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Chapter 1[edit]

1 The bigynnyng of the gospel of Jhesu Crist, the sone of God.

2 As it is writun in Ysaie, the prophete, Lo! Y sende myn aungel bifor thi face, that schal make thi weie redi bifor thee.

3 The vois of a crier in desert, Make ye redi the weie of the Lord, make ye hise paththis riyt.

4 Joon was in desert baptisynge, and prechynge the baptym of penaunce, in to remissioun of synnes.

5 And al the cuntre of Judee wente out to hym, and alle men of Jerusalem; and thei weren baptisid of hym in the flom Jordan, `and knoulechiden her synnes.

6 And Joon was clothid with heeris of camels, and a girdil of skyn was about hise leendis; and he ete hony soukis, and wilde hony, and prechide,

7 and seide, A stronger than Y schal come aftir me, and Y am not worthi to knele doun, and vnlace his schoone.

8 Y haue baptisid you in watir; but he schal baptise you in the Hooli Goost.

9 And it was don in tho daies, Jhesus cam fro Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptisid of Joon in Jordan.

10 And anoon he wente up of the watir, and saye heuenes opened, and the Hooli Goost comynge doun as a culuer, and dwellynge in hym.

11 And a vois was maad fro heuenes, Thou art my loued sone, in thee Y am plesid.

12 And anoon the Spirit puttide hym forth in to deseert.

13 And he was in deseert fourti daies and fourti nyytis, and was temptid of Sathanas, and he was with beestis, and aungels mynystriden to hym.

14 But aftir that Joon was takun, Jhesus cam in to Galilee, and prechide the gospel of the kyngdoom of God,

15 and seide, That the tyme is fulfillid, and the kyngdoom of God schal come nyy; do ye penaunce, and bileue ye to the gospel.

16 And as he passide bisidis the see of Galilee, he say Symount, and Andrew, his brother, castynge her nettis in to the see; for thei weren fisscheris.

17 And Jhesus seide to hem, Come ye aftir me; Y schal make you to be maad fisscheris of men.

18 And anoon thei leften the nettis, and sueden hym.

19 And he yede forth fro thennus a litil, and siy James of Zebedee, and Joon, his brother, in a boot makynge nettis.

20 And anoon he clepide hem; and thei leften Zebedee, her fadir, in the boot with hiryd seruauntis, and thei suweden hym.

21 And thei entriden in to Capharnaum, and anoon in the sabatys he yede in to a synagoge, and tauyte hem.

22 And thei wondriden on his teching; for he tauyte hem, as he that hadde power, and not as scribis.

23 And in the synagoge of hem was a man in an vnclene spirit, and he criede out,

24 and seide, What to vs and to thee, thou Jhesu of Nazareth? hast thou come to distrie vs? Y woot that thou art the hooli of God.

25 And Jhesus thretenede hym, and seide, Wex doumbe, and go out of the man.

26 And the vnclene spirit debreidynge hym, and criynge with greet vois, wente out fro hym.

27 And alle men wondriden, so that thei souyten with ynne hem silf, and seiden, What thing is this? what newe doctrine is this? for in power he comaundith to vnclene spiritis, and thei obeyen to hym.

28 And the fame of hym wente forth anoon in to al the cuntree of Galilee.

29 And anoon thei yeden out of the synagoge, and camen into the hous of Symount and of Andrewe, with James and Joon.

30 And the modir of Symountis wijf lay sijk in fyueris; and anoon thei seien to hym of hyr.

31 And he cam nyy, and areride hir, and whanne he hadde take hir hoond, anoon the feuer lefte hir, and sche seruede hem.

32 But whanne the euentid was come, and the sonne was gon doun, thei brouyten to hym alle that weren of male ese, and hem that hadden fendis.

33 And al the citee was gaderid at the yate.

34 And he heelide many, that hadden dyuerse sijknessis, and he castide out many feendis, and he suffride hem not to speke, for thei knewen hym.

35 And he roos ful eerli, and yede out, and wente in to a desert place, and preiede there.

36 And Symount suede hym, and thei that weren with hym.

37 And whanne thei hadden founde hym, thei seiden to hym, That alle men seken thee.

38 And he seide to hem, Go we in to the next townes and citees, that Y preche also there, for her to Y cam.

39 And he prechide in the synagogis of hem, and in al Galilee, and castide out feendis.

40 And a leprouse man cam to hym, and bisouyte, `and knelide, and seide, If thou wolt, thou maist clense me.

41 And Jhesus hadde mercy on hym, and streiyte out his hoond, and towchyde hym, and seide to hym, I wole, be thou maad cleene.

42 And whanne he hadde seide this, anoon the lepre partyde awey fro hym, and he was clensyd.

43 And Jhesus thretenede hym, and anoon Jhesus putte hym out,

44 and seyde to hym, Se thou, seye to no man; but go, schewe thee to the pryncys of prestys, and offre for thi clensynge in to wytnessyng to hem, tho thingis that Moyses bad.

45 And he yede out, and bigan to preche, and publische the word, so that now he myyte not go opynli in to the citee, but be withoutforth in desert placis; and thei camen to hym on alle sidis.

Chapter 2[edit]

1 And eft he entride in to Cafarnaum, aftir eiyte daies.

2 And it was herd, that he was in an hous, and many camen to gidir, so that thei miyten not be in the hous, ne at the yate. And he spak to hem the word.

3 And there camen to hym men that brouyten a man sijk in palesie, which was borun of foure.

4 And whanne thei myyten not brynge hym to Jhesu for the puple, thei vnhileden the roof where he was, and openede it, and thei leten doun the bed in which the sijk man in palesie laye.

5 And whanne Jhesus hadde seyn the feith of hem, he seide to the sijk man in palesie, Sone, thi synnes ben foryouun to thee.

6 But there weren summe of the scribis sittynge, and thenkynge in her hertis,

7 What spekith he thus? He blasfemeth; who may foryyue synnes, but God aloone?

8 And whanne Jhesus hadde knowe this bi the Hooli Goost, that thei thouyten so with ynne hem silf, he seith to hem, What thenken ye these thingis in youre hertis?

9 What is liyter to seie to the sijk man in palesie, Synnes ben foryouun to thee, or to seie, Ryse, take thi bed, and walke?

10 But that ye wite that mannus sone hath power in erthe to foryyue synnes, he seide to the sijk man in palesie, Y seie to thee,

11 ryse vp, take thi bed, and go in to thin hous.

12 And anoon he roos vp, and whanne he hadde take the bed, he wente bifor alle men, so that alle men wondriden, and onoureden God, and seiden, For we seien neuer so.

13 And he wente out eftsoone to the see, and al the puple cam to hym; and he tauyte hem.

14 And whanne he passide, he saiy Leuy `of Alfei sittynge at the tolbothe, and he seide to hym, Sue me. And he roos, and suede hym.

15 And it was doon, whanne he sat at the mete in his hous, many pupplicans and synful men saten togidere at the mete with Jhesu and hise disciplis; for there weren many that folewiden hym.

16 And scribis and Farisees seynge, that he eet with pupplicans and synful men, seiden to hise disciplis, Whi etith and drynkith youre maystir with pupplicans and synneris?

17 Whanne this was herd, Jhesus seide to hem, Hoole men han no nede to a leche, but thei that ben yuel at eese; for Y cam not to clepe iust men, but synneris.

18 And the disciplis of Joon and the Farisees weren fastynge; and thei camen, and seien to hym, Whi fasten the disciplis of Joon, and the Farisees fasten, but thi disciplis fasten not?

19 And Jhesus seide to hem, Whether the sones of sposailis moun faste, as longe as the spouse is with hem? As long tyme as thei haue the spouse with hem, thei moun not faste.

20 But daies schulen come, whanne the spouse schal be takun awei fro hem, and thanne thei schulen faste in tho daies.

21 No man sewith a patche of newe clooth to an elde clooth, ellis he takith awei the newe patche fro the elde, and a more brekyng is maad.

22 And no man puttith newe wyn in to elde botelis, ellis the wyn schal breste the botels, and the wyn schal be sched out, and the botels schulen perische. But newe wyn schal be put into newe botels.

23 And it was doon eftsoones, whanne the Lord walkid in the sabotis bi the cornes, and hise disciplis bigunnen to passe forth, and plucke eeris of the corn.

24 And the Farisees seiden to hym, Lo! what thi disciplis doon in sabotis, that is not leeueful.

25 And he seide to hem, Radden ye neuer what Dauid dide, whanne he hadde nede, and he hungride, and thei that weren with hym?

26 Hou he wente in to the hous of God, vndur Abiathar, prince of prestis, and eete looues of proposicioun, which it was not leeueful to ete, but to preestis aloone, and he yaf to hem that weren with hym.

27 And he seide to hem, The sabat is maad for man, and not a man for the sabat; and so mannus sone is lord also of the sabat.

Chapter 3[edit]

1 And he entride eftsoone in to the synagoge, and there was a man hauynge a drye hoond.

2 And thei aspieden hym, if he helide in the sabatis, to accuse him.

3 And he seide to the man that hadde a drie hoond, Rise in to the myddil.

4 And he seith to hem, Is it leeueful to do wel in the sabatis, ether yuel? to make a soul saaf, ether to leese? And thei weren stille.

5 And he biheeld hem aboute with wraththe, and hadde sorewe on the blyndnesse of her herte, and seith to the man, Hold forth thin hoond. And he helde forth, and his hoond was restorid to hym.

6 Sotheli Farisees yeden out anoon, and maden a counsel with Erodians ayens hym, hou thei schulden lese hym.

7 But Jhesus with hise disciplis wente to the see; and myche puple fro Galilee and Judee suede hym,

8 and fro Jerusalem, and fro Ydume, and fro biyondis Jordan, and thei that weren aboute Tire and Sidon, a greet multitude, heringe the thingis that he dide, and cam to hym.

9 And Jhesus seide to hise disciplis, that the boot schulde serue hym, for the puple, lest thei thristen hym;

10 for he heelide many, so that thei felden fast to hym, to touche hym. And hou many euer hadde syknessis, and vnclene spirits,

11 whanne thei seyen hym, felden doun to hym, and crieden, seiynge, Thou art the sone of God.

12 And greetli he manasside hem, that thei schulden not make hym knowun.

13 And he wente in to an hille, and clepide to hym whom he wolde; and thei camen to hym.

14 And he made, that there weren twelue with hym, to sende hem to preche.

15 And he yaf to hem pouwer to heele sijknessis, and to caste out feendis.

16 And to Symount he yaf a name Petre, and he clepide James of Zebede and Joon,

17 the brother of James, and he yaf to hem names Boenarges, that is, sones of thundryng.

18 And he clepide Andrew and Filip, and Bartholomew and Matheu, and Thomas and James Alfey, and Thadee,

19 and Symount Cananee, and Judas Scarioth, that bitraiede hym.

20 And thei camen to an hous, and the puple cam togidere eftsoone, so that thei miyten not ete breed.

21 And whanne his kynnysmen hadden herd, thei wenten out `to holde him; for thei seiden, that he is turned in to woodnesse.

22 And the scribis that camen doun fro Jerusalem, seiden, That he hath Belsabub, and that in the prince of deuelis he castith out fendis.

23 And he clepide hem togidir, and he seide to hem in parablis, Hou may Sathanas caste out Sathanas?

24 And if a rewme be departid ayens it silf, thilke rewme may not stonde.

25 And if an hous be disparpoilid on it silf, thilke hous may not stonde.

26 And if Sathanas hath risun ayens hym silf, he is departid, and he schal not mowe stonde, but hath an ende.

27 No man may go in to a stronge mannus hous, and take awey hise vessels, but he bynde first the stronge man, and thanne he schal spoile his hous.

28 Treuli Y seie to you, that alle synnes and blasfemyes, bi whiche thei han blasfemed, schulen be foryouun to the sones of men.

29 But he that blasfemeth ayens the Hooli Goost, hath not remissioun in to with outen ende, but he schal be gilty of euerlastynge trespas.

30 For thei seiden, He hath an vnclene spirit.

31 And his modir and britheren camen, and thei stoden withoutforth, and senten to hym, and clepiden hym.

32 And the puple sat aboute hym; and thei seien to hym, Lo! thi modir and thi britheren with outforth seken thee.

33 And he answeride to hem, and seide, Who is my modir and my britheren?

34 And he bihelde thilke that saten aboute hym, and seide, Lo! my modir and my britheren.

35 For who that doith the wille of God, he is my brothir, and my sistir, and modir.

Chapter 4[edit]

1 And eft Jhesus bigan to teche at the see; and myche puple was gaderid to hym, so that he wente in to a boot, and sat in the see, and al the puple was aboute the see on the loond.

2 And he tauyte hem in parablis many thingis. And he seide to hem in his techyng,

3 Here ye. Lo! a man sowynge goith out to sowe.

4 And the while he sowith, summe seed felde aboute the weie, and briddis of heuene camen, and eeten it.

5 Othere felde doun on stony places, where it had not myche erthe; and anoon it spronge vp, for it had not depnesse of erthe.

6 And whanne the sunne roos vp, it welewide for heete, and it driede vp, for it hadde no roote.

7 And othere felde doun in to thornes, and thornes sprongen vp, and strangliden it, and it yaf not fruyt.

8 And other felde doun in to good loond, and yaf fruyt, springynge vp, and wexynge; and oon brouyte thretti foold, and oon sixti fold, and oon an hundrid fold.

9 And he seide, He that hath eeris of heryng, here he.

10 And whanne he was bi hym silf, tho twelue that weren with hym axiden hym to expowne the parable.

11 And he seide to hem, To you it is youun to knowe the priuete of the kyngdom of God. But to hem that ben with outforth, alle thingis be maad in parablis, that thei seynge se,

12 and se not, and thei herynge here and vnderstonde not; lest sum tyme thei be conuertid, and synnes be foryouun to hem.

13 And he seide to hem, Knowe not ye this parable? and hou ye schulen knowe alle parablis?

14 He that sowith, sowith a word.

15 But these it ben that ben aboute the weie, where the word is sowun; and whanne thei han herd, anoon cometh Satanas, and takith awei the word that is sowun in her hertis.

16 And in lijk maner ben these that ben sowun on stony placis, whiche whanne thei han herd the word, anoon thei taken it with ioye;

17 and thei han not roote in hem silf, but thei ben lastynge a litil tyme; aftirward whanne tribulacioun risith, and persecucioun for the word, anoon thei ben sclaundrid.

18 And ther ben othir that ben sowun in thornes; these it ben that heren the word,

19 and disese of the world, and disseit of ritchessis, and othir charge of coueytise entrith, and stranglith the word, and it is maad with out fruyt.

20 And these it ben that ben sowun on good lond, whiche heren the word, and taken, and maken fruyt, oon thritti fold, oon sixti fold, and oon an hundrid fold.

21 And he seide to hem, Wher a lanterne cometh, that it be put vndur a buschel, or vndur a bed? nay, but that it be put on a candilstike?

22 Ther is no thing hid, that schal not be maad opyn; nethir ony thing is pryuey, that schal not come in to opyn.

23 If ony man haue eeris of heryng, here he.

24 And he seide to hem, Se ye what ye heren. In what mesure ye meten, it schal be metun to you ayen, and be cast to you.

25 For it schal be youun to hym that hath, and it schal be takun awei fro him that hath not, also that that he hath.

26 And he seide, So the kingdom of God is, as if a man caste seede in to the erthe,

27 and he sleepe, and it rise up niyt and dai, and brynge forth seede, and wexe faste, while he woot not.

28 For the erthe makith fruyt, first the gras, aftirward the ere, and aftir ful fruyt in the ere.

29 And whanne of it silf it hath brouyt forth fruyt, anoon he sendith a sikil, for repyng tyme is come.

30 And he seide, To what thing schulen we likne the kyngdom of God? or to what parable schulen we comparisoun it?

31 As a corne of seneuei, which whanne it is sowun in the erthe, is lesse than alle seedis that ben in the erthe;

32 and whanne it is sprongun up, it waxith in to a tre, and is maad gretter than alle erbis; and it makith grete braunchis, so that briddis of heuene moun dwelle vndur the schadewe therof.

33 And in many suche parablis he spak to hem the word, as thei myyten here;

34 and he spak not to hem with out parable. But he expownede to hise disciplis alle thingis bi hemsilf.

35 And he seide to hem in that dai, whanne euenyng was come, Passe we ayenward.

36 And thei leften the puple, and token hym, so that he was in a boot; and othere bootys weren with hym.

37 And a greet storm of wynde was maad, and keste wawis in to the boot, so that the boot was ful.

38 And he was in the hyndir part of the boot, and slepte on a pilewe. And thei reisen hym, and seien to hym, Maistir, perteyneth it not to thee, that we perischen?

39 And he roos vp, and manasside the wynde, and seide to the see, Be stille, wexe doumbe. And the wynde ceesside, and greet pesiblenesse was maad.

40 And he seide to hem, What dreden ye? `Ye han no feith yit? And thei dredden with greet drede, and seiden `ech to other, Who, gessist thou, is this? for the wynde and the see obeschen to hym.

Chapter 5[edit]

1 And thei camen ouer the see in to the cuntree of Gerasenes.

2 And aftir that he was goon out of the boot, anoon a man in an vncleene spirit ran out of birielis to hym.

3 Which man hadde an hous in biriels, and nether with cheynes now myyte ony man bynde hym.

4 For ofte tymes he was boundun in stockis and chaynes, and he hadde broke the chaynes, and hadde broke the stockis to smale gobetis, and no man myyte make hym tame.

5 And euermore, nyyt and dai, in birielis and in hillis, he was criynge and betynge hym silf with stoonus.

6 And he siy Jhesus afer, and ran, and worschipide hym.

7 And he criede with greet voice, and seide, What to me and to thee, thou Jhesu, the sone of the hiyest God? Y coniure thee bi God, that thou turmente me not.

8 And Jhesus seide to hym, Thou vnclene spirit, go out fro the man.

9 And Jhesus axide hym, What is thi name? And he seith to hym, A legioun is my name; for we ben many.

10 And he preiede Jhesu myche, that he schulde not putte hym out of the cuntrei.

11 And there was there aboute the hille a greet flok of swyn lesewynge.

12 And the spiritis preieden Jhesu, and seiden, Sende vs into the swyn, that we entre in to hem.

13 And anoon Jhesus grauntide to hem. And the vnclene spiritis yeden out, and entriden in to the swyn, and with a greet birre the flocke was cast doun in to the see, a twei thousynde, and thei weren dreynt in the see.

14 And thei that kepten hem, fledden, and tolden in to the citee, and in to the feeldis; and thei wenten out, to se what was don.

15 And thei camen to Jhesu, and sayn hym that hadde be trauelid of the feend, syttynge clothid, and of hool mynde; and thei dredden.

16 And thei that saien, hou it was don to hym that hadde a feend, and of the swyne, telden to hem.

17 And thei bigunnen to preie hym, that he schulde go a wei fro her coostis.

18 And whanne he yede up in to a boot, he that was trauelid of the deuel, bigan to preie hym, that he schulde be with hym.

19 But Jhesus resseyuede hym not, but seide to hym, Go thou in to thin hous to thine, and telle to hem, hou grete thingis the Lord hath don to thee, and hadde merci of thee.

20 And he wente forth, and bigan to preche in Decapoli, hou grete thingis Jhesus hadde don to hym; and alle men wondriden.

21 And whanne Jhesus hadde gon vp in to the boot eftsoone ouer the see, myche puple cam togidere to him, and was aboute the see.

22 And oon of the princis of synagogis, bi name Jayrus, cam, and siy hym, and felde doun at hise feet,

23 and preyede hym myche, and seide, My douyter is nyy deed; come thou, putte thin hoond on her, that sche be saaf, and lyue.

24 And he wente forth with hym, and myche puple suede hym, and thruste hym.

25 And a womman hadde ben in the blodi fluxe twelue yeer,

26 and hadde resseyued many thingis of ful many lechis, and hadde spendid al hir good, and was nothing amendid, but was rather the wors, whanne sche hadde herd of Jhesu,

27 sche cam among the puple bihynde, and touchide his cloth.

28 For sche seide, That if Y touche yhe his cloth, Y schal be saaf.

29 And anoon the welle of hir blood was dried vp, and sche felide in bodi that sche was heelid of the siknesse.

30 And anoon Jhesus knewe in hym silf the vertu that was goon out of hym, and turnede to the puple, and seide, Who touchide my clothis?

31 And hise disciplis seiden to hym, Thou seest the puple thristynge thee, and seist, Who touchide me?

32 And Jhesus lokide aboute to se hir that hadde don this thing.

33 And the womman dredde, and quakide, witynge that it was doon in hir, and cam, and felde doun bifor hym, and seide to hym al the treuthe.

34 And Jhesus seide to hyr, Douytir, thi feith hath maad thee saaf; go in pees, and be thou hool of thi sijknesse.

35 Yit while he spak, messangeris camen to the prince of the synagoge, and seien, Thi douytir is deed; what traueilist thou the maistir ferther?

36 But whanne the word was herd that was seid, Jhesus seide to the prince of the synagoge, Nyle thou drede, oonli bileue thou.

37 And he took no man to sue hym, but Petir, and James, and Joon, the brother of James.

38 And thei camen in to the hous of the prince of the synagoge. And he saie noyse, and men wepynge and weilynge myche.

39 And he yede ynne, and seide to hem, What ben ye troublid, and wepen? The damesel is not deed, but slepith.

40 And thei scorneden hym. But whanne alle weren put out, he takith the fadir and the modir of the damesel, and hem that weren with hym, and thei entren, where the damysel laye.

41 And he helde the hoond of the damesel, and seide to hir, Tabita, cumy, that is to seie, Damysel, Y seie to thee, arise.

42 And anoon the damysel roos, and walkide; and sche was of twelue yeer. And thei weren abaischid with a greet stonying. And he comaundide to hem greetli, that no man schulde wite it.

43 And he comaundide to yyue hir mete.

Chapter 6[edit]

1 And he yede out fro thennus, and wente in to his owne cuntre; and hise disciplis folewiden him.

2 And whanne the sabat was come, Jhesus bigan to teche in a synagoge. And many herden, and wondriden in his techyng, and seiden, Of whennus to this alle these thingis? and what is the wisdom that is youun to hym, and siche vertues whiche ben maad bi hise hondis?

3 Whether this is not a carpenter, the sone of Marie, the brother of James and of Joseph and of Judas and of Symount? whether hise sistris ben not here with vs? And thei weren sclaundrid in hym.

4 And Jhesus seide to hem, That a profete is not without onoure, but in his owne cuntrey, and among his kynne, and in his hous.

5 And he myyte not do there ony vertu, saue that he helide a fewe sijk men, leiynge on hem hise hoondis.

6 And he wondride for the vnbileue of hem. And he wente aboute casteles on ech side, and tauyte.

7 And he clepide togidere twelue, and bigan to sende hem bi two togidere; and yaf to hem power of vnclene spiritis,

8 and comaundide hem, that thei schulde not take ony thing in the weie, but a yerde oneli, not a scrippe, ne breed, nether money in the girdil,

9 but schod with sandalies, and that thei schulden not be clothid with twei cootis.

10 And he seide to hem, Whidur euer ye entren in to an hous, dwelle ye there, til ye goon out fro thennus.

11 And who euer resseyueth you not, ne herith you, go ye out fro thennus, and schake awei the powdir fro youre feet, in to witnessyng to hem.

12 And thei yeden forth, and prechiden, that men schulden do penaunce.

13 And thei castiden out many feendis, and anoyntiden with oyle many sijk men, and thei weren heelid.

14 And kyng Eroude herde, for his name was maad opyn, and seide, That Joon Baptist hath risen ayen fro deeth, and therfor vertues worchen in hym.

15 Othir seiden, That it is Helie; but othir seiden, That it is a profete, as oon of profetis.

16 And whanne this thing was herd, Eroude seide, This Joon, whom Y haue biheedide, is risun ayen fro deeth.

17 For thilke Eroude sente, and helde Joon, and boond hym in to prisoun, for Erodias, the wijf of Filip, his brothir; for he hadde weddid hir.

18 For Joon seide to Eroude, It is not leueful to thee, to haue the wijf of thi brothir.

19 And Erodias leide aspies to hym, and wolde sle hym, and myyte not.

20 And Eroude dredde Joon, and knewe hym a iust man and hooli, and kepte hym. And Eroude herde hym, and he dide many thingis, and gladli herde hym.

21 And whanne a couenable dai was fallun, Eroude in his birthdai made a soper to the princis, and tribunes, and to the grettest of Galilee.

22 And whanne the douyter of thilke Erodias was comun ynne, and daunside, and pleside to Eroude, and also to men that saten at the mete, the kyng seide to the damysel, Axe thou of me what thou wolt, and Y schal yyue to thee.

23 And he swore to hir, That what euer thou axe, Y schal yyue to thee, thouy it be half my kyngdom.

24 And whanne sche hadde goon out, sche seide to hir modir, What schal Y axe? And sche seide, The heed of Joon Baptist.

25 And whanne sche was comun ynne anoon with haast to the kyng, sche axide, and seide, Y wole that anoon thou yyue to me in a dische the heed of Joon Baptist.

26 And the kyng was sori for the ooth, and for men that saten togidere at the meete he wolde not make hir sori;

27 but sente a manqueller and comaundide, that Joones heed were brouyt in a dissche. And he bihedide hym in the prisoun,

28 and brouyte his heed in a disch, and yaf it to the damysel, and the damysel yaf to hir modir.

29 And whanne this thing was herd, hise disciplis camen, and token his bodi, and leiden it in a biriel.

30 And the apostlis camen togidere to Jhesu, and telden to hym alle thingis, that thei hadden don, and tauyt.

31 And he seide to hem, Come ye bi you silf in to a desert place; and reste ye a litil. For there were many that camen, and wenten ayen, and thei hadden not space to ete.

32 And thei yeden in to a boot, and wenten in to a desert place bi hem silf.

33 And thei sayn hem go awei, and many knewen, and thei wenten afoote fro alle citees, and runnen thidur, and camen bifor hem.

34 And Jhesus yede out, and saiy myche puple, and hadde reuth on hem, for thei weren as scheep not hauynge a scheepherd. And he bigan to teche hem many thingis.

35 And whanne it was forth daies, hise disciplis camen, and seiden, This is a desert place, and the tyme is now passid;

36 lete hem go in to the nexte townes and villagis, to bie hem meete to ete.

37 And he answeride, and seide to hem, Yyue ye to hem to ete. And thei seiden to hym, Go we, and bie we looues with two hundrid pens, and we schulen yyue to hem to ete.

38 And he seith to hem, Hou many looues han ye? Go ye, and se. And whanne thei hadden knowe, thei seien, Fyue, and two fischis.

39 And he comaundide to hem, that thei schulden make alle men sitte to mete bi cumpanyes, on greene heye.

40 And thei saten doun bi parties, bi hundridis, and bi fifties.

41 And whanne he hadde take the fyue looues, and twei fischis, he biheelde in to heuene, and blesside, and brak looues, and yaf to hise disciplis, that thei schulden sette bifor hem. And he departide twei fischis to alle;

42 and alle eeten, and weren fulfillid.

43 And thei token the relifs of brokun metis, twelue cofyns ful, and of the fischis.

44 And thei that eeten, weren fyue thousynde of men.

45 And anoon he maad hise disciplis to go up in to a boot, to passe bifor hym ouer the se to Bethsaida, the while he lefte the puple.

46 And whanne he hadde left hem, he wente in to an hille, to preye.

47 And whanne it was euen, the boot was in the myddil of the see, and he aloone in the loond;

48 and he say hem trauelynge in rowyng; for the wynde was contrarie to hem. And aboute the fourthe wakynge of the nyyt, he wandride on the see, and cam to hem, and wolde passe hem.

49 And as thei sayn hym wandrynge on the see, thei gessiden that it weren a fantum, and crieden out;

50 for alle sayn hym, and thei weren afraied. And anoon he spak with hem, and seide to hem, Triste ye, Y am; nyle ye drede.

51 And he cam vp to hem in to the boot, and the wynde ceesside. And thei wondriden more `with ynne hem silf;

52 for thei vndurstoden not of the looues; for her herte was blyndid.

53 And whanne thei weren passid ouer the see, thei camen in to the lond of Genasareth, and settiden to loond.

54 And whanne thei weren gon out of the boot, anoon thei knewen hym.

55 And thei ranne thorou al that cuntre, and bigunnen to brynge sijk men in beddis on eche side, where thei herden that he was.

56 And whidur euer `he entride in to villagis, ethir in to townes, or in to citees, thei setten sijk men in stretis, and preiden hym, that thei schulden touche namely the hemme of his cloth; and hou many that touchiden hym, weren maad saaf.

Chapter 7[edit]

1 And the Farisees and summe of the scribis camen fro Jerusalem togidir to hym.

2 And whanne thei hadden seen summe of hise disciplis ete breed with vnwaisschen hoondis, thei blameden.

3 The Farisees and alle the Jewis eten not, but thei waisschen ofte her hoondis, holdynge the tradiciouns of eldere men.

4 And whanne thei turnen ayen fro chepyng, thei eten not, but thei ben waisschen; and many other thingis ben, `that ben taken `to hem to kepe, wasschyngis of cuppis, and of watir vessels, and of vessels of bras, and of beddis.

5 And Farisees and scribis axiden hym, and seiden, Whi gon not thi disciplis aftir the tradicioun of eldere men, but with vnwasschen hondis thei eten breed?

6 And he answeride, and seide to hem, Ysaie prophesiede wel of you, ypocritis, as it is writun, This puple worschipith me with lippis, but her herte is fer fro me;

7 and in veyn thei worschipen me, techinge the doctrines and the heestis of men.

8 For ye leeuen the maundement of God, and holden the tradiciouns of men, wasschyngis of watir vessels, and of cuppis; and many othir thingis lijk to these ye doon.

9 And he seide to hem, Wel ye han maad the maundement of God voide, `to kepe youre tradicioun.

10 For Moyses seide, Worschipe thi fadir and thi modir; and he that cursith fadir or modir, die he by deeth.

11 But ye seien, If a man seie to fadir or modir, Corban, that is, What euer yifte is of me, it schal profite to thee;

12 and ouer ye suffren not hym do ony thing to fadir or modir,

13 and ye breken the word of God bi youre tradicioun, that ye han youun; and ye don many suche thingis.

14 And he eftsoone clepide the puple, and seide to hem, Ye alle here me, and vndurstonde.

15 No thing that is withouten a man, that entrith in to hym, may defoule him; but tho thingis that comen forth of a man, tho it ben that defoulen a man.

16 If ony man haue eeris of hering, here he.

17 And whanne he was entrid in to an hous, fro the puple, hise disciplis axiden hym the parable.

18 And he seide to hem, Ye ben vnwise also. Vndurstonde ye not, that al thing without forth that entreth in to a man, may not defoule hym?

19 for it hath not entrid in to his herte, but in to the wombe, and bynethe it goith out, purgynge alle metis.

20 But he seide, The thingis that gon out of a man, tho defoulen a man.

21 For fro with ynne, of the herte of men comen forth yuel thouytis, auowtries,

22 fornycaciouns, mansleyingis, theftis, auaricis, wickidnessis, gile, vnchastite, yuel iye, blasfemyes, pride, foli.

23 Alle these yuels comen forth fro with ynne, and defoulen a man.

24 And Jhesus roos vp fro thennus, and wente in to the coostis of Tyre and of Sidon. And he yede in to an hous, and wolde that no man wiste; and he myyte not be hid.

25 For a womman, anoon as sche herd of hym, whos douytir hadde an vnclene spirit, entride, and fel doun at hise feet.

26 And the womman was hethen, of the generacioun of Sirofenyce. And sche preiede hym, that he wolde caste out a deuel fro hir douyter.

27 And he seide to hir, Suffre thou, that the children be fulfillid first; for it is not good to take the breed of children, and yyue to houndis.

28 And sche answeride, and seide to him, Yis, Lord; for litil whelpis eten vndur the bord, of the crummes of children.

29 And Jhesus seide to hir, Go thou, for this word the feend wente out of thi douytir.

30 And whanne sche was gon in to hir hous home, sche foonde the damysel ligynge on the bed, and the deuel gon out fro hir.

31 And eftsoones Jhesus yede out fro the coostis of Tire, and cam thorou Sidon to the see of Galilee, bitwixe the myddil of the coostis of Decapoleos.

32 And thei bryngen to hym a man deef and doumbe, and preieden hym to leye his hoond on hym.

33 And he took hym asidis fro the puple, and puttide hise fyngris in to hise eris; and he spetide, and touchide his tonge.

34 And he bihelde in to heuene, and sorewide with ynne, and seide, Effeta, that is, Be thou openyd.

35 And anoon hise eris weren openyd, and the boond of his tunge was vnboundun, and he spak riytli.

36 And he comaundide to hem, that thei schulden seie to no man; but hou myche he comaundide to hem, so myche more thei prechiden,

37 and bi so myche more thei wondriden, and seiden, He dide wel alle thingis, and he made deef men to here, and doumbe men to speke.

Chapter 8[edit]

1 In tho daies eft, whanne myche puple was with Jhesu, and hadden not what thei schulden ete, whanne hise disciplis weren clepid togidir,

2 he seide to hem, I haue reuth on the puple, for lo! now the thridde dai thei abiden me, and han not what to ete;

3 and if Y leeue hem fastynge in to her hous, thei schulen faile in the weie; for summe of hem camen fro fer.

4 And hise disciplis answerden to hym, Wherof schal a man mowe fille hem with looues here in wildirnesse?

5 And he axide hem, Hou many looues han ye?

6 Whiche seiden, Seuene. And he comaundide the puple to sitte doun on the erthe. And he took the seuene looues, and dide thankyngis, and brak, and yaf to hise disciplis, that thei schulden sette forth. And thei settiden forth to the puple.

7 And thei hadden a few smale fischis; and he blesside hem, and comaundide, that thei weren sette forth.

8 And thei eten, and weren fulfillid; and thei token vp that that lefte of relifs, seuene lepis.

9 And thei that eeten, weren as foure thousynde of men; and he lefte hem.

10 And anoon he wente vp in to a boot, with hise disciplis, and cam in to the coostis of Dalmamytha.

11 And the Farisees wenten out, and bigunnen to dispuyte with hym, and axiden a tokne of hym fro heuene, and temptiden hym.

12 And he sorewynge `with ynne in spirit, seide, What sekith this generacioun a tokne? Treuli Y seie to you, a tokene schal not be youun to this generacioun.

13 And he lefte hem, and wente vp eftsoone in to a boot, and wente ouer the see.

14 And thei foryaten to take breed, and thei hadden not with hem but o loof in the boot.

15 And he comaundide hem, and seide, Se ye, and `be war of the sowre dowy of Farisees, and of the sowrdowy of Eroude.

16 And thei thouyten, and seiden oon to anothir, For we han not looues.

17 And whanne this thing was knowun, Jhesus seide to hem, What thenken ye, for ye han not looues? Yit ye knowun not, ne vndurstonden; yit ye han youre herte blyndid.

18 Ye hauynge iyen, seen not, and ye hauynge eeris, heren not; nethir ye han mynde,

19 whanne Y brak fyue looues among fyue thousynde, and hou many cofynes ful of brokun meete `ye tokun vp? Thei seien to hym, Twelue.

20 Whanne also seuene looues among foure thousynde of men, hou many lepis of brokun mete tokun ye vp?

21 And thei seien to hym, Seuene. And he seide to hem, Hou vndurstonden ye not yit?

22 And thei camen to Bethsaida, and thei bryngen to hym a blynde man, and thei preieden hym, that he schulde touche hym.

23 And whanne he hadde take the blynde mannus hoond, he ledde hym out of the street, and spete in to hise iyen, and sette hise hoondis on hym; and he axide hym, if he saye ony thing.

24 And he [1] bihelde, and seide, Y se men as trees walkynge.

25 Aftirward eftsoones he sette hise hondis on hise iyen, and he bigan to see, and he was restorid, so that he saiy cleerli alle thingis.

26 And he sente hym in to his hous, and seide, Go in to thin hous; and if thou goist in to the streete, seie to no man.

27 And Jhesus entride and hise disciplis in to the castels of Cesarye of Philip. And in the weie he axide hise disciplis, and seide to hem, Whom seien men that Y am?

28 Whiche answeriden to hym, and seiden, Summen seien, Joon Baptist; other seien, Heli; and other seien, as oon of the prophetis.

29 Thanne he seith to hem, But whom seien ye that Y am? Petre answeride, and seide to hym, Thou art Crist.

30 And he chargide hem, that thei schulden not seie of hym to ony man.

31 And he bigan to teche hem, that it bihoueth mannus sone to suffre many thingis, and to be repreued of the elder men, and of the hiyest prestis, and the scribis, and to be slayn, and aftir thre dayes, to rise ayen.

32 And he spak pleynli the word. And Peter took hym, and bigan to blame hym, and seide, Lord, be thou merciful to thee, for this schal not be.

33 And he turnede, and saiy hise disciplis, and manasside Petir, and seide, Go after me, Satanas; for thou sauerist not tho thingis that ben of God, but tho thingis that ben of men.

34 And whanne the puple was clepid togidere, with hise disciplis, he seide to hem, If ony man wole come after me, denye he hym silf, and take his cros, and sue he me.

35 For he that wole make saaf his lijf, schal leese it; and he that leesith his lijf for me, and for the gospel, schal make it saaf.

36 For what profitith it to a man, if he wynne al the world, and do peiryng to his soule?

37 or what chaunging schal a man yyue for his soule?

38 But who that knoulechith me and my wordis in this generacioun avowtresse and synful, also mannus sone schal knouleche him, whanne he schal come in the glorie of his fadir, with his aungels.

39 And he seide to hem, Treuli Y seie to you, that there ben summen stondynge here, whiche schulen not taste deth, til thei seen the rewme of God comynge in vertu.

  1. [Note: he saw derkli the bodies of hem to be mofede hidere and thidere.]

Chapter 9[edit]

1 And aftir sixe daies Jhesus took Petre, and James, and Joon, and ledde hem bi hem silf aloone in to an hiy hille; and he was transfigurid bifor hem.

2 And hise clothis weren maad ful schynynge and white as snow, whiche maner white clothis a fuller may not make on erthe.

3 And Helie with Moises apperide to hem, and thei spaken with Jhesu.

4 And Petre answeride, and seide to Jhesu, Maister, it is good vs to be here; and make we here thre tabernaclis, oon to thee, oon to Moyses, and oon to Helie.

5 For he wiste not what he schulde seie; for thei weren agaste bi drede.

6 And ther was maad a cloude overschadewynge hem; and a vois cam of the cloude, and seide, This is my moost derworth sone, here ye hym.

7 And anoon thei bihelden aboute, and sayn no more ony man, but Jhesu oonli with hem.

8 And whanne thei camen doun fro the hille, he comaundide hem, that thei schulden not telle to ony man tho thingis that thei hadden seen, but whanne mannus sone hath risun ayen fro deeth.

9 And thei helden the word at hem silf, sekynge what this schulde be, whanne he hadde risun ayen fro deth.

10 And thei axiden hym, and seiden, What thanne seien Farisees and scribis, for it bihoueth `Helie to come first.

11 And he answeride, and seide to hem, Whanne Helie cometh, he schal first restore alle thingis; and as it is writun of mannus sone, that he suffre many thingis, and be dispisid.

12 And Y seie to you, that Helie is comun, and thei diden to hym what euer thingis thei wolden, as it is writun of hym.

13 And he comynge to hise disciplis, saiy a greet cumpany aboute hem, and scribis disputynge with hem.

14 And anoon al the puple seynge Jhesu, was astonyed, and thei dredden; and thei rennynge gretten hym.

15 And he axide hem, What disputen ye among you?

16 And oon of the cumpany answerde, and seide, Mayster, Y haue brouyt to thee my sone, that hath a doumbe spirit; and where euer he takith hym,

17 he hurtlith hym doun, and he fometh, and betith togidir with teeth, and wexith drye. And Y seide to thi disciplis, that thei schulden caste hym out, and thei myyten not.

18 And he answeride to hem, and seide, A! thou generacioun out of bileue, hou longe schal Y be among you, hou longe schal Y suffre you? Brynge ye hym to me.

19 And thei brouyten hym. And whanne he had seyn him, anoon the spirit troublide him; and was throw doun to grounde, and walewide, and fomede.

20 And he axide his fadir, Hou longe `is it, sith this `hath falle to hym? And he seide, Fro childhode;

21 and ofte he hath put hym in to fier, and in to watir, to leese hym; but if thou maiste ony thing, helpe vs, and haue merci on vs.

22 And Jhesus seide to hym, If thou maiste bileue, alle thingis ben possible to man that bileueth.

23 And anoon the fadir of the child criede with teeris, and seide, Lord, Y bileue; Lord, helpe thou myn vnbileue.

24 And whanne Jhesus hadde seyn the puple rennynge togidere, he manasside the vnclene spirit, and seide to hym, Thou deef and doumbe spirit, Y comaunde thee, go out fro hym, and entre no more in to hym.

25 And he criynge, and myche to breidynge him, wente out fro hym; and he was maad as deed, so that many seiden, that he was deed.

26 And Jhesus helde his hoond, and lifte hym vp; and he roos.

27 And whanne he hadde entrid in to an hous, hise disciplis axiden hym priueli, Whi myyten not we caste hym out?

28 And he seide to hem, This kynde in no thing may go out, but in preier and fastyng.

29 And thei yeden fro thennus, and wente forth in to Galile; and thei wolden not, that ony man wiste.

30 And he tauyte hise disciplis, and seide to hem, For mannus sone schal be bitrayed in to the hondis of men, and thei schulen sle hym, and he slayn schal ryse ayen on the thridde day.

31 And thei knewen not the word, and dredden to axe hym.

32 And thei camen to Cafarnaum. And whanne thei weren in the hous, he axide hem, What tretiden ye in the weie?

33 And thei weren stille; for thei disputiden among hem in the weie, who of hem schulde be grettest.

34 And he sat, and clepide the twelue, and seide to hem, If ony man wole be the firste among you, he schal be the laste of alle, and the mynyster of alle.

35 And he took a child, and sette hym in the myddil of hem; and whanne he hadde biclippid hym, he seide to hem,

36 Who euer resseyueth oon of such children in my name, he resseyueth me; and who euer resseyueth me, he resseyueth not me aloone, but hym that sente me.

37 Joon answeride to hym, and seide, Maister, we sayn oon castynge out feendis in thi name, which sueth not vs, and we han forbodun hym.

38 And Jhesus seide, Nyle ye forbede him; for ther is no man that doith vertu in my name, and may soone speke yuel of me.

39 He that is not ayens vs, is for vs.

40 And who euer yyueth you a cuppe of coold water to drynke in my name, for ye ben of Crist, treuli Y seie to you, he schal not leese his mede.

41 And who euer schal sclaundre oon of these litle that bileuen in me, it were betere to hym that a mylne stoon `of assis were don aboute his necke, and he were cast in to the see.

42 And if thin hoond sclaundre thee, kitte it awey; it is betere to thee to entre feble in to lijf, than haue two hondis, and go in to helle, in to fier that neuer schal be quenchid,

43 where the worm of hem dieth not, and the fier is not quenchid.

44 And if thi foote sclaundre thee, kitte it of; it is betere to thee to entre crokid in to euerlastynge lijf, than haue twei feet, and be sent in to helle of fier, that neuer schal be quenchid,

45 where the worme of hem dieth not, and the fier is not quenchid.

46 That if thin iye sclaundre thee, cast it out; it is betere to thee to entre gogil iyed in to the reume of God, than haue twey iyen, and be sent in to helle of fier, where the worme of hem dieth not,

47 and the fier is not quenchid.

48 And euery man schal be saltid with fier, and euery slayn sacrifice schal be maad sauery with salt.

49 Salt is good; if salt be vnsauery, in what thing schulen ye make it sauery? Haue ye salt among you, and haue ye pees among you.

Chapter 10[edit]

1 And Jhesus roos vp fro thennus, and cam in to the coostis of Judee ouer Jordan; and eftsoones the puple cam togidere to hym, and as he was wont, eftsoone he tauyte hem.

2 And the Farisees camen, and axiden hym, Whether it be leueful to a man to leeue his wijf? and thei temptiden hym.

3 And he answeride, and seide to hem, What comaundide Moises to you?

4 And thei seiden, Moises suffride to write a libel of forsaking, and to forsake.

5 `To whiche Jhesus answeride, and seide, For the hardnesse of youre herte Moises wroot to you this comaundement.

6 But fro the bigynnyng of creature God made hem male and female;

7 and seide, For this thing a man schal leeue his fadir and modir,

8 and schal drawe to hys wijf, and thei schulen be tweyne in o flesch. And so now thei ben not tweyne, but o flesch.

9 Therfor that thing that God ioynede togidere, no man departe.

10 And eftsoone in the hous hise disciplis axiden hym of the same thing.

11 And he seide to hem, Who euer leeuith his wijf, and weddith another, he doith auowtri on hir.

12 And if the wijf leeue hir housebonde, and be weddid to another man, sche doith letcherie.

13 And thei brouyten to hym litle children, that he schulde touche hem; and the disciplis threteneden the men, that brouyten hem.

14 And whanne Jhesus hadde seyn hem, he baar heuy, and seide to hem, Suffre ye litle children to come to me, and forbede ye hem not, for of suche is the kyngdom of God.

15 Treuli Y seie to you, who euer resseyueth not the kyngdom of God as a litil child, he schal not entre in to it.

16 And he biclippide hem, and leide hise hondis on hem, and blisside hem.

17 And whanne Jhesus was gon out in the weie, a man ranne bifore, and knelide bifor hym, and preiede hym, and seide, Good maister, what schal Y do, that Y resseyue euerlastynge lijf?

18 And Jhesus seide to hym, What seist thou, that Y am good? Ther is no man good, but God hym silf.

19 Thou knowist the comaundementis, do thou noon auowtrie, `sle not, stele not, seie not fals witnessyng, do no fraude, worschipe thi fadir and thi modir.

20 And he answeride, and seide to hym, Maister, Y haue kept alle these thingis fro my yongthe.

21 And Jhesus bihelde hym, and louede hym, and seide to hym, O thing faileth to thee; go thou, and sille alle thingis that thou hast, and yyue to pore men, and thou schalt haue tresoure in heuene; and come, sue thou me.

22 And he was ful sori in the word, and wente awei mornyng, for he hadde many possessiouns.

23 And Jhesus bihelde aboute, and seide to hise disciplis, Hou hard thei that han ritchessis schulen entre in to the kyngdom of God.

24 And the disciplis weren astonyed in hise wordis. And Jhesus eftsoone answeride, and seide `to hem, Ye litle children, hou hard it is for men that tristen in ritchessis to entre in to the kyngdom of God.

25 It is liyter a camele to passe thorou a nedlis iye, than a riche man to entre in to the kyngdom of God.

26 And thei wondriden more, and seiden among hem silf, And who may be sauyd?

27 And Jhesus bihelde hem, and seide, Anentis men it is impossible, but not anentis God; for alle thingis ben possible anentis God.

28 And Petir bigan to seie to hym, Lo! we han left alle thingis, and han sued thee.

29 Jhesus answeride, and seide, Treuli Y seie to you, ther is no man that leeueth hous, or britheren, or sistris, or fadir, or modir, or children, or feeldis for me and for the gospel,

30 which schal not take an hundrid fold so myche now in this tyme, housis, and britheren, and sistris, and modris, and children, and feeldis, with persecuciouns, and in the world to comynge euerlastynge lijf.

31 But many schulen be, the firste the last, and the last the firste.

32 And thei weren in the weie goynge vp to Jerusalem; and Jhesus wente bifor hem, and thei wondriden, and foleweden, and dredden. And eftsoone Jhesus took the twelue, and bigan to seie to hem, what thingis weren to come to hym.

33 For lo! we stien to Jerusalem, and mannus sone schal be bitraied to the princis of prestis, and to scribis, and to the eldre men; and thei schulen dampne hym bi deth, and thei schulen take hym to hethene men. And thei schulen scorne hym,

34 and bispete hym, and bete him; and thei schulen sle hym, and in the thridde dai he schal rise ayen.

35 And James and Joon, Zebedees sones, camen to hym, and seiden, Maister, we wolen, that what euer we axen, thou do to vs.

36 And he seide to hem, What wolen ye that Y do to you?

37 And thei seiden, Graunte to vs, that we sitten `the toon at thi riythalf, and the tother at thi left half, in thi glorie.

38 And Jhesus seide to hem, Ye witen not what ye axen; moun ye drynke the cuppe, which Y schal drynke, or be waischun with the baptym, in which Y am baptisid?

39 And thei seiden to hym, We moun. And Jhesus seide to hem, Ye schulen drynke the cuppe that Y drynke, and ye schulen be waschun with the baptym, in which Y am baptisid;

40 but to sitte at my riythalf or lefthalf is not myn to yyue to you, but to whiche it is maad redi.

41 And the ten herden, and bigunnen to haue indignacioun of James and Joon.

42 But Jhesus clepide hem, and seide to hem, Ye witen, that thei that semen to haue prynshode of folkis, ben lordis of hem, and the princes of hem han power of hem.

43 But it is not so among you, but who euer wole be maad gretter, schal be youre mynyster;

44 and who euer wole be the firste among you, schal be seruaunt of alle.

45 For whi mannus sone cam not, that it schulde be mynystrid to hym, but that he schulde mynystre, and yyue his lijf ayenbiyng for manye.

46 And thei camen to Jerico; and whanne he yede forth fro Jerico, and hise disciplis, and a ful myche puple, Barthymeus, a blynde man, the sone of Thimei, sat bisidis the weie, and beggide.

47 And whanne he herde, that it is Jhesus of Nazareth, he bigan to crie, and seie, Jhesu, the sone of Dauid, haue merci on me.

48 And manye thretneden hym, that he schulde be stille; and he criede myche the more, Jhesu, the sone of Dauid, haue merci on me.

49 And Jhesus stood, and comaundide hym to be clepid; and thei clepen the blynde man, and seien to hym, Be thou of betere herte, rise vp, he clepith thee.

50 And he castide awei his cloth, and skippide, and cam to hym.

51 And Jhesus answeride, and seide to hym, What wolt thou, that Y schal do to thee? The blynde man seide to hym, Maister, that Y se.

52 Jhesus seide to hym, Go thou, thi feith hath maad thee saaf. And anoon he saye, and suede hym in the weie.

Chapter 11[edit]

1 And whanne Jhesus cam nyy to Jerusalem and to Betanye, to the mount of Olyues, he sendith tweyne of hise disciplis, and seith to hem,

2 Go ye in to the castel that is ayens you; and anoon as ye entren there ye schulen fynde a colt tied, on which no man hath sete yit; vntie ye, and brynge hym.

3 And if ony man seye ony thing to you, What doen ye? seie ye, that he is nedeful to the Lord, and anoon he schal leeue hym hidir.

4 And thei yeden forth, and founden a colt tied bifor the yate with out forth, in the metyng of twei weies; and thei vntieden hym.

5 And summe of hem that stoden there seiden to hem, What doen ye, vntiynge the colt?

6 And thei seiden to hem, as Jhesus comaundide hem; and thei leften it to hem.

7 And thei brouyten the colt to Jhesu, and thei leiden on hym her clothis, and Jhesus sat on hym.

8 And many strewiden her clothis in the weie, othere men kittiden braunchis fro trees, and strewiden in the weie.

9 And thei that wenten bifor, and that sueden, crieden, and seiden, Osanna,

10 blissid is he that cometh in the name of the Lord; blessid be the kyngdom of oure fadir Dauid that is come; Osanna in hiyest thingis.

11 And he entride in to Jerusalem, in to the temple; and whanne he `hadde seyn al thing aboute, whanne it was eue, he wente out in to Betanye, with the twelue.

12 And anothir daye, whanne he wente out of Betanye, he hungride.

13 And whanne he hadde seyn a fige tree afer hauynge leeues, he cam, if happili he schulde fynde ony thing theron; and whanne he cam to it, he foonde no thing, out takun leeues; for it was not tyme of figis.

14 And Jhesus answeride and seide to it, Now neuer ete ony man fruyt of thee more. And hise disciplis herden;

15 and thei camen to Jerusalem. And whanne he was entrid in to the temple, he bigan to caste out silleris and biggeris in the temple; and he turnede vpsodoun the bordis of chaungeris, and the chayeris of men that selden culueris;

16 and he suffride not, that ony man schulde bere a vessel thorou the temple.

17 And he tauyte hem, and seide, Whether it is not writun, That myn hous schal be clepid the hous of preyng to alle folkis? but ye han maad it a denne of theues.

18 And whanne this thing was herd, the princis of prestis and scribis souyten hou thei schulden leese hym; for thei dredden hym, for al the puple wondride on his techyng.

19 And whanne euenyng was come, he wente out of the citee.

20 And as thei passiden forth eerli, thei sayn the fige tree maad drye fro the rootis.

21 And Petir bithouyte hym, and seide to hym, Maister, lo! the fige tree, whom thou cursidist, is dried vp.

22 And Jhesus answeride and seide to hem, Haue ye the feith of God;

23 treuli Y seie to you, that who euer seith to this hil, Be thou takun, and cast in to the see; and doute not in his herte, but bileueth, that what euer he seie, schal be don, it schal be don to hym.

24 Therfor Y seie to you, alle thingis what euer thingis ye preynge schulen axe, bileue ye that ye schulen take, and thei schulen come to you.

25 And whanne ye schulen stonde to preye, foryyue ye, if ye han ony thing ayens ony man, that youre fadir that is in heuenes, foryyue to you youre synnes.

26 And if ye foryyuen not, nether youre fadir that is in heuenes, schal foryyue to you youre synnes.

27 And eftsoone thei camen to Jerusalem. And whanne he walkide in the temple, the hiyeste prestis, and scribis, and the elder men camen to hym,

28 and seyn to hym, In what power doist thou these thingis? or who yaf to thee this power, that thou do these thingis?

29 Jhesus answeride and seide to hem, And Y schal axe you o word, and answere ye to me, and Y schal seie to you in what power Y do these thingis.

30 Whether was the baptym of Joon of heuene, or of men? answere ye to me.

31 And thei thouyten with ynne hem silf, seiynge, If we seien of heuene, he schal seie to vs, Whi thanne bileuen ye not to him;

32 if we seien of men, we dreden the puple; for alle men hadden Joon, that he was verili a prophete.

33 And thei answeryden, and seien to Jhesu, We witen neuer. And Jhesu answerde, and seide to hem, Nether Y seie to you, in what power Y do these thingis.

Chapter 12[edit]

1 And Jhesus bigan to speke to hem in parablis. A man plauntide a vynyerd, and sette an hegge aboute it, and dalf a lake, and bildide a toure, and hiryde it to tilieris, and wente forth in pilgrimage.

2 And he sente to the erthe tilieris in tyme a seruaunt, to resseyue of the erthe tilieris of the fruyt of the vynyerd.

3 And thei token hym, and beeten, and leften hym voide.

4 And eftsoone he sente to hem anothir seruaunt, and thei woundiden hym in the heed, and turmentiden hym.

5 And eftsoone he sente another, and thei slowen hym, and othir mo, betynge summe, and sleynge othere.

6 But yit he hadde a moost derworth sone, and he sente hym last to hem, and seide, Perauenture thei schulen drede my sone.

7 But the erthetilieris seiden togidere, This is the eire; come ye, sle we hym, and the eritage schal be ourun.

8 And thei tokun hym, and killiden, and castiden out without the vynyerd.

9 Thanne what schal the lord of the vynyerd do? He schal come, and lese the tilieris, and yyue the vynyerd to othere.

10 Whether ye han not red this scripture, The stoon which the bilderis han disspisid, this is maad in to the heed of the corner?

11 This thing is doon of the Lord, and is wondirful in oure iyen.

12 And thei souyten to holde hym, and thei dredden the puple; for thei knewen that to hem he seide this parable; and thei leften hym,

13 and thei wenten awei. And thei senten to hym summe of the Farisees and Erodians, to take hym in word.

14 Whiche camen, and seien to hym, Maistir, we witen that thou art sothfast, and reckist not of ony man; for nethir thou biholdist in to the face of man, but thou techist the weie of God in treuthe. Is it leeueful that tribute be youun to the emperoure, or we schulen not yyue?

15 Which witynge her pryuei falsnesse, seide to hem, What tempten ye me? brynge ye to me a peny, that Y se.

16 And thei brouyten to hym. And he seide to hem, Whos is this ymage, and the writyng? Thei seien to him, The emperouris.

17 And Jhesus answeride and seide to hem, Thanne yelde ye to the emperour tho thingis that ben of the emperours; and to God tho thingis that ben of God.

18 And thei wondriden of hym. And Saduces, that seien that ther is no ressurreccioun, camen to hym, and axeden hym,

19 and seiden, Maister, Moyses wroot to vs, that if the brother of a man were deed, and lefte his wijf, and haue no sones, his brother take his wijf, and reise vp seed to his brother.

20 Thanne seuene britheren ther weren; and the firste took a wijf, and diede, and lefte no seed.

21 And the secounde took hir, and he diede, and nether this lefte seed.

22 And the thridde also. And in lijk manere the seuene token hir, and leften not seed. And the womman the laste of alle `is deed.

23 Thanne in the resurreccioun, whanne thei schulen rise ayen, whos wijf of these schal sche be? for seuene hadden hir to wijf.

24 And Jhesus answeride, and seide to hem, Whether ye erren not therfor, that ye knowe not scripturis, nethir the vertu of God?

25 For whanne thei schulen rise ayen fro deeth, nether thei schulen wedde, nethir schulen be weddid, but thei schulen be as aungels of God in heuenes.

26 And of deed men, that thei risen ayen, han ye not red in the book of Moises, on the buysch, hou God spak to hym, and seide, Y am God of Abraham, and God of Isaac, and God of Jacob?

27 He is not God of deed men, but of lyuynge men; therfor ye erren myche.

28 And oon of the scribis, that hadde herde hem dispuytynge togidir, cam nyy, and saiy that Jhesus had wel answeride hem, and axide hym, which was the firste maundement of alle.

29 And Jhesus answeride to him, that the firste maundement of alle is, Here thou, Israel, thi Lord God is o God;

30 and thou schalt loue thi Lord God of al thin herte, and of al thi soule, and of al thi mynde, and of al thi myyt.

31 This is the firste maundement. And the secounde is lijk to this, Thou schalt loue thi neiybore as thi silf. Ther is noon other maundement gretter than these.

32 And the scribe seide to hym, Maister, in treuthe thou hast wel seid; for o God is, and ther is noon other, outakun hym;

33 that he be loued of al the herte, and of al the mynde, and of al the vndurstondynge, and of al the soule, and of al strengthe, and to loue the neiybore as hym silf, is gretter than alle brent offryngis and sacrifices.

34 And Jhesus seynge that he hadde answerid wiseli, seide to hym, Thou art not fer fro the kyngdom of God.

35 And thanne no man durste axe hym no more ony thing. And Jhesus answeride and seide, techynge in the temple, Hou seien scribis, that Crist is the sone of Dauid?

36 For Dauid hym silf seide in the Hooli Goost, the Lord seide to my lord, Sitte on my riythalf, til Y putte thin enemyes the stool of thi feet.

37 Thanne Dauid hym silf clepith him lord, hou thanne is he his sone? And myche puple gladli herde hym.

38 And he seide to hem in his techyng, Be ye war of scribis, that wolen wandre in stolis,

39 and be salutid in chepyng, and sitte in synagogis in the firste chaieris, and the firste sittyng placis in soperis;

40 whiche deuouren the housis of widewis vndur colour of long preier; thei schulen take the longer doom.

41 And Jhesus sittynge ayens the tresorie, bihelde hou the puple castide monei in to the tresorie; and many riche men castiden many thingis.

42 But whanne a pore widewe was comun, sche keste two mynutis, that is, a ferthing.

43 And he clepide togidere hise disciplis, and seide to hem, Treuli Y seie to you, that this pore widewe keste more thanne alle, that kesten in to the tresorie.

44 For alle kesten of that thing that thei hadden plente of; but this of her pouert keste alle thingis that sche hadde, al hir lyuelode.

Chapter 13[edit]

1 And whanne he wente out of the temple, oon of hise disciplis seide to hym, Maister, biholde, what maner stoonys, and what maner bildyngis.

2 And Jhesu answeride, and seide to hym, Seest thou alle these grete bildingis? ther schal not be left a stoon on a stoon, which schal not be distried.

3 And whanne he sat in the mount of Olyues ayens the temple, Petir and James and Joon and Andrew axiden hym bi hem silf,

4 Seie thou to vs, whanne these thingis schulen be don, and what tokene schal be, whanne alle these thingis schulen bigynne to be endid.

5 And Jhesus answeride, and bigan to seie to hem, Loke ye, that no man disseyue you;

6 for manye schulen come in my name, seiynge, That Y am; and thei schulen disseyue manye.

7 And whanne ye here batels and opynyouns of batels, drede ye not; for it bihoueth these thingis to be doon, but not yit anoon is the ende.

8 For folk schal rise on folk, and rewme on rewme, and erthe mouyngis and hungur schulen be bi placis; these thingis schulen be bigynnyngis of sorewis.

9 But se ye you silf, for thei schulen take you in counsels, and ye schulen be betun in synagogis; and ye schulen stonde bifor kyngis and domesmen for me, in witnessyng to hem.

10 And it bihoueth, that the gospel be first prechid among al folk.

11 And whanne thei taken you, and leden you forth, nyle ye bifore thenke what ye schulen speke, but speke ye that thing that schal be youun to you in that our; for ye ben not the spekeris, but the Hooli Goost.

12 For a brother schal bitake the brother in to deth, and the fadir the sone, and sones schulen rise togider ayens fadris and modris, and punysche hem bi deeth.

13 And ye schulen be in hate to alle men for my name; but he that lastith in to the ende, schal be saaf.

14 But whanne ye schulen se the abhomynacioun of discoumfort, stondynge where it owith not; he that redith, vndurstonde; thanne thei that be in Judee, fle `in to hillis.

15 And he that is aboue the roof, come not doun in to the hous, nethir entre he, to take ony thing of his hous;

16 and he that schal be in the feeld, turne not ayen bihynde to take his cloth.

17 But wo to hem that ben with child, and norischen in tho daies.

18 Therfor preye ye, that thei be not don in wyntir.

19 But thilke daies of tribulacioun schulen be suche, whiche maner weren not fro the bigynnyng of creature, which God hath maad, til now, nethir schulen be.

20 And but the Lord hadde abredgide tho daies, al fleische hadde not be saaf; but for the chosun whiche he chees, the Lord hath maad schort the daies.

21 And thanne if ony man seie to you, Lo! here is Crist, lo! there, bileue ye not.

22 For false Cristis and false prophetis schulen rise, and schulen yyue tokenes and wondris, to disseyue, if it may be don, yhe, hem that be chosun.

23 Therfor take ye kepe; lo! Y haue bifor seid to you alle thingis.

24 But in tho daies, aftir that tribulacioun, the sunne schal be maad derk, and the moon schal not yyue hir liyt,

25 and the sterris of heuene schulen falle doun, and the vertues that ben in heuenes, schulen be moued.

26 And thanne thei schulen se mannus sone comynge in cloudis of heuene, with greet vertu and glorie.

27 And thanne he schal sende hise aungelis, and schal geder hise chosun fro the foure wyndis, fro the hiyest thing of erthe til to the hiyest thing of heuene.

28 But of the fige tree lerne ye the parable. Whanne now his braunche is tendre, and leeues ben sprongun out, ye knowen that somer is nyy.

29 So whanne ye seen these thingis be don, wite ye, that it is nyy in the doris.

30 Treuli Y seie to you, that this generacioun schal not passe awei, til alle these thingis be don.

31 Heuene and erthe schulen passe, but my wordis schulen not passe.

32 But of that dai or our no man woot, nether aungels in heuene, nether the sone, but the fadir.

33 Se ye, wake ye, and preie ye; for ye witen not, whanne the tyme is.

34 For as a man that is gon fer in pilgrimage, lefte his hous, and yaf to his seruauntis power of euery work, and comaundide to the porter, that he wake.

35 Therfor wake ye, for ye witen not, whanne the lord of the hous cometh, in the euentide, or at mydnyyt, or at cockis crowyng, or in the mornyng;

36 leste whanne he cometh sodenli, he fynde you slepynge.

37 Forsothe that that Y seie to you, Y seie to alle, Wake ye.

Chapter 14[edit]

1 Pask and the feest of therf looues was after twei daies. And the hiyest preestis and scribis souyten, hou thei schulden holde hym with gile, and sle.

2 But thei seiden, Not in the feeste dai, lest perauenture a noyse were maad among the puple.

3 And whanne he was at Betanye, in the hous of Symount leprous, and restide, a womman cam, that hadde a boxe of alabastre of precious oynement spikenard; and whanne the boxe of alabastre was brokun, sche helde it on his heed.

4 But there weren summe that beren it heuyli with ynne hem silf, and seiden, Wher to is this losse of oynement maad?

5 For this oynement myyte haue be seld more than for thre hundrid pens, and be youun to pore men. And thei groyneden ayens hir.

6 But Jhesus seide, Suffre ye hir; what be ye heuy to hir? sche hath wrouyt a good werk in me.

7 For euermore ye schulen haue pore men with you, and whanne ye wolen, ye moun do wel to hem; but ye schulen not euer more haue me.

8 Sche dide that that sche hadde; sche cam bifore to anoynte my bodi in to biriyng.

9 Treuli Y seie to you, where euer this gospel be prechid in al the world, and that that `this womman hath don, schal be told in to mynde of hym.

10 And Judas Scarioth, oon of the twelue, wente to the hiyest prestis, to bitraye hym to hem.

11 And thei herden, and ioyeden, and bihiyten to yyue hym money. And he souyt hou he schulde bitraye hym couenabli.

12 And the firste dai of therf looues, whanne thei offriden pask, the disciplis seyn to hym, Whidir `wilt thou that we go, and make redi to thee, that thou ete the pask?

13 And he sendith tweyn of hise disciplis, and seith to hem, Go ye in to the citee, and a man berynge a galoun of watir schal meete you; sue ye hym.

14 And whidur euer he entrith, seie ye to the lord of the hous, That the maister seith, Where is myn etynge place, where Y schal ete pask with my disciplis?

15 And he schal schewe to you a grete soupyng place arayed, and there make ye redi to vs.

16 And hise disciplis wenten forth, and camen in to the citee, and founden as he hadde seid to hem; and thei maden redy the pask.

17 And whanne the euentid was come, he cam with the twelue.

18 And whanne thei saten `at the mete, and eeten, Jhesus seide, Treuli Y seie to you, that oon of you that etith with me, schal bitray me.

19 And thei bigunnen to be sori, and to seie to hym, ech bi hem silf, Whether Y?

20 Which seide to hem, Oon of twelue that puttith the hoond with me in the platere.

21 And sotheli mannus sone goith, as it is writun of hym; but wo to that man, by whom mannus sone schal be bitrayed. It were good to hym, yf thilke man hadde not be borun.

22 And while thei eeten, Jhesus took breed, and blessid, and brak, and yaf to hem, and seide, Take ye; this is my bodi.

23 And whanne he hadde take the cuppe, he dide thankyngis, and yaf to hem, and alle dronken therof.

24 And he seide to hem, This is my blood of the newe testament, which schal be sched for many.

25 Treuli Y seye to you, for now Y schal not drynke of this fruyt of vyne, in to that dai whane Y schal drynke it newe in the rewme of God.

26 And whanne the ympne was seid, thei wenten out in to the hil of Olyues.

27 And Jhesus seide to hem, Alle ye schulen be sclaundrid in me in this nyyt; for it is writun, Y schal smyte the scheepherde, and the scheep of the flok schulen be disparplid.

28 But aftir that Y schal rise ayen, Y schal go bifor you in to Galilee.

29 And Petir seide to hym, Thouy alle schulen be sclaundrid, but not Y.

30 And Jhesus seide to hym, Treuli Y seie to thee, that to dai bifore that the cok in this niyt crowe twies, thou schalt thries denye me.

31 But he seide more, Thouy it bihoueth, that Y die togider with thee, Y schal not forsake thee. And in lijk maner alle seiden.

32 And thei camen in to a place, whos name is Gethsamany. And he seide to hise disciplis, Sitte ye here, while Y preye.

33 And he took Petir and James and Joon with hym, and bigan to drede, and to be anoyed.

34 And he seide to hem, My soule is soreweful to the deeth; abide ye here, and wake ye with me.

35 And whanne he was gon forth a litil, he felde doun on the erthe, and preiede, that if it myyte be, that the our schulde passe fro hym.

36 And he seide, Abba, fadir, alle thingis ben possible to thee, bere ouer fro me this cuppe; but not that Y wole, but that thou wolt, be don.

37 And he cam, and foond hem slepynge. And he seide to Petir, Symount, slepist thou? myytist thou not wake with me oon our?

38 Wake ye, and `preie ye, that ye entre not in to temptacioun; for the spirit is redi, but the fleische is sijk.

39 And eftsoone he yede, and preiede, and seide the same word;

40 and turnede ayen eftsoone, and foond hem slepynge; for her iyen weren heuyed. And thei knewen not, what thei schulden answere to hym.

41 And he cam the thridde tyme, and seide to hem, Slepe ye now, and reste ye; it suffisith. The hour is comun; lo! mannus sone schal be bitraied in to the hondis of synful men.

42 Rise ye, go we; lo! he that schal bitraye me is nyy.

43 And yit while he spak, Judas Scarioth, oon of the twelue, cam, and with him miche puple with swerdis and staues, sent fro the hiyest prestis, and the scribis, and fro the eldre men.

44 And his traytour hadde youun to hem a tokene, and seide, Whom euer Y kisse, he it is; holde ye hym, and lede ye warli.

45 And whanne he cam, anoon he came to hym, and seide, Maistir; and he kisside hym.

46 And thei leiden hondis on hym, and helden hym.

47 But oon of the men that stoden aboute, drowy out a swerd, and smoot the seruaunt of the hiyest preest, and kittide of his eere.

48 And Jhesus answeride, and seide to hem, As to a theef ye han gon out with swerdis and staues, to take me?

49 Dai bi dai Y was among you, and tauyte in the temple, and ye helden not me; but that the scripturis be fulfillid.

50 Thanne alle hise disciplis forsoken hym, and fledden.

51 But a yong man, clothid with lynnun cloth on the bare, suede hym; and thei helden hym.

52 And he lefte the lynnyn clothing, and fleiy nakid awei fro hem.

53 And thei ledden Jhesu to the hiyest preest. And alle the prestis and scribis and eldere men camen togidir.

54 But Petir suede hym afer in to the halle of the hiyest preest. And he sat with the mynystris, and warmede hym at the fier.

55 And the hiyest prestis, and al the counsel, souyten witnessyng ayens Jhesu to take hym to the deeth; but thei founden not.

56 For manye seiden fals witnessyng ayens hym, and the witnessyngis weren not couenable.

57 And summe risen vp, and baren fals witnessyng ayens hym,

58 and seiden, For we `han herd hym seiynge, Y schal vndo this temple maad with hondis, and aftir the thridde dai Y schal bilde another not maad with hondis.

59 And the witnessyng `of hem was not couenable.

60 And the hiyest prest roos vp in to the myddil, and axide Jhesu, and seide, Answerist thou no thing to tho thingis that ben put ayens thee of these?

61 But he was stille, and answeride no thing. Eftsoone the hiyest prest axide hym, and seide to hym, Art thou Crist, the sone of the blessid God?

62 And Jhesus seide to hym, Y am; and ye schulen se mannus sone sittynge on the riythalf of the vertu of God, and comynge in the cloudis of heuene.

63 And the hiyest preest torente hise clothis, and seide, What yit dissiren we witnessis?

64 Ye han herd blasfemye. What semeth to you? And thei alle condempneden hym to be gilti of deeth.

65 And summe bigunnen to bispete hym, `and to hile his face, and to smite hym with buffetis, and seie to hym, Areede thou. And the mynystris beeten hym with strokis.

66 And whanne Petir was in the halle bynethen, oon of the damesels of the hiyest prest cam.

67 And whanne sche hadde seyn Petir warmynge hym, sche bihelde hym, and seide, And thou were with Jhesu of Nazareth.

68 And he denyede, and seide, Nethir Y woot, nethir Y knowe, what thou seist. And he wente without forth bifor the halle; and anoon the cok crewe.

69 And eftsoone whanne another damesel hadde seyn hym, sche bigan to seye to men that stoden aboute, That this is of hem.

70 And he eftsoone denyede. And aftir a litil, eftsoone thei that stoden nyy, seiden to Petir, Verili thou art of hem, for thou art of Galilee also.

71 But he bigan to curse and to swere, For Y knowe not this man, whom ye seien.

72 And anoon eftsoones the cok crew. And Petir bithouyte on the word that Jhesus hadde seide to hym, Bifor the cok crowe twies, thries thou schalt denye me. And he bigan to wepe.

Chapter 15[edit]

1 And anoon in the morewtid the hiyeste prestis maden a counsel with the elder men, and the scribis, and with al the counsel, and bounden Jhesu and ledden, and bitoken hym to Pilat.

2 And Pilat axide hym, Art thou kynge of Jewis? And Jhesus answeride, and seide to hym, Thou seist.

3 And the hieste prestis accusiden hym in many thingis.

4 But Pilat eftsoone axide hym, and seide, Answerist thou no thing? Seest thou in hou many thingis thei accusen thee?

5 But Jhesus answeride no more, so that Pilat wondride.

6 But bi the feeste dai he was wont to leeue to hem oon of men boundun, whom euer thei axiden.

7 And `oon ther was that was seid Barabas, that was boundun with men of dissencioun, that hadden don manslauytir in seducioun.

8 And whanne the puple was gon vp, he bigan to preie, as he euer more dide to hem.

9 And Pilat answeride `to hem, and seide, Wolen ye Y leeue to you the kyng of Jewis?

10 For he wiste, that the hiyeste prestis hadden takun hym bi enuye.

11 But the bischopis stireden the puple, that he schulde rather leeue to hem Barabas.

12 And eftsoone Pilat answerde, and seide to hem, What thanne wolen ye that Y schal do to the kyng of Jewis?

13 And thei eftsoone crieden, Crucifie hym.

14 But Pilat seide to hem, What yuel hath he don? And thei crieden the more, Crucifie hym.

15 And Pilat, willynge to make aseeth to the puple, lefte to hem Barabas, and bitok to hem Jhesu, betun with scourgis, to be crucified.

16 And knyytis ledden hym with ynneforth, in to the porche of the mote halle. And thei clepiden togidir al the cumpany of knyytis,

17 and clothiden hym with purpur. And thei writhen a coroun of thornes, and puttiden on hym.

18 And thei bigunnen to grete hym, and seiden, Heile, thou kyng of Jewis.

19 And thei smyten his heed with a reed, and bispatten hym; and thei kneliden, and worschipiden hym.

20 And aftir that thei hadden scorned him, thei vnclothiden hym of purpur, and clothiden hym with hise clothis, and ledden out hym, to crucifie hym.

21 And thei compelliden a man that passide the weie, that cam fro the toun, Symount of Syrenen, the fader of Alisaundir and of Rufe, to bere his cross.

22 And thei ledden hym in to a place Golgatha, that is to seie, the place of Caluari.

23 And thei yauen to hym to drynke wyn meddlid with mirre, and he took not.

24 And thei crucifieden him, and departiden hise clothis, and kesten lot on tho, who schulde take what.

25 And it was the thridde our, and thei crucifieden hym.

26 And the titil of his cause was writun, Kyng of Jewis.

27 And thei crucifien with hym twei theues, oon `at the riythalf and oon at his lefthalf.

28 And the scripture was fulfillid that seith, And he is ordeyned with wickid men.

29 And as thei passiden forth, thei blasfemyden hym, mouynge her heedis, and seiynge, Vath! thou that distriest the temple of God, and in `thre daies bildist it ayen;

30 come adoun fro the crosse, and make thi silf saaf.

31 Also the hiyeste prestis scorneden hym ech to othir with the scribis, and seiden, He made othir men saaf, he may not saue hym silf.

32 Crist, kyng of Israel, come doun now fro the cross, that we seen, and bileuen. And thei that weren crucified with hym, dispiseden hym.

33 And whanne the sixte hour was come, derknessis weren made on al the erthe til in to the nynthe our.

34 And in the nynthe our Jhesus criede with a greet vois, and seide, Heloy, Heloy, lamasabatany, that is to seie, My God, my God, whi hast thou forsakun me?

35 And summe of men that stoden aboute herden, and seiden, Lo! he clepith Helye.

36 And oon ranne, and fillide a spounge with vynegre, and puttide aboute to a reede, and yaf to hym drynke, and seide, Suffre ye, se we, if Helie come to do hym doun.

37 And Jhesus yaf out a greet cry, and diede.

38 And the veil of the temple was rent atwo fro the hiyeste to bynethe.

39 But the centurien that stood forn ayens siy, that he so criynge hadde diede, and seide, Verili, this man was Goddis sone.

40 And ther weren also wymmen biholdynge fro afer, among whiche was Marie Maudeleyn, and Marie, the modir of James the lesse, and of Joseph, and of Salome.

41 And whanne Jhesus was in Galilee, thei folewiden hym, and mynystriden to hym, and many othere wymmen, that camen vp togidir with him to Jerusalem.

42 And whanne euentid was come, for it was the euentid which is bifor the sabat,

43 Joseph of Armathie, the noble decurioun, cam, and he abood the rewme of God; and booldli he entride to Pilat, and axide the bodi of Jhesu.

44 But Pilat wondride, if he were now deed.

45 And whanne the centurion was clepid, he axide hym, if he were deed; and whanne he knewe of the centurion, he grauntide the bodi of Jhesu to Joseph.

46 And Joseph bouyte lynnen cloth, and took hym doun, and wlappide in the lynnen cloth, and leide hym in a sepulcre that was hewun of a stoon, and walewide a stoon to the dore of the sepulcre.

47 And Marie Maudeleyne and Marie of Joseph bihelden, where he was leid.

Chapter 16[edit]

1 And whanne the sabat was passid, Marie Maudeleyne, and Marie of James, and Salomee bouyten swete smellynge oynementis, to come and to anoynte Jhesu.

2 And ful eerli in oon of the woke daies, thei camen to the sepulcre, whanne the sunne was risun.

3 And thei seiden togidere, Who schal meue awey to vs the stoon fro the dore of the sepulcre?

4 And thei bihelden, and seien the stoon walewid awei, for it was ful greet.

5 And thei yeden in to the sepulcre, and sayn a yonglyng, hilide with a white stole, sittynge `at the riythalf; and thei weren afeerd.

6 Which seith to hem, Nyle ye drede; ye seken Jhesu of Nazareth crucified; he is risun, he is not here; lo! the place where thei leiden hym.

7 But go ye, and seie ye to hise disciplis, and to Petir, that he schal go bifor you in to Galilee; there ye schulen se hym, as he seide to you.

8 And thei yeden out, and fledden fro the sepulcre; for drede and quakyng had assailed hem, and to no man thei seiden ony thing, for thei dredden.

9 And Jhesus roos eerli the firste dai of the woke, and apperid firste to Marie Maudeleyne, fro whom he had caste out seuene deuelis.

10 And sche yede, and tolde to hem that hadden ben with hym, whiche weren weilynge and wepynge.

11 And thei herynge that he lyuyde, and was seyn of hir, bileueden not.

12 But after these thingis whanne tweyne of hem wandriden, he was schewid in anothir liknesse to hem goynge in to a toun.

13 And thei yeden, and telden to the othir, and nether thei bileueden to hem.

14 But `at the laste, whanne the enleuene disciplis saten at the mete, Jhesus apperide to hem, and repreuede the vnbileue of hem, and the hardnesse of herte, for thei bileueden not to hem, that hadden seyn that he was risun fro deeth.

15 And he seide to hem, Go ye in to al the world, and preche the gospel to eche creature.

16 Who that bileueth, and is baptisid, schal be saaf; but he that bileueth not, schal be dampned.

17 And these tokenes schulen sue hem, that bileuen. In my name thei schulen caste out feendis; thei schulen speke with newe tungis;

18 thei schulen do awei serpentis; and if thei drynke ony venym, it schal not noye hem. Thei schulen sette her hondis on sijk men, and thei schulen wexe hoole.

19 And the Lord Jhesu, aftir he hadde spokun to hem, was takun vp in to heuene, and he sittith on the riythalf of God.

20 And thei yeden forth, and prechiden euery where, for the Lord wrouyte with hem, and confermyde the word with signes folewynge.

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