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43475Wycliffe's Bible — 2 Machabeis

Chapter 1


1 To britheren Jewis, that ben scaterid thorouy Egipt, britheren, that ben in Jerusalem, Jewis, and that ben in the cuntre of Judee, seien heelthe and good pees.

2 God do wel to you, and haue mynde of his testament, that he spak to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that ben of the noumbre of his trewe seruauntis;

3 and yyue he herte to you alle, that ye worschipe hym, and do the wille of hym with greet herte and wilful soule.

4 Opene he youre herte in his lawe, and in hise heestis, and make he pees;

5 here he graciousli youre preieris, and be recounceld to you, nether forsake you in yuel tyme.

6 And now we ben here preiynge for you.

7 While Demetrie regneth in the hundrid yeer and sixtithe and nynthe, we Jewis han writun to you in tribulacioun and fersnesse, that cam aboue to vs in these yeeris, and sithen Jason wente out of the hooli lond and rewme.

8 Thei brenten the yate, and schedden out innocent blood; and we preieden to the Lord, and we ben graciousli herd, and we han offrid sacrifice, and clene flour, and han tendid lanternes, and han put forth looues.

9 And now make ye solempne the daies of Cenefegye, `ether clensyng of the temple, of the monethe Caslew.

10 In the hundrid yeer and eiyte and eiytithe, the puple that is in Jerusalem and in Judee, and the elde men, and Judas, to Aristoble, maister of Tolome, kyng, that is of the kyn anoyntid prestis, and to hem that ben in Egipt, Jewis, helthe of soule, and helthe of bodi.

11 We delyuered of God fro grete perelis, don thankyngis to hym hugely, as we that han fouyten ayens sich a kyng.

12 For he made for to buyle out of Persis hem that fouyten ayens vs and the hooli citee.

13 For whi whanne the duyk hym silf was in Persis, and with hym a greet oost, he felle in the temple of Nauee, and was disseyued bi councel of the prest of Nauee.

14 Forsothe Antiok cam to the place as to dwellynge with hym, and his frendis, and for to take many richessis bi name of dower.

15 And whanne prestis of Nauee hadden put forth tho, and he with fewe entride with ynne the cumpas of the temple, thei closiden the temple, whanne Antiok hadde entrid.

16 And whanne the pryuy entre of the temple was openyd, thei threwen stoonys, and smytiden the duik, and hem that weren with hym, and thei departiden lememeel; and whanne the heedis weren gird of, thei castiden out forth.

17 Bi alle thingis blessid be God, that bitook vnpitouse men.

18 Therfor we to makynge clensyng of the temple, in the fyue and twentithe dai of the monethe Caslew, ledden nedeful for to signefie to you, that and ye do also the dai of Scenofegie, and the dai of fier, that was youun, whanne Neemye offride sacrifices, after that the temple and auter weren bildid.

19 For whi whanne oure fadris weren led in to Persis, prestis that thanne weren worschiperis of God, hidden priueli fier takun of the auter, in a valei, where was a deep pit and drie; and there ynne thei kepten it, so that the place was vnknowun to alle men.

20 Forsothe whanne many yeeris hadden passid, and it pleside to God that Neemye was sent fro the kyng of Persis, he sente the sones sones of tho prestis that hidden, for to seke fier; and as thei telden to vs, thei founden not fier, but fat water.

21 And he comaundide hem `for to drawe, and brynge to hym. And Neemye, preest, comaundide the sacrifices, that weren put on, for to be spreynt with the water, tho and the trees, and tho thingis that weren put aboue.

22 And as this was don, and the tyme cam, in which the sunne schon ayen, that bifore was in cloude, a greet fier was kyndlid, so that alle men wondriden.

23 Forsothe alle prestis maden preier, while the sacrifice was endid; and Jonathas bigan, and othere forsothe answeriden.

24 And the preier of Neemye was hauynge this maner. Lord God, maker of nouyt of alle thingis, dredeful and strong, iust and merciful, which aloone art good kyng,

25 aloone yyuynge, aloone iust, and almyyti, and with out bigynnyng and ende, which delyuerist Israel fro al yuel, which madist fadris chosun, and halewidist hem;

26 take thou sacrifice for al thi puple Israel, and kepe thi part, and halewe.

27 Gadere oure scateryng, delyuere hem that seruen to hethene men, and biholde thou dispisid men, and maad abhomynable, that hethene men wite, that thou art oure God.

28 Turmente thou men oppressynge vs, and doynge dispit in pride.

29 Ordeyne thi puple in thin hooli place, as Moises seide.

30 Forsothe prestis sungen ympnes, til the sacrifice was endid.

31 Forsothe whanne the sacrifice was endid, Neemye comaundide the more stoonys for to be bisched of the residue watir;

32 and as this thing was don, flawme was kyndlid of hem, but it was wastid of the liyt, that ayen schynede of the auter.

33 Forsothe after that the thing was knowun, it was teld to the kyng of Persis, that in the place in which the prestis that weren translatid, hadden hid fier, water apperide, of which Neemye and thei that weren with hym clensiden sacrifices.

34 Forsothe the kyng bihelde and diligentli examynede the thing, and made a temple to hym, for to preue that thing that was don.

35 And whanne he hadde preued, he yaf many goodis to prestis, and othere yiftis; and he took with his hoond, and he yaf to hem.

36 Forsothe Neemye clepte this place Nepthar, that is interpretid, `ether expowned, clensyng; forsothe anentis many it is clepid Nephi.

Chapter 2


1 Forsothe it is foundun in writyngis of Jeremye, the profete, that he comaundide hem that passiden ouer, for to take fier, as it is signefied, and as he bad to men `passynge ouer.

2 And he yaf to hem the lawe, leste thei foryaten the heestis of the Lord; and that thei schulden not erre in soulis, seynge goldun and siluerne symylacris, and ournementis of hem.

3 And he seide othere siche thingis, and monestide, that thei schulden not remoue the lawe fro her herte.

4 Sotheli it was in that writyng, hou the profete bad, bi Goddis answere maad to hym, that the tabernacle and `the arke folowe with hem, til he wente out in to the hil in which Moises ascendide, and siy the eritage of God.

5 And Jeremye cam, and foond ther a place of denne, and brouyte in thidur the tabernacle, and `the arke, and auter of encense, and stoppide the dore.

6 And summen camen togidere that folewiden, for to marke the place to hem, and miyten not fynde.

7 Forsothe as Jeremye knew, he blamede hem, and seide, that the place schal be vnknowun, til God gadere the congregacioun of puple, and be maad helpful.

8 And thanne the Lord schal schewe these thinges, and the maieste of the Lord schal appere; and a cloude schal be, as and to Moises it was schewid, and as whanne Salomon axide, that the place schulde be halewid to greet God, this cloude schewide;

9 and as hauynge wisdom he offryde sacrifice of halewyng, and of performyng of the temple.

10 As and Moises preiede to the Lord, and fier cam doun fro heuene, and wastide the brent sacrifice; as and Salomon preiede, and fier cam doun fro heuene, and wastide the brent sacrifice.

11 And Moises seide, For that it is not clensid, that was for synne, and it was wastid.

12 Also and Salomon in eiyte daies made solempne the halewyng.

13 Forsothe and these same thingis weren put yn in discripciouns, and exposiciouns of Neemye; and as he makide a litle bible, and gaderide bookis of cuntrees, and bookis of profetis, and of Dauid, and epistlis of kyngis, and of yiftis.

14 Also sotheli and Judas gaderide alle tho thingis which he lernyde bi batel, that bifelle to vs, and thei ben anentis vs.

15 Therfor if ye disiren these, send ye whiche schulen bere to you.

16 Therfor we to doynge purifiyng, han write to you; therfor ye schulen do wel, if ye schulen do these daies.

17 Forsothe it is God that delyueride his puple, and yeldide his eritage to alle, and rewme, and presthod,

18 and halewyng, as he bihiyte in the lawe, we hopen that soone he schal haue merci on vs, and schal gadere fro vndur heuene in to the hooli place; for he delyuerede vs fro grete perelis, and purgide the place.

19 Sotheli of Judas Machabeus, and hise britheren, and of purifiyng of the greet temple, and of halewyng of the auter;

20 but and of the batels, that perteynen to Antiok noble, and his son Eupator;

21 and of liytnyngis that weren maad fro heuene, to hem that strongli diden for Jewis, so that, whanne thei weren fewe, thei auengiden al the cuntre, and dryuun an hethene multitude,

22 and rekyueriden the most famouse temple in al the world; and delyueriden the citee, that and lawis that weren don a wei weren restorid; for the Lord was maad helpful to hem, with al pesiblete.

23 And also we asaieden for to abregge in o book, thingis comprehendid of Jason of Cirenen in fyue bookis.

24 Forsothe we bihelden the multitude and hardnesse of bookis, to men willynge for to bigynne the tellyngis of stories, for multitude of thingis;

25 and sotheli we hadden bisinesse, that it were likyng of soule to men willynge for to rede;

26 forsothe to studiouse men, that thei miyten liytliere bitake to mynde; forsothe that to alle men redynge profit be youun.

27 And sotheli we token to vs silf that resseyueden this werk, bi cause of abreggyng, not esi trauel, but sotheli a werk ful of wakynges and swoot.

28 As these that maken redi a feeste, and seken for to plese to the wille of othere men, for grace of many men, we suffren wilfuli trauel;

29 forsothe we graunten the treuthe of alle autoris, but we vs silf studien to schortnesse, bi the fourme youun.

30 Forsothe as it is to the cheef carpenter of `a newe hous, to be bisie of al the bildyng; to him sotheli that bisieth for to peynte, tho thingis ben to be souyt out, that ben couenable to ournyng; so it is to be gessid also in vs.

31 Forsothe for to gadere vndurstondyng, and ordeyne a word, and ful bisili for to enquere alle partis of the storie, ech bi hem silf, acordith to an autour;

32 forsothe for to sue schortnesse of seiyng, and for to eschewe out suyngis of thingis, is to be grauntid to the breggere.

33 Therfor fro hennus forth we schulen bigynne the tellyng; be it ynow for to haue seid so myche of `bifor spekyng; for it is foli for to flete out, ether be long, bifore the stori, but in that stori for to be maad schort.

Chapter 3


1 Therfor whanne the hooli citee was enhabited in al pees, lawis also yit weren best kept, for the feithfulnesse of Onyas, bischop, and for soulis hatynge yuele thingis,

2 it was maad, that bothe thei kyngis and prynces ledden the place worthi hiyeste onour, and liytiden the temple with gretteste yiftis;

3 so that Seleucus, kyng of Asie, yaf of his rentis alle spensis perteynynge to the seruices of sacrifices.

4 Forsothe Symount, of the lynage of Beniamyn, that was ordeyned souereyn of the temple, whanne the prince of prestis ayenstood hym, stroof for to caste sum wickid thing in the citee.

5 But whanne he miyte not ouercome Onyas, he cam to Appollonye, sone of Tharsee, that in that tyme was duyk of Celescirie and Fenyce;

6 and telde to hym, that the treserie in Jerusalem was ful with richessis vnnoumbrable; and that comyn richessis ben grete, whiche perteynen not to the resoun of sacrifices; forsothe that it was possible, that alle thingis falle vndur power of the kyng.

7 And whanne Appolonye hadde telde to the kyng of richessis that weren borun in, he sente Heliodore clepid, that was on his nedis, with maundementis for to bere out the forseid monei.

8 And anoon Heliodore took the weie, sotheli bi forme as if he were to passynge bi Celessirie and Fenyce citees, but in trewe thing to parformynge the kyngis purpos.

9 But whanne he cam to Jerusalem, and was resseyued benygneli of the hiyeste prest in the citee, he telde of doom youun of the richessis, and openyde for cause of what thing he cam; forsothe he axide, if verili these thingis weren so.

10 Thanne the hiyeste prest schewide, that these thingis weren kept to the lijflodis of widewis, and of fadirles ether modirles children;

11 that summe sotheli weren of Ircan Tobie, a man ful noble in these thingis, that vnpitouse Symount hadde teld; forsothe that alle talentis of siluer weren foure hundrid, and of gold two hundrid;

12 for that it was impossible on al maner, that thei be disseyued, that bitoken her thingis to be kept to the place and temple, that bi al the world was onourid for his worschipyng, and holynesse.

13 And he seide, for these thingis that he hadde in maundementis of the kyng, that in al kynde tho schulden be borun to the kyng.

14 Forsothe in the dai ordeyned Heliodore entride, to ordeyne of these thingis; forsothe there was not a litil tremblyng thorouy al the citee.

15 Forsothe prestis castiden hem silf bifore the auter, with prestis stoolis, and clepiden to help fro heuene hym that yaf lawe of thingis put in kepyng, that he schulde kepe tho thingis saf to hem that hadden put tho in kepyng.

16 Now forsothe he that siy the cheer of the hiyeste prest, was woundid in soule; for the face and colour was chaungid, and declaride the inward sorewe of soule.

17 For sum soreufulnesse was sched aboute to the man, and hidousnesse of bodi, bi whiche the sorewe of herte was maad knowun to men biholdynge.

18 Also othere men `weren gaderid togidere flocmeel, and camen out of housis, bisechynge with opyn bisechyng, for that that the place was to comynge in to dispit.

19 And wymmen weren gird on the brest with heiris, and flowiden togidere bi stretis; but and virgyns, that weren closid togidere, runnen to Onyas; othere forsothe to the wallis, summe sotheli bihelden bi wyndowis.

20 Forsothe alle helden forth hondis in to heuene, and bisouyten;

21 for ther was a wretchid abidyng of multitude meynt, and of the hiyeste prest ordeyned in strijf.

22 And these sotheli clepiden almiyti God to help, that thingis takun in kepyng schulden be kept in al holynesse, to hem that hadden put tho in kepyng.

23 Forsothe Heliodore performyde that thing, that he hadde demyd, and he was present with his knyytis in the same place aboute the treserie.

24 But the spirit of almyyti God made greet euydence of his schewyng, so that alle that weren hardi for to obeie to hym, fellen doun bi vertu of God, and weren conuertid in to feblenesse, and inward drede.

25 For an hors apperide to hem, and hadde a dredeful sittere, ourned with beste hilyngis; and he with fersnesse ruyschide the formere feet to Heliodore; forsothe he that sat on hym, semyde for to haue goldun armeris.

26 Also twei othere yonge men apperiden, faire in vertu, beste in glorie, and faire in clothing, that stoden aboute hym, and on ech side scourgiden hym with out ceessyng, and beeten with many woundis.

27 Sodenli forsothe Heliodore felle doun to erthe, and thei rauyschiden hym sched aboute with myche derknesse, and castiden out hym, putte in a pakke sadil, `ether hors litir.

28 And he that entride with many renneris and knyytis in to the forseid tresorie, was borun, whanne no man helpide hym, for the opyn vertu of God was knowun;

29 and forsothe bi Goddis vertu he lay doumb, and priued of al hope and heelthe.

30 Forsothe these Jewis blessiden the Lord, for he magnyfiede his place; and the temple, that a litil bifore was ful of drede and noyse, is fillid with ioye and gladnesse, for the Lord almyyti apperide.

31 Thanne forsothe summe of Eliodoris frendis preieden anoon Onyas, for to clepe to help the Hiyeste, and for to yyue lijf to hym, that was set in the laste spirit.

32 Sotheli the hiyeste prest bihelde, lest perauenture the kyng wolde suppose ony malice fulli don aboute Jewis aboute Heliodore, and offride for helthe of the man an heelful sacrifice.

33 And whanne the hiyeste prest preiede, the same yonglyngis, clothid in the same clothis, stooden niy Heliodore, and seiden, Do thou thankyngis to Onyas, the prest; for whi for hym the Lord hath youun lijf to thee;

34 thou sotheli, that art scourgid of God, telle to alle men the grete doyngis and power of God. And whanne these thingis weren seid, thei apperiden not.

35 Heliodore sotheli, whanne a sacrifice was offrid to God, and grete avowis weren bihiyt to hym, that grauntide hym for to lyue, and dide thankyngis to Onyas; and whanne his oost was resseyued, he wente ayen to the kyng.

36 Sotheli he witnesside to alle men the werkis of greet God, whiche he siy vndur hise iyen.

37 Forsothe whanne the kyng axide Heliodore, who was able for to be sent yit onys to Jerusalem,

38 he seide, If thou hast ony enemye, ether traitour of thi rewme, sende thidur, and thou schalt resseyue hym betun, if netheles he schal scape; for sum vertu of God is verili in the place.

39 For whi he that hath dwellyng in heuenys, is visitere and helpere of that place; and he smytith and lesith hem, that comen to mysdo. Therfor of Heliodore, and kepyng of the treserie, thus the thing hath it silf.

Chapter 4


1 Simount forsothe biforseid, accusere of `cuntree, and of richessis, spak yuel of Onyas, as if he had stirid Heliodore to these thingis, and he hadde be stirere of yuels;

2 and he durst seie the puruyour of the citee, and defendere of his folc, and louyere of the lawe of God, traitour of the rewme.

3 But whanne enemytees camen forth in so myche, that also bi summe famyliar frendis of Symount mansleyngis weren don,

4 Onyas bihelde the perel of strijf, and that Appolonye was wood, as duyk of Celessirie and Fenyce, for to encreesse the malice of Symount. And Onyas yaf him silf to the kyng;

5 not as accusere of citeseyns, but biholdyng anentis him silf the comyn profit of al the multitude.

6 For he siy, that it was impossible that pees were youun to thingis with out the kyngis puruyaunce, and that Symount myyte not ceesse of his foli.

7 But after the passyng out of Seleucus lijf, whanne Antiok, that was clepid noble, hadde takun rewme, Jasoun, the brother of Onyas, coueitide the hiyeste presthod; and Jason yede to the kyng,

8 and bihiyte to hym thre hundrid talentis and sixti of siluer, and of othere rentes fourescore talentis;

9 ouer these thingis he bihiyte also othere talentis an hundrid and fifti, if it were grauntid to his power, for to ordeyne a scole, and gaderyng, `ether bordel hous, of yonge men to hym; and for to write hem that weren in Jerusalem `men of Antiochus.

10 And whanne the kyng hadde grauntid this, and he weldide the prynshod, anoon he bigan for to translate to hethene custom men of his lynage.

11 And whanne these thingis weren don awei, whiche bi cause of humanyte, `ether curtesie, weren ordeyned of kyngis to Jewis bi Joon, the fadir of Eupolemy, which was ordeyned in lawful message of frenschip and felouschip anentis Romayns, he distriede lawis of citeseyns, and made schrewid ordenaunces;

12 for he was hardi for to ordeyne a scole of hethenesse vndur that hiy tour, and for to put alle the beste of faire yonge men in bordel housis.

13 Forsothe this was not bigynnyng, but sum encreessyng and profit of hethene and alien lijf, for the vnleueful and vnherd greet trespas of vnpitouse, and not prest Jason;

14 so that prestis not now weren youun aboute offices of the auter, but thei dispisiden the temple, and leften sacrifices, and thei hastiden for to be maad felowis of wrastling, and of vniust yyuyng of hym, and in ocupaciouns of a disch, `ether pleiyng with a ledun disch.

15 And sotheli thei hadden onouris of fadris at nouyt, and demyden Greke glories beste.

16 For cause of which perelouse contension hadde hem, and thei folewiden her ordynaunces; and bi alle thingis thei coueitiden hem for to be lijk hem, whiche thei hadden enemyes and distrieris.

17 Forsothe for to do vnfeithfuli ayens Goddis lawes it bifallith not with out peyne, but the tyme suynge schal declare these thingis.

18 Sotheli whanne iustus, doon onys in fyue yeer, was maad solempli in Tire, and the kyng was present,

19 Jason ful of grete trespassis sente fro Jerusalem men synneris, berynge thre hundrid double dragmes of siluer in to sacrifice of Erculis; whiche these men that baren out axiden, that tho weren not youun in sacrifices, for it nedide not, but that tho schulen be ordeyned in to othere spensis.

20 But sotheli these weren offrid of him that sente in to the sacrifice of Ercules; sotheli for men present tho ben youun in to makyng of grete schippis.

21 Forsothe Appolonye, sone of Nestei, was sent in to Egipt for primatis, `ether princes, of Tolome Philometor, the kyng; whanne Antiok knew him maad alyen fro nedis of the rewme, he counselide for his owne profitis, and yede fro thennus, and cam to Joppe, and fro thennus to Jerusalem.

22 And he was resseyued of Jason and the citee worschipfuli, with liytis of brondis, and preisyngis, and wente yn, and fro thennus he turnede the oost in to Fenyce.

23 And aftir the tyme of thre yeer Jason sente Menelaus, the brother of Symount aboue seid, berynge richessis to the kyng, and of necessarie causis to berynge answeris.

24 And he was comendid to the kyng, and, whanne he hadde magnefiede the face of his power, he turnyde in to hym silf the hiyeste presthod, and settide aboue Jason thre hundrid talentis of siluer.

25 And bi maundementis takun of the kyng, he cam, sotheli hauynge no thing worthi to presthod; but he bar the soule of a cruel tiraunt, and wraththe of wielde beeste.

26 And sotheli thilke Jason, that took his owne brother caitif, was disseyued, and outlawid, and put out in to the cuntree of Amanythen.

27 But Menelaus forsothe weldide the prinshod, but of richessis bihiyt to the kyng he dide no thing, whanne Sostratus, that was souereyn of the hiy tour, made `maisterful axyng,

28 for whi reisyng of tributis perteynede to hym; for whiche cause bothe weren clepid to the kyng.

29 And Menelaus was remoued fro presthod, and Lysimacus, his brother, was successour; sotheli Sostratus was maad souereyn of men of Cipre.

30 And whanne these thingis weren don, it bifelle Tarsensis and Mallotis for to moue debate, for that thei weren youun in yifte to the concubyn of Antiok, kyng.

31 Therefor the kyng hastili cam, for to swage hem, and lefte oon of his eerlis suffectus Andronyk `in dignyte, `ether lutenaunt.

32 Forsothe Menelaus demyde that he hadde taken couenable tyme, and stal summe goldun vessels of the temple, and yaf to Andronik, and he selde to Tire othere, and bi niy citees.

33 And whanne Onyas hadde knowun this thing most certeynli, he repreuyde hym, and helde him silf in a sikir place at Antiochie, bisidis Daphnen.

34 Wherfor Menelaus yede to Andronik, and preiede that he wolde sle Onyas. And whanne he cam to Onyas, and hadde youe riythondis with an ooth, thouy he was suspect to him, he counselide hym for to go forth of asile, and anoon he slow hym, and dredde not riytwisnes.

35 For which cause not oneli Jewis, but and othere naciouns, weren wrothe, and baren heuyli of the vniust deth of so greet a man.

36 But Jewis at Antiochie, and Grekis, togidere playneden of the vniust deth of Onyas, and wenten to the king, that turnede ayen fro places of Cilicie.

37 Therfor the kyng Antiok was sori in soule for Onyas, and was bowid to merci, and schedde teeris, and bithouyte on the sobrenesse and myldenesse of the deed man.

38 And his herte was kyndlid, and he comaundide that Andronyk, vnclothid of purpur, be led aboute bi al the citee, and that in that place in which he hadde don vnpitee ayens Onyas, the cursid man be priuyd of lijf; for the Lord yaf to hym euene worthi peyne.

39 Forsothe whanne manye sacrilegijs weren don of Lisymacus, bi counsel of Menelaus, in the temple, and the fame was pupplischid, multitude was gaderid ayens Lisymacus; for myche gold was thanne borun out.

40 Forsothe whanne the cumpenyes risiden, and soulis weren fillid with wraththe, Lisymacus bigan for to vse almest thre thousynd armyd wickid hondis, bi sum tyraunt ledere, elde in age and also in woodnesse.

41 But as thei vndurstoden the enforsyng of Lysimacus, othere token stoonys, othere stronge stafis, summe sotheli castiden aische in to Lysimacus.

42 And many sotheli weren woundid, summe forsothe weren cast doun, alle forsothe weren togidere turnyd in to fliyt; also thei slowen hym sacrilegere, ether `theef of hooli thingis, bisidis the treserie.

43 Therfor of these thingis dom bigan for to be mouyd ayens Menelaus.

44 And whanne the kyng cam to Tire, thre men weren sent of the eldere men, and brouyten the cause to him.

45 And whanne Menelaus was ouercomun, he bihiyte for to yyue many richessis to Tolome, for to counsele the kyng.

46 Therfor Tolome wente to the king, set in sum porche, as for cause of refreityng, ether coolding, and ledde awei fro sentence;

47 and assoilide fro crymes Menelaus, gilti treuli of al the malice. Forsothe he dampnede bi deth these wretchis, whiche schulden be demed innocentis, yhe, if thei hadden led cause anentis Scitis.

48 Therfor soone thei yauen vniust peyne to hem, that pursueden cause for the citee, and puple, and hooli vessels.

49 Wherfor and men of Tire weren wrothe, and weren most liberal ayens the biriynge of hem.

50 Forsothe for coueitise of hem that weren in power, Menelaus dwelte in power, wexynge in malice, and to disseitis of citeseyns.

Chapter 5


1 In the same tyme Antiok made redi the secounde goyng in to Egipt.

2 Forsothe it bifelle, that bi ech citee of men of Jerusalem, weren seyn bi fourti daies horse men rennynge aboute the eir, hauynge goldun stoolis, and schaftis, as cumpenyes of knyytis armyd;

3 and coursis of horsis wiseli set bi ordris, and asailyngis for to be maad niy, and mouyngis of scheldis, and multitude of helmyd men, with streyned swerdis, and castyngis of dartis, and schynyng of goldun armeris, and of al kynde of haburiouns.

4 Wherfor alle men preieden, that the monstris, `ether wondris, tokene of thingis to comynge, be conuertid in to good.

5 But whanne fals tithing wente out, as if Antiok hadde goon out of lijf, Jason sudenli assaylide the citee, with men takun not lesse than a thousynde; and whanne citeseyns fledden to the wal togidere, and at the laste the citee was takun, Menelaus fledde to the hiy tour.

6 Forsothe Jason sparide not in sleynge his citeseyns, nether he thouyte prosperite ayens cosyns; and he demyde it for to be moost yuel, that he schulde take victories of enemyes, and not of citeseyns.

7 And sotheli he weldide not prinshod, but took confusioun ende of his disseitis; and he flei eft, and wente in to Ammanythen.

8 And at the last in to vndoyng of him, he was closid togidere of Areta, tiraunt of Arabeis, and fley fro citee in to citee, and was odious to alle men, as apostata, `ether forsakere of lawis, and abhomynable, as enemye of cuntre and citeseyns, and was cast out in to Egipt.

9 And he that hadde put out many of her cuntre, perischide in pilgrimage, and yede to Lacedomonas, as for cosynage to haue there refut.

10 And he that castide awei many vnbiried, is cast out bothe vnweilid and vnbiried, and nether vsith straunge sepulture, nether takith part of fadris sepulcre.

11 And whanne these thingis weren don so, the kyng supposide, that Jewis schulden forsake felouschip; and for this he yede out of Egipt with woode soulis, and took the citee sotheli with armeris.

12 Forsothe he comaundide to the knyytis, for to sle, nether spare to men rennynge ayens, and to stie vp bi housis, and strangle.

13 Therfor ther weren maad sleyngis of yonge and eldere, distriyngis of wymmen and children, and dethis of maidens and litle children.

14 Forsothe in alle thre daies foure score thousynde weren slayn, fourti thousynde boundun, forsothe not lesse seld; but nether these thingis sufficen.

15 Also he was hardi for to entre in to the temple holiere than al the lond, bi Menelaus ledere, that was traitour of lawis and cuntre.

16 And he touchide vnworthily, and defoulide, takynge in cursid hondis the hooli vessels, that weren put of othere kyngis and citees, to ournyng and glorie of the place.

17 Antiok was so alienyd fro mynde, and bihelde not, that, for synnes of men enhabitynge, the Lord was wroth a litil to the citee; for which thing also dispisyng bifelle aboute the place.

18 Ellis if it had not bifeld hem for to be wlappid in many synnes, as Eliodore, that was sent fro kyng Seleucus for to robbe the treserie, also this anoon comynge schulde be betun, and forsothe put a bak fro hardynesse.

19 But the Lord chees not the folc for the place, but place for the folk.

20 And therfor also thilke place was maad parcener of yuelis of the puple; aftirward forsothe it schal be maad felowe also of goodis, and it, that is forsakun in wraththe of almyyti God, eftsoone in recounselyng of the greet Lord schal be enhaunsid with greet glorie.

21 Therfor Antiok, whanne he hadde takun awei a thousynde and eiyte hundrid talentis of the temple, swiftli turnede ayen to Antiochie, and demyde hym for pride to lede the lond for to seile, the see forsothe for to make iournei, for pride of soule.

22 Forsothe he lefte also souereyns, to turmente the folc, in Jerusalem sotheli Filip, of the kyn of Frigeus, cruelere than hym silf in maneris, of whom he was ordeyned;

23 forsothe in Garisym, Andronik and Menelaus, whiche more greuousli than othere laien on citeseyns.

24 And whanne he was set ayens Jewis, he sente an odious prince, Appollonye, with an oost two and twenti thousyndis, and comaundide to hym for to sle al of perfit age, for to sille wymmen and yonge children.

25 Whiche whanne he cam to Jerusalem, feynede pees, and restide til to the holi dai of sabat. And thanne while Jewis helden halidai, he comaundide his men for to take armeris,

26 and stranglide alle that camen forth togidere to the biholdyng; and he ran aboute the citee with armed men, and slowe a greet multitude.

27 Forsothe Judas Machabeus, that was the tenthe, wente in to desert place, and there ledde lijf with his men, among wielde beestis in hillis; and dwelten etynge mete of hey, lest thei weren parceneres of defoulyng.

Chapter 6


1 But not aftir myche tyme the king sente an elde man of Antiochie, which schulde constreyne Jewis, that thei schulden translate hem silf fro lawis of fadris and of God;

2 also he schulde defoule the temple, `that was in Jerusalem, and schulde clepe it of Jouis Olympij, and in Garisym, as thei weren, that enhabitiden the place, of Jouis hospital.

3 Forsothe the fallyng in of yuels was worste and greuouse to alle;

4 for whi the temple was ful of letcherie and glotenye of hethene men, and of men doynge letcherie with horis, aud wymmen baren in hem silf to halewid housis, at her owne wille, berynge with ynne tho thingis whiche it was not leueful.

5 Also the auter was ful of vnleueful thingis, whiche weren forbodun bi lawis.

6 Sotheli nether sabatis weren kept, nether solempne daies of fadris weren kept, nether sympli, `ether opynli, ony man knoulechide hym a Jew.

7 Forsothe thei weren led with bittir nede in the dai of the kyngis birthe to sacrifices. And whanne hooli thingis of Liber, `that is, Bacus, `ether a false god, which hethene men clepiden god of wyn, weren maad solempli, thei weren crownyd with yuy, and weren constreyned for to go aboute with Liber.

8 Sotheli the doom wente out in to the nexte citees of hethene men, bi Tolomeis procurynge, that in lijk maner also thei schulden do ayens Jewis, that thei schulden do sacrifice;

9 sotheli that thei schulden sle hem, that wolden not passe to ordynaunces of hethene men. Therfor it was to se wretchidnesse.

10 For whi twei wymmen weren accusid, that thei hadden circumcidid her children; and whanne thei hadden ledde hem aboute opynli bi the citee, with infauntis hangid at brestis, thei castiden doun bi the wallis.

11 Forsothe othere men yeden togidere to the nexte dennes, and halewiden pryueli the dai of sabat, whanne thei weren schewid to Filip, thei weren brent in flawmes, for thei dredden for religioun and obseruaunce, for to bere help to hem silf with hond.

12 Therfore Y biseche hem, that schulen rede this book, that thei `drede not for aduersitees; but arette thei tho thingis that bifellen to be not to perischyng, but to amendyng of oure kyn.

13 For whi for to not suffre bi myche tyme synneris for to do of sentence, but anoon for to yyue veniaunces, is the schewing of greet benefice.

14 For whi, not as in othere naciouns, the Lord abidith pacientli, that whanne the dai of dom schal come, he punysche hem in plente of synnes,

15 so and in vs he ordeyneth, that whanne oure synnes ben turned aboute in to ende, so at the laste he venge on vs.

16 For which thing sotheli he neuer remoueth his merci fro vs; but he chastisith his puple, and forsakith not in aduersitees.

17 But these thingis ben seid of vs in fewe wordis to the monestyng of men redynge; now forsothe it is to come to the tellyng.

18 Therfor Eleasarus, oon of the formere of scribis, a man wexun in age, and `fair in cheer, was compellid, `yanynge with open mouth, for to ete swynes fleisch.

19 And he `biclippide, ether chees, more glorious deth, than hateful lijf, and wilfuli wente bifore to turment.

20 Forsothe he bihelde hou it bihofte for to go, and suffride pacientli, and ordeynede for to not do vnleueful thingis for the loue of lijf.

21 Sotheli these that stoden nyy, weren mouyd to gidere bi wickid merci, for eld frenschip of the man, and thei token hym priueli, and preiede that fleischis schulden be brouyt, whiche it was leueful to hym for to ete, that he were feyned to haue etun, as the kyng comaundide, of the fleischis of sacrifice;

22 that bi this dede he schulde be delyuered fro deth; and for eld frenschip of the man, thei dide this curtesie in hym.

23 And he bigan for to thenke the worthi excellence of age, and of his elde, and `fre borun horenesse of noblei, and of best lyuyng fro child; and bi the ordynaunces of holi lawe, and maad of God, he answeride soone, seiynge, that he wolde be sent bifore in to helle.

24 For he seide, It is not worthi to oure age for to feyne, that many yonge men deme, that Eleasarus of foure score yeer and ten, hath passid to the lijf of aliens,

25 and that thei ben disseyued for my feynyng, and for litil tyme of corruptible lijf, and that bi this Y gete spotte and cursidnesse to myn eelde.

26 For whi thouy in present tyme Y be delyuered fro turmentis of men, but nether quyk nether deed Y schal ascape the hond of Almyyti.

27 Wherfor in passynge the lijf strongli, sotheli Y schal appere worthi of age;

28 forsothe Y schal leue stronge ensaumple to yonge men, if Y vse perfitli onest deth with redi wille, and strongli for the worthieste and holieste lawis. Whanne these thingis weren seid, anoon he was drawun to turment.

29 Forsothe these that ledden hym, and a litil bifore weren myldere, weren turned in to wraththe, for the wordis seid of hym, whiche thei demyden brouyt forth bi pride of herte.

30 But whanne he schulde be slayn with woundis, he sorewide inwardli, and seide, Lord, that hast hooli kunnyng, openli thou woost, that whanne Y myyte be delyuered fro deth, Y suffre hard sorewis of bodi; forsothe bi soule wilfuli Y suffre these thingis for thi drede.

31 And sotheli this man on this maner departide fro lijf; not oneli leuynge the mynde of his deth to yonge men, but and to al the folc, to ensaumple of vertu and strengthe.

Chapter 7


1 Forsothe it bifelle, that seuene britheren takun togidere with the modir, weren constreyned of the kyng for to taaste ayens the lawe swynes fleischis; and weren turmentid with scourgyngis, and turment maad of bole lether.

2 Forsothe oon of hem, that was the first, seide thus, What sekist thou? and what wolt thou lerne of vs? we ben redi for to die, more than to breke the fadris lawes of God.

3 Therfor the kyng was wroth, and comaundide `pannes of bras, and brasun pottis for to be maad ful hoot. And whan tho anoon werin maad ful hoot,

4 he comaundide the tunge for to be kit of fro hym that spak bifore; and whanne the skynne of the heed was drawun awei, he bad bothe the hiyeste partis of hondis and of feet `of hym for to be kit of, the while othere britheren and the modir `of hym bihelden.

5 And whanne he was maad thanne vnprofitable bi alle thingis, he comaundide fier for to be brouyt to him, and yit `al quik brethinge for to be brent in the brasun panne; in which whanne he was longe turmentid, the othere togidere with the modir, `coumfortiden hem togidere for to die strongli,

6 seiynge, The Lord God schal biholde treuthe, and schal `yyue solace in vs, as Moises declaride `in bifore witnessyng of song, and among his seruauntis he schal yife coumforte.

7 Therfor whanne thilke firste was deed in this maner, thei ledden forth the nexte for to be scornyd; and whanne the skyn of his heed was drawun of, with the heeris, thei axiden, if he wolde ete, bifore that he were punyschid in al the bodi, bi alle membris bi hem silf.

8 And he answeride bi the vois of fadris, and seide, Y schal not do it. For which `cause this also, in a place faste bi, resseyuede lijk turmentis of the firste.

9 And whanne he was ordeyned in the laste spirit, he seide thus, Sotheli thou most wickid lesist vs in this lijf, but the kyng of the world schal reise `vs that ben deede for his lawis, in ayenrisinge of euerlastinge lijf.

10 After this the thridde was scorned; and whanne he was bede, he `profride soone forth the tunge, and stidfastli helde forth the hondis,

11 and `seide, Of God of heuene Y welde these lymes, but for the lawis of God now Y dispise these same; for Y hope, that Y schal resseyue tho of him.

12 So that the kyng, and thei that weren with hym, wondriden on the wisdom of the yonge man, that he ledde the turmentis as nouyt.

13 And whanne this was thus deed, thei traueliden the fourthe, and turmentiden in lijk maner.

14 And whanne he was thanne at the deth, he seide thus, `Wel the rather it is ned, that men youun to deth of men, abide hope of God, that schulen be reisid ayen `eft of him; for ayen risyng to lijf schal not be to thee.

15 And whanne thei hadden brouyt the fyuethe, thei traueliden hym. And he bihelde in to hym,

16 and seide, Thou hast power among men, `and thouy thou be corruptible, thou doist what thou wolt; but nyl thou gesse, that oure kyn is forsakun of God.

17 But abide thou pacientli, and thou schalt se the greet power of hym, hou he schal turmente thee, and thi seed.

18 After thei ledden also the sixte; and this bigan for to die, and seide thus, Nyle thou erre idili; for we suffren these thingis for vs silf, synnynge ayens oure God, and thingis worthi of wondryng ben maad in vs;

19 but deme thou not, that it schal be with out peyne to thee, that thou hast temptid for to fiyte ayens God.

20 Forsothe the `merueylous moder of hem, and worthi the mynde of goode men, which bihelde seuene sones perischynge vndur the tyme of o day, `and suffride aboue manere with good wille, for the hope that sche hadde in to God;

21 sche monestide ech of hem bi vois of fadris, `that is, acordynge to the techyng of hooli fadris, and was strongli fillid with wisdom, and settide mannus witte to wommanys thouyt,

22 and seide to hem, Sones, Y woot not hou ye apperiden in my wombe; for nether Y haue youun to you spirit, and soule, and lijf, and Y my silf ioynede not togidere the membris of ech;

23 but the makere of nouyt of the world, that fourmyde natiuyte of man, and foond bigynnyng of alle, schal yelde eft to you spirit, and lijf, with merci, as now ye dispisen you silf for the lawis of hym.

24 Forsothe Antiok demyde hym for to be dispisid, and also bi dispisable vois of a repreuere, and whanne yit the yongere was `on lyue, not oneli he monestide bi wordis, but and with an ooth he affirmyde, to make hym riche and blissful, and to haue frend, translatid fro lawis of fadris, and to yyue `to hym nedeful thingis.

25 But whanne the yonge man was not bowid to these thingis, the kyng clepide the modir, and softli counselide hir, that sche schulde be maad to the yonge man in to helth.

26 Forsothe whanne he monestide hir bi many wordis, sche bihiyte hir for to counsele hir sone.

27 Therfor sche bowide down to hym, and scornyde the cruel tiraunt, and seide in cuntrei vois, Sone, haue merci on me, that bar thee in wombe nyne monethis, and yaf mylk bi thre yeer, and nurschide, and fulli brouyte in to this age.

28 Y axe, child, that thou biholde to heuene and erthe, and alle thingis that ben in hem, and vnderstonde, that God made hem of nouyt, and the kynde of men.

29 So it schal be don, that thou drede not this turmentour, but be thou maad worthi to thi britheren, and resseyue deth, that in that merci doyng Y resseyue thee with thi britheren.

30 Whanne sche seide yit these thingis, the yong man seide, Whom abiden ye? Y obeie not to biddyng of the kyng, but to comaundement of the lawe, that was youun to vs bi Moises.

31 Forsothe thou, that art maad fyndere of al malice ayens Ebrewis, schalt not ascape the hond of God.

32 For we suffren these thingis for oure synnes;

33 thouy oure Lord be a litil wroth to vs for blamyng and chastisyng, but eft he schal be recounselid to hise seruauntis.

34 Forsothe thou cursid, and most flagiciouse, ether fulleste of yuel doyngis, and stiryngis, of alle men, nyle thou veynli be enhaunsid, that art enflaumyd bi veyn hope ayens his seruauntis;

35 for thou hast not scapid yit the dom of almyyti God, and biholdynge alle thingis.

36 `For whi my britheren suffriden now a litil sorewe, and ben maad vndur testament of euerlastynge lijf; thou sotheli bi dom of God schalt paie iust peynes of pride.

37 Sotheli `Y as my britheren, bitake my soule and bodi for lawis of fadris; and Y clepe God to help, that more ripeli he be maad helpful to oure folc, and that thou knouleche with turmentis `and betyngis, that he is God aloone.

38 Forsothe the wraththe of Almyyti schal faile in me and in my britheren, which is iustli brouyte in on al oure kyn.

39 Thanne the kyng was kyndlid with wrath, and was fers ayens hym more crueli aboue alle; and bar vnworthili, `ether heuyli, hym silf scorned.

40 Therfor and this was clene, and diede, tristynge bi alle thingis in the Lord.

41 Forsothe at the laste also the modir was wastid, after the sones.

42 Therfor of sacrifices, and ouer greet crueltees, is ynowy seid.

Chapter 8


1 Forsothe Judas Machabeus, and thei that weren with hym, entriden priueli in to castels; and clepiden togidere cosyns, and frendis, and token hem that dwelten in Judee, ether in kepyng of the lawe of Jewis, and ledden out men to sixe thousyndis.

2 And thei clepiden the Lord to help, for to biholde on the puple, that was defoulid of alle men; for to haue merci on the temple, that was defoulid of vnpitouse men;

3 and for to haue merci on distriyng of the citee, that was anoon to be maad pleyn togidere; and for to here the vois of blood criynge to hym,

4 and for to haue mynde on the wikidiste dethis of litle children innocentis, and of blasfemyes youun to his name; and for to haue indignacioun on these thingis.

5 And Machabeus, with the multitude gaderid, was maad vnsuffrable to hethene men; for the wraththe of the Lord was conuertid in to merci.

6 And he aboue cam to castels and citees, vnwarned, and brente hem; and ocupiede couenable places, and yaf not fewe sleyngis of enemyes.

7 Sotheli in niytis he was most borun to seche out rennyngis; and fame of his vertu was sched out euery where.

8 Forsothe Filip siy, that the man bi litil and litil cam to encrees, and that ful ofte thingis bifalliden to hym `in prosperite; and he wroot to Tolome, duyk of Celessirie and of Fenice, that he schulde bere help to the kyngis nedis.

9 And he swiftli sente Nycanor of Patrode, of the formere frendis, and yaf `to hym not lesse than twenti thousyndis of armed folkis meynt togidere, for to do awei al the kyn of Jewis; and ordeynede to hym Gorgie, a knyytli man, and most expert in thingis of batel.

10 Forsothe Nycanor bihiyte stidfastly to the kyng, that he schulde fille the tribut that was to be youun to Romayns, two thousyndis of talentis, of the caitifte of Jewis.

11 And anoon he sente to citees of the see coost, and clepide togidere to euenbiyng of prisoneris, ether of boonde men, of Jewis; and bihiyte, that he schal sille nynti boonde men for a talent, not biholdynge to the veniaunce that schulde sue hym of Almiyti.

12 Forsothe whanne Judas foond, he schewide to these Jewis that weren with hym, the comyng of Nycanor.

13 Of which summe inwardli dredden, and bileuyden not to the riytwisnesse of God, and weren turned in to fliyt;

14 othere sotheli, if ony leften of hem, camen, and togidere bisouyten the Lord, for to delyuere hem fro wyckid Nycanor, which hadde seld hem bifore that he cam niy;

15 and thouy not for hem, for the testament that was to the fadris of hem, and for clepyng to help of his hooli name and greet on hem.

16 Forsothe Machabeus clepide togidere seuene thousyndis that weren with hym, and preiede, that thei schulden not be recounselid to enemyes, nether schulden drede the multitude of enemyes wickidli comynge ayens hem, but strongli schulden fiyte;

17 hauynge bifore the iyen the dispit that was don in the hooli place vniustli of hem, and also the wrong of the citee, had in scornyng; yit also the ordenaunces of elde men distried.

18 For whi he seide, Thei sotheli tristen in armeris togidere and hardynesse; forsothe we tristen in the Lord almyyti, that may do awei with o lokyng bothe hem that comen ayens vs, and al the world.

19 Forsothe he monestide hem also of helpis of God, that weren don ayens fadris; and that vndur Senacherib an hundrid thousynde foure score thousynde and fyue thousindes perischiden;

20 and of the batel that was to hem ayens Galatas, in Babiloyne; `whether if it come to the thing, `ethir treuthe, whanne alle felowis Macedoyns doutiden, thei sixe thousandis aloone slowen an hundrid thousynde and twenti thousyndis, for help youun to hem fro heuene; and for these thingis thei hadden ful many benefices.

21 Bi thes wordis thei weren maad stidfast, and redi for to die for lawis and cuntre.

22 Therfor he ordeynede his britheren lederis to ech ordre, Symount, and Josofus, and Jonathas, `and made suget to ech a thousynde and fyue hundrid.

23 Also to this thing, whanne the hooli book was red to hem of Esra, and a tokene was youun of Goddis help, he was duyk in the firste scheltrun, and ioynede batel with Nycanor.

24 And for the Almyyty was maad helpere to hem, thei slowen ouer nyne thousynde of men; forsothe thei constreyneden the more part of Nycanoris oost, maad feble bi woundis, for to fle.

25 Forsothe whanne the richessis of hem that camen to the biyng of hem weren takun vp, on ech side thei pursueden hem;

26 but thei turneden ayen closid togidere bi an our; for whi it was bifor sabat, for which cause thei lastiden not pursuynge.

27 Forsothe thei gaderiden the armeris of hem, and spuylis, and diden sabat, and blessiden the Lord, that delyuerede hem in this dai, droppynge in to hem bigynnyng of merci.

28 Forsothe after the sabat thei departiden spuylis to the feble folkis, and fadirles, and modirles, and widewis; and thei with hern hadden the residues.

29 Whanne these thingis weren thus don, and comynli of alle men bysechyng was maad, thei axiden the merciful Lord, for to be recounselid in to the ende to hise seruauntis.

30 And of these that weren with Tymothe and Bachides, stryuynge ayens hem silf, thei slowen ouer twenti thousyndis, and thei weldiden hiye strengthis; and thei departiden mo preies, and maden euene porcioun to feble folc, fadirles, and modirles, and widewis, but and to eldere men.

31 And whanne thei hadden gaderid the armeris of hem, diligentli thei `puttiden togidere alle thingis in couenable places; forsothe thei baren to Jerusalem the residue spuylis.

32 And thei slowen Filarces, that was with Tymothe, a man ful of grete trespassis, that hadde turmentide Jewis in many thingis.

33 And whanne feestis of victorie weren don in Jerusalem, thei brenten hem that hadden brent hooli yatis, that is to seie, Calastenes, whanne he hadde flowun in to an hous; for whi worthi meede was yoldun to hem for her vnpitousnessis.

34 Forsothe the wickidist Nycanor, that brouyte a thousynde marchauntis to the sillyng of Jewis,

35 was mekid bi help of the Lord, of hem which he gesside noon; and whanne he hadde put awei the cloth of glorie, he fledde aloon bi priuy places, and cam to Antiochie, and hadde hiyeste wretchidnesse of the deth of his oost.

36 And he that bihiyte hym for to restore tribute to Romayns, of the caitifte of men of Jerusalem, prechide now that Jewis hadde o defendere God, and for hym thei weren vnable for to be woundid, for thei sueden lawis ordeyned of hym.

Chapter 9


1 In the same tyme Antiok turnede ayen vnonestli fro Perses.

2 For he hadde entrid into that citee, that is seid Persibolis, and he temptide for to robbe the temple, and oppresse the citee; but for multitude ran togidere to armeris, thei weren turned in to fliyt; and so it bifelle, that Antiok after fliyt viliche turnede ayen.

3 And whanne he cam aboute Ebathana, he knew what thingis weren don ayens Nycanor and Tymothe.

4 Forsothe he was enhaunsid in wraththe, and demede that he myyte turne in to Jewis the wrong of hem, that hadden dryuun hym. And therfor he bad the chare for to be led in haste, doynge iourney with out ceessyng; for whi heuenli doom constreynede hym, for that he spak so proudli, that he schal come to Jerusalem, and to make it a gaderyng of sepulcre of Jewis.

5 But the Lord God of Israel, that biholdith alle thingis, smoot hym with a wounde incurable and inuisible; for as he endide this same word, an hard sorewe of entrails took hym, and bittere turmentis of inward thingis.

6 And sotheli iustli ynowy, for he that hadde turmentid the entrails of othere men, with many and newe turmentis, thouy he in no maner ceesside of his malice.

7 Forsothe ouer this he was fillid with pride, and brethide fier in soule ayens Jewis, and comaundynge the nede for to be hastid, it bifelle, that he goynge in fersnesse fallide doun of the chare, and that the membris weren trauelid with the greuouse hurtlyng togidere of bodi.

8 And he that semyde to hym silf for to comaunde also to wawis of the see, and ouer mannus maner was fillid with pride, and for to weie in balaunce the hiythis of hillis, was maad low to erthe, and was borun in a beere, and witnesside in him silf the opyn vertu of God;

9 so that wormes buyliden out of the bodi of the vnpitouse man, and the quyke fleischis of hym fletiden out in sorewis. Also with the sauour `of hym, and stynkynge, the oost `of hym was greuyd;

10 and no man myyte bere hym, for vnsuffryng of stynk, that a litil bifore demyde hym for to touche the sterris of heuene.

11 Therfor herbi he was led doun fro greuouse pride, and bigan for to come to knowyng of hym silf, and was warned bi Goddis veniaunce, for bi alle momentis his sorewis token encreessis.

12 And whanne he myyte not thanne suffre his stynk, thus he seide, It is iust for to be suget to God, and that a deedli man feele not euene thingis to God.

13 Forsothe the cursid man preiede the Lord of these thingis, of whom he schulde `not gete merci.

14 And now he desirith to yelde fre the citee, to which he cam hastynge, for to drawe doun it to erthe, and for to make a sepulcre of thingis borun togidere.

15 And now he bihetith to make the Jewis euene to men of Athenys, whiche Jewis he seide that he schulde not haue worthi, yhe, of sepulture, but to bitake to foulis and wielde beestis, for to be `to-drawun, and for to distrie with litle children;

16 also to ourne with beste yiftis the hooli temple, which he robbide bifore, and to multiplie hooli vessels, and to yyuynge of his rentis costis perteynynge to sacrifices;

17 ouer these thingis and that he schal be maad a Jewe, and to walke bi ech place of the lond, and to preche `the power of God.

18 But, for sorewis ceesiden not, the iust doom of God hadde aboue come on hym, he disperide, and wroot to Jewis, bi maner of bisechyng, `a pistle, conteynynge thes thingis.

19 To the beste citeseyns, Jewis, moost heelthe, and welfare, and to be riche, `ether in prosperite, the kyng and prince Antiok.

20 If ye faren wel, and youre sones, and alle thingis ben to you of sentence, we don moost thankyngis.

21 And Y am ordeyned in sikenesse, and sotheli Y am myndeful benygneli of you, and Y turnede ayen fro places of Persis, and am cauyt with greuouse infirmyte, and Y ledde nedeful for to haue cure for comyn profit; and Y dispeire not of my silf,

22 but Y haue myche hope to ascape sikenesse.

23 For Y biholde that also my fadir, in what tymes he ledde oost in hiyere places, schewide, who after hym schulde resseyue prinshod; if that ony contrarie thing bifelle,

24 or hard thing were teld, these that weren in cuntreis, schulden wite to whom the summe, `ether charge, of thingis was left, and schulden not be troblid.

25 To these thingis Y bihelde of next, that alle the myyti men and neiyboris aspien tymes, and abiden comynge, and Y haue ordeyned my sone Antiok kyng, whom Y, rennynge ayen ofte in to hiye rewmes, comendide to many of you, and Y wroot to hym what thingis ben suget.

26 Therfor Y preie you, and axe, that ye ben myndeful of benefices opynli and priueli, and that ech of you kepe feith to me, and to my sone.

27 For Y triste, that he schal do myldely, and manli, and sue my purpos, and be tretable to you.

28 Therfor the manquellere and blasfemere was smytun worst, and as he hadde tretid othere, he diede in pilgrimage in mounteyns, in wretchidful deth.

29 Forsothe Filip, his euene soukere, translatide, `ether bar ouer, the bodi; which dredde the sone of Antiok, and wente to Tolome Filomethore, in to Egipt.

Chapter 10


1 Forsothe Machabeus, and thei that weren with hym, for the Lord defendide hem, resseyuede sotheli the temple, and citee.

2 Forsothe he distriede the auteris, that aliens maden bi stretis, and also templis of waisshyng.

3 And whanne the temple was purgid, thei maden an other auter, and of stoonys firid, `ether flyntis, bi fier conseyued, thei offriden sacrifices after two yeer, and puttiden encense, and lanternes, and looues of proposicioun.

4 And whanne these thingis weren don, thei weren cast doun to erthe, and preieden the Lord, that thei schulden no more falle in siche yuelis, but thouy in ony tyme thei hadden synned, that thei schulden be chastised of hym more esili, and schulden not be bitakun to barbaries, and blasfeme men.

5 Forsothe in what dai the temple was defoulid of aliens, it bifelle that in the same dai clensyng was maad, in the fyue and twentithe dai of the monethe, that was Casleu.

6 And with gladnesse in eiyte daies thei diden bi maner of tabernaclis, bithenkynge that bifore a litil of tyme thei hadden don the solempne dai of tabernaclis in hillis and in dennys, bi custom of beestis.

7 For which thing thei baren byfore roddis, and grene braunchis, and palmes, to hym that yaf prosperite for to clense his place.

8 And thei demyden with comyn heest, and with doom, to alle the folc of Jewis, for to do these feeste daies in alle yeeris.

9 And the endyng of lijf of Antiok, that was clepid noble, hadde it thus.

10 Now forsothe we schulen telle of Eupator, sone of vnpitouse Antiok, what thingis weren don, and bregge, `ether schortli telle, the yuelis that weren don in batels.

11 For whanne this Eupator hadde resseyued the rewme, he ordeynede on nedis of the rewme a man Lisias, prince of knyythod, of Fenece and Sirie.

12 For whi Tolome, that was seid Macer, ordeynede for to holde iust thing ayens Jewis, and most for wickidnesse that was don ayens hem, and pesibli for to do with hem.

13 But for this thing he was accusid of frendis anentis Eupator, whanne he herde ofte, Thou traitour, for that he hadde forsakun Cipre, bitakun to hym of Filometor, and hadde translatid to Antiok noble, also he hadde go awei fro hym, with venym he endide the lijf.

14 Forsothe Gorgias, whanne he was duyk of places, with comelyngis takun, ouercam ofte Jewis in batel.

15 Forsothe Jewis that helden couenable strengthis, resseyueden men dryuun fro Jerusalem, and saieden for to fiyte.

16 These forsothe that weren with Machabeus, preieden the Lord bi preieris, that he schulde be helpere to hem, and thei maden asawt in to strengthis of Idumeis.

17 And thei weren bisi bi myche strengthe, and weldiden places, and slowen men rennynge ayen, and strangliden alle togidere, not lesse than fyue and twenti thousandes.

18 Forsothe whanne summe fledden togidere in to twei touris ful stronge, hauynge alle apparel to ayen fiyte,

19 Machabeus lefte Symount, and Josofus, and eft Sachee, and hem that weren with hem, many ynow, to the ouercomyng of hem; and he was conuertid to tho batels that constreyneden more.

20 Sotheli these that weren with Symount, weren led bi coueitise, and weren counselid bi monei, of summe that weren in the touris; and whanne thei hadden take seuenti thousynde double dragmes, thei leeten summe fle out.

21 Forsothe whanne that thing that was don, was teld to Machabeus, he gaderide the princes of puple, and he accuside, that thei hadden seld britheren for monei, for thei delyueriden aduersaries of hem.

22 Therfor he slow these maad traitouris, and anoon ocupiede the tweye touris.

23 Forsothe in doynge alle thingis `in prosperite in armeris and hondis, he slow in the twei strengthis more than twenti thousyndis.

24 And Tymothe, that bifore was ouercomun of Jewis, clepide togidere an oost of straunge multitude, and gaderide the multitude of horse men of Asie, and cam with armeris, as to take Judee.

25 Forsothe Machabeus, and thei that weren with hym, whanne he neiyede, bisouyten God, and bispreynten the heed with erthe, and bifor girdiden the leendis with heiris,

26 and kneliden doun at the brynke of the auter, that he schulde be helpful to hem, forsothe that to enemyes of hem he were enemye, and were aduersarie to aduersaries, as the lawe seith.

27 And so after preier, whanne thei hadden take armeris, thei yeden forth fer fro the citee, and thei weren maad nexte to enemyes, and saten.

28 Forsothe in the firste risyng of the sunne, bothe ioyneden batel; these sotheli hadden the Lord bihetere of victorie and prosperite; for thei hadden hardynesse the duyk of batel.

29 But whanne greet fiyte was, fyue faire men, on horsis with goldun bridels, apperiden to aduersaries fro heuene, and yauen ledyng to Jewis;

30 of whiche tweyne hadden Machabeus in the myddil, and set aboute with her armeris, and kepten hym sownd. Forsothe thei castiden dartis and leitis ayens aduersaries; of which thing and thei weren schent with blyndenesse, and weren fillid with perturbacioun, and fellen doun.

31 Forsothe ther weren slayn of foote men twenti thousynde and fyue hundrid, and horse men sixe hundrid.

32 Sotheli Tymothe fledde in to the strong hold of Gasara, of which strong hold Cereas was souereyn.

33 Forsothe Machabeus, and thei that weren with hym, weren glad, and bisegiden the strong hold bi foure daies.

34 And thei that weren with ynne, tristiden in the sikirnesse of the place, and cursiden aboue maner, and castiden cursid wordis.

35 But whanne the fyuethe dai schynede, twenti yonge men of these that weren with Machabeus, weren kyndlid in soulis for blasfemye, and wenten manli to the wal, and thei yeden with fers wille, and stieden vp;

36 but and othere also stieden, and assailiden for to brenne touris and yatis, and togidere brenne the curseris quyke.

37 Forsothe by contynuel twei daies thei wastiden the strong hold, and slowen Tymothe, hidynge hym silf, foundun in sum place; and thei slowen his brother Cereas, and Appolloffanes.

38 Whanne these thingis weren don, thei blessiden the Lord in ympnes and confessiouns, whiche dide grete thingis in Israel, and yaf to hem victorie.

Chapter 11


1 But a litil tyme after, Lisias, the procuratour of the kyng, and kynesman, and souereyn of offices, bar greuousli of these thingis that bifellen,

2 and gederide foure score thousyndis, and al the multitude of horse men, and cam ayens Jewis, and demyde hym silf to make the citee takun a dwellyng to hethene men,

3 forsothe to haue the temple in to wynnyng of monei, as othere templis of hethene men, and presthod `set to sale bi ech yeer;

4 and bithouyte not on the power of God, but in mynde he was maad with out bridil, and tristide in multitude of foot men, and in thousyndis of horse men, and in foure score olifauntis.

5 Sothely he yede in to Judee, and cam niy to Bethsura, that was in streit place, fro Jerusalem in space of fyue furlongis, and fauyt ayens that strengthe.

6 Sotheli whanne Machabeus, and thei that weren with hym, knewen that strengthis weren impugned, with wepyng and teeris thei preieden the Lord, and al the cumpenye togidere, for to sende a good aungel to the helthe of Israel.

7 And Machabeus hym silf took firste armeris, and monestide othere for to take togidere perel with hym, and bere help to her britheren.

8 And whanne thei wenten forth togidere with redi wille fro Jerusalem, an hors man apperide goynge bifore hem in whijt cloth, in goldun armeris, and florischynge a schaft.

9 Thanne alle togidere blessiden the merciful Lord, and woxen strong in soulis; and weren redi for to perse not oneli men, but and moost feerse beestis, and irun wallis.

10 Therfor thei wenten redi, hauynge an helpere of heuene, and the Lord hauynge merci on hem.

11 Sotheli bi custom of liouns, in feersnesse thei hurliden in to enemyes, and castiden doun of hem enleuene thousyndis of foot men, and a thousynde and sixe hundrid of horse men.

12 Sotheli thei turneden alle in to fliyt; forsothe many of hem woundid, ascapiden nakid, but and Lisias hym silf fouli fleynge ascapide.

13 And for he was not witles, he arettide with hym silf the makyng lesse don ayens hym, and vndurstood that Ebrews ben vnouercomun, and tristen to help of almyyti God;

14 and he sente to hem, and bihiyte hym to consente to alle thingis that ben iust, and to compelle the kyng for to be maad frend.

15 Forsothe Machabeus grauntide to preieris of Lisias, and counselide to profit in alle thingis; and what euere thingis Machabeus wroot of Jewis to Lisias, the kyng grauntide tho thingis.

16 For whi epistlis weren writun to Jewis fro Lisias, conteynynge this maner. Lisias to the puple of Jewis, heelthe.

17 Joon and Abesalon, that ben sent fro you, bitoken writtis, and axiden, that Y schulde fille tho thingis that weren signefied bi hem.

18 Therfor what euere thingis miyten be brouyt forth to the kyng, Y expownede, and whiche the thing suffride, he grauntide.

19 Therfor if in nedis ye kepen feith, also fro hennys forth Y schal enforse for to be cause of goode thingis to you.

20 Of othere thingis sotheli Y comaundide bi alle wordis, both to these and to hem that ben sent of me, for to speke togidere with you.

21 Fare ye wel. In the hundrid yeer and eiyte and fourtithe, in the foure and twentith dai of the monethe Dioscorus.

22 Forsothe `the pistle of the kyng conteynede thes thingis. Kyng Antiok to Lisias, brother, heelthe.

23 For oure fadir is translatid among goddis, we wolen that thei that ben in oure rewme do with out noise, and yyue diligence to her thingis;

24 we han herd that Jewis assentiden not to the fadir, for to be translatid to the custom of Grekis, bot wolen holde her ordynaunce, and that therfor thei axen of vs, that her lawful thingis be grauntid to hem.

25 Therfor we wolen that also this folc be quyet, and han ordeyned and demed, that the temple be restorid to hem, that thei schulden do bi the custom of her grettere men.

26 Therfor thou schalt do wel, if thou schalt sende to hem, and schalt yyue riythond; that, whanne oure wille is knowun, thei be in good coumfort, and serue to her owne profitis.

27 Sotheli to the Jewis the kyngis pistle was sich. Kyng Antiok to the `eldre men of Jewis, and to othere Jewis, heelthe.

28 If ye faren wel, so it is as we wolen, but and we silf faren wel.

29 Menelaus cam to vs, and seide, that ye wolen go doun to youre, that ben anentis vs.

30 Therfor to these that gon togidere, we yyuen riythondis of sikirnesse til to the thrittith dai of the monethe Xandici,

31 that Jewis vse her metis, and lawis, as and bifore; and no man of hem in ony maner suffre disese of these thingis, that ben don bi ignoraunce.

32 Sotheli we senten also Menelaus, that schal speke to you.

33 Fare ye wel. In the hundrid yeer and eiyte and fourtithe, the fifteenthe dai of the monethe Xandici,

34 also Romayns senten `a pistle, hauynge it thus. Quintus Menneus and Titus Manylius, legatis of Romayns, to the puple of Jewis, heelthe.

35 Of these thingis that Lisias, cosyn of the kyng, hath grauntid to you, and also we grauntiden.

36 Forsothe of whiche thingis he demyde to be teld ayen to the kyng, anoon sende ye summan; and speke ye among you diligentiliere, that we deme as it acordith to you.

37 For we gon to Antiochie, and therfor haste ye for to ayen write, that and we wite of what wille ye ben.

38 Fare ye wel.

Chapter 12


In the hundrid yeer and foure and fourtithe yeer, in the fiftenthe dai of the monethe Xandici,

1 whanne these couenauntis weren maad, Lisias wente to the king; forsothe Jewis yauen werk to erthe tilyng.

2 But these that dwelten, Tymothe, and Appollonye, the sone of Gennei, but and Jerom, and Demophon proud, and Nycanore, prince of Cipre, suffriden not hem for to do in silence and reste.

3 Forsothe men of Joppe han do sich a felonye; thei preyeden Jewis with whiche thei dwelten, for to stie vp, with wyues, and sones, in to smale botis, whiche thei hadden maad redi, as if noon enemytees laien priueli among hem.

4 Therfor bi the comyn dom of the citee, and for thei acordiden, and for cause of pees hadden no thing suspect, whanne thei camen in to the depthe, thei drenchiden two hundrid, not lesse.

5 And as Judas knew this cruelte don ayens men of his folc, he comaundide to men that weren with hym; and he clepide `to help the iust domesman God, and he cam ayens the sleeris of britheren,

6 and bi nyyt he brente the hauene, he brente the bootis, forsothe he slow bi swerd hem that fledden fro fier.

7 And whanne he hadde don these thingis, he wente awei, as eft to turnynge ayen, and vttirli to distriynge alle men of Joppe.

8 But whanne he knew, that also thei that weren at Jamnye wolden do in lijk maner to Jewis dwellynge with hem,

9 also to Jamnytes he aboue cam bi nyyt, and brente the hauene, with schippis; so that the liyt apperide to Jerusalem fro two hundrid furlongis and fourty.

10 Whanne thei hadden go thanne fro thennus bi nyne furlongis, and maden iournei to Tymothe, men of Arabie, fyue thousynde men, and horse men fyue hundrid, ioyneden batel with hym.

11 And whanne strong fiyt was maad, and bi help of God it bifelle esili, `ether bi prosperite, the residue of men of Arabie, `that weren ouercomun, axiden of Judas the riythondis for to be youun to hem; bihetynge hem silf to yyue lesewis, and to profitynge in othir thingis.

12 Forsothe Judas demyde verili hem profitable in many thingis, and bihiyte pees; and whanne thei hadden take riythondis, thei departiden to her tabernaclis.

13 Forsothe he assailide also sum citee sad bi briggis, and aboute set with wallis, which was enhabitid of cumpenyes of hethene men meynd, bothe men and wymmen, to which the name was Casphym.

14 Forsothe these that weren with ynne, tristiden to the stablenesse of wallis, and in apparel of foodis, and diden slacliere, `to-terrynge Judas with cursis, and blasfemynge, and speking whiche thingis it is not leueful.

15 Sotheli Machabeus clepide to help the greet prince of the world, which with out wetheris, `that ben engynes lijk wetheris, and with out engynes, in the tymes of Jhesu, `ether Josue, castide doun Jericho; and hurtlide feersli to the wallis,

16 and took the cytee bi wille of the Lord, and dide vnnoumbrable sleyngis; so that the pool of stondynge watir of twei furlongis of brede, semyde to flowe with blood of slayn men.

17 Fro thennus thei wenten seuene hundrid and fifti furlongis, and camen in to Characha, to tho Jewis that ben clepid Tubianei.

18 And sotheli thei cauyten not Tymothe in tho places; and whanne no iourney was fulli don, Tymothe turnede ayen while most sad strengthe was left in `a certayn place.

19 Forsothe Dositheus and Sosipater, that weren duykis with Machabeus, slowen ten thousend men left of Tymothe in the strengthe.

20 And Machabeus ordeynede aboute hym sixe thousynde, and ordeynede bi `cohortis, ether cumpenyes of knyytis, and wente forth ayens Tymothe, hauynge with hym an hundrid thousynde and twenti thousynde of foot men, and of horse men twei thousynde and fyue hundrid.

21 Forsothe whanne the comyng of Judas was knowun, Tymothe bifore sente wymmen, and sones, and othere apparel in to a strengthe that is seid Carmon; for it was `vnable to be ouercomun, and hard in goynge to, for streytnesses of places.

22 And whanne the firste cumpanye of Judas apperide, drede was maad to enemyes bi presence of God, that biholdith alle thingis; and thei weren turned in to flight, oon after anothir, so that thei weren cast doun more of her owne, and weren feblid with strokis of her swerdis.

23 Judas sotheli contynuede greetli, punyschynge vnhooli men, and castide doun of hem thretti thousynde of men.

24 Tymothe sotheli hym silf felle in to the partis of Dositheus and Sosipater; and he axide bi many preieris, that he were dismittid quyk; for he hadde fadris, and modris, and britheren, of many of Jewis, whiche it schulde bifalle for to be disseyued bi his deth.

25 And whanne he hadde youun feith, that he schulde restore hem bi couenaunt, thei dismittiden hym vnhirt, for heelthe of britheren.

26 Forsothe Judas turnede ayen fro Carmon, after that he hadde slayn fyue and twenti thousyndis.

27 Aftir the fliyt and deth of these, he mouyde the oost of Effron, strong citee, in which the multitude of dyuerse folkis dwelte; and stronge yonge men, stondynge togidere for wallis, strongli fouyten ayen; forsothe in this weren many engynes, and apparels of dartis.

28 But whanne thei hadden clepid to help the Almiyti, that bi his power al to-brekith myytis of enemyes, thei token the citee, and castiden doun of hem that weren with ynne fyue and twenti thousynde.

29 Fro thens thei wenten to the citee of Scitis, which was fer fro Jerusalem sixe hundrid furlongis.

30 Forsothe for these Jewis that weren anentis Scitopolistis witnessiden, that thei weren had `of hem benygneli, yhe, in tymes of aduersite, and that thei diden myldeli with hem,

31 thei diden thankyngis to hem; and also stiriden fro hennys forth for to be benygne ayens her kyn, and came to Jerusalem, whanne the solempne dai of wokis neiyide.

32 And aftir Pentecost, thei wenten ayens Gorgias, souereyn of Idumee.

33 Sotheli he wente out with thre thousynde foot men, and foure hundrid horse men;

34 and whanne thei weren asemblid, it bifelle that a fewe Jewis fellen doun.

35 Forsothe Dositheus, an horseman of Bachenoris, a strong man, helde Gorgias; and whanne he wolde take hym quyk, an horse man of Traces felle on hym, and kittide of his schuldre, and so Gorgias flei in to Maresam.

36 And whanne thei that weren with Hesdrym fouyten lengere, and thei weren maad wery, Judas inwardli clepide the Lord for to be maad helpere, and duyk of batel; and he bigan with cuntrei vois,

37 and with ympnes reiside cry, and made the knyytis of Gorgias to fle.

38 Forsothe Judas with the oost gaderid, cam in to the citee Odolla; and whanne the seuenthe dai cam aboue, thei weren clensid bi custom, and diden sabat in the same place.

39 And in the dai suynge Judas cam with hise, for to take awei the bodies of men cast doun, and for to putte with fadris, and modris, in sepulcris of fadris.

40 Forsothe thei foundun vndur cootis of slayn men, of the yiftis of idols that weren at Jamnyam, fro whiche the lawe forbedith Jewis; therfor it was maad knowun to alle men, that thei `fellen doun for this cause.

41 And therfor alle blessiden the iust dom of the Lord, which made priuy thingis knowun.

42 And so thei conuertiden to preieris, and preieden, that `the ilke trespas that was don, were bitakun to foryetyng. And sotheli the strengeste Judas monestide the puple, for to kepe hem with out synne, seynge vndur iyen, what thingis weren don for synnes of hem that weren cast doun.

43 And whanne `spekyng togidere was maad, he sente twelue thousynde dragmes of siluer to Jerusalem, to be offrid a sacrifice for synnes of deed men, and bithouyte wel and religiousli of ayenrisyng;

44 for if he hopide not, that thei that fellen schulden rise ayen, it was seyn superflu and veyn for to preye for deed men;

45 and for he bihelde, that thei that token slepyng, `ether deth, with pitee, hadden best grace kept.

46 Therfor hooli and heelful thenkyng is, for to preie for deed men, that thei be releesid of synnes.

Chapter 13


1 In the hundrid and nyne and fourtithe yeer Judas knew, that Antiok Eupator cam with multitude ayens Judee;

2 and with hym cam Lisias, procuratour and souereyn of offices, hauynge with hym an hundrid and ten thousynde of foot men, and of horse men fyue thousynde, and olifauntis two and twenti, charis with sithis thre hundrid.

3 Forsothe and Menelaus ioynede hym to hem, and with greet desseit bisouyte Antiok, not for heelthe of the cuntre, but hopynge that he schulde be ordeyned in to prinshod.

4 But the kyng of kyngis reiside the willis of Antiok ayens the synnere; and whanne Lisyas schewide that he was cause of alle yuels, he comaundide, as custom is to hem, hym takun for to be slayn in the same place.

5 Sotheli in the same place was a tour of fifti cubitis, hauynge on ech side a gaderyng of aische; this was biholdynge in to a diche.

6 Fro thennus he comaundide the sacrilegere, `ether cursid man, for to be caste doun in to aische, whanne alle men puttiden forth hym to the deth.

7 And bi siche lawe it bifelle the brekere of lawe for to die, nether Menelaus for to be youun to erthe.

8 And forsothe iustly ynowy; for whi for he dide many trespassis ayens the auter of God, whos fier and aische was hooli, he was dampned in the deth of aische.

9 But the kyng with out bridil in mynde, cam to schewe hym worse to Jewis, than his fadir.

10 And whanne these thingis weren knowun, Judas comaundide the puple, that bi nyyt and dai thei schulden clepe to help the Lord; that as euere more, also now he schulde helpe hem;

11 whiche sotheli dredden for to be priuyd of lawe, and cuntree, and hooli temple; and that he suffride not the puple, that a while gon hadde a litil quykid ayen, for to be suget eftsoone to blasfeme naciouns.

12 Therfor whanne alle men diden togidere that thing, and axiden merci of the Lord with wepyng, in fastyngis bi alle thre daies, and kneliden, Judas monestide hem for to make hem redi.

13 Forsothe he with eldre men thouyte for to go out, bifore that the kyng mouede oost to Judee, and gat the citee, and to bitake the ende of the thing to the dom of the Lord.

14 Therfor he yaf power of alle thingis to God, makere of nouyt of the world, and monestide hise for to fiyte strongli, and stonde til to the deth, for lawis, temple, citee, cuntre, and citeseyns; and he ordeynede the oost aboute Modyn.

15 And whanne a tokene was youun to hise of victorie of God, he chees the strengeste yonge men, and bi niyt he asailide the kyngis halle in tentis, and he slow fourtene thousynde men, and the moste of olifauntis, with these that weren put aboue.

16 And thei filliden the tentis of enemyes with hiyeste drede and disturblyng, and whanne these thingis weren don `in prosperite, thei wenten awei.

17 Forsothe this was don in the dai liytynge, for the proteccioun of the Lord helpide hym.

18 But whanne the kyng hadde takun taast of hardynesse `of Jewis bi craft, he asaiede hardynessis of places; and mouede the tentis to Bethsura,

19 that was a strong hold of Jewis; but he was dryuun hurtlide and menusid.

20 Forsothe to these that weren with ynne, Judas sente nedeful thingis.

21 Forsothe Rodochus, sum of the oost of Jewis, telde out priuetees to enemyes; which was souyt, and takun, and prisoned.

22 Eftsoone the kyng hadde word to hem that weren in Bethsura, and yaf the riythond, and resseyuede, and wente awei. He ioynede batel with Judas, and Judas was ouercomun.

23 Forsothe as he knew that Filip hadde rebellid at Antiochie, which was left on nedis, he was astonyed in mynde, and bisouyte Jewis, and was suget to hem, and swoor of alle thingis, of whiche it was seyn iust; and he was recounselid, and offride sacrifice, and worschipide the temple, and puttide yiftis.

24 He biclippide, `ether kisside, Machabeus, and made hym prince and duyk fro Tolomaida til to Garreyns.

25 Sotheli as he cam to Tolomaida, men of Tolomaida baren greuousli acordyng of frendschip, and hadde indignacioun, leste perauenture thei wolden breke pees.

26 Thanne Lisias stiede vp in to the dom place, and expownede resoun, and ceeside the puple, and turnyde ayen to Antiochie; and in this maner the kingis goynge out and turnynge ayen wenten forth.

Chapter 14


1 But aftir tyme of thre yeer Judas knew, and thei that weren with hym, that Demetrie Seleucus stiede to couenable places, with strong multitude, and schippis, bi the hauene of Tripolis,

2 and hath holdun cuntreis ayens Antiok, and his duyk Lisias.

3 Forsothe oon Alchimus, that was hiyeste prest, but wilfuli was defoulid in tymes of myngyng togidere, bihelde that in no maner heelthe was to hym, nether neiyyng to the auter,

4 and he cam to kyng Demetrie, in the hundrid and fiftithe yeer, and offride hym a goldun coroun, and palme, ouer these thingis and offride vessels, that weren seyn for to be of the temple; and sotheli in that day he was stille.

5 Forsothe he gat a couenable tyme of his woodnesse, and he was clepid of Demetrie to counsel, and was axid with what thingis and counsels Jewis enforsiden, and he answeride,

6 Thei that ben seid Assideis of Jewis, of whiche Judas Machabeus is souereyn, nurschen batels, and mouen discenciouns, nether suffren the rewme for to be quyet.

7 For whi and Y am defraudid of glorie of fadir and modir, sotheli Y seie, of hiyest presthod, and Y cam hidur,

8 first sotheli kepyng feith to the kyngis profitis, the secounde tyme sotheli counselynge also the citeseyns, for whi bi schrewidnesse of hem al oure kyn is trauelid greetli.

9 But Y preie, thou kyng, whanne alle these thingis ben knowun, biholde to the cuntre and kyn, by thi manlynesse schewid to alle men.

10 For whi as long as Judas lyueth, it is impossible that pees be to nedis.

11 Forsothe whanne siche thingis weren seid of hym, and othere frendis, hauynge hem enemyly, enflawmeden Demetrie ayens Judas.

12 Whiche anoon sente Nycanor, souereyn of olifauntis, a duyk in to Judee,

13 with comaundementis youun for to take thilke Judas quyk, for to scatere sotheli hem that weren with hym, and for to ordeyne Alchymus hiyeste prest of the moste holy temple.

14 Thanne hethene men that fledden Judas fro Judee, flokmel ioyneden hem to Nycanor, and gessiden the wretchidnessis and dethis of Jewis prosperitees of her thingis.

15 Therfor whanne comyng of Nycanor was herd, and comyng togidere of naciouns, Jewis bispreynt with erthe preieden hym, that ordeynede his puple in to with outen ende for to kepe, and which defendith his part with open signes.

16 Forsothe for the duyk comaundide, anoon thei mouyden fro thennus, and camen togidere to castel Dessau.

17 Symount forsothe, brother of Judas, ioynede batel with Nycanor, but he was al to-brokun with sudeyn comyng of aduersaries.

18 Netheles Nycanor herde the vertu of Judas felowis, and greetnesse of hardynesse, which thei hadden for stryues of the cuntree, and dredde for to make dom bi blood.

19 Wherfor he bifore sente Possidonye, and Theodote, and Mathie, for to yyue riythondis, and take.

20 And whanne longe counsel was don of these thingis, and the duyk hym silf hadde teld to the multitude, o sentence was of alle, for to graunte to frenschipis.

21 Therfor thei ordeyneden a dai, in which thei schulden do priueli bitwixe hem silf; `smale setis weren brouyt forth, and set to ech.

22 Forsothe Judas comaundide armed men for to be in couenable places, lest perauenture ony thing of yuel schulde rise sudenli of enemyes; and thei maden a couenable speche togidere.

23 Forsothe Nycanor dwelte in Jerusalem, and no thing dide yuel; and he lefte flockis of cumpenyes, that weren gaderid.

24 Forsothe he hadde Judas euere more dereworthe of herte, and was bowid to the man;

25 and preiede hym for to wedde a wijf, and gendre sones; and he made weddyngis, and dide quyetli, and thei lyueden comynli, `ether togidere.

26 Alchimus forsothe siy the charite of hem togidere, and acordyngis, and cam to Demetrie, and seide, that Nycanor assentith to alyen thingis, and hath ordeynede Judas, traitour of the rewme, successour to hym.

27 Therfor the kyng was maad scharp, and terrid to wraththe with siche worste accusyngis, and wroot to Nycanor, and seide, that sotheli he bar greuously of acordyng of frendschipe, and netheles comaundide for to sende Machabeus boundun to Antiochie.

28 And whanne these thingis weren knowun, Nycanor was astonyed, and greuousli bar, if he made voide tho thingis that weren acordid, and he was no thing harmed of the man;

29 but for he myyte not ayen stonde the kyng, he kepte couenablete, in which he schulde perfourme the maundement.

30 And Machabeus siy, that Nycanor dide with hym most sterneli, and yaf fersliere customable comyng togidere, and he vndurstode that this sternesse was not of goode, and with a fewe of hise gaderid, he hidde hym fro Nycanor.

31 And as he knew this thing, that he was strongli bifore comun, `ether aspied, of the man, he cam to the mooste and holieste temple, and he comaundide to the prestis offrynge customable sacrifices, that the man be takun to hym.

32 And whanne thei seiden with ooth, that thei wisten not, where he was that was souyt, he stretchide forth the hond to the temple,

33 and swoor, If ye schulen not bitake to me Judas boundun, Y schal drawe doun this temple of God in to pleynesse, and digge out the auter, and Y schal halewe this temple to Liber, ether Bachus, the fadir.

34 And whanne he hadde seid these thingis, he wente awei. Forsothe the prestis helden forth hondis in to heuene, and clepiden hym to help that euere is forfiytere of the folc of hem, and seiden these thingis,

35 Thou, Lord of `alle creaturis, that of no thing hast nede, woldist that the temple of thin habitacioun be maad in vs.

36 And now, thou Lord, hooli of alle hooli, kepe with outen ende this hous vndefoulid, that a litil agon was clensid.

37 Forsothe Rasias, oon of the eldre men of Jerusalem, was accusid to Nycanor; and Rasias was a man, louyere of the citee, and wel herynge, that for affeccioun was clepid fadir of Jewis.

38 This man many tymes helde purpos of contynence in Judee, and was apayed for to bitake bodi and soule for perseueraunce, `ether lastyng.

39 Forsothe Nycanor wolde schewe the hatrede, that he hadde ayens Jewis, and sente fyue hundrid knyytis, for to take him.

40 For he gesside, if he hadde disseyued hym, that he shulde bringe in most deth to Jewis.

41 Forsothe whanne cumpenyes coueitiden for to falle in to his hous, and for to breke the yate, and for to moue to fier, whanne now he was takun, he asailide hym silf with swerd;

42 chesynge for to die nobli, rather than for to be maad suget to synneris, and ayens his birthis for to be led with vnworthi wrongis.

43 But whanne bi hastyng he hadde youun wounde with vncerteyne strook, and cumpenyes bitwixe doris brasten in, he ran ayen hardli to the wal, and castide doun hym silf manli in to the cumpenyes.

44 And whanne thei yauen swiftli place to his fal, he cam bi the myddil of the nol,

45 and yit while he brethide, he was kyndlid in herte, and roos. And whanne his blood with greet flowyng flowide doun, and with most greuouse woundis he was woundid, bi rennyng he passide the cumpeny; and stood on an heey stoon,

46 and now was maad with out blood, and biclippide his entrailis with both hondis, and castide forth on the cumpenyes, and clepide to helpe the lordschipere of lijf and spirit, that he schulde yelde eftsoone these thingis to hym; and thus he was deed fro lijf.

Chapter 15


1 Forsothe as Nycanor foond that Judas was in the place of Samarie, he thouyte for to ioyne batel in the dai of sabat with al fersnesse.

2 Forsothe whanne Jewis, that sueden hym bi nede, seiden, Do thou not so fersli and hethenli, but yyue thou onour to the dai of halewyng, and worschipe thou hym, that biholdith alle thingis.

3 And he vnblesside, axide, If ther is a myyti in heuene, that comaundide the dai of sabatis for to be don?

4 And whanne thei answeriden, Ther is a quyk Lord, and he is myyti in heuene, that comaundide the seuenthe dai for to be don.

5 And he seide, And Y am myyti on erthe, which comaunde armeris for to be takun, and nedis of the kyng for to be fillid. Netheles he gat not, for to perfourme counsel.

6 And sotheli Nycanor was enhaunsid with souereyn pride, and thouyte for to ordeyne a comyn victorie of Judas.

7 Forsothe Judas Machabeus tristide euere more with al hope, that help schulde come to hym of the Lord,

8 and he monestide hise, that thei schulden not inwardli drede at the comyng to of naciouns, but schulden haue in mynde the helpis don to hem of heuene, and now schulden hope that the victorie schulde come to hem of Almiyti.

9 And he spak to hem of the lawe, and profetis, and monestide, `ether warnyde, of batels which thei diden bifore, and ordeynede hem rediere.

10 And so whanne the soulis of hem weren reisid, he schewide to gidere the falsnesse of hethene men, and brekyng of othis.

11 Forsothe he armede ech of hem, not bi strengthing of scheld and schaft, but with beste wordis and monestyngis, and expownede a sweuene worthi of bileue, bi which he gladide alle.

12 Sotheli the visioun was sich. Judas siy Onyas, that was hiyeste prest, a good man and benygne, schamefast in siyt, and mylde in maneres, and fair in speche, and which was exercisid in vertues fro a child, holdynge forth the hondis for to preie for al the puple of Jewis.

13 After this thing that also anothir man apperide, wondurful in age and glorie, and in hauynge of greet fairnesse aboute hym.

14 Forsothe he siy Onyas answerynge for to haue seid, This is the louyere of britheren, and of the puple of Israel; this is he, that myche preieth for the puple, and al the hooli citee, Jeremye, `the profet of God.

15 Forsothe he siy that Jeremye hath streyt forth the riythond, and hath youun a goldun swerd to Judas, and seide,

16 Take thou the hooli swerd, a yift of God, in which thou schalt caste doun the aduersaries of my puple Israel.

17 Therfor thei weren monestid with ful good wordis of Judas, of whiche fersnesse miyte be enhaunsid, and soules of yonge men be coumfortid, and thei ordeyneden for to fiyte, and turmente togidere strongli, that vertu schulde deme of nedis, `ether causis, for that the hooli citee and temple weren in perel.

18 For whi for wyues, and sones, and also for britheren, and cosyns, was lesse bisynesse, but the moste and firste drede was holynesse of the temple.

19 But not leste bisynesse hadde hem that weren in citee, for these that schulden asaile, `ether fiyte togidere.

20 And whanne now alle men hopiden dom to be, and enemyes come, and the oost was ordeined, beestis and horse men put togidere in couenable place,

21 Machabeus bihelde the comyng of multitude, and dyuerse apparel of armeris, and fersnesse of beestis, and he stretchide out the hondis to heuene, and clepide to help the Lord doynge greet wondris, which not bi power of armeris, but as it plesith to hym, yyueth victorie to worthi men.

22 Forsothe he seide, clepynge to help in this maner, Thou Lord, that sentist thin aungel vndur Ezechie, kyng of Juda, and hast slayn of the tentis, `ether oostis, of Sennacherib, an hundrid thousynde foure score and fyue thousynde; and now,

23 lordschipere of heuenes, sende thou thi good aungel bifore vs, in drede and tremblynge of greetnesse of thin arm, that thei drede,

24 that comen with blasfemye ayens thin hooli puple. And sotheli thus he perfitli preiede.

25 Forsothe Nycanor, and thei that weren with hym, moueden to with trumpis and songis.

26 Judas forsothe, and thei that weren with hym, clepiden God to help bi preieris, and wenten togidere.

27 Sotheli thei fiytynge with hond, but preiynge God in hertis, castiden doun fyue and thretti thousynde, not lesse, and delitiden greetli bi presence of God.

28 And whanne thei hadden ceessid, and with ioye turneden ayen, thei knewen that Nycanor hadde falle, with his armeris.

29 Therfor whanne cry was maad, and perturbacioun styride, bi cuntre vois thei blessiden the Lord almyyti.

30 Forsothe Judas, that bi alle thingis in bodi and soule was redi for to die for citeseyns, bad, that the heed of Nycanor, and hond with the schuldre gird of, schulde be brouyt forth to Jerusalem.

31 Whidur whanne he fulli cam, whanne men of his lynage weren clepid togidere, and prestis to the auter, he clepide also hem that weren in the hiy tour.

32 And whanne the heed of Nycanor was schewid, and the cursid hond, which he holdynge forth ayens the hooli hous of almyyti God greetli gloriede,

33 also he comaundide the tunge of vnpitouse Nycanor kit of, for to be youun to briddis gobet mel; forsothe he comaundide the hond of the wood man for to be hangid vp ayens the temple.

34 Therfor alle blessiden the Lord of heuene, and seiden, Blessid be the Lord, that kepte his place vndefoulid.

35 Forsothe he hangide vp Nycanoris heed in the hiyeste tour, that it were knowun, and an opyn signe of the help of God.

36 Therfor alle men by comyn counsel demyden in no maner for to passe this dai with out solempnytee,

37 but for to haue solempnyte in the threttenthe dai of the moneth Adar, that is seid, bi vois of Sirie, the firste dai of Mardocheus.

38 Therfor whanne these thingis weren don ayens Nicanor, and of tho tymes whanne the citee was weldid of Ebrews, also Y in these thingis schal make an ende of word.

39 And sotheli if wel and as it acordith to the stori, this thing and Y wolc; if ellis lesse worthili, it is to foryyue to me.

40 Sotheli as for to drynke euere more wyn, ether euere more watir, it is contrarie, but for to vse chaungeable, `ether `now oon, now another, is delitable; so to men redynge, if the word be euer more souyt to ech part, it schal not be plesynge; therfor here it schal be endid.