaunt Jacob, and Israel my chosun, and Y clepide thee bi thi name; Y licnyde thee, and thou knewist not me.

5 Y am the Lord, and ther is no more; with out me is no God. Y haue gird thee, and thou knewist not me.

6 That thei that ben at the risyng of the sunne, and thei that ben at the west, know, that with out me is no God.

7 Y am the Lord, and noon other God is; fourmynge liyt, and makynge derknessis, makynge pees, and fourmynge yuel; Y am the Lord, doynge alle these thingis.

8 Heuenes, sende ye out deew fro aboue, and cloudis, reyne a iust man; the erthe be openyde, and brynge forth the sauyour, and riytfulnesse be borun togidere; Y the Lord haue maad hym of nouyt.

9 Wo to hym that ayen seith his maker, a tiel stoon of erthe of Sannys. Whether clei seith to his pottere, What makist thou, and thi werk is withouten hondis?

10 Wo to hym that seith to the fadir, What gendrist thou? and to a womman, What childist thou?

11 The Lord, the hooli of Israel, the fourmere therof, seith these thingis, Axe ye me thingis to comynge on my sones, and sende ye to me on the werkis of myn hondis.

12 Y made erthe, and Y made a man on it; myn hondis helden abrood heuenes, and Y comaundide to al the knyythod of tho.

13 Y reiside hym to riytfulnesse, and Y schal dresse alle hise weies; he schal bilde my citee, and he schal delyuere my prisoneris, not in prijs, nether in yiftis, seith the Lord of oostis.

14 The Lord God seith these thingis, The trauel of Egipt, and the marchaundie of Ethiopie, and of Sabaym; hiy men schulen go to thee, and schulen be thine; thei schulen go aftir thee, thei schulen go boundun in manyclis, and schulen worschipe thee, and schulen biseche thee. God is oneli in thee, and with out thee is no God.

15 Verili thou art God hid, God, the sauyour of Israel.

16 Alle makeris of errours ben schent, and weren aschamed; thei yeden togidere in to confusioun.

17 Israel is sauyde in the Lord, bi euerlastynge helthe; ye schulen not be schent, and ye schulen not be aschamed, til in to the world of world.

18 For whi the Lord makynge heuenes of nouyt, seith these thingis; he is God fourmynge erthe, and makinge it, he is the makere therof; he made it of noyt, not in veyn, but he formyde it, that it be enhabitid; Y am the Lord, and noon other is.

19 Y spak not in hid place, not in a derk place of erthe; I seide not to the seed of Jacob, Seke ye me in veyn. Y am the Lord spekynge riytfulnesse, tellynge riytful thingis.

20 Be ye gaderid, and come ye, and neiye ye togidere, that ben sauyd of hethene men; thei that reisen a signe of her grauyng, knewen not, and thei preien a god that saueth not.

21 Telle ye, and come ye, and take ye councel togidere. Who made this herd fro the bigynnyng? fro that tyme Y bifor seide it. Whether Y am not the Lord, and no God is ferthere with out me? God riytful and sauynge is noon, outakun me.

22 Alle the coostis of erthe, be ye conuertid to me, and ye schulen be saaf; for Y am the Lord, and noon other is.

23 Y swoor in my silf, a word of riytfulnesse schal go out of my mouth, and it schal not turne ayen;

24 for ech kne schal be bowid to me, and ech tunge schal swere.

25 Therfor thei schulen sei in the Lord, Riytfulnessis and empire ben myne; alle that fiyten ayens hym schulen come to hym, and schulen be aschamed.

26 Al the seed of Israel schal be iustified and preysid in the Lord.

Chapter 46[edit]

1 Bel is brokun, Nabo is al to-brokun; her symylacris lijk to wielde beestis and werk beestis ben brokun; youre birthuns

2 with heuy charge `til to werynesse weren rotun, and ben al to-brokun togidere; tho miyten not saue the berere, and the soule of hem schal go in to caitifte.

3 The hous of Jacob, and al the residue of the hous of Israel, here ye me, whiche ben borun of my wombe, whiche ben borun of my wombe.

4 Til to eelde Y my silf, and til to hoor heeris Y schal bere; Y made, and Y schal bere, and Y schal saue.

5 To whom han ye licned me, and maad euene, and han comparisound me, and han maad lijk?

6 Whiche beren togidere gold fro the bagge, and peisen siluer with a balaunce, and hiren a goldsmyth to make a god, and thei fallen doun, and worschipen; thei berynge beren in schuldris,

7 and settynge in his place; and he schal stonde, and schal not be mouyd fro his place; but also whanne thei crien to hym, he schal not here, and he schal not saue hem fro tribulacioun.

8 Haue ye mynde of this, and be ye aschamed; ye trespassouris, go ayen to the herte.

9 Bithenke ye on the formere world, for Y am God, and no God is ouer me, nether is lijk me.

10 And Y telle fro the bigynnyng the laste thing, and fro the bigynnyng tho thingis that ben not maad yit; and Y seie, My councel schal stonde, and al my wille schal be don.

11 And Y clepe a brid fro the eest, and the man of my wille fro a ferr lond; and Y spak, and Y schal brynge that thing; Y haue maad of nouyt, and Y schal make that thing.

12 Ye of hard herte, here me, that ben fer fro riytfulnesse.

13 Y made nyy myn riytfulnesse, it schal not be drawun afer, and myn helthe shal not tarie; Y schal yyue helthe in Sion, and my glorie in Israel.

Chapter 47[edit]

1 Thou virgyn, the douytir Babiloyne, go doun, sitte thou in dust, sitte thou in erthe; a kyngis seete is not to the douyter of Caldeis, for thou schalt no more be clepid soft and tendir.

2 Take thou a queerne stoon, and grynde thou mele; make thou nakid thi filthe, diskeuere the schuldur, schewe the hippis, passe thou floodis.

3 Thi schame schal be schewid, and thi schenschipe schal be seen; Y schal take veniaunce, and no man schal ayenstonde me.

4 Oure ayen biere, the Lord of oostis is his name, the hooli of Israel.

5 Douyter of Caldeis, sitte thou, be thou stille, and entre in to derknessis, for thou schalt no more be clepid the ladi of rewmes.

6 I was wrooth on my puple, Y defoulid myn eritage, and Y yaf hem in thin hond, and thou settidist not mercies to hem; thou madist greuouse the yok greetli on an eld man,

7 and thou seidist, With outen ende Y schal be ladi; thou puttidist not these thingis on thin herte, nether thou bithouytist on thi laste thing.

8 And now, thou delicat, and dwellynge tristili, here these thingis, which seist in thin herte, Y am, and outakun me ther is no more; Y schal not sitte widewe, and Y schal not knowe bareynesse.

9 These twei thingis, bareynesse and widewhod schulen come to thee sudenli in o dai; alle thingis camen on thee for the multitude of thi witchecraftis, and for the greet hardnesse of thin enchauntours, ether tregetours.

10 And thou haddist trist in thi malice, and seidist, Noon is that seeth me; this thi wisdom and thi kunnyng disseyuede thee; and thou seidist in thin herte,

11 Y am, and outakun me ther is noon other. Yuel schal come on thee, and thou schalt not knowe the bigynning therof; and wrecchidnesse schal falle on thee, which thou schalt not mowe clense; wretchidnesse which thou knowist not, schal come on thee sudenly.

12 Stonde thou with thin enchauntours, and with the multitude of thi witchis, in whiche thou trauelidist fro thi yongthe; if in hap thei profiten ony thing to thee, ether if thou maist be maad the strongere.

13 Thou failidist in the multitude of thi councels; the false dyuynours of heuene stonde, and saue thee, whiche bihelden staris, and noumbriden monethis, that thei schulden telle bi tho thingis to comynge to thee.

14 Lo! thei ben maad as stobil, the fier hath brent hem; thei schulen not delyuere her lijf fro the power of flawme; colis ben not, bi whiche thei schulen be warmed, nether fier, that thei sitte at it.

15 So tho thingis ben maad to thee in whiche euere thou trauelidist; thi marchauntis fro thi yongthe erriden, ech man in his weie; noon is, that schal saue thee.

Chapter 48[edit]

1 The hows of Jacob, that ben clepid bi the name of Israel, and yeden out of the watris of Juda, here these thingis, whiche sweren in the name of the Lord, and han mynde on God of Israel, not in treuthe, nether in riytfulnesse.

2 For thei ben clepid of the hooli citee, and ben stablischid on the God of Israel, the Lord of oostis is his name.

3 Fro that tyme Y telde the former thingis, and tho yeden out of my mouth; and Y made tho knowun; sudenli Y wrouyte, and tho thingis camen.

4 For Y wiste that thou art hard, and thi nol is a senewe of irun, and thi forhed is of bras.

5 Y biforseide to thee fro that tyme, bifore that tho thingis camen, Y schewide to thee, lest perauenture thou woldist seie, Myn idols diden these thingis, and my grauun ymagis and my yotun

6 ymagis senten these thingis whiche thou herdist. Se thou alle thingis, but ye telden not. Y made herd newe thyngis to thee fro that tyme, and thingis ben kept whiche thou knowist not;

7 now tho ben maad of nouyt, and not fro that tyme, and bifor the dai, and thou herdist not tho thingis; lest perauenture thou seie, Lo! Y knew tho thingis.

8 Nether thou herdist, nether thou knewist, nether thin eere was openyd fro that tyme; for Y woot, that thou trespassynge schal trespasse, and Y clepide thee a trespassour fro the wombe.

9 For my name Y schal make fer my strong veniaunce, and with my preysyng Y schal refreyne thee, lest thou perische.

10 Lo! Y haue sode thee, but not as siluer; Y chees thee in the chymeney of pouert.

11 Y schal do for me, that Y be not blasfemyd, and Y schal not yyue my glorie to another.

12 Jacob and Israel, whom Y clepe, here thou me; Y my silf, Y am the firste and Y am the laste.

13 And myn hond foundide the erthe, and my riyt hond mat heuenes; Y schal clepe tho, and tho schulen stonde togidere.

14 Alle ye be gaderid togidere, and here; who of hem telde these thingis? The Lord louyde hym, he schal do his wille in Babiloyne, and his arm in Caldeis.

15 Y, Y spak, and clepide hym; Y brouyte hym, and his weie was dressid.

16 Neiye ye to me, and here ye these thingis; at the bigynnyng Y spak not in priuete; fro tyme, bifore that thingis weren maad, Y was there, and now the Lord God and his Spirit sente me.

17 The Lord, thin ayen biere, the hooli of Israel, seith these thingis, Y am thi Lord God, techynge thee profitable thingis, and Y gouerne thee in the weie, wher ynne thou goist.

18 Y wolde that thou haddist perseyued my comaundementis, thi pees hadde be maad as flood, and thi riytfulnesse as the swolowis of the see;

19 and thi seed hadde be as grauel, and the generacioun of thi wombe, as the litle stoonys therof; the name of it hadde not perischid, and hadde not be al to-brokun fro my face.

20 Go ye out of Babiloyne, fle ye fro Caldeis; telle ye in the vois of ful out ioiying; make ye this herd, and bere ye it `til to the laste partis of erthe; seie ye, The Lord ayenbouyte his seruaunt Jacob.

21 Thei thirstiden not in desert, whanne he ladde hem out; he brouyte forth to hem watir of a stoon, and he departide the stoon, and watris flowiden.

22 Pees is not to wickid men, seith the Lord.

Chapter 49[edit]

1 Ilis, here ye, and puplis afer, perseyue ye; the Lord clepide me fro the wombe, he thouyte on my name fro the wombe of my modir.

2 And he hath set my mouth as a scharp swerd, he defendide me in the schadewe of his hond, and settide me as a chosun arowe; he hidde me in his arowe caas,

3 and seide to me, Israel, thou art my seruaunt, for Y schal haue glorie in thee.

4 And Y seide, Y trauelide in veyn, Y wastide my strengthe with out cause, and veynli; therfor my doom is with the Lord, and my werk is with my God.

5 And now the Lord, formynge me a seruaunt to hym silf fro the wombe, seith these thingis, that Y brynge ayen Jacob to hym. And Israel schal not be gaderid togidere; and Y am glorified in the iyen of the Lord, and my God is maad my strengthe.

6 And he seyde, It is litil, that thou be a seruaunt to me, to reise the lynages of Jacob, and to conuerte the drastis of Israel; Y yaf thee in to the liyt of hethene men, that thou be myn helthe `til to the laste part of erthe.

7 The Lord, ayenbiere of Israel, the hooli therof, seith these thingis to a dispisable soule, and to a folk had in abhomynacioun, to the seruaunt of lordis, Kyngis schulen se, and princes schulen rise togidere, and schulen worschipe, for the Lord, for he is feithful, and for the hooli of Israel, that chees thee.

8 The Lord seith these thingis, In a plesaunt tyme Y herde thee, and in the dai of helthe Y helpide thee; and Y kepte thee, and yaf thee in to a bonde of pees of the puple, that thou schuldist reise the erthe, and haue in possessioun eritagis, `that ben distried;

9 that thou schuldist seie to hem that ben boundun, Go ye out, and to hem that ben in derknessis, Be ye schewid. Thei schulen be fed on weies, and the lesewis of hem schulen be in alle pleyn thingis.

10 Thei schulen not hungre, and thei schulen no more thirste, and heete, and the sunne schal not smyte hem; for the merciful doere of hem schal gouerne hem, and schal yyue drynk to hem at the wellis of watris.

11 And Y schal sette alle myn hillis in to weie, and my pathis schulen be enhaunsid.

12 Lo! these men schulen come fro fer, and lo! thei schulen come fro the north, and see, and these fro the south lond.

13 Heuenes, herie ye, and, thou erthe, make ful out ioie; hillis, synge ye hertli heriyng; for the Lord coumfortide his puple, and schal haue merci on hise pore men.

14 And Syon seide, The Lord hath forsake me, and the Lord hath foryete me.

15 Whether a womman may foryete hir yonge child, that sche haue not merci on the sone of hir wombe? thouy sche foryetith, netheles Y schal not foryete thee.

16 Lo! Y haue write thee in myn hondis; thi wallis ben euer bifore myn iyen.

17 The bilderis ben comun; thei that distrien thee, and scateren, schulen go awei fro thee.

18 Reise thin iyen in cumpas, and se; alle these men ben gaderid togidere, thei ben comun to thee. Y lyue, seith the Lord, for thou schalt be clothid with alle these as with an ournement, and thou as a spousesse schalt bynde hem to thee.

19 For whi thi desertis, and thi wildirnessis, and the lond of thi fallyng now schulen be streit for enhabiteris; and thei schulen be dryuun awei fer, that swolewiden thee.

20 Yit the sones of thi bareynesse schulen seie in thin eeris, The place is streit to me, make thou a space to me for to dwelle.

21 And thou schalt seie in thin herte, Who gendride these sones to me? Y am bareyn, not berynge child; Y am led ouer, and prisoner; and who nurschide these sones? Y am destitute, and aloone; and where weren these?

22 The Lord God seith these thingis, Lo! Y reise myn hond to hethene men, and Y schal enhaunce my signe to puplis; and thei schulen brynge thi sones in armes, and thei schulen bere thi douytris on shuldris.

23 And kingis shulen be thi nurseris, and quenys shulen be thi nursis; with cheer cast doun in to erthe thei schulen worschipe thee, and thei schulen licke the dust of thi feet; and thou schalt wite, that Y am the Lord, on whom thei schulen not be schent, that abiden hym.

24 Whether prey schal be takun awei fro a strong man? ether that that is takun of a stalworthe man, mai be saaf?

25 For the Lord seith these thingis, Sotheli and caitifte schal be takun awey fro the stronge man, and that that is takun awei of a stalworthe man, schal be saued. Forsothe Y schal deme hem, that demyden thee, and Y schal saue thi sones.

26 And Y schal fede thin enemyes with her fleischis, and thei schulen be greetli fillid with her blood as with must; and eche man schal wite, that Y am the Lord, sauynge thee, and thin ayenbiere, the strong of Jacob.

Chapter 50[edit]

1 The Lord seith these thingis, What is this book of forsakyng of youre modir, bi which Y lefte her? ether who is he, to whom Y owe, to whom Y seeld you? For lo! ye ben seeld for youre wickidnessis, and for youre grete trespassis Y lefte youre modir.

2 For Y cam, and no man was; Y clepide, and noon was that herde. Whether myn hond is abreggid, and maad litil, that Y mai not ayenbie? ether vertu is not in me for to delyuere? Lo! in my blamyng Y schal make the see forsakun, `ether desert, Y schal sette floodis in the drie place; fischis without watir schulen wexe rotun, and schulen dye for thirst.

3 Y schal clothe heuenes with derknessis, and Y schal sette a sak the hilyng of tho.

4 The Lord yaf to me a lerned tunge, that Y kunne susteyne hym bi word that failide; erli the fadir reisith, erli he reisith an eere to me, that Y here as a maister.

5 The Lord God openede an eere to me; forsothe Y ayenseie not, Y yede not abak.

6 I yaf my bodi to smyteris, and my chekis to pulleris; Y turnede not a wei my face fro men blamynge, and spetynge on me.

7 The Lord God is myn helpere, and therfor Y am not schent; therfor Y haue set my face as a stoon maad hard, and Y woot that Y schal not be schent.

8 He is niy, that iustifieth me; who ayenseith me? stonde we togidere. Who is myn aduersarie? neiye he to me.

9 Lo! the Lord God is myn helpere; who therfor is he that condempneth me? Lo! alle schulen be defoulid as a cloth, and a mouyte schal ete hem.

10 Who of you dredith the Lord, and herith the vois of his seruaunt? Who yede in dercnessis and liyt is not to hym, hope he in the name of the Lord, and triste he on his God.

11 Lo! alle ye kyndlynge fier, and gird with flawmes, go in the liyt of youre fier, and in the flawmes whiche ye han kyndlid to you. This is maad of myn hond to you, ye schulen slepe in sorewis.

Chapter 51[edit]

1 Here ye me, that suen that that is iust, and seken the Lord. Take ye hede to the stoon, fro whennys ye ben hewun doun, and to the caue of the lake, fro which ye ben kit doun.

2 Take ye heede to Abraham, youre fadir, and to Sare, that childide you; for Y clepide hym oon, and Y blesside hym, and Y multipliede hym.

3 Therfor the Lord schal coumforte Sion, and he schal coumforte alle the fallyngis therof; and he schal sette the desert therof as delices, and the wildirnesse therof as a gardyn of the Lord; ioie and gladnesse schal be foundun therynne, the doyng of thankyngis and the vois of heriyng.

4 Mi puple, take ye heede to me, and, my lynage, here ye me; for whi a lawe schal go out fro me, and my doom schal reste in to the liyt of puplis.

5 My iust man is nyy, my sauyour is gon out, and myn armes schulen deme puplis; ilis schulen abide me, and schulen suffre myn arm.

6 Reise youre iyen to heuene, and se ye vndur erthe bynethe; for whi heuenes schulen melte awei as smoke, and the erthe schal be al to-brokun as a cloth, and the dwelleris therof schulen perische as these thingis; but myn helthe schal be withouten ende, and my riytfulnesse schal not fayle.

7 Ye puple, that knowen the iust man, here me, my lawe is in the herte of hem; nyle ye drede the schenschipe of men, and drede ye not the blasfemyes of hem.

8 For whi a worm schal ete hem so as a cloth, and a mouyte schal deuoure hem so as wolle; but myn helthe schal be withouten ende, and my riytfulnesse in to generaciouns of generaciouns.

9 Rise thou, rise thou, arm of the Lord, be thou clothyd in strengthe; rise thou, as in elde daies, in generaciouns of worldis. Whether thou smytidist not the proude man, woundidist not the dragoun?

10 Whether thou driedist not the see, the watir of the greet depthe, which settidist the depthe of the see a weie, that men `that weren delyuered, schulden passe?

11 And now thei that ben ayenbouyt of the Lord schulen turne ayen, and schulen come heriynge in to Syon, and euerlastynge gladnesse on the heedis of hem; thei schulen holde ioie and gladnesse, sorewe and weilyng schal fle awei.

12 `Y my silf schal coumforte you; what art thou, that thou drede of a deedli man, and of the sone of man, that schal wexe drie so as hei?

13 And thou hast foryete `the Lord, thi creatour, that stretchide abrood heuenes, and foundide the erthe; and thou dreddist contynueli al dai of the face of his woodnesse, that dide tribulacioun to thee, and made redi for to leese. Where is now the woodnesse of the troblere?

14 Soone he schal come, goynge for to opene; and he schal not sle til to deth, nether his breed schal faile.

15 Forsothe Y am thi Lord God, that disturble the see, and the wawis therof wexen greet; the Lord of oostis is my name.

16 Y haue put my wordis in thi mouth, and Y defendide thee in the schadewe of myn hond; that thou plaunte heuenes, and founde the erthe, and seie to Sion, Thou art my puple.

17 Be thou reisid, be thou reisid, rise thou, Jerusalem, that hast drunke of the hond of the Lord the cuppe of his wraththe; thou hast drunke `til to the botme of the cuppe of sleep, thou hast drunke of `til to the drastis.

18 Noon is that susteyneth it, of alle the sones whiche it gendride; and noon is that takith the hond therof, of alle the sones whiche it nurshide.

19 Twei thingis ben that camen to thee; who schal be sori on thee? distriyng, and defoulyng, and hungur, and swerd. Who schal coumforte thee?

20 Thi sones ben cast forth, thei slepten in the heed of alle weies, as the beeste orix, takun bi a snare; thei ben ful of indignacioun of the Lord, of blamyng of thi God.

21 Therfor, thou pore, and drunkun, not of wyn, here these thingis.

22 Thi lordli gouernour, the Lord, and thi God, that fauyt for his puple, seith these thingis, Lo! Y haue take fro thyn hond the cuppe of sleep, the botme of the cuppe of myn indignacioun; Y schal not leie to, that thou drynke it ony more.

23 And Y schal sette it in the hond of hem that maden thee low, and seiden to thi soule, Be thou bowid that we passe; and thou hast set thi bodi as erthe, and as a weye to hem that goen forth.

Chapter 52[edit]

1 Rise thou, Sion, rise thou, be thou clothid in thi strengthe; Jerusalem, the citee of the hooli, be thou clothid in the clothis of thi glorie; for a man vncircumcidid and a man vncleene schal no more leie to, that he passe by thee.

2 Jerusalem, be thou schakun out of dust; rise thou, sitte thou; thou douyter of Sion, prisoner, vnbynde the boondis of thi necke.

3 For the Lord seith these thingis, Ye ben seeld without cause, and ye schulen be ayenbouyt with out siluer.

4 For the Lord God seith these thingis, Mi puple in the bigynnyng yede doun in to Egipt, that it schulde be there `an erthe tiliere, and Assur falsli calengide it with out ony cause.

5 And now what is to me here? seith the Lord; for my puple is takun awei with out cause; the lordis therof doen wickidli, seith the Lord, and my name is blasfemyd contynueli al dai.

6 For this thing my puple schal knowe my name in that day, for lo! Y my silf that spak, am present.

7 Ful faire ben the feet of hym that tellith, and prechith pees on hillis, of hym that tellith good, of hym that prechith helthe, and seith, Sion, thi God schal regne.

8 The vois of thi biholderis; thei reisiden the vois, thei schulen herie togidere; for thei schulen se with iye to iye, whanne the Lord hath conuertid Sion.

9 The forsakun thingis of Jerusalem, make ye ioie, and herie ye togidere; for the Lord hath coumfortid his puple, he hath ayenbouyt Jerusalem.

10 The Lord hath maad redi his hooli arm in the iyen of alle folkis, and alle the endis of the erthe schulen se the helthe of oure God.

11 Go ye awei, go ye awei, go ye out fro thennus; nyle ye touche defoulid thing, go ye out fro the myddis therof; be ye clensid, that beren the vessels of the Lord.

12 For ye schulen not go out in noyse, nether ye schulen haaste in fleynge awei; for whi the Lord schal go bifore you, and the God of Israel schal gadere you togidere.

13 Lo! my seruaunt schal vndirstonde, and he schal be enhaunsid, and he schal be reisid, and he schal be ful hiy.

14 As many men wondriden on hym, so his biholdyng schal be with out glorie among men, and the fourme of hym among the sones of men.

15 He schal bisprenge many folkis; kyngis schulen holde togidere her mouth on him; for thei schulen se, to whiche it was not teld of hym, and thei that herden not, bihelden.

Chapter 53[edit]

1 Who bileuyde to oure heryng? and to whom is the arm of the Lord schewide?

2 And he schal stie as a yerde bifore hym, and as a roote fro thirsti lond. And nether schap nether fairnesse was to hym; and we sien hym, and no biholdyng was;

3 and we desiriden hym, dispisid, and the laste of men, a man of sorewis, and knowynge sikenesse. And his cheer was as hid and dispisid; wherfor and we arettiden not hym.

4 Verili he suffride oure sikenessis, and he bar oure sorewis; and we arettiden hym as a mesel, and smytun of God, and maad low.

5 Forsothe he was woundid for oure wickidnessis, he was defoulid for oure greet trespassis; the lernyng of oure pees was on hym, and we ben maad hool bi his wannesse.

6 Alle we erriden as scheep, ech man bowide in to his owne weie, and the Lord puttide in hym the wickidnesse of vs alle.

7 He was offrid, for he wolde, and he openyde not his mouth; as a scheep he schal be led to sleyng, and he schal be doumb as a lomb bifore hym that clippith it, and he schal not opene his mouth.

8 He is takun awey fro angwisch and fro doom; who schal telle out the generacioun of hym? For he was kit doun fro the lond of lyueris. Y smoot hym for the greet trespas of my puple.

9 And he schal yyue vnfeithful men for biriyng, and riche men for his deth; for he dide not wickidnesse, nether gile was in his mouth;

10 and the Lord wolde defoule hym in sikenesse. If he puttith his lijf for synne, he schal se seed long durynge, and the wille of the Lord schal be dressid in his hond.

11 For that that his soule trauelide, he schal se, and schal be fillid. Thilke my iust seruaunt schal iustifie many men in his kunnyng, and he schal bere the wickidnessis of hem.

12 Therfor Y schal yelde, ethir dele, to hym ful many men, and he schal departe the spuilis of the stronge feendis; for that that he yaf his lijf in to deth, and was arettid with felenouse men; and he dide a wei the synne of many men, and he preiede for trespassouris.

Chapter 54[edit]

1 Thou bareyn, that childist not, herie; thou that childist not, synge heriyng, and make ioie; for whi many sones ben of the forsakun `womman more than of hir that hadde hosebonde, seith the Lord.

2 Alarge thou the place of thi tente, and stretche forth the skynnes of thi tabernaclis; spare thou not, make longe thi roopis, and make sad thi nailis.

3 For thou schalt perse to the riytside and to the leftside; and thi seed schal enherite hethene men, and schal dwelle in forsakun citees.

4 Nile thou drede, for thou schal not be schent, nether thou schalt be aschamed. For it schal not schame thee; for thou schalt foryete the schenschipe of thi yongthe, and thou schalt no more thenke on the schenschipe of thi widewehod.

5 For he that made thee, schal be lord of thee; the Lord of oostis is his name; and thin ayenbiere, the hooli of Israel, schal be clepid God of al erthe.

6 For the Lord hath clepid thee as a womman forsakun and morenynge in spirit, and a wijf, `that is cast awei fro yongthe.

7 Thi Lord God seide, At a poynt in litil tyme Y forsook thee, and Y schal gadere thee togidere in greete merciful doyngis.

8 In a moment of indignacioun Y hidde my face a litil fro thee, and in merci euerlastynge Y hadde merci on thee, seide thin ayenbiere, the Lord.

9 As in the daies of Noe, this thing is to me, to whom Y swoor, that Y schulde no more bringe watris of the greet flood on the erthe; so Y swoor, that Y be no more wrooth to thee, and that Y blame not thee.

10 Forsothe hillis schulen be mouyd togidere, and litle hillis schulen tremble togidere; but my merci schal not go a wei fro thee, and the boond of my pees schal not be mouyd, seide the merciful doere, the Lord.

11 Thou litle and pore, drawun out bi tempest, with outen ony coumfort, lo! Y schal strewe thi stoonys bi ordre, and Y schal founde thee in safiris;

12 and Y schal sette iaspis thi touris, and thi yatis in to grauun stoonys, and alle thin eendis in to desirable stoonys.

13 `Y schal make alle thi sones tauyt of the Lord; and the multitude of pees to thi sones,

14 and thou schalt be foundid in riytfulnesse. Go thou awei fer fro fals caleng, for thou schalt not drede; and fro drede, for it schal not neiye to thee.

15 Lo! a straunger schal come, that was not with me; he, that was sum tyme thi comelyng, schal be ioyned to thee.

16 Lo! Y made a smyth blowynge coolis in fier, and bringynge forth a vessel in to his werk; and Y haue maad a sleere, for to leese.

17 Ech vessel which is maad ayens thee, schal not be dressid; and in the doom thou schalt deme ech tunge ayenstondynge thee. This is the eritage of the seruauntis of the Lord, and the riytfulnesse of hem at me, seith the Lord.

Chapter 55[edit]

1 Alle that thirsten, come ye to watris, and ye han not siluer, haaste, bie ye, and ete ye; come ye, bie ye, with out siluer and with outen ony chaungyng, wyn and mylk.

2 Whi peisen ye siluer, and not in looues, and youre trauel, not in fulnesse? Ye herynge here me, and ete ye good, and youre soule schal delite in fatnesse.

3 Bowe ye youre eere, and `come ye to me; here ye, and youre soule schal lyue; and Y schal smyte with you a couenaunt euerlastynge, the feithful mercies of Dauid.

4 Lo! Y yaf hym a witnesse to puplis, a duyk and a comaundour to folkis.

5 Lo! thou schalt clepe folkis, whiche thou knewist not; and folkis, that knewen not thee, schulen renne to thee; for thi Lord God, and the hooli of Israel, for he glorifiede thee.

6 Seke ye the Lord, while he mai be foundun; clepe ye hym to help, while he is niy.

7 An vnfeithful man forsake his weie, and a wickid man forsake hise thouytis; and turne he ayen to the Lord, and he schal haue merci on hym, and to oure God, for he is myche to foryyue.

8 For why my thouytis ben not youre thouytis, and my weies ben not youre weies, seith the Lord.

9 For as heuenys ben reisid fro erthe, so my weies ben reisid fro youre weies, and my thouytis fro youre thouytis.

10 And as reyn and snow cometh doun fro heuene, and turneth no more ayen thidur, but it fillith the erthe, and bischedith it, and makith it to buriowne, and yyueth seed to hym that sowith, and breed to hym that etith,

11 so schal be my word, that schal go out of my mouth. It schal not turne ayen voide to me, but it schal do what euer thingis Y wolde, and it schal haue prosperite in these thingis to whiche Y sente it.

12 For ye schulen go out in gladnesse, and ye schulen be led forth in pees; mounteyns and litil hillis schulen synge heriynge bifore you, and alle the trees of the cuntrei schulen make ioie with hond.

13 A fir tre schal grow for a firse, and a mirte tre schal wexe for a nettil; and the Lord schal be nemyd in to a signe euerlastynge, that schal not be doon awei.

Chapter 56[edit]

1 The Lord seith these thingis, Kepe ye doom, and do ye riytfulnesse, for whi myn helthe is niy, that it come, and my riytfulnesse, that it be schewid.

2 Blessid is the man, that doith this, and the sone of man, that schal take this; kepynge the sabat, that he defoule not it, kepynge hise hondis, that he do not ony yuel.

3 And seie not the sone of a comelyng, that cleueth faste to the Lord, seiynge, Bi departyng the Lord schal departe me fro his puple; and a geldyng, ether a chast man, seie not, Lo! Y am a drie tree.

4 For the Lord seith these thingis to geldingis, that kepen my sabatis, and chesen what thingis Y wolde, and holden my boond of pees.

5 Y schal yyue to hem a place in myn hous, and in my wallis, and the beste name of sones and douytris; Y schal yyue to hem a name euerlastynge, that schal not perische.

6 And Y schal brynge in to blis the sones of a comelyng, that cleuen faste to the Lord, that thei worschipe hym, and loue his name, that thei be to hym in to seruauntis; ech man kepynge the sabat, that he defoule it not, and holdynge my boond of pees;

7 Y schal brynge hem in to myn hooli hil, and Y schal make hem glad in the hous of my preier; her brent sacrifices and her slayn sacrifices schulen plese me on my auter; for whi myn hous schal be clepid an hous of preier to alle puplis,

8 seith the Lord God, that gaderith togidere the scaterid men of Israel. Yit Y schal gadere togidere to hym alle the gaderid men therof.

9 Alle beestis of the feeld, come ye to deuoure, alle beestis of the forest.

10 Alle the biholderis therof ben blinde, alle thei knewen not; doumbe doggis, that moun not berke, seynge veyn thingis, slepynge, and louynge dremes;

11 and moost vnschamefast doggis knewen not fulnesse. Tho scheepherdis knewen not vndurstondyng; alle thei bowyden in to her weie, ech man to his aueryce, fro the hiyeste `til to the laste.

12 Come ye, take we wyn, and be we fillid of drunkenesse; and it schal be as to dai, so and to morewe, and myche more.

Chapter 57[edit]

1 A iust man perischith, and noon is, that thenkith in his herte; and men of merci ben gaderid togidere, for noon is that vndurstondith; for whi a iust man is gaderid fro the face of malice.

2 Pees come, reste he in his bed, that yede in his dressyng.

3 But ye, sones of the sekere of fals dyuynyng bi chiteryng of briddys, neiye hidur, the seed of auowtresse, and of an hoore.

4 On whom scorneden ye? on whom maden ye greet the mouth, and puttiden out the tunge? Whethir ye ben not cursid sones, a seed of leesyngis?

5 which ben coumfortid in goddis, vndur ech tree ful of bowis, and offren litle children in strondis, vndur hiye stoonys.

6 Thi part is in the partis of the stronde, this is thi part; and to tho thou scheddist out moist offryng, thou offridist sacrifice. Whether Y schal not haue indignacioun on these thingis?

7 Thou puttidist thi bed on an hiy hil and enhaunsid, and thidur thou stiedist to offre sacrifices;

8 and thou settidist thi memorial bihynde the dore, and bihynde the post. For bisidis me thou vnhilidist, and tokist auouter; thou alargidist thi bed, and madist a boond of pees with hem; thou louedist the bed of hem with openyd hond,

9 and ournedist thee with kyngis oynement, and thou multipliedist thi pymentis; thou sentist fer thi messangeris, and thou art maad low `til to hellis.

10 Thou trauelidist in the multitude of thi weie, and seidist not, Y schal reste; thou hast founde the weie of thin hond,

11 therfor thou preiedist not. For what thing dreddist thou bisy, for thou liedist, and thouytist not on me? And thou thouytist not in thin herte, that Y am stille, and as not seynge; and thou hast foryete me.

12 Y schal telle thi riytfulnesse, and thi werkis schulen not profite to thee.

13 Whanne thou schalt crie, thi gaderid tresours delyuere thee; and the wynd schal take awei alle tho, a blast schal do awei hem; but he that hath trist on me, schal enherite the lond, and schal haue in possessioun myn hooli hil.

14 And Y schal seie, Make ye weie, yyue ye iurney, bowe ye fro the path, do ye awei hirtyngis fro the weie of my puple.

15 For the Lord hiy, and enhaunsid, seith these thingis, that dwellith in euerlastyngnesse, and his hooli name in hiy place, and that dwellith in hooli, and with a contrite and meke spirit, that he quykene the spirit of meke men, and quykene the herte of contrit men.

16 For Y schal not stryue with outen ende, nether Y schal be wrooth `til to the ende; for whi a spirit schal go out fro my face, and Y schal make blastis.

17 Y was wrooth for the wickidnesse of his aueryce, and Y smoot hym. Y hidde my face fro thee, and Y hadde indignacioun; and he yede with out stidfast dwellyng, in the weie of his herte.

18 Y siy hise weies, and Y helide hym, and Y brouyte hym ayen; and Y yaf coumfortyngis to hym, and to the moreneris of hym.

19 Y made the fruyt of lippis pees, pees to hym that is fer, and to hym that is niy, seide the Lord; and Y heelide hym.

20 But wickid men ben as the buyling see, that may not reste; and the wawis therof fleten ayen in to defoulyng, and fen.

21 The Lord God seide, Pees is not to wickid men.

Chapter 58[edit]

1 Crye thou, ceesse thou not; as a trumpe enhaunse thi vois, and schewe thou to my puple her grete trespassis, and to the hous of Jacob her synnes.

2 For thei seken me fro dai in to dai, and thei wolen knowe my weies; as a folk, that hath do riytfulnesse, and that hath not forsake the doom of her God; thei preien me domes of riytfulnesse, and wolen neiy to God.

3 Whi fastiden we, and thou biheldist not; we mekiden oure soulis, and thou knewist not? Lo! youre wille is foundun in the dai of youre fastyng, and ye axen alle youre dettouris.

4 Lo! ye fasten to chidyngis and stryuyngis, and smyten with the fist wickidli. Nyl ye fast, as `til to this dai, that youre cry be herd an hiy.

5 Whether sich is the fastyng which Y chees, a man to turmente his soule bi dai? whether to bynde his heed as a sercle, and to make redi a sak and aische? Whethir thou schalt clepe this a fastyng, and a dai acceptable to the Lord?

6 Whether not this is more the fastyng, which Y chees? Vnbynde thou the byndingis togidere of vnpitee, releesse thou birthuns pressynge doun; delyuere thou hem free, that ben brokun, and breke thou ech birthun.

7 Breke thi breed to an hungri man, and brynge in to thin hous nedi men and herborles; whanne thou seest a nakid man, hile thou hym, and dispise not thi fleisch.

8 Thanne thi liyt schal breke out as the morewtid, and thin helthe schal rise ful soone; and thi riytfulnesse schal go bifore thi face, and the glorie of the Lord schal gadere thee.

9 Thanne thou schalt clepe to help, and the Lord schal here; thou schalt crie, and he schal seie, Lo! Y am present, for Y am merciful, thi Lord God. If thou takist awei a chayne fro the myddis of thee, and ceessist to holde forth the fyngur, and to speke that profitith not;

10 whanne thou schedist out thi soule to an hungri man, and fillist a soule, `that is turmentid, thi liyt schal rise in derknessis, and thi derknessis schulen be as myddai.

11 And the Lord thi God schal yyue euere reste to thee, and schal fille thi soule with schynyngis, and schal delyuere thi boonys; and thou schalt be as a watri gardyn, and as a welle of watris, whose waters schulen not faile.

12 And the forsakun thingis of worldis schulen be bildid in thee, and thou schalt reise the foundementis of generacioun and generacioun; and thou schalt be clepid a bildere of heggis, turnynge awei the pathis of wickidnessis.

13 If thou turnest awei thi foot fro the sabat, to do thi wille in myn hooli dai, and clepist the sabat delicat, and hooli, the gloriouse of the Lord, and glorifiest him, while thou doist not thi weies, and thi wille is not foundun, that thou speke a word;

14 thanne thou schalt delite on the Lord, and Y schal reise thee on the hiynesse of erthe, and Y schal fede thee with the eritage of Jacob, thi fadir; for whi the mouth of the Lord spak.

Chapter 59[edit]

1 Lo! the hoond of the Lord is not abreggid, that he mai not saue, nether his eere is maad hard, that he here not;

2 but youre wickidnessis han departid bitwixe you and youre God, and youre synnes han hid his face fro you, that he schulde not here.

3 For whi youre hondis ben defoulid with blood, and youre fyngris with wickidnesse; youre lippis spaken leesyng, and youre tunge spekith wickidnesse.

4 Noon is, that clepith riytfulnesse to help, and noon is, that demeth verili; but thei tristen in nouyt, and speken vanytees; thei conseyueden trauel, and childiden wickidnesse.

5 Thei han broke eiren of snakis, and maden webbis of an yreyn; he that etith of the eiren of hem, schal die, and that that is nurschid, ether brouyt forth, schal breke out in to a cocatrice.

6 The webbis of hem schulen not be in to cloth, nethir thei schulen be hilid with her werkis; the werkis of hem ben vnprofitable werkis, and the werk of wickidnesse is in the hondis of hem.

7 The feet of hem rennen to yuel, and haasten to schede out innocent blood; the thouytis of hem ben vnprofitable thouytis; distriyng and defouling ben in the weies of hem.

8 Thei knewen not the weie of pees, and doom is not in the goyngis of hem; the pathis of hem ben bowid to hem; ech that tredith in tho, knowith not pees.

9 Therfor doom is made fer fro vs, and riytfulnesse schal not take vs; we abididen liyt, and lo! derknessis ben; we abididen schynyng, and we yeden in derknessis.

10 We gropiden as blynde men the wal, and we as with outen iyen touchiden; we stumbliden in myddai, as in derknessis, in derk places, as deed men.

11 Alle we schulen rore as beeris, and we schulen weile thenkynge as culueris; we abididen doom, and noon is; we abididen helthe, and it is maad fer fro vs.

12 For whi oure wickidnessis ben multiplied bifore thee, and oure synnes answeriden to vs; for our grete trespassis ben with vs, and we knewen oure wickidnessis,

13 to do synne, and to lie ayens the Lord. And we ben turned awei, that we yeden not aftir the bak of oure God, that we speken fals caleng, and trespassyng. We conseyueden, and spaken of herte wordis of leesyng; and doom was turned abak,

14 and riytfulnesse stood fer; for whi treuthe felle doun in the street, and equite miyt not entre.

15 And treuthe was maad in to foryetyng, and he that yede awei fro yuel, was opyn to robbyng. And the Lord siy, and it apperide yuel in hise iyen, for ther is no doom.

16 And God siy, that a man is not, and he was angwischid, for noon is that renneth to. And his arm schal saue to hym silf, and his riytfulnesse it silf schal conferme hym.

17 He is clothid with riytfulnesse as with an harburioun, and the helm of helthe is in his heed; he is clothid with clothis of veniaunce, and he is hilid as with a mentil of feruent worchyng.

18 As to veniaunce, as to yeldyng of indignacioun to hise enemyes, and to quityng of tyme to hise aduersaries, he schal yelde while to ylis.

19 And thei that ben at the west, schulen drede the name of the Lord, and thei that ben at the risyng of the sunne, schulen drede the glorie of hym; whanne he schal come as a violent flood, whom the spirit of the Lord compellith.

20 Whan ayen biere schal come to Syon, and to hem that goen ayen fro wickidnesse in Jacob, seith the Lord.

21 This is my boond of pees with hem, seith the Lord; My spirit which is in thee, and my wordis whiche Y haue set in thi mouth, schulen not go awei fro thi mouth, and fro the mouth of thi seed, seith the Lord, fro hennus forth and til into with outen ende.

Chapter 60[edit]

1 Rise thou, Jerusalem, be thou liytned, for thi liyt is comun, and the glorie of the Lord is risun on thee.

2 For lo! derknessis schulen hile the erthe, and myist schal hile puplis; but the Lord schal rise on thee, and his glorie schal be seyn in thee.

3 And hethene men schulen go in thi liyt, and kyngis `schulen go in the schynyng of thi risyng.

4 Reise thin iyen in cumpas, and se; alle these men ben gaderid togidere, thei ben comun to thee; thi sones schulen come fro fer, and thi douytris schulen rise fro the side.

5 Thanne thou schalt se, and schalt flowe; and thin herte schal wondre, and schal be alargid, whanne the multitude of the see is conuertid to thee, the strengthe of hethene men is comun to thee;

6 the flowyng of camels schal hile thee, the lederis of dromedis of Madian and of Effa; alle men of Saba schulen come, bryngynge gold and encense, and tellynge heriyng to the Lord.

7 Ech scheep of Cedar schal be gaderid to thee, the rammes of Nabaioth schulen mynystre to thee; thei schulen be offrid on myn acceptable auter, and Y schal glorifie the hous of my maieste.

8 Who ben these, that fleen as cloudis, and as culueris at her wyndowis?

9 Forsothe ilis abiden me, and the schippis of the see in the bigynnyng; that Y brynge thi sones fro fer, the siluer of hem, and the gold of hem is with hem, to the name of thi Lord God, and to the hooli of Israel; for he schal glorifie thee.

10 And the sones of pilgrymes schulen bilde thi wallis, and the kyngis of hem schulen mynystre to thee. For Y smoot thee in myn indignacioun, and in my recounselyng Y hadde merci on thee.

11 And thi yatis schulen be openyd contynueli, day and niyt tho schulen not be closid; that the strengthe of hethene men be brouyt to thee, and the kyngis of hem be brouyt.

12 For whi the folk and rewme that serueth not thee, schal perische, and hethene men schulen be distried bi wildirnesse.

13 The glorie of the Liban schal come to thee, a fir tre, and box tre, and pyne appil tre togidere, to ourne the place of myn halewyng; and Y schal glorifie the place of my feet.

14 And the sones of hem that maden thee lowe, schulen come lowe to thee, and alle that bacbitiden thee, schulen worschipe the steppis of thi feet; and schulen clepe thee A citee of the Lord of Sion, of the hooli of Israel.

15 For that that thou were forsakun, and hatid, and noon was that passide bi thee, Y schal sette thee in to pryde of worldis, ioie in generacioun and in to generacioun.

16 And thou schalt souke the mylke of folkis, and thou schalt be soclid with the tete of kyngis; and thou schalt wite that Y am the Lord, sauynge thee, and thin ayen biere, the stronge of Jacob.

17 For bras Y schal brynge gold, and for irun Y schal brynge siluer; and bras for trees, and yrun for stoonys; and Y schal sette thi visitacioun pees, and thi prelatis riytfulnesse.

18 Wickidnesse schal no more be herd in thi lond, nether distriyng and defoulyng in thi coostis; and helthe schal ocupie thi wallis, and heriyng schal ocupie thi yatis.

19 The sunne schal no more be to thee for to schyne bi dai, nether the briytnesse of the moone schal liytne thee; but the Lord schal be in to euerlastynge liyt to thee, and thi God schal be in to thi glorie.

20 Thi sunne schal no more go doun, and thi moone schal not be decreessid; for the Lord schal be in to euerlastynge liyt to thee, and the daies of thi mourenyng schulen be fillid.

21 Forsothe thi puple alle iust men, withouten ende schulen enherite the lond, the seed of my plauntyng, the werk of myn hond for to be glorified.

22 The leeste schal be in to a thousynde, and a litil man schal be in to a ful stronge folk. Y, the Lord, schal make this thing sudenli, in the tyme therof.

Chapter 61[edit]

1 The spirit of the Lord is on me, for the Lord anoyntide me; he sente me to telle to mylde men, that Y schulde heele men contrite in herte, and preche foryyuenesse to caitifs, and openyng to prisoneris; and preche a plesaunt yeer to the Lord,

2 and a dai of veniaunce to oure God; that Y schulde coumforte alle that mourenen;

3 that Y schulde sette coumfort to the moureneris of Sion, and that Y schulde yyue to them a coroun for aische, oile of ioie for mourenyng, a mentil of preysyng for the spirit of weilyng. And stronge men of riytfulnesse schulen be clepid ther ynne, the plauntyng of the Lord for to glorifie.

4 And thei schulen bilde thingis `that ben forsakun fro the world, and thei schulen reise elde fallyngis, and thei schulen restore citees `that ben forsakun and distried, in generacioun and in to generacioun.

5 And aliens schulen stonde, and fede youre beestis; and the sones of pilgrymes schulen be youre erthe tilieris and vyn tilieris.

6 But ye schulen be clepid the preestis of the Lord; it schal be seid to you, Ye ben mynystris of oure God. Ye schulen ete the strengthe of hethene men, and ye schulen be onourid in the glorie of hem.

7 For youre double schenschip and schame thei schulen preise the part of hem; for this thing thei schulen haue pesibli double thingis in her lond, and euerlastynge gladnesse schal be to hem.

8 For Y am the Lord, louynge doom, and hatynge raueyn in brent sacrifice. And Y schal yyue the werk of hem in treuthe, and Y schal smyte to hem an euerlastynge boond of pees.

9 And the seed of hem schal be knowun among folkis, and the buriownyng of hem in the myddis of puplis. Alle men that seen hem, schulen knowe hem, for these ben the seed, whom the Lord blesside.

10 I ioiynge schal haue ioie in the Lord, and my soule schal make ful out ioiyng in my God. For he hath clothid me with clothis of helthe, and he hath compassid me with clothis of riytfulnesse, as a spouse made feir with a coroun, and as a spousesse ourned with her brochis.

11 For as the erthe bryngith forth his fruyt, and as a gardyn buriowneth his seed, so the Lord God schal make to growe riytfulnesse, and preysyng bifore alle folkis.

Chapter 62[edit]

1 For Sion Y schal not be stille, and for Jerusalem Y schal not reste, til the iust man therof go out as schynyng, and the sauyour therof be teendid as a laumpe.

2 And hethene men schulen se thi iust man, and alle kyngis schulen se thi noble man; and a newe name, which the mouth of the Lord nemyde, schal be clepid to thee.

3 And thou schalt be a coroun of glorie in the hond of the Lord, and a diademe of the rewme in the hond of thi God.

4 Thou schalt no more be clepid forsakun, and thi lond schal no more be clepid desolat; but thou schalt be clepid My wille in that, and thi lond schal be enhabitid; for it plesid the Lord in thee, and thi lond schal be enhabited.

5 For a yong man schal dwelle with a virgyn, and thi sones schulen dwelle in thee; and the spouse schal haue ioie on the spousesse, and thi God schal haue ioie on thee.

6 Jerusalem, Y haue ordeyned keperis on thi wallis, al dai and al niyt with outen ende thei schulen not be stille. Ye that thenken on the Lord, be not stille,

7 and yyue ye not silence to him, til he stablische, and til he sette Jerusalem `preisyng in erthe.

8 The Lord swoor in his riyt hond and in the arm of his strengthe, Y schal no more yyue thi wheete mete to thin enemyes, and alien sones schulen not drynke thi wyn, in which thou hast trauelid.

9 For thei that schulen gadere it togidere, schulen ete it, and schulen herie the Lord; and thei that beren it togidere, schulen drynke in myn hooli hallis.

10 Passe ye, passe ye bi the yatis; make ye redi weie to the puple, make ye a playn path; and chese ye stoonys, and reise ye a signe to puplis.

11 Lo! the Lord made herd in the laste partis of the erthe. Seie ye to the douytir of Sion, Lo! thi sauyour cometh; lo! his meede is with hym, and his werk is bifore hym.

12 And thei schulen clepe hem the hooli puple, ayenbouyt of the Lord. Forsothe thou schalt be clepid a citee souyt, and not forsakun.

Chapter 63[edit]

1 Who is this that cometh fro Edom, in died clothis fro Bosra? this fair man in his `long cloth, goynge in the multitude of his vertu? Y that speke riytfulnesse, and am a forfiytere for to saue.

2 Whi therfor is thi clothing reed? and thi clothis ben as of men stampynge in a pressour?

3 Y aloone stampide the presse, and of folkis no man is with me; Y stampide hem in my stronge veniaunce, and Y defoulide hem in my wraththe; and her blood is spreynt on my clothis, and Y made foul alle my clothis.

4 For whi a dai of veniaunce is in myn herte, and the yeer of my yeldyng cometh.

5 I lokide aboute, and noon helpere was; Y souyte, and noon was that helpide; and myn arm sauyde to me, and myn indignacioun, that helpide me.

6 And Y defoulide puplis in my stronge veniaunce; and Y made hem drunkun in myn indignacioun, and Y drow doun her vertu in to erthe.

7 I schal haue mynde on the merciful doyngis of the Lord, Y schal preche the heriyng of the Lord on alle thingis whiche the Lord yeldide to vs, and on the multitude `of goodis of the hous of Israel, whiche he yaf to hem bi his foryyuenesse, and bi the multitude of hise mercies.

8 And the Lord seide, Netheles it is my puple, sones not denyynge, and he was maad a sauyour to hem in al the tribulacioun of hem.

9 It was not set in tribulacioun, and the aungel of his face sauyde hem. In his loue and in his foryyuenesse he ayenbouyte hem, and he bar hem, and reiside hem in alle daies of the world.

10 Forsothe thei excitiden hym to wrathfulnesse, and turmentiden the spirit of his hooli; and he was turned in to an enemye to hem, and he ouercam hem in batel.

11 And he hadde mynde on the daies of the world, of Moises, and of his puple. Where is he, that ledde hem out of the see, with the scheepherdis of his floc? Where is he, that settide the spirit of his holi in the myddil therof;

12 whiche ledde out Moises to the riyt half in the arm of his maieste? which departide watris bifore hem, that he schulde make to hym silf a name euerlastynge;

13 whiche ledde hem out thoruy depthis of watris, as an hors not stumblynge in desert,

14 as a beeste goynge doun in the feeld? The Spirit of the Lord was the ledere therof; so thou leddist thi puple, that thou madist to thee a name of glorie.

15 Biholde thou fro heuene, and se fro thin hooli dwellyng place, and fro the seete of thi glorie. Where is thi feruent loue, and thi strengthe, the multitude of thin entrailis, and of thi merciful doyngis?

16 Tho withelden hem silf on me. Forsothe thou art oure fadir, and Abraham knew not vs, and Israel knew not vs.

17 Thou, Lord, art oure fadir, and oure ayenbiere; thi name is fro the world. Lord, whi hast thou maad vs to erre fro thi weies? thou hast made hard oure herte, that we dredden not thee? be thou conuertid, for thi seruauntis, the lynages of thin eritage.

18 Thei hadden as nouyt thin hooli puple in possessioun, and oure enemyes defouliden thin halewyng.

19 We ben maad as in the bigynnyng, whanne thou were not Lord of vs, nethir thi name was clepid to help on vs.

Chapter 64[edit]

1 I wolde that thou brakist heuenes, and camest doun, that hillis fletiden awei fro thi face,

2 and failiden as brennyng of fier, and brente in fier; that thi name were made knowun to thin enemyes, and folkis weren disturblid of thi face.

3 Whanne thou schalt do merueils, we schulen not abide. Thou camest doun, and hillis fletiden awei fro thi face.

4 Fro the world thei herden not, nethir perseyueden with eeris; God, non iye siy, withouten thee, what thingis thou hast maad redi to hem that abiden thee.

5 Thou mettist hym that is glad, and doith riytfulnesse; in thi weies thei schulen bithenke on thee. Lo! thou art wrooth, and we synneden; in tho synnes we weren euere, and we schulen be saued.

6 And alle we ben maad as an vncleene man; alle oure riytfulnessis ben as the cloth of a womman in vncleene blood; and alle we fellen doun as a leef, and our wickidnessis as wynd han take awei vs.

7 Noon is, that clepith thi name to help, that risith, and holdith thee; thou hast hid thi face fro vs, and thou hast hurtlid doun vs in the hond of oure wickidnesse.

8 And now, Lord, thou art oure fadir; forsothe we ben cley, and thou art oure maker, and alle we ben the werkis of thin hondis.

9 Lord, be thou not wrooth ynow, and haue thou no more mynde on oure wickidnesse. Lo! Lord, biholde thou, alle we ben thi puple.

10 The citee of thi seyntuarie is forsakun, Sion is maad deseert, Jerusalem is desolat;

11 the hous of oure halewyng and of oure glorie, where oure fadris herieden thee, is maad in to brennyng of fier; and alle oure desirable thingis ben turned in to fallyngis.

12 Lord, whether on these thingis thou schalt witholde thee? schalt thou be stille, and schalt thou turmente vs greetli?

Chapter 65[edit]

1 Thei souyten me, that axiden not bifore; thei that souyten not me, founden me. Y seide, Lo! Y, lo! Y, to hethene men that knewen not me, and that clepiden not mi name to help.

2 I stretchide forth myn hondis al dai to a puple vnbileueful, that goith in a weie not good, aftir her thouytis.

3 It is a puple that stirith me to wrathfulnesse, euere bifore my face; whiche offren in gardyns, and maken sacrifice on tiel stoonys;

4 whiche dwellen in sepulcris, and slepen in the templis of idols; whiche eten swynes fleisch, and vnhooli iwisch is in the vessels of hem;

5 whiche seien to an hethene man, Go thou awei fro me, neiy thou not to me, for thou art vncleene; these schulen be smoke in my stronge veniaunce, fier brennynge al dai.

6 Lo! it is writun bifore me; Y schal not be stille, but Y schal yelde, and Y schal quyte in to the bosum of hem youre wickidnessis,

7 and the wickidnessis of youre fadris togidere, seith the Lord, whiche maden sacrifice on mounteyns, and diden schenschipe to me on litle hillis; and Y schal mete ayen the firste werk of hem in her bosum.

8 The Lord seith thes thingis, As if a grape be foundun in a clustre, and it be seid, Distrie thou not it, for it is blessyng; so Y schal do for my seruantis, that Y leese not al.

9 And Y schal lede out of Jacob seed, and of Juda a man hauynge in possessioun myn hooli hillis; and my chosun men schulen enherite it, and my seruauntis schulen dwelle there.

10 And the feeldi places schulen be into floodis of flockis, and the valei of Achar in to a restyng place of droues of neet, to my puple that souyten me.

11 And Y schal noumbre you in swerd, that forsoken the Lord, that foryaten myn hooli hil, whiche setten a boord to fortune, and maken sacrifice theronne,

12 and alle ye schulen falle bi sleyng; for that that Y clepide, and ye answeriden not; Y spak, and ye herden not; and ye diden yuel bifor myn iyen, and ye chesiden tho thingis whiche Y nolde.

13 For these thingis, the Lord God seith these thingis, Lo! my seruauntis schulen ete, and ye schulen haue hungur; lo! my seruauntis schulen drynke, and ye schulen be thirsti;

14 lo! my seruauntis schulen be glad, and ye schulen be aschamed; lo! my seruauntis schulen herie, for the ful ioie of herte, and ye schulen crie, for the sorewe of herte, and ye schulen yelle, for desolacioun of spirit.

15 And ye schulen leeue youre name in to an ooth to my chosun men; and the Lord God schal sle thee, and he schal clepe hise seruauntis bi another name.

16 In which he that is blessid on erthe, schal be blessid in God amen; and he that swerith in erthe, shal swere in God feithfuli; for the formere angwischis ben youun to foryetyng, and for tho ben hid fro youre iyen.

17 For lo! Y make newe heuenes and a newe erthe, and the formere thingis schulen not be in mynde, and schulen not stie on the herte.

18 But ye schulen haue ioie, and make ful out ioiyng til in to with outen ende, in these thingis whiche Y make; for lo! Y make Jerusalem ful out ioiynge, and the puple therof ioie.

19 And Y schal make ful out ioiyng in Jerusalem, and Y schal haue ioie in my puple; and the vois of weping and the vois of cry schal no more be herd ther ynne.

20 A yong child of daies schal no more be there, and an eld man that fillith not hise daies; for whi a child of an hundrid yeer schal die, and a synnere of an hundrid yeer schal be cursid.

21 And thei schulen bilde housis, and schulen enhabite hem, and thei schulen plaunte vynes, and schulen ete the fruytis of tho.

22 Thei schulen not bilde housis, and an othir schal enhabite hem, thei schulen not plaunte, and an othir schal ete; for whi the daies of my puple schulen be after the daies of the tree, and the werkis of

23 her hondis schulen be elde to my chosun men. Thei schulen not trauele in veyn, nether thei schulen gendre in disturblyng; for it is the seed of hem that ben blessid of the Lord, and the cosyns of hem ben with hem.

24 And it schal be, bifor that thei crien, Y schal here; yit while thei speken, Y schal here.

25 A wolf and a lomb schulen be fed togidere, and a lioun and an oxe schulen ete stree, and to a serpent dust schal be his breed; thei schulen not anoie, nether schulen sle, in al myn hooli hil, seith the Lord.

Chapter 66[edit]

1 The Lord seith these thingis, Heuene is my seete, and the erthe is the stool of my feet. Which is this hous, which ye schulen bilde to me, and which is this place of my reste?

2 Myn hond made alle these thingis, and alle these thingis ben maad, seith the Lord; but to whom schal Y biholde, no but to a pore man and contrit in spirit, and greetli dredynge my wordis?

3 He that offrith an oxe, is as he that sleeth a man; he that sleeth a scheep, is as he that brayneth a dogge; he that offrith an offryng, is as he that offrith swynes blood; he that thenketh on encense, is as he that blessith an idol; thei chesiden alle thes thingis in her weies, and her soule delitide in her abhomynaciouns.

4 Wherfor and Y schal chese the scornyngis of hem, and Y schal brynge to hem tho thingis whiche thei dredden; for Y clepide, and noon was that answeride; Y spak, and thei herden not; and thei diden yuel bifor myn iyen, and chesiden tho thingis whiche Y nolde.

5 Here ye the word of the Lord, whiche quaken at his word; youre britheren hatynge you, and castynge a wey for my name, seiden, The Lord be glorified, and we schulen se in youre gladnesse; forsothe thei schulen be schent.

6 The vois of the puple fro the citee, the vois fro the temple, the vois of the Lord yeldynge a reward to hise enemyes.

7 Bifor that sche trauelide of child, sche childide; bifor that the sorewe of hir child beryng cam, sche childide a sone.

8 Who herde euere suche a thing, and who siy a thing lijk this? Whether the erthe schal trauele of child in o dai, ether whether a folk schal be childide togidere? For whi Sion trauelede of child, and childide hir sones.

9 Whether that Y `my silf that make othere to bere child, schal not ber child? seith the Lord. Whether Y that yyue generacioun to othere men, schal be bareyn? seith thi Lord God.

10 Be ye glad with Jerusalem, and alle ye that louen that, make ful out ioye ther ynne; alle ye that mourenen on that Jerusalem, make ye ioye with it in ioie;

11 that bothe ye souke, and be fillid of the tetis and coumfort therof, that ye mylke, and flowe in delicis, of al maner glorie therof.

12 For whi the Lord seith these thingis, Lo! Y schal bowe doun on it, as a flood of pees, and as a flowynge streem the glorie of hethene men, which ye schulen souke; ye schulen be borun at tetis, and on knees thei schulen speke plesauntly to you.

13 As if a modir spekith faire to ony child, so Y schal coumforte you, and ye schulen be coumfortid in Jerusalem.

14 Ye schulen se, and youre herte schal haue ioie, and youre boonys schulen buriowne as an erbe. And the hond of the Lord schal be knowun in hise seruauntis, and he schal haue indignacioun to hise enemyes.

15 For lo! the Lord schal come in fier, and as a whirlwynd hise charis, to yelde in indignacioun hise strong veniaunce, and his blamyng in the flawme of fier.

16 For whi the Lord schal deme in fier, and in hys swerd to ech fleisch; and slayn men of the Lord schulen be multiplied,

17 that weren halewid, and gessiden hem cleene, in gardyns aftir o yate with ynne; that eten swynes fleisch, and abhomynacioun, and a mows, thei schulen be waastid togidere, seith the Lord.

18 Forsothe Y come to gadere togidere the werkis of hem, and the thouytis of hem, with alle folkis and langagis; and thei schulen come, and schulen se my glorie.

19 And Y schal sette a signe in hem, and Y schal sende of hem that ben sauyd to hethene men, in to the see, in to Affrik, and in to Liddia, and to hem that holden arowe, in to Italie, and Greek lond, to ilis fer, to hem that herden not of me, and sien not my glorie. And thei schulen telle my glorie to hethene men,

20 and thei schulen brynge alle youre britheren of alle folkis a yifte to the Lord, in horsis, and charis, and in literis, and in mulis, and in cartis, to myn hooli hil, Jerusalem, seith the Lord; as if the sones of Israel bryngen a yifte in a cleene vessel in to the hous of the Lord.

21 And Y schal take of hem in to preestis and dekenes, seith the Lord.

22 For as newe heuenes and newe erthe, whiche Y make to stonde bifore me, seith the Lord, so youre seed schal stonde, and youre name.

23 And a monethe schal be of monethe, and a sabat of sabat; ech man schal come for to worschipe bifore my face, seith the Lord.

24 And thei schulen go out, and schulen se the careyns of men, that trespassiden ayens me; the worm of hem schal not die, and the fier of hem schal not be quenchid; and thei schulen be `til to fillyng of siyt to ech man.