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43492Wycliffe's Bible — 2 Tymothe

Chapter 1


1 Poul, apostle of Jhesu Crist, bi the wille of God, bi the biheest of lijf that is in Crist Jhesu,

2 to Tymothe, his moost dereworthe sone, grace, merci, and pees of God the fadir, and of Jhesu Crist, oure Lord.

3 I do thankyngis to my God, to whom Y serue fro my progenytouris in clene conscience, that with outen ceessyng Y haue mynde of thee in my preyeris,

4 niyt and dai, desirynge to se thee; hauynge mynde of thi teeris, that Y be fillid with ioye.

5 And Y bithenke of that feith, that is in thee not feyned, which also dwellide firste in thin aunte Loide, and in thi modir Eunyce. And Y am certeyn, that also in thee.

6 For which cause Y moneste thee, that thou reise ayen the grace of God, that is in thee bi the settyng on of myn hondis.

7 For whi God yaf not to vs the spirit of drede, but of vertu, and of loue, and of sobrenesse.

8 Therfor nyl thou schame the witnessyng of oure Lord Jhesu Crist, nether me, his prisoner; but trauele thou togidere in the gospel bi the vertu of God;

9 that delyueride vs, and clepide with his hooli clepyng, not after oure werkis, but bi his purpos and grace, that is youun in Crist Jhesu bifore worldli tymes;

10 but now it is opyn bi the liytnyng of oure sauyour Jhesu Crist, which destriede deth, and liytnede lijf and vncorrupcioun bi the gospel.

11 In which Y am set a prechour and apostle, and maistir of hethene men.

12 For which cause also Y suffre these thingis; but Y am not confoundid. For Y woot to whom Y haue bileuyd, and Y am certeyne that he is miyti for to kepe that is take to my keping in to that dai.

13 Haue thou the fourme of hoolsum wordis, whiche thou herdist of me in feith and loue in Crist Jhesu.

14 Kepe thou the good takun to thi kepyng bi the Hooli Goost, that dwellith in vs.

15 Thou wost this, that alle that ben in Asie ben turnyd awey fro me, of whiche is Figelus and Ermogenes.

16 The Lord yyue merci to the hous of Onesyforus, for ofte he refreischide me, and schamyde not my chayne.

17 But whanne he cam to Rome, he souyte me bisili, and foond.

18 The Lord yyue to hym to fynde merci of God in that dai. And hou grete thingis he mynystride to me at Effesi, thou knowist betere.

Chapter 2


1 Therfor thou, my sone, be coumfortid in grace that is in Crist Jhesu.

2 And what thingis thou hast herd of me bi many witnessis, bitake thou these to feithful men, whiche schulen `be also able to teche othere men.

3 Trauele thou as a good knyyt of Crist Jhesu.

4 No man holdinge knyythod to God, wlappith hym silf with worldli nedis, that he plese to hym, to whom he hath preuyd hym silf.

5 For he that fiytith in a batel, schal not be corowned, but he fiyte lawfuli.

6 It bihoueth an erthetiliere to resseyue first of the fruytis.

7 Vndurstonde thou what thingis Y seie. For the Lord schal yyue to thee vndurstonding in alle thingis.

8 Be thou myndeful that the Lord Jhesu Crist of the seed of Dauid hath rise ayen fro deth,

9 aftir my gospel, in which Y trauele `til to boondis, as worching yuele, but the word of God is not boundun.

10 Therfor Y suffre alle thingis for the chosun, that also thei gete the heelthe, that is in Crist Jhesu, with heuenli glorie.

11 A trewe word, that if we ben deed togidere, also we schulen liue togidere;

12 if we suffren, we schulen regne togidere; if we denyen, he schal denye vs;

13 if we bileuen not, he dwellith feithful, he mai not denye hym silf.

14 Teche thou these thingis, witnessinge bifore God. Nyle thou stryue in wordis; for to no thing it is profitable, but to the subuerting of men that heren.

15 Bisili kepe to yyue thi silf a preued preisable werkman to God, with oute schame, riytli tretinge the word of treuthe.

16 But eschewe thou vnhooli and veyn spechis, for whi tho profiten myche to vnfeithfulnesse,

17 and the word of hem crepith as a canker. Of whiche Filete is, and Ymeneus,

18 whiche felden doun fro the treuthe, seiynge that the rising ayen is now doon, and thei subuertiden the feith of summen.

19 But the sad foundement of God stondith, hauynge this marke, The Lord knowith whiche ben hise, and, Ech man that nameth the name of the Lord, departith fro wickidnesse.

20 But in a greet hous ben not oneli vessels of gold and of siluer, but also of tree and of erthe; and so summen ben in to onour, and summe in to dispit.

21 Therfor if ony man clensith hym silf fro these, he schal be a vessel halewid in to onour, and profitable to the Lord, redi to al good werk.

22 And fle thou desiris of yongthe, but sue thou riytwisnesse, feith, charite, pees, with hem that inwardli clepen the Lord of a clene herte.

23 And eschewe thou foltische questiouns, and without kunnyng, wytynge that tho gendren chidyngis.

24 But it bihoueth the seruaunt of the Lord to chide not; but to be mylde to alle men, able to teche,

25 paciente, with temperaunce repreuynge hem that ayenstonden the treuthe, that sum tyme God yyue to hem forthenkyng, that thei knowen the treuthe,

26 and that thei rise ayen fro the snares of the deuel, of whom thei ben holdun prisoneris at his wille.

Chapter 3


1 But wite thou this thing, that in the laste daies perelouse tymes schulen neiye, and men schulen be louynge hem silf,

2 coueitouse, hiy of bering, proude, blasfemeris, not obedient to fadir and modir, vnkynde,

3 cursid, with outen affeccioun, with out pees, false blameris, vncontynent, vnmylde,

4 with out benygnyte, traitouris, ouerthwert, bollun with proude thouytis, blynde, loueris of lustis more than of God,

5 hauynge the licknesse of pitee, but denyynge the vertu of it. And eschewe thou these men.

6 Of these thei ben that persen housis, and leden wymmen caitifs chargid with synnes, whiche ben led with dyuerse desiris, euere more lernynge,

7 and neuere perfitli comynge to the science of treuthe.

8 And as Jannes and Mambres ayenstoden Moises, so these ayenstonden treuthe, men corrupt in vndirstonding, repreuyd aboute the feith.

9 But ferthere thei schulen not profite, for the vnwisdom of hem schal be knowun to alle men, as hern was.

10 But thou hast getun my teching, ordinaunce, purposing, feith, long abiding, loue,

11 pacience, persecuciouns, passiouns, whiche weren maad to me at Antioche, at Ycony, at Listris, what maner persecucyouns Y suffride, and the Lord hath delyuered me of alle.

12 And alle men that wolen lyue feithfuli in Crist Jhesu, schulen suffre persecucioun.

13 But yuele men and disseyueris schulen encreese in to worse, errynge, and sendinge in to errour.

14 But dwelle thou in these thingis that thou hast lerud, and that ben bitakun to thee, witinge of whom thou hast lerud;

15 for thou hast knowun hooli lettris fro thi youthe, whiche moun lerne thee to heelthe, bi feith that is in Crist Jhesu.

16 For al scripture inspirid of God is profitable to teche, to repreue, to chastice, to lerne in riytwisnes, that the man of God be parfit, lerud to al good werk.

Chapter 4


1 I witnesse bifore God and Crist Jhesu, that schal deme the quike and the deed, and bi the comyng of hym, and the kyngdom of hym,

2 preche the word, be thou bisi couenabli with outen rest, repreue thou, biseche thou, blame thou in al pacience and doctryn.

3 For tyme schal be, whanne men schulen not suffre hoolsum teching, but at her desiris thei schulen gadere `togidere to hem silf maistris yitchinge to the eeris.

4 And treuli thei schulen turne awei the heryng fro treuthe, but to fablis thei schulen turne.

5 But wake thou, in alle thingis traueile thou, do the werk of an euangelist, fulfille thi seruyce, be thou sobre.

6 For Y am sacrifisid now, and the tyme of my departyng is nyy.

7 Y haue stryuun a good strijf, Y haue endid the cours, Y haue kept the feith.

8 In `the tothir tyme a coroun of riytwisnesse is kept to me, which the Lord, a iust domesman, schal yelde to me in that dai; and not oneli to me, but also to these that louen his comyng.

9 Hyye thou to come to me soone. For Demas, louynge this world, hath forsakun me, and wente to Tessalonyk,

10 Crescens in to Galathi, Tite in to Dalmacie;

11 Luk aloone is with me. Take thou Mark, and brynge with thee; for he is profitable to me in to seruyce.

12 Forsothe Y sente Titicus to Effesi.

13 The cloth which Y lefte at Troade at Carpe, whanne thou comest, bringe with thee, and the bookis, but moost parchemyne.

14 Alisaundre, the tresorer, schewide to me myche yuele; `the Lord schal yelde to hym aftir his werkis.

15 Whom also thou eschewe; for he ayenstood ful greetli oure wordis.

16 In my firste defence no man helpide me, but alle forsoken me; be it not arettid to hem.

17 But the Lord helpide me, and coumfortide me, that the preching be fillid bi me, and that alle folkis here, that Y am delyueride fro the mouth of the lioun.

18 And the Lord delyueride me fro al yuel werk, and schal make me saaf in to his heuenly kingdom, to whom be glorie in to worldis of worldis.

19 Amen. Grete wel Prisca, and Aquila, and the hous of Oneseforus.

20 Erastus lefte at Corynthi, and Y lefte Trofymus sijk at Mylete.

21 Hiye thou to come bifore wyntir. Eubolus, and Prudent, and Lynus, and Claudia, and alle britheren, greten thee wel.

22 Oure Lord Jhesu Crist be with thi spirit. The grace of God be with you. Amen.