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Chapter 1[edit]

1 The word of the Lord that was maad to Osee, the sone of Bery, in the daies of Osie, Joathan, Achas, Ezechie, kingis of Juda, and in the daies of Jeroboam, sone of Joas, the kyng of Israel.

2 The bigynnyng of the spekyng to the Lord in Osee. And the Lord seide to Osee, Go thou, take to thee a wijf of fornycaciouns, and make to thee sones of fornycaciouns, for the lond doynge fornicacioun schal do fornicacioun fro the Lord.

3 And he yede, and took Gomer, the douyter of Debelaym; and sche conseyuede, and childide a sone to hym.

4 And the Lord seide to hym, Clepe thou the name of hym Jesrael; for yit a litil and Y schal visite the blood of Jesrael on the hous of Hieu, and Y schal make to reste the rewme of the hous of Israel.

5 And in that dai Y schal al to-breke the bowe of Israel in the valei of Jesrael.

6 And sche conseyuede yit, and childide a douyter. And the Lord seide to hym, Clepe thou the name of hir With out merci, for Y schal no more leye to, for to haue merci on the hous of Israel, but bi foryetyng Y schal foryete hem.

7 And Y schal haue merci on the hous of Juda, and Y schal saue hem in her Lord God; and Y schal not saue hem in bowe, and swerd, and batel, and in horsis, and in horse men, ether kniytis.

8 And he wenyde hir that was With out merci. And sche conseyuede, and childide a sone to hym.

9 And he seide, Clepe thou his name Not my puple, for ye schulen not be my puple, and Y schal not be youre God.

10 And the noumbre of the sones of Israel schal be as grauel of the see, which grauel is with out mesure, and it schal not be noumbrid; and it schal be in the place, where it schal be seid to hem, Ye ben not my puple; it schal be seid to hem, Ye ben the sones of God lyuynge.

11 And the sones of Juda and the sones of Israel schulen be gaderid togidere, and thei schulen sette oon heed to hem silf, and thei schulen stie fro erthe, for the dai of Jesrael is greet.

Chapter 2[edit]

1 Sei ye to youre britheren, Thei ben my puple; and to youre sister that hath gete merci,

2 Deme ye youre modir, deme ye, for sche is not my wijf, and Y am not hir hosebonde. Do sche awey hir fornicaciouns fro hir face, and hir auowtries fro the myddis of hir brestis;

3 lest perauenture Y spuyle hir nakid, and sette hir nakid bi the dai of hir natyuyte. And Y schal sette hir as a wildirnesse, and Y schal ordeyne hir as a lond with out weie, and Y schal sle hir in thirst.

4 And Y schal not haue merci on the sones of hir, for thei ben sones of fornicaciouns;

5 for the modir of hem dide fornicacioun, sche is schent that conseyuede hem, for sche seide, Y schal go after my louyeris that yeuen looues to me, and my watris, and my wolle, and my flex, and myn oile, and my drynke.

6 For this thing lo! Y schal hegge thi weie with thornes, and Y schal hegge it with a wal, and sche schal not fynde hir pathis.

7 And sche schal sue hir louyeris, and schal not take hem, and sche schal seke hem, and schal not fynde; and sche schal seie, Y schal go, and turne ayen to my formere hosebonde, for it was wel to me thanne more than now.

8 And this Jerusalem wiste not, that Y yaf to hir wheete, wyn, and oile; and Y multiplied siluer and gold to hir, whiche thei maden to Baal.

9 Therfor Y schal turne, and take my wheete in his tyme, and my wiyn in his tyme; and Y schal delyuere my wolle, and my flex, bi which thei hiliden the schenschipe therof.

10 And now Y schal schewe the foli of hir bifore the iyen of hir louyeris, and a man schal not delyuere hir fro myn hond;

11 and Y schal make to ceesse al the ioye therof, the solempnyte therof, the neomenye therof, the sabat therof, and alle the feeste tymes therof.

12 And Y schal distrie the vyner therof, of whiche sche seide, These ben myn hiris, whiche my louyeris yauen to me; and Y schal sette it in to a forest, and a beeste of the feeld schal ete it.

13 And Y schal visite on it the daies of Baalym, in whiche it brente encense, and was ourned with hir eere ryng, and hir broche, and yede after hir louyeris, and foryat me, seith the Lord.

14 For this thing lo! Y schal yyue mylk to it, and Y schal brynge it in to wildirnesse, and Y schal speke to the herte therof.

15 And Y schal yyue to it vyn tilieris therof of the same place, and the valei of Achar, that is, of disturblyng, for to opene hope. And it schal synge there bi the daies of hir yongthe, and bi the daies of hir stiyng fro the lond of Egipt.

16 And it schal be in that dai, seith the Lord, sche schal clepe me Myn hosebonde, and sche schal no more clepe me Baalym;

17 and Y schal take awei the names of Baalym fro hir mouth, and sche schal no more haue mynde of the name of tho.

18 And Y schal smyte to hem a boond of pees in that dai with the beeste of the feeld, and with the brid of the eir, and with the crepynge beeste of erthe. And Y schal al to-breke bowe, and swerd, and batel fro erthe; and Y schal make hem to slepe tristili.

19 And Y schal spouse thee to me withouten ende; and Y schal spouse thee to me in riytfulnesse, and in dom, and in merci, and in merciful doyngis.

20 And Y schal spouse thee to me in feith; and thou schalt wite, that Y am the Lord.

21 And it schal be, in that dai Y schal here, seith the Lord, and Y schal here heuenes, and tho schulen here the erthe;

22 and the erthe schal here wheete, and wyn, and oile, and these schulen here Jesrael.

23 And Y schal sowe it to me in to a lond, and Y schal haue merci on it that was with out merci.

24 And Y schal seie to that, that is not my puple, Thou art my puple, and it schal seie, Thou art my God.

Chapter 3[edit]

1 And the Lord seide to me, Yit go thou, and loue a womman loued of a frend, and a womman auoutresse, as the Lord loueth the sones of Israel; and thei biholden to alien goddis, and louen the draffis of grapis.

2 And Y dalf it to me bi fiftene pens, and bi a corus of barli, and bi half a corus of barli.

3 And Y seide to it, Bi many daies thou shalt abide me; thou schalt not do fornycacioun, and thou schalt not be with an hosebonde, but also Y schal abide thee.

4 For bi many daies the sones of Israel schulen sitte with out kyng, with out prince, and with out sacrifice, and with out auter, and with out prestis cloth, and with out terafyn, that is, ymagis.

5 And after these thingis the sones of Israel schulen turne ayen, and schulen seke her Lord God, and Dauid, her king; and thei schulen drede at the Lord, and at the good of him, in the laste of daies.

Chapter 4[edit]

1 Sones of Israel, here ye the word of the Lord, for whi doom is to the Lord with the dwelleris of erthe; for whi trewthe is not, and merci is not, and kunnyng of the Lord is not in erthe.

2 Curs, and leesyng, and manquelling, and thefte, and auowtrie flowiden, and blood touchide blood.

3 For this thing the erthe schal mourne, and ech that dwellith in that lond, schal be sijk, in the beeste of the feeld, and in the brid of the eir; but also the fischis of the see schulen be gaderid togidere.

4 Netheles ech man deme not, and a man be not repreuyd; for thi puple is as thei that ayen seien the prest.

5 And thou schalt falle to dai, and the profete also schal falle with thee; in the niyt Y made thi modir to be stille.

6 My puple was stille, for it hadde not kunnyng; for thou hast putte awei kunnyng, Y schal putte thee awei, that thou vse not presthod to me; and for thou hast foryete the lawe of thi God, also Y schal foryete thi sones.

7 Bi the multitude of hem, so thei synneden ayens me. Y schal chaunge the glorie of hem in to schenschipe.

8 Thei schulen ete the synnes of my puple, and thei schulen reise the soulis of hem to the wickidnesse of hem.

9 And it schal be, as the puple so the prest; and Y schal visite on hym the weies of hym, and Y schal yelde to him the thouytis of hym.

10 And thei schulen ete, and thei schulen not be fillid; thei diden fornicacioun, and ceessiden not, for thei forsoken the Lord in not kepynge.

11 Fornycacioun, and wiyn, and drunkenesse doen awei the herte.

12 My puple axide in his tre, and the staf therof telde to it; for the spirit of fornicacioun disseyuede hem, and thei diden fornicacioun fro her God.

13 On the heedis of mounteyns thei maden sacrifice, and on the litil hillis thei brenten encense vndur an ook, and a popeler, and terebynte, for the schadewe therof was good. Therfor youre douytris schulen do fornicacioun, and youre wyues schulen be auoutressis.

14 Y schal not visite on youre douytris, whanne thei don fornicacioun, and on youre wyues, whanne thei doon auowtrie; for thei lyuyden with hooris, and maden sacrifice with men turned in to wymmens condiciouns. And the puple that vndirstondith not, schal be betun.

15 If thou, Israel, doist fornicacioun, nameli Juda trespasse not; and nyle ye entre in to Galgala, and stie ye not in to Bethauen, nether swere ye, The Lord lyueth.

16 For as a wielde cow Israel bowide awei; now the Lord schal fede hem as a lomb in broodnesse.

17 Effraym is the partener of idols, leeue thou him;

18 the feeste of hem is departid. Bi fornicacioun thei diden fornicacioun, the defenders therof louyden to brynge schenschipe.

19 The spirit boond hym in hise wyngis, and thei schulen be schent of her sacrifices.

Chapter 5[edit]

1 Preestis, here ye this, and the hous of Israel, perseyue ye, and the hous of the kyng, herkne ye; for whi doom is to you, for ye ben maad a snare to lokyng afer, and as a net spred abrood on Thabor.

2 And ye bowiden doun sacrifices in to depthe; and Y am the lernere of alle hem.

3 Y knowe Effraym, and Israel is not hid fro me; for now Effraym dide fornicacioun, Israel is defoulid.

4 Thei schulen not yiue her thouytis, that thei turne ayen to her God; for the spirit of fornicacioun is in the myddis of hem, and thei knewen not the Lord.

5 And the boost of Israel schal answere in to the face therof, and Israel and Effraym schulen falle in her wickidnesse; also Judas schal falle with hem.

6 In her flockis, and in her droues thei schulen go to seke the Lord, and thei schulen not fynde; he is takun awei fro hem.

7 Thei trespassiden ayens the Lord, for thei gendriden alien sones; now the monethe schal deuoure hem with her partis.

8 Sowne ye with a clarioun in Gabaa, with a trumpe in Rama; yelle ye in Bethauen, after thi bak, Beniamyn.

9 Effraym schal be in to desolacioun, in the dai of amendyng, and in the lynagis of Israel Y schewide feith.

10 The princes of Juda ben maad as takynge terme; Y schal schede out on hem my wraththe as watir.

11 Effraym suffrith fals chalenge, and is brokun bi doom; for he bigan to go after filthis.

12 And Y am as a mouyte to Effraym, and as rot to the hous of Juda.

13 And Effraym siy his sikenesse, and Judas siy his boond. And Effraym yede to Assur, and sente to the kyng veniere. And he mai not saue you, nether he mai vnbynde the boond fro you.

14 For Y am as a lionesse to Effraym, and as a whelp of a lioun to the hous of Juda.

15 Y my silf schal take, and go, and take awei, and noon is that schal delyuere. I schal go, and turne ayen to my place, til ye failen, and seken my face.

Chapter 6[edit]

1 In her tribulacioun thei schulen rise eerli to me. Come ye, and turne we ayen to the Lord;

2 for he took, and schal heele vs; he schal smyte, and schal make vs hool.

3 He schal quykene vs after twei daies, and in the thridde dai he schal reise vs, and we schulen lyue in his siyt. We schulen wite, and sue, that we knowe the Lord. His goyng out is maad redi at the morewtid, and he schal come as a reyn to vs, which is timeful and lateful to the erthe.

4 Effraym, what schal Y do to thee? Juda, what schal Y do to thee? Youre merci is as a cloude of the morewtid, and as deew passynge forth eerli.

5 For this thing Y hewide in profetis, Y killide hem in the wordis of my mouth;

6 and thi domes schulen go out as liyt. For Y wolde merci, and not sacrifice, and Y wolde the kunnyng of God, more than brent sacrificis.

7 But thei as Adam braken the couenaunt; there thei trespassiden ayens me.

8 Galaad the citee of hem that worchen idol, is supplauntid with blood; and

9 as the chekis of men `that ben theues. Partener of prestis sleynge in the weie men goynge fro Sichem, for thei wrouyten greet trespasse.

10 In the hous of Israel Y siy an orible thing; there the fornicaciouns of Effraym.

11 Israel is defoulid; but also thou, Juda, sette heruest to thee, whanne Y schal turne the caitiftee of my puple.

Chapter 7[edit]

1 Whanne Y wolde heele Israel, the wickidnesse of Effraym was schewid, and the malice of Samarie was schewid, for thei wrouyten a leesyng. And a niyt theef entride, and robbid; a dai theef was withoutforth.

2 And lest thei seien in her hertis, that Y haue mynde on al the malice of hem, now her fyndyngis han cumpassid hem, tho ben maad bifor my face.

3 In her malice thei gladiden the kyng, and in her leesyngys `thei gladiden the princes.

4 Alle that doen auoutrie, ben as an ouene maad hoot of a bakere. The citee restide a litil fro the medlyng of sour douy, til al was maad sour `of sour douy.

5 The dai of oure kyng; the princis bigunnen to be wood of wyn; he stretchide forth his hoond with scorneris.

6 For thei applieden her herte as an ouene, whanne he settide tresoun to hem. Al the niyt he slepte bakynge hem, in the morewtid he was maad hoot, as the fier of flawme.

7 Alle weren maad hoot as an ouene, and thei deuouriden her iugis. Alle the kyngis of hem fellen doun, and noon is among hem that crieth to me.

8 Effraym hym silf was medlid among puplis; Effraym was maad a loof bakun vndur aischis, which is not turned ayen.

9 Aliens eeten the strengthe of hym, and he knew not; but also hoor heeris weren sched out in hym, and he knew not.

10 And the pride of Israel schal be maad low in the face therof; thei turneden not ayen to her Lord God, and thei souyten not hym in alle these thingis.

11 And Effraym was maad as a culuer disseyued, not hauynge herte. Thei clepiden Egipt to help, thei yeden to Assiriens.

12 And whanne thei ben goen forth, Y schal sprede abrood on hem my net, Y schal drawe hem doun as a brid of the eir. Y schal beete hem, bi the heryng of the cumpany of hem.

13 Wo to hem, for thei yeden awei fro me; thei schulen be distried, for thei trespassiden ayens me. And Y ayenbouyte hem, and thei spaken leesyngis ayenus me.

14 And thei crieden not to me in her herte, but yelliden in her beddis. Thei chewiden code on wheete, and wyn, and thei yeden awei fro me.

15 And Y tauyte, and coumfortide the armes of hem, and thei thouyten malice ayens me.

16 Thei turneden ayen, that thei schulden be with out yok; thei ben maad as a gileful bowe. The princis of hem schulen falle doun bi swerd, for the woodnesse of her tunge; this is the scornyng of hem in the lond of Egipt.

Chapter 8[edit]

1 A trumpe be in thi throte, as an egle on the hous of the Lord; for that that thei yeden ouer my boond of pees, and braken my lawe.

2 Thei clepiden me to helpe, A! my God, we Israel han knowe thee.

3 Israel hath cast awei good, the enemye schal pursue hym.

4 Thei regnyden, and not of me; thei weren princes, and Y knew not. Thei maden her gold and siluer idols to hem, that thei schulden perische.

5 A! Samarie, thi calf is cast awei; my strong veniaunce is wrooth ayens hem. Hou long moun thei not be clensid?

6 for also it is of Israel. A crafti man made it, and it is not god; for the calf of Samarie schal be in to webbis of ireyns.

7 For thei schulen sowe wynd, and thei schulen repe whirlewynd. A stalke stondynge is not in hem, the seed schal not make mele; that if also it makith mele, aliens schulen ete it.

8 Israel is deuouryd; now Israel is maad as an vnclene vessel among naciouns,

9 for thei stieden to Assur. Effraym is a wielde asse, solitarie to hym silf. Thei yauen yiftis to louyeris;

10 but also with meede thei hiriden naciouns. Now Y schal gadere hem togidere, and thei schulen reste a litil fro birthun of the kyng and of princes.

11 For Efraym multipliede auteris to do synne, auteris weren maad to hym in to trespas.

12 Y schal write to hem my many fold lawis, that ben arettid as alien lawis.

13 Thei schulen brynge sacrifices, thei shulen offre, and ete fleischis; and the Lord schal not resseyue tho. Now he schal haue mynde on the wickidnessis of hem, and he schal visite the synnes of hem; thei schulen turne in to Egipt.

14 And Israel foryat his makere, and bildide templis to idols, and Judas multipliede stronge citees; and Y schal sende fier in to the citees of hym, and it schal deuoure the housis of hym.

Chapter 9[edit]

1 Israel, nyle thou be glad, nyle thou make ful out ioie as puplis; for thou hast do fornicacioun fro thi God. Thou louedist meede on alle the cornflooris of wheete.

2 The cornfloor and pressour schal not feede hem, and wyn schal lie to hem.

3 Thei schulen not dwelle in the lond of the Lord. Effraym turnede ayen in to Egipt, and eet defoulid thing among Assiriens.

4 Thei schulen not offre wyn to the Lord, and thei schulen not plese hym. The sacrificis of hem ben as breed of mourneris; alle that schulen ete it schulen be defoulid. For the breed of hem is to the lijf of hem; thei schulen not entre in to the hous of the Lord.

5 What schulen ye do in the solempne dai, in the dai of the feeste of the Lord?

6 For lo! thei ben goon out fro distriyng. Egipt schal gadere hem togidere, Memphis schal birie hem. A nettle schal enherite the desirable siluer of hem, a clote schal be in the tabernaclis of hem.

7 Daies of visitacioun ben comun, daies of yeldyng ben comun. Knowe ye, that Israel is a fool, a wood profete, a spiritual man, for the multitude of thi wickidnesse is also the multitude of woodnesse.

8 The biholdere of Effraym with my God is a profete; a snare of fallyng is maad now on alle the weies of hym, woodnesse is in the hous of his God.

9 Thei synneden deepli, as in the daies of Gabaa. The Lord schal haue mynde on the wickidnesse of hem, and schal visite the synnes of hem.

10 Y foond Israel as grapis in desert, Y siy the fadris of hem as the firste applis of a fige tree, in the cop therof; but thei entriden to Belfegor, and weren alienyd in confusioun, and thei weren maad abhomynable as tho thingis whiche thei louyden.

11 Effraym as a brid fley awei; the glorye of hem is of childberyng, and of the wombe, and of conseyuyng.

12 That if thei nurschen her sones, Y schal make hem with out children among men. But also wo to hem, whanne Y schal go awei fro hem.

13 Y siy that Effraym was as Tire, foundid in fairnesse; and Effraym schal lede out hise sones to the sleere.

14 Lord, yyue thou to hem; what schalt thou yyue to hem? yyue thou to hem a wombe with out children, and drie tetis.

15 Alle the wickidnessis of hem ben in Galgal, for there Y hadde hem hateful; for the malice of her fyndyngis. Y schal caste hem out of myn hous; Y schal not leie to, that Y loue hem. Alle the princes of hem goen awei.

16 Effraym is smyten, the roote of hem is dried vp; thei schulen not make fruyt. That thouy thei gendren, Y schal sle the moost louyd thingis of her wombe.

17 My God schal caste hem awey, for thei herden not hym; and thei schulen be of vnstable dwellyng among naciouns.

Chapter 10[edit]

1 Israel was a vyne ful of bowis, fruyt was maad euene to hym; bi the multitude of his fruyt he multipliede auteris, bi the plente of his lond he was plenteuouse.

2 In simylacris the herte of hem is departid, now thei schulen perische. He schal breke the simylacris of hem, he schal robbe the auteris of hem.

3 For thanne thei schulen seie, A kyng is not to vs, for we dreden not the Lord. And what schal a kyng do to vs?

4 Speke ye wordis of vnprofitable visioun, and ye schulen smyte boond of pees with leesyng; and doom as bittirnesse schal burioune on the forewis of the feeld.

5 The dwelleris of Samarie worschipiden the kien of Bethauen. For the puple therof mourenyde on that calf, and the keperis of the hous therof; thei maden ful out ioye on it in the glorie therof, for it passide fro that puple.

6 For also it was borun to Assur, a yifte to the king veniere. Confusioun schal take Effraym, and Israel schal be schent in his wille.

7 Samarie made his kyng to passe, as froth on the face of water. And the hiy thingis of idol, the synne of Israel, schulen be lost.

8 A cloote and a brere schal stie on the auters of hem. And thei schulen seie to mounteyns, Hile ye vs, and to litle hillis, Falle ye doun on vs.

9 Fro the daies of Gabaa Israel synnede; there thei stoden. Batel schal not take hem in Gabaa,

10 on the sones of wickidnesse. Bi my desir Y schal chastise hem; puplis schulen be gaderid togidere on hem, whanne thei schulen be chastisid for her twei wickidnessis.

11 Effraym is a cow calf, tauyt for to loue threischyng; and Y yede on the fairenesse of the necke therof. Y schal stie on Effraym. Judas schal ere, and Jacob schal breke forewis to hym silf.

12 Sowe ye to you riytfulnesse in treuthe, and repe ye in the mouthe of merci, and make ye newe to you a feld newli brouyte to tilthe. Forsothe tyme is to seke the Lord, whanne he cometh, that schal teche you riytfulnesse.

13 Ye han erid vnfeithfulnesse, ye han rope wickidnesse, ye han ete the corn of leesyng. For thou tristydist in thi weles, and in the multitude of thi stronge men.

14 Noise schal rise in thi puple, and alle thi stronge holdis schulen be distried; as Salmana was distried of the hous of hym, that took veniaunce on Baal; in the dai of batel, whanne the modir was hurlid doun on the sones.

15 So Bethel dide to you, for the face of malice of youre wickidnessis.

Chapter 11[edit]

1 As the morewtid passith, the king of Israel schal passe forth. For Israel was a child, and Y louyde hym; and fro Egipt Y clepide my sone.

2 Thei clepiden hem, so thei yeden awei fro the face of hem. Thei offriden to Baalym, and maden sacrifice to symylacris.

3 And Y as a nursche of Effraym bare hem in myn armes, and thei wisten not, that Y kepte hem.

4 Y schal drawe hem in the ropis of Adam, in the boondis of charite. And Y schal be to hem as he that enhaunsith the yok on the chekis of hem; and Y bowide doun to hym, that he schulde ete.

5 He schal not turne ayen in to the lond of Egipt. And Assur, he schal be kyng of hym, for thei nolden turne.

6 A swerd bigan in the citees therof, and it schal waaste the chosun men therof, and schal eete the heedis of hem.

7 And my puple schal hange, at my comynge ayen. But a yok schal be put to hem togidere, that schal not be takun awei.

8 Hou schal Y yyue thee, Effraym? schal Y defende thee, Israel? hou schal Y yyue thee? As Adama Y schal sette thee; as Seboym. Myn herte is turned in me; my repentaunce is disturblid togidere.

9 Y schal not do the strong veniaunce of my wraththe. Y schal not turne, to leese Effraym; for Y am God, and not man. Y am hooli in the myddis of thee, and Y schal not entre in to a citee.

10 Thei schulen go after the Lord. He shal rore as a lioun, for he shal rore, and the sones of the see schulen drede.

11 And thei schulen fle awei as a brid fro Egipt, and as a culuer fro the lond of Assiriens. And Y schal sette hem in her housis, seith the Lord.

12 Effraym cumpasside me in denying, the hous of Israel in gile. But Judas a witnesse yede doun with God, and with feithful seyntis.

Chapter 12[edit]

1 Effraym fedith wynd, and sueth heete. Al dai he multiplieth leesyng, and distriyng; and he made boond of pees with Assiriens, and bar oile in to Egipt.

2 Therfor the doom of the Lord is with Juda, and visityng is on Jacob; bi the weies of hym, and bi the fyndyngis of hym he schal yelde to hym.

3 In the wombe he supplauntide his brother, and in his strengthe he was dressid with the aungel.

4 And he was strong to the aungel, and was coumfortid; he wepte, and preiede hym; in Bethel he foond hym, and there he spak with vs.

5 And the Lord God of oostis, the Lord, is the memorial of hym.

6 And thou schalt turne to thi God. Kepe thou merci and doom, and hope thou euere in thi God.

7 Chanaan louyde fals caleng, a gileful balaunce in his hond.

8 And Effraym seide, Netheles Y am maad riche, Y haue founde an idol to me; alle my trauelis schulen not fynde to me the wickidnesse, whiche Y synnede.

9 And Y am thi Lord God fro the lond of Egipt; yit Y schal make thee to sitte in tabernaclis, as in the daies of feeste.

10 And Y spak bi profetis, and Y multiplied profesie, and Y was licned in the hond of profetis.

11 If Galaad worschipith an idol, therfor thei erren in veyn offryng to oxis in Galgal; for whi and the auteris of hem schulen be as heepis on the forewis of the feeld.

12 Jacob fledde in to the cuntrei of Sirie, and Israel seruyde for a wijf, and seruyde, ether kepte, for a wijf.

13 But bi a profete the Lord ledde Israel out of Egipt, and bi a profete he was kept.

14 Effraym terride me to wrathfulnesse in hise bitternessis, and the blood of hym schal come on hym; and his Lord schal restore to hym the schenschipe of him.

Chapter 13[edit]

1 For Effraym spak, hidousnesse assailide Israel; and he trespasside in Baal, and was deed.

2 And now thei addiden to do synne, and maden to hem a yotun ymage of her siluer, as the licnesse of idols; al is the makyng of crafti men. To these thei seien, A! ye men, offre, and worschipe caluys.

3 Therfor thei schulen be as a morewtid cloude, and as the deew of morewtid, that passith forth, as dust rauyschide bi whirlewynd fro the corn floor, and as smoke of a chymenei.

4 Forsothe Y am thi Lord God, `that ledde thee fro the loond of Egipt; and thou schalt not knowe God, outakun me, and no sauyour is, outakun me.

5 Y knewe thee in the desert, in the lond of wildirnesse.

6 Bi her lesewis thei weren fillid, and hadden abundaunce; thei reisiden her herte, and foryaten me.

7 And Y schal be as a lionesse to hem, as a parde in the weye of Assiriens.

8 Y as a femal bere, whanne the whelps ben rauyschid, schal mete hem; and schal al to-breke the ynnere thingis of the mawe of hem. And Y as a lioun schal waaste hem there; a beeste of the feeld schal al to-rende hem.

9 Israel, thi perdicioun is of thee; thin help is oneli of me.

10 Where is thi kyng? moost saue he thee now in alle thi citees; and where ben thi iugis, of whiche thou seidist, Yyue thou to me a kyng, and princes?

11 Y schal yyue to thee a kyng in my strong veniaunce, and Y schal take awei in myn indignacioun.

12 The wickidnesse of Effraym is boundun togidere; his synne is hid.

13 The sorewis of a womman trauelynge of child schulen come to hym; he is a sone not wijs. For now he schal not stonde in the defoulyng of sones.

14 Y schal delyuere hem fro the hoond of deeth, and Y schal ayenbie hem fro deth. Thou deth, Y schal be thi deth; thou helle, Y schal be thi mussel.

15 Coumfort is hid fro myn iyen, for he schal departe bitwixe britheren. The Lord schal brynge a brennynge wynd, stiynge fro desert; and it schal make drie the veynes therof, and it schal make desolat the welle therof; and he schal rauysche the tresour of ech desirable vessel.

Chapter 14[edit]

1 Samarie perische, for it stiride his God to bittirnesse; perische it bi swerd. The litle children of hem be hurtlid doun, and the wymmen with child therof be koruun.

2 Israel, be thou conuertid to thi Lord God, for thou fellist doun in thi wickidnesse.

3 Take ye wordis with you, and be ye conuertid to the Lord; and seie ye to hym, Do thou awei al wickidnesse, and take thou good; and we schulen yelde the caluys of oure lippis.

4 Assur schal not saue vs, we schulen not stie on hors; and we schulen no more seie, Oure goddis ben the werkis of oure hondis; for thou schalt haue merci on that modirles child, which is in thee.

5 Y schal make hool the sorewis of hem; Y schal loue hem wilfuli, for my strong veniaunce is turned awei fro hem.

6 Y schal be as a dew, and Israel schal buriowne as a lilie. And the root therof schal breke out as of the Liban;

7 the braunchis therof schulen go. And the glorye therof schal be as an olyue tree, and the odour therof schal be as of the Liban.

8 Thei schulen be conuertid, and sitte in the schadewe of hym; thei schulen lyue bi wheete, and schulen buriowne as a vyne. The memorial therof schal be as the wyne of Liban.

9 Effraym, what schulen idols do more to me? Y schal here him, and Y schal dresse him as a greene fir tree. Thi fruit is foundun of me.

10 Who is wijs, and schal vndurstonde these thingis? who is vndurstondyng, and schal kunne these thingis? For the weies of the Lord ben riytful, and iust men schulen go in tho; but trespassours schulen falle in tho.