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Chapter 1[edit]

1 The birthun that Abacuk, the profete, sai.

2 Hou longe, Lord, schal Y crye, and thou schalt not here? Y suffrynge violence schal crie an hiy to thee, and thou schalt not saue?

3 Whi schewidist thou to me wickidnesse and trauel, for to se prey and vnriytwisnesse ayens me? Whi biholdist thou dispiseris, and art stille, the while an vnpitouse man defoulith a riytfulere than hym silf? And thou schalt make men as fischis of the see, and as crepynge thingis not hauynge a ledere; and doom is maad, and ayenseiyng is more miyti.

4 For this thing lawe is `to-brokun, and doom cometh not til to the ende; for the vnpitouse man hath miyt ayens the iust, therfor weiward doom schal go out.

5 Biholde ye in hethene men, and se ye, and wondre ye, and greetli drede ye; for a werk is doon in youre daies, which no man schal bileue, whanne it schal be teld.

6 For lo! Y schal reise Caldeis, a bittir folk and swift, goynge on the breede of erthe, that he welde tabernaclis not hise.

7 It is orible, and dredeful; the dom and birthun therof schal go out of it silf.

8 His horsis ben liytere than pardis, and swifter than euentyd woluys, and hise horse men schulen be scaterid abrood; for whi `horse men schulen come fro fer, thei schulen fle as an egle hastynge to ete.

9 Alle men schulen come to preye, the faces of hem is as a brennynge wynd; and he schal gadere as grauel caitifte,

10 and he schal haue victorie of kyngis, and tirauntis schulen be of his scornyng. He schal leiye on al strengthe, and schal bere togidere heep of erthe, and schal take it.

11 Thanne the spirit schal be chaungid, and he schal passe forth, and falle doun; this is the strengthe of hym, of his god.

12 Whether `thou, Lord, art not my God, myn hooli, and we schulen not die? Lord, in to doom thou hast set hym, and thou groundidist hym strong, that thou schuldist chastise.

13 Thin iyen ben clene, se thou not yuel, and thou schalt not mowe biholde to wickidnesse. Whi biholdist thou not on men doynge wickidli, and thou art stille, while the vnpitouse man deuourith a more iust man than hymsilf?

14 And thou schalt make men as fischis of the see, and as a crepynge thing not hauynge prince.

15 He schal lifte vp al in the hook; he drawide it in his greet net, and gaderide in to his net; on this thing he schal be glad, and make ioie with outforth.

16 Therfore he schal offere to his greet net, and schal make sacrifice to his net; for in hem his part is maad fat, and his mete is chosun.

17 Therfor for this thing he spredith abrood his greet net, and euere more he ceesith not for to sle folkis.

Chapter 2[edit]

1 On my kepyng Y schal stonde, and schal pitche a grees on wardyng; and Y schal biholde, that Y se what thing schal be seid to me, and what Y schal answere to hym that repreuith me.

2 And the Lord answeride to me, and seide, Write thou the reuelacioun, and make it pleyn on tablis, that he renne, that schal rede it.

3 For yit the visioun is fer, and it schal appere in to ende, and schal not lie; if it schal make dwellyng, abide thou it, for it comynge schal come, and schal not tarie.

4 Lo! the soule of hym, that is vnbileueful, schal not be riytful in hym silf; forsothe the iust man schal lyue in his feith.

5 And as wyn disseyueth a man drynkynge, so schal the proude man be, and he schal not be maad feir; for as helle he alargide his soule, and he is as deth, and he is not fillid; and he schal gadere to hym alle folkis, and he shal kepe togidere to hym alle puplis.

6 Whether not alle these puplis schulen take a parable on hym, and the speking of derk sentencis of hym? And it schal be seid, Wo to hym that multiplieth thingis not his owne; hou longe, and he aggreggith ayens hym silf thicke clei?

7 Whether not sudeynli thei schulen rise to gidere, that schulen bite thee? And thei schulen be reisid to-teerynge thee, and thou schalt be in to raueyn to hem; and thin aspieris in yuel schulen wake.

8 For thou robbidist many folkis, alle schulen robbe thee, whiche schulen be left of puplis, for blood of man, and for wickidnesse of lond of the citee, and of alle men dwellynge in it.

9 Wo to hym that gaderith yuel coueitise to his hous, that his nest be in hiy, and gessith hym for to be delyuered of the hond of yuel.

10 Thou thouytist confusioun to thin hous; thou hast slayn many puplis, and thi soule synnede.

11 For a stoon of the wal schal crie, and a tree that is bitwixe ioynturis of bildyngis schal answere.

12 Wo to hym that bildith a citee in bloodis, and makith redi a citee in wickidnesse.

13 Whether not these thingis ben of the Lord of oostis? For puplis schulen trauele in myche fier, and folkis in veyn, and thei schulen faile.

14 For the erthe schal be fillid, that it knowe the glorie of the Lord, as watris hilynge the see.

15 Wo to hym that yyueth drynk to his frend, and sendith his galle, and makith drunkun, that he biholde his nakidnesse.

16 He is fillid with yuel fame for glorie; and thou drynke, and be aslept; the cuppe of the riythalf of the Lord schal cumpasse thee, and `castynge vp of yuel fame on thi glorie.

17 For the wickidnesse of Liban schal kyuere thee, and distruccioun of beestis schal make hem aferd, of bloodis of man, and of wickidnesse of lond, and of the citee, and of alle men dwellynge ther ynne.

18 What profitith the `grauun ymage, for his makere grauyde it, a wellid thing togidere and fals ymage? for the makere therof hopide in makyng, that he made doumbe symylacris.

19 Wo to hym that seith to a tre, Wake thou; Rise thou, to a stoon beynge stille; whether he schal mow teche? Lo! this is kyuerid with gold and siluer, and no spirit is in his entrails.

20 Forsothe the Lord is in his hooli temple, al erthe be stille fro his face.

Chapter 3[edit]

1 The preier of Abacuk, the profete, for vnkunnynge men. Lord, Y herde thin heryng, and Y dredde;

2 Lord, it is thi werk, in the myddil of yeeris quykene thou it. In the middil of yeeris thou schalt make knowun; whanne thou schalt be wrooth, thou schalt haue mynde of mercy.

3 God schal come fro the south, and the hooli fro the mount of Faran. The glorie of hym kyueride heuenes, and the erthe is ful of his heriyng.

4 The schynyng of hym schal be as liyt; hornes in hondis of hym.

5 There the strengthe of hym was hid, deth schal go bifore his face; the deuel schal go out bifore hise feet.

6 He stood, and mat the erthe; he bihelde, and vnboond folkis, and hillis of the world weren al to-brokun; the litle hillis of the world weren bowid doun, of the weies of his euerlastyngnesse.

7 For wickidnesse Y saiy the tentis of Ethiope, the skynnes of the lond of Madian schulen be troblid.

8 Lord, whether in floodis thou art wrooth, ether in floodis is thi strong veniaunce, ether in the see is thin indignacioun? Which shalt stie on thin horsis; and thi foure horsid cartis is saluacioun.

9 Thou reisynge schalt reise thi bouwe, othis to lynagis whiche thou hast spoke; thou schalt departe the floodis of erthe.

10 Watris saien thee, and hillis sorewiden, the goter of watris passide; depnesse yaf his vois, hiynesse reiside hise hondis.

11 The sunne and moone stoden in her dwellyng place; in the liyt of thin arowis thei schulen go, in the schynyng of thi spere glisnynge.

12 In gnastyng thou schalt defoule erthe, and in strong veniaunce thou schalt astonye folkis.

13 Thou art gon out in to helthe of thi puple, in to helthe with thi crist; thou hast smyte the heed of the hous of the vnpitouse man, thou hast maad nakid the foundement til to the necke.

14 Thou cursidist the ceptris, ether powers, of hym, the heed of hise fiyteris, to men comynge as whirlewynde for to scatere me; the ioiyng withoutforth of hem, as of hym that deuourith a pore man in hidlis.

15 Thou madist a weie in the see to thin horsis, in clei of many watris.

16 Y herde, and my wombe is troblid togidere; my lippis trembliden togidere of the vois. Rot entre in my boonys, and sprenge vndur me; that Y reste ayen in the dai of tribulacioun, and Y schal stie vp to oure puple gird togidere.

17 For the fige tre schal not floure, and buriownyng schal not be in vynyerdis; the werk of olyue tre schal lie, and feeldis schulen not brynge mete; a scheep schal be kit awei fro the fold, and droue schal not be in cratchis.

18 Forsothe Y schal haue ioye in the Lord, and Y schal make ioie with outforth in God my Jhesu.

19 God the Lord is my strengthe, and he schal putte my feet as of hertis; and on myn hiye thingis, the ouercomere schal lede forth me, syngynge in salmes.