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Chapter 1[edit]

1 Tobie was of the lynage and citee of Neptalym, which is in the hiyere partis of Galilee, aboue Naason, bihynde the weie that ledith to the west, and hath in the lefte side the citee of Sapheth,

2 whanne he was takun in the daies of Salmanazar, kyng of Assiriens, netheles he set in caytifte, `ether takun prisoner, forsook not the weie of treuthe,

3 so that he departide ech dai alle thingis whiche he myyte haue, with caitif britheren that weren of his kyn.

4 And whanne he was yongere than alle in the lynage of Neptalym, netheles he dide no childische thing in werk.

5 Forsothe whanne alle Jewis yeden to the goldun calues, whiche Jeroboam, the kyng of Israel, made, this Tobie aloone fledde the cumpenyes of alle men;

6 and he yede to Jerusalem, to the temple of the Lord, and there he worschipide the Lord God of Israel; and he offride feithfuly alle hise firste fruytis, and hise tithis;

7 so that in the thridde yeer he mynystride al the tithe to conuersis and comlyngis.

8 The yonge man kepte these thingis, and thingis lijk these, bi the lawe of God of heuene.

9 Sotheli whanne he was maad a man, he took a wijf, Anne, of his lynage; and he gendride of hir a sone, and puttide his owne name to hym;

10 whom he tauyte fro yong childhed for to drede God, and for to absteyne fro al synne.

11 Therfor whanne bi caitifte he was comun, with his wijf and sone, in to the citee Nynyue,

12 with al his lynage, and alle men eeten of the meetis of hethene men, this Tobie kepte his soule, and was neuere defoulid in the metis of hem.

13 And for he was myndeful of the Lord in al his herte, God yaf grace to hym in the siyt of Salamanazar, the kyng;

14 and he yaf to Tobie power to go whidur euer he wolde, and he hadde fredom to do what euer thingis he wolde.

15 Therfor he yede bi alle men that weren in caitifte, and yaf to hem the heestis of helthe.

16 Sotheli whanne he was comyn in to Rages, a citee of Medeis, and hadde ten talentis of siluer, of these thingis bi whiche he was onourid of the kyng;

17 and siy Gabelus nedi, that was of his lynage, with myche cumpeny of his kyn, Tobie yaf to hym, vndur an obligacioun, the forseid weiyte of siluer.

18 Forsothe after myche tyme, aftir that Salamanazar, the kyng, was deed, whanne Senacherib, his sone, regnyde for hym, and hadde the sones of Israel hateful in his siyt,

19 Tobie yede ech dai bi al his kynrede, and coumfortide hem, and departide of hise catels to ech man, as he myyte;

20 he fedde hungri men, and yaf clothis to nakid men, and he `yaf bisili sepulture to deed men and slayn.

21 Sotheli whanne the kyng Senacherib turnede ayen, fleynge fro Judee the veniaunce that God `hadde do aboute hym for his blasfemye, and he was wrooth, and killide many of the sones of Israel, Tobie biriede `the bodies of hem.

22 And aftir that it was teld to the kyng, he comaundide Tobie to be slayn, and he took awei al his catel.

23 Sotheli Tobie fledde with his sone and with his wijf, and was hid nakid, for many men loueden hym.

24 Forsothe after fyue and fourti daies, the sones of the kyng kyilliden the kyng; and Tobie turnede ayen to his hows,

25 and al his catel was restorid to hym.

Chapter 2[edit]

1 Forsothe aftir these thingis, whanne a feeste dai of the Lord was, and a good meete was maad in the hows of Tobie, he seide to his sone,

2 Go thou, and brynge sum men of oure lynage, `that dreden God, that thei ete with vs.

3 And whanne he was goon, he turnede ayen, and telde to hym, that oon of the sones of Israel lai stranglid in the street; and anoon `he skippide fro his sittyng place, and lefte the mete, and cam fastynge to the bodi; and he took it,

4 and bar to his hows pryuely, for to birie hym warli, whanne the sunne was go doun.

5 And whanne he hadde hid the bodi, he eet breed with morenyng and tremblyng,

6 and remembride that word, which the Lord seide bi Amos, the prophete, Youre feeste daies schulen be turned in to morenyng and `lamentacioun, ether weilyng.

7 Sotheli whanne the sunne was go doun, Tobie yede, and biriede hym.

8 Forsothe alle hise neiyboris blameden hym, and seiden, Now for the cause of this thing thou were comaundid to be slayn, and vnnethis thou ascapidist the comaundement of deeth, and eft `biriest thou deed men?

9 But Tobie dredde more God than the kyng, and took awei the bodies of slayn men, and hidde in his hows, and biriede tho in the myddil of nyytis.

10 Sotheli it bifelde, that in sum day he was maad wery of biriyng; and he cam hoom, and leide hym silf bisidis a wal, and slepte;

11 and while he slepte, hoote ordures `fellen doun fro the nest of swalewis on hise iyen; and he was maad blynd.

12 Forsothe herfor the Lord suffride this temptacioun bifalle to hym, that the saumple of his pacience, `as also of seynt Job, schulde be youun to `after comeris.

13 For whi whanne he dredde God euere fro his yong childhed, and kepte hise comaundementis, he was not sory ayens God, for the sikenesse of blyndnesse cam to hym;

14 but he dwellide vnmouable in the drede of God, and dide thankyngis to God in alle the dais of his lijf.

15 For whi as kyngis vpbreididen seynt Job, so it bifelde to this Tobie, hise eldris and kynesmen scorneden his lijf,

16 and seiden, Where is thin hope, for which thou didist almes dedis and biriyngis?

17 Sotheli Tobie blamyde hem, and seide,

18 Nyle ye speke so, for we ben the sones of hooli men, and we abiden that lijf, which God schal yyue to hem that chaungen neuere her feith fro hym.

19 Forsothe Anne, his wijf, yede ech dai to the `werk of weuyng, and brouyte lyuelode, which sche myyte gete of the trauel of hir hondis.

20 Wherof it `was doon, that sche took a kide of geet, and brouyte hoom.

21 And whanne hir hosebonde hadde herd the vois of this kide bletynge, he seide, Se ye, lest perauenture it be of thefte, but `yelde ye it to `hise lordis; for it is not leueful `to vs, ethir to ete ether to touche ony thing of thefte.

22 At these thingis his wijf was wrooth, and answeride, Opynli thin hope is maad veyn, and thin almes dedis apperiden now.

23 And bi these and `othere siche wordis sche seide schenschip to hym.

Chapter 3[edit]

1 Thanne Tobie inwardli sorewide, and bigan to preye with teeris, and seide, Lord,

2 thou art iust, and alle thi domes ben iust, and alle thi weies ben mercy, and treuthe, and doom.

3 And now, Lord, haue thou mynde of me, and take thou not veniaunce of my synnes, nether haue thou mynde of my trespassis, ethir of my fadris.

4 For we `obeieden not to `thi comaundementis, and we ben takun in to rifelyng, and in to caitifte, and in to deth, and in to `a fable, and in to schenschip to alle naciouns, among whiche thou hast scaterid vs.

5 And now, Lord, thi domes ben grete; for we han not do aftir `thi comaundementis, and we han not go clenli bifor thee.

6 And now, Lord, bi thi wille do thou merci with me, and comaunde thou my spirit to be resseyued in pees; for it spedith more to me to die than to lyue.

7 And so it bifelde in the same dai, that Sare, the douyter of Raguel, was in Rages, a citee of Medeis, and sche herd schenschip of oon of the handmaidis of hir fadir;

8 for sche was youun to seuene hosebondis, and a feend, Asmodeus bi name, killide hem, anoon as thei hadden entrid to hir.

9 Therfor whanne sche blamyde `the damysele for her gilt, the damisele answeride to hir, and seide, Thou sleeresse of thin hosebondis, se we `no more a sone ether a douyter of thee `on erthe;

10 whether also thou wolt sle me, as also thou hast slayn seuene men? At this vois sche yede in to the hiyere closet of hir hows, and thre daies and thre nyytis sche eet not, nether drank;

11 but sche contynuede in preier with teeris, and bisouyte God, that he schulde delyuere hir fro this schenschip.

12 Forsothe it was doon in the thridde dai, while sche hadde fillid the preier,

13 sche blesside the Lord, and seide, God of oure fadris, thi name is blessid, which whanne thou hast be wrooth, schalt do merci, and in tyme of tribulacioun foryyuest synnes to hem, that inwardli clepen thee.

14 Lord, to thee Y turne togidere my face; to thee `Y reise `myn iyen.

15 Lord, Y axe, that thou assoile me fro the boond of this schenschip, ether certis that thou take me awei fro aboue the erthe.

16 Lord, thou wost, that Y neuere coueitide man, and Y haue kept my soule cleene fro al coueitise.

17 Y medlide me neuere with pleieris, nether Y yaf me parcener with hem that goon in vnstablenesse.

18 But Y consentide to take an hosebonde with thi drede, not with my lust.

19 And ether Y was vnworthi to hem, ether thei perauenture weren not worthi to me; for in hap thou hast kept me to another hosebonde.

20 For thi councel is not in the power of man.

21 Forsothe ech that worschipith thee hath this for a certeyn, that if his lijf is in preuyng, he schal be corowned; sotheli if he is in tribulacioun, he schal be delyuerid; and if he is in chastisyng, it schal be leueful to come to thi merci.

22 For thou delitist not in oure lossis; for after tempest thou makist pesible, and after morenyng and wepyng thou bryngist yn ful ioye.

23 God of Israel, thi name be blessid `in to worldis, that is, til in to withouten ende.

24 In that tyme the preieris of bothe weren herd in the siyt of glorie of hiyeste God; and Raphael,

25 the hooli aungel of the Lord, was sent for to heele hem bothe, whose preyeris weren rehersid in o tyme in the siyt of the Lord.

Chapter 4[edit]

1 Therfor whanne Tobie gesside his preier to be herd, that he myyte die, he clepide Tobie,

2 his sone, to hym silf, and seide to hym, My sone, here thou the wordis of my mouth, and bilde thou tho as foundementis in thin herte.

3 Whanne God hath take my soule, byrie thou my bodi; and `thou schal haue onour to thi modir in alle the daies of hir lijf;

4 for thou owist to be myndeful, what perels and how grete sche suffride for thee in hir wombe.

5 Forsothe whanne also sche hath fillid the tyme of hir lijf, thou schalt birie hir bisidis me.

6 Sotheli in alle the daies of thi lijf haue thou God in mynde, and be thou war, lest ony tyme thou consente to synne, and forsake the heestis of oure God.

7 Of thi catel do thou almes, and nyle thou turne awei thi face fro ony pore man; for so it schal be doon, that the face of the Lord be not turned awei fro thee.

8 As thou maist, so be thou merciful.

9 If thou hast myche, yyue thou plenteuousli; if thou hast a litil, also be thou bisi to departe wilfuli a litil.

10 For thou tresorist to thee a good meede in the dai of nede;

11 for whi almes delyuereth fro al synne and fro deeth, and schal not suffre the soule to go in to derknessis.

12 Almes schal be grete trist bifor the hiyeste God to alle men doynge it.

13 Sone, take heede to thi silf, and fle fro al fornicacioun, and, `outakun thi wijf, suffre thou neuere to know synne.

14 Suffre thou neuere pride to haue lordschip in thi wit, nether in thi word; for al `los, ether dampnacioun, took biginnyng in that pride.

15 Who euere worchith ony thing to thee, yelde thou anoon his mede, and outirli the hire of `thin hirid man dwelle not at thee.

16 That that thou hatist to be doon to thee of another man, se thou, lest ony tyme thou do to another man.

17 Ete thi breed with hungri men and nedi, and with thi clothis hile thou nakid men.

18 Ordeyne thi breed and thi wiyn on the sepulture of a iust man, and nyle thou ete and drynke therof with synneris.

19 Euere seke thou perfitli a counsel of a wijs man.

20 Al tyme blesse thou God, and axe thou of hym, that he dresse thi weies, and alle thi counsels dwelle in hym.

21 Also, my sone, Y schewe to thee, that the while thou were yit a litil child, Y yaf ten talentis of siluer to Gabelus, in Rages, a citee of Medeis; and Y haue his obligacioun anentis me;

22 and therfor perfitli enquere thou, hou thou schalt come to hym, and resseyue of hym the forseid weiyte of siluer, and restore to hym his obligacioun.

23 My sone, nyle thou drede; forsothe we leden a pore lijf, but we schulen haue many goodis, if we dreden God, and goen awei fro al synne, and doen wel.

Chapter 5[edit]

1 Thanne Tobie answeride to his fadir, and seide, Fadir, Y schal do alle thingis, which euer thou comaundidist to me;

2 but Y noot, hou Y schal gete this money; he knowith not me, and Y knowe not him; what tokyn schal Y yyue to hym? but nether Y knew ony tyme the weie, bi which me goith thidur.

3 Thanne his fadir answerid to hym, and seide, Sotheli Y haue this obligacioun at me, which the while thou schewist to him, he schal restore anoon the monei.

4 But go now, and enquere to thee sum feithful man, that schal go with thee for his hire saf, `the while Y lyue yit, that thou resseyue that monei.

5 Thanne Tobie yede out, and foond a yong oon stondynge, `schynynge, and gird, and as redi to go;

6 and he wiste not, that it was the angel of God. And he grette the yong oon, and seide, Of whennus han we thee, goode yonge man?

7 And he answeride, Of the sones of Israel. And Tobie seide to hym, Knowist thou the weie, that ledith in to the cuntrei of Medeis?

8 To whom he answeride, Y knowe, and Y haue go ofte alle the weies therof, and Y haue dwellid at Gabelus, youre brother, that dwellith in Rages, a citee of Medeis, which is set in `the hil of Echbathanis.

9 To whom Tobie seide, Y biseche, abide thou me, til Y telle these thingis to my fader.

10 Thanne Tobie entride, and telde alle these thingis to his fader; on which thingis the fader wondride, and preiede, that he wolde entre to him.

11 Therfor he entride, and grette Tobie, and seide, Ioie be euere to thee!

12 And Tobie seide, What maner ioie schal be to me, that sitte in derknessis, and se not `the liyt of heuene?

13 To whom the yong oon seide, Be thou of strong wit; it is in the nexte that thou be heelid of God.

14 Therfor Tobie seide to hym, Whether thou maist lede my sone to Gabelus in to Rages, the citee of Medeis, and whanne thou comest ayen, Y schal restore thi mede to thee?

15 And the aungel seide to hym, Y schal lede, and bringe ayen him hool to thee.

16 To whom Tobie answeride, Y preie thee, schewe to me, of what hows, ether of what lynage thou art?

17 To whom Raphael, the aungel, seide, Axist thou the kyn of the hirid man, ethir the hirid man hym silf, that schal go with thi sone?

18 But lest perauenture Y make thee douteful, Y am Azarie, the sone of grete Ananye.

19 And Tobie answeride, Thou art of greet kyn; but Y axe, that thou be not wrooth, that Y wolde knowe thi kyn.

20 Forsothe the aungel seide to hym, Y schal lede thi sone hool, and Y schal bring ayen to thee `thi sone hool.

21 Sotheli Tobie answeride, and seide, Wel `go ye, and the Lord be in youre weie, and his aungel go with you.

22 Thanne whanne alle thingis weren redi, that schulden be borun in the weie, Tobie made `farewel to his fadir and his modir; and `bothe yeden togidere.

23 And whanne thei weren goon forth, his modir bigan to wepe, and to seie, Thou hast take the staf of oure eelde, and hast sent awey fro vs;

24 `Y wolde thilke monei were neuere, `for which thou sentist him;

25 oure pouert sufficide to vs, that we schulden arette this richessis, that we sien oure sone.

26 And Tobie seide to hir, `Nyle thou wepe; oure sone schal come saaf, and he schal turne ayen saaf to vs, and thin iyen schulen se hym.

27 For Y bileue, that the good aungel of God goith with him, and he schal dispose wel alle thingis, that ben doon aboute hym, so that he turne ayen with ioie to vs.

28 At this vois his moder ceesside to wepe, and was stille.

Chapter 6[edit]

1 Forsothe Tobie yede forth, and `a dogge suede hym, and he dwellide in the firste dwellyng bisidis the flood of Tigrys.

2 And he `yede out to waische hise feet; and lo! a greet fisch yede out to deuoure hym.

3 Which fisch Tobie dredde, and criede with greet vois, and seide, Sire, he assailith me.

4 And the aungel seide to hym, Take `thou his gile, `ether iowe, and drawe hym to thee. And whanne he hadde do this thing, he drow it in to the drie place, and it bigan to spraule bifor hise feet.

5 Thanne the aungel seide to hym, Drawe out the entrails of this fisch, and kepe to thee his herte and galle and mawe; for these thingis ben nedeful to medicyns profitabli.

6 And whanne he hadde do this thing, he rostide `hise fleischis, and thei token `with hem in the weie; thei saltiden othere thingis, that schulde suffice to hem in the weie, til thei camen in to Rages, the citee of Medeis.

7 Thanne Tobie axide the aungel, and seide to hym, Azarie, brother, Y biseche thee, that thou seie to me, what remedie these thingis schulen haue, whiche thou comaundidist to be kept of the fisch.

8 And the aungel answeride, and seide to hym, If thou puttist a lytil part of his herte on the coolis, the smoke therof dryueth awei al the kynde of feendis, ethir fro man ether fro womman, so that it neiye no more to hem.

9 And the galle is myche worth to anoynte iyen, in whiche is a web, and tho schulen be heelid.

10 And Tobie seide to him, Where wolt thou, that we dwelle?

11 And the aungel answeride, and seide, Here is a man, Raguel bi name, a nyy man of thi lynage, and he hath a douytir, Sare bi name; but nether he hath male nethir ony other femal, outakun hir.

12 Al his catel is due to thee; and it bihoueth thee haue hir to wijf.

13 Therfor axe thou hir of hir fadir; and he schal yyue `hir a wijf to thee.

14 Thanne Tobie answeride, and seide, Y haue herd, that sche was youun to seuene hosebondis, and thei ben deed; but also Y herde this, that a fend killide hem.

15 Therfor Y dredde, lest perauenture also these thingis bifalle to me; and sithen Y am oon aloone to my fadir and modir, Y putte doun `with sorewe her eelde to hellis.

16 Thanne the aungel Raphael seide to hym, Here thou me, and Y schal schewe to thee, `whiche it ben, ouer whiche the fend hath maistrie; ouer hem,

17 that taken so weddyngys, that thei close out God fro hem and fro her mynde; `the fend hath power ouer hem, that yyuen so tent to her letcherie, as an hors and mule doon, `that han noon vndurstondyng.

18 But whanne thou hast take hir, entre thou in to the bed, and bi thre daies be thou continent `fro hir, and to noon other thing thou schalt yyue tent with hir, no but to preieris.

19 Forsothe in that firste niyt, whanne the mawe of the fisch is brent, the fend schal be dryuun awei.

20 Sotheli in the secounde nyyt thou schalt be resseyued in the couplyng of hooli patriarkis.

21 Forsothe in the thridde nyyt thou schalt gete blessyng, that hoole sones be gendrid of you.

22 But whanne the thridde niyt is passid, thou schalt take the virgyn with the drede of the Lord, and thou schalt be led more bi the loue of children than of lust, that in the seed of Abraham thou gete blessyng in sones.

Chapter 7[edit]

1 `Forsothe thei entriden to Raguel; and Raguel resseyuede hem with ioie.

2 And Raguel bihelde Tobie, and seide to Anne, his wijf, This yong man is ful lijk my sister sone.

3 And whanne he hadde seid these thingis, he seide, Of whennus ben ye, yonge men, oure britheren? And thei seiden, We ben of the lynage of Neptalym, of the caitifte of Nynyue.

4 And Raguel seide to hem, Knowen ye Tobi, my brother? Whiche answeriden, We knowen him.

5 And `whanne he spak manye good thingis of Tobie, the aungel seide to Raguel, Tobie, of whom thou axist, is the fadir of this man.

6 Thanne Raguel bowede doun hym silf, and with teeris he kisside Tobie, and he wepte on his necke,

7 and seide, My sone, blessyng be to thee; for thou art the sone of a good and `a ful noble man.

8 And Anne, `his wijf, and Sare, `the douytir of hem, wepten.

9 Forsothe after that thei hadden spoke, Raguel comaundide a wethir to be slayn, and a feeste to be maad redi. And whanne he excitide hem to sitte doun to mete, Tobie seide,

10 Y schal not ete, nethir drynke here to dai, no but thou conferme first myn axyng, and biheete to yyue to me Sare, thi douyter.

11 And whanne this word was herd, Raguel dredde, witynge what bifelde to tho seuene men; and he bigan for to drede, lest perauenture it schulde bifalle in lijk maner to this Tobie. And whanne he doutide, and yaf noon answere to the axere,

12 the aungel seide to hym, Nyle thou drede to yyue hir to this man; for thi douyter `is due wiyf to this man dredynge God; therfor another man myyte not haue hir.

13 Thanne Raguel seide, Y doute not, that God hath resseyued my preieris and teeris in his siyt.

14 And Y bileue, that herfor the Lord made you come to me, that also this womman schulde be ioyned to her kynrede bi the lawe of Moises; and now nyle thou bere doute, that Y schal yyue hir to thee.

15 And he took the riyt hond of his douyter, and yaf to the riyt hond of Tobie, and seide, God of Abraham, and God of Isaac, and God of Jacob, be with you, and he ioyne you togidere, and `he fille his blessyng in you.

16 And whanne a chartere `was takun, thei maden `writyng togidere of the mariage.

17 And aftir these thingis thei eten, and blessiden God.

18 And Raguel clepide to hym Anne, his wijf, and comaundide hir to make redi another bed.

19 And sche ledde Sare, hir douytir, in to it, and sche wepte; and Anne seide to hir, My douyter, be thou of strong wit; the Lord of heuene yyue to thee ioie, for the anoie that thou suffridist.

Chapter 8[edit]

1 Forsothe aftir that thei hadden soupid, thei brouyten in the yong man to hir.

2 Therfor Tobie bithouyte of the wordis of the aungel, and `brouyte forth of his scrippe a part of the mawe, and puttide it on quike coolis.

3 Thanne Raphael, the aungel, took the fend, and boond hym in the desert of hiyere Egipte.

4 Thanne Tobie monestide the virgyn, and seide to hir, Sare, rise vp, and preye we God to dai, and to morewe, and `the secounde morewe; for in these thre nyytis we ben ioyned to God; sotheli whanne the thridde nyyt is passid, we schulen be in oure mariage;

5 for we ben the children of hooli men, and we moun not so be ioyned togidere as also hethene men, that knowen not God.

6 Sotheli thei risiden togidere, and bothe preyeden togidere bisili, that helthe schulde be youun to hem.

7 And Tobie seide, Lord God of oure fadris, heuenes, and londis, and the see, and wellis, and floodis, and ech creature of thin, which is in tho, blesse thee; thou madist Adam of the sliym of erthe,

8 and yauest to hym an help, Eue.

9 And now, Lord, thou woost, that Y take my sistir not for cause of letcherie, but for loue aloone of eeris, in whiche thi name be blessid in to worldis of worldis.

10 Therfor Sare seide, Lord, haue thou mercy on vs, haue thou merci on vs, and waxe we bothe eelde togidere hoole.

11 And it was doon aboute the `cockis crowyng, Raguel made hise seruauntis to be clepid, and thei yeden with hym to digge a sepulcre.

12 For he dredde, lest it bifelde in lijk maner to hym, that bifelde also to `seuene othere men, that entriden to hir.

13 And whanne thei hadden maad redi a pit, Raguel yede ayen to his wijf, and seide to hir,

14 Sende oon of thin handmaydis, and se sche, whether `he is deed, that Y byrie hym, bifor that the liyt come.

15 And sche sente oon of hir handmaidis, which entride in to the closet, and foond hem saaf and sounde, slepynge togidir with hem silf.

16 And sche turnede ayen, and teld good massage. And thei blessiden the Lord, that is, Raguel and Anne,

17 his wijf, and seiden, Lord God of Israel, we blessen thee, for it `bifelde not to vs, as we gessiden;

18 for thou hast do thi merci with vs, and hast schit out fro vs the enemy pursuynge vs.

19 Sotheli thou hast do merci `to tweyne aloone. My Lord, make thou hem to blesse thee fulliere, and for to offre to thee the sacrifice of thi preisyng, and of her helthe, that the vnyuersite of folkis knowe, that thou art God aloone in al erthe.

20 And anoon Raguel comaundide hise seruauntis to fille the pit, which thei hadden maad, bifor that the liyt cam.

21 `Forsothe he seide to his wijf, that sche schulde araie a feeste, and make redi alle thingis, that weren nedeful to men makynge iournei.

22 Also he made to be slayn twei fatte kien, and foure wetheris, and metis to be maad redi to alle hise neiyboris, and alle hise frendis.

23 And Raguel made Tobie to swere, that he schulde `dwelle twei woukis at Raguel.

24 Sotheli of alle thingis, whiche Raguel hadde in possessioun, he yaf the half part to Tobie; and he made this scripture, that the half part, that was left, schulde come to the lordschip of Tobie aftir the deeth of hem.

Chapter 9[edit]

1 Thanne Tobie clepide to hym the aungel, whom sotheli he gesside a man. And Tobie seide to hym, Azarie, brother, Y axe, that thou herkne my wordis.

2 Thouy Y bitake my silf seruaunt to thee, Y schal not be euene worthi to thi puruyaunce.

3 Netheles Y biseche thee, that thou take to thee beestis, ethir seruyces, and go thou to Gabelus `in to Rages, a citee of Medeis, and yelde to hym his obligacioun; and take of hym the money, and preie hym to come to my weddyngis.

4 For thou woost, that my fadir noumbrith the daies, and yf Y tarie o dai more, his soule schal be maad sorie.

5 And certis thou seest, hou Raguel hath chargid me, whos chargyng Y mai not dispise.

6 Thanne Raphael took foure of the seruauntis of Raguel, and twei camels, and yede in to Rages, a citee of Medeis, and he foond Gabelus, and yaf to hym his obligacioun, and resseyuede of hym al the monei;

7 and he schewide to hym of Tobie, the sone of Tobie, alle thingis that weren doon. And he made Gabelus come with hym to the weddyngis.

8 And whanne he entride in to the hows of Raguel, he foond Tobie sittynge at the mete; and `he skippide vp, and thei kissiden hem silf togidere.

9 And Gabelus wepte, and blesside God, and seide, The Lord God of Israel blesse thee, for thou art the sone of a ful good man, and iust, and dredynge God, and doynge almesdedis;

10 and blessing be seid on thi wijf, and on youre fadris and modris,

11 and se ye youre sones, and the sones of youre sones, til in to the thridde and the fourthe generacioun; and youre seed be blessid of God of Israel, that regneth in `to the worldis of worldis.

12 And whanne alle men hadden seid Amen, thei yeden to `the feeste; but also thei vsiden the feeste of weddyngis with the drede of the Lord.

Chapter 10[edit]

1 Sotheli whanne Tobie made tariyngis for `the cause of weddyngis, `Tobie his fadir was angwisched, seiynge, Gessist thou, whi my sone tarieth, ethir whi he is `witholdun there?

2 Gessist thou, whether Gabelus is deed, and no man yeldith to hym the monei?

3 `Forsothe he bigan to be `sorie ful myche, and Anne, his wijf, with hym; and bothe bigunnen to wepe togidere, for her sone turnede not ayen to hem `in the dai set.

4 Therfor his modir wepte with teeris withouten remedie, and seide, Alas to me! my sone, whi senten we thee a pilgrimage, the liyt of oure iyen, the staf of oure eelde, the solace of oure lijf, the hope of oure eiris?

5 We hadden alle thingis togidere in thee oon, and ouyte not leete thee go fro vs.

6 To whom Tobie seide, Be stille, and nyle thou be troblid; oure sone is hool; thilke man is feithful ynow, with whom we senten hym.

7 Forsothe sche myyte not be coumfortid in ony maner, but ech dai sche `skippide forthe, and lokide aboute, and cumpasside alle the weies, bi whiche the hope of `comyng ayen was seyn, to se hym comynge afer, if it myyte be doon.

8 And sotheli Raguel seide to `the hosebonde of his douytir, Dwelle thou here, and Y schal sende a messanger of helthe `of thee to Tobie, thi fadir.

9 To whom Tobie seide, Y knowe, that my fadir and my modir rekynen now the daies, and her spirit is turmentid in hem.

10 And whanne Raguel preiede Tobie with many wordis, and he `nolde here Raguel bi ony resoun, Raguel bitook to hym Sare, and half `the part of al his catel, in children and damysels, in the scheep and camels, and in kiyn, and in myche monei; and he delyueride fro hym silf Tobie saaf and ioiynge,

11 and seide, The hooli aungel of the Lord be in youre weie, and brynge you sounde, and fynde ye alle thingis riytfuli aboute youre fadir and modir,

12 and myn iyen se youre sones, bifor that Y die. And the fadir and modir token `her douyter, and kissiden hir,

13 and leeten hir go, and monestiden hir to onour the fader and modir of hir hosebonde, to loue the hosebonde, to reule the meynee, to gouerne the hows, and to schewe hir self vnrepreuable.

Chapter 11[edit]

1 And whanne `thei turneden ayen, thei camen to Carram, which is in the myddil of the weie ayens Nynyue, `in the eleuenthe dai.

2 And the aungel seide, Tobie brother, thou woost, hou thou leftist thi fadir.

3 Therfor if it plesith thee, go we bifore; and the meineis, with thi wijf togidere and with the beestis, sue oure weie with soft goynge.

4 And whanne this pleside, that thei schulden go, Raphael seide to Tobie, Take with thee of the galle of the fisch, for it schal be nedeful. Therfor Tobie took of that galle, and thei yeden forth.

5 Forsothe Anne sat bisidis the weie ech dai in the cop of the hil, fro whennus sche myyte biholde fro afer.

6 And while sche bihelde fro the same place the comyng of hym, sche siy a fer, and knew anoon hir sone comynge; and sche ran, and telde to hir hosebonde, and seide, Lo! thi sone cometh.

7 And Raphael seide to Tobie, And whanne thou hast entrid in to thin hows, anoon worschipe `thi Lord God, and do thou thankyngis to hym, and neiye to thi fadir, and kisse hym.

8 And anoon anoynte on hise iyen of this galle of the fisch, which galle thou berist with thee; for `whi wite thou, that anoon hise iyen schulen be openyd, and `thi fadir schal se the liyt of heuene, and he schal be ioiful in thi siyt.

9 Thanne the dogge `ran bifore, `that was togidere in the weie, and made ioie with the faunyng of his tail, as a messanger comynge.

10 And his blynde fadir roos vp, and bigan to renne, hirtynge `in the feet, and whanne he hadde youe hond to a child, he ran ayens his sone.

11 And he resseyuede and kisside hym, `with his wijf, and bothe bigunnen to wepe for ioie.

12 And whanne thei hadden worschipid God, and hadden do thankyngis, thei saten togidere.

13 Thanne Tobie took of the galle of the fisch, and anoyntide the iyen of his fadir.

14 And he abood as half an our almest, and the web, as the litil skyn of an ey, bigan to go out of hise iyen.

15 Which web Tobie took, and drow fro hise iyen, and anoon he resseyuede siyt.

16 And thei glorifieden God, that is, he, and his wijf, and alle that knewen hym.

17 And Tobie seide, Lord God of Israel, Y blesse thee, for thou hast chastisid me, and thou hast saued me; and lo! Y se Tobie, my sone.

18 Also Sare, the wijf of his sone, entride aftir seuene daies, and alle the meynees, and the beestis hoole, and camels, and miche monei of the wijf, but also the money which `he hadde resseyued of Gabelus.

19 And he telde to his fadir and modir alle the benefices of God, whiche he hadde do aboute hym bi the man, that hadde led hym.

20 And Achior and Nabath, the `sistir sones of Tobie, camen ioiful to Tobie, and thankiden hym of alle the `goodis, whiche God hadde schewid aboute hym.

21 And bi seuene daies thei eeten, and ioyden with greet ioye.

Chapter 12[edit]

1 Thanne Tobie clepide to hym his sone, and seide to hym, What moun we yyue to this hooli man, that cam with thee?

2 Tobie answeride, and seide to his fadir, Fadir, what meede schulen we yyue to hym, ether what mai be worthi to hise benefices?

3 He ledde, and `brouyte me hool ayen; he resseyuede of Gabelus the monei; he made me to haue a wijf, and he droof awei the feend fro hir; he made ioie to hir fadir and moder; he delyuerede `my silf fro the deuouryng of a fisch; and he made thee to se the liyt of heuene; and we ben fillid with alle goodis bi hym; what thing worthi to these thingis moun we yyue to hym?

4 But, fadir, Y axe thee, that thou preie hym, if perauenture he schal vouche saaf to take to hym the half of alle thingis, what euer thingis ben brouyt.

5 And the fadir and the sone clepiden hym, and token hym asidis half, and bigunnen to preie, that he wolde vouche saaf to haue acceptable the half part of alle thingis, whiche thei hadden brouyt.

6 Thanne he seide to hem priueli, Blesse ye God of heuene, and knouleche ye to hym bifor alle men lyuynge, for he hath do his merci with you.

7 For it is good to hide the priuyte of a kyng; but it is worschipful to schewe and knowleche the werkis of God.

8 Preier is good with fastyng, and almes, more than to hide tresouris of gold;

9 for whi almes delyuereth fro deth, and thilke almes it is that purgith synnes, and makith to fynde euerlastynge lijf.

10 Forsothe thei that doon synne and wickidnesse, ben enemyes of her soule.

11 Therfor Y schewe trewthe to you, and Y schal not hide fro you a pryuy word.

12 Whane thou preyedist with teeris, and biryedist deed men, and `forsokist the meete, and hiddist deed men bi dai in thin hows, and biriedist `in the nyyt, Y offride thi preier to the Lord.

13 And for thou were acceptable to God, it was nedeful that temptacioun schulde preue thee.

14 And now the Lord sente me `for to cure thee, and to delyuere Sare, the wijf of thi sone, fro the fend.

15 For Y am Raphael, the aungel, oon of the seuene that ben present bifor the Lord.

16 And whanne thei hadden herd this, thei weren disturblid, and felden tremblynge on her face.

17 And the aungel seide to hem, Pees be to you, nyle ye drede;

18 for whanne Y was with you, Y was bi Goddis wille. Blesse ye hym, and synge ye to hym.

19 Sotheli Y semyde to ete and drynke with you; but Y vse vnuysible meete, and drynk that mai not be seyn of men.

20 Therfor it is tyme, that Y turne ayen to hym, that sente me; but blesse ye God, and telle ye out alle hise merueils; blesse ye hym, and synge ye to hym.

21 And whanne he hadde seide these thingis, he was takun awei fro her siyt; and thei myyten no more se hym.

22 Thanne thei felden doun `bi thre ouris on the face, and blessiden God; and thei risynge vp telden alle hise merueils.

Chapter 13[edit]

1 Forsothe the eldere Tobie openyde his mouth, and blesside God, and seide, Lord, thou art greet with outen ende, and thi rewme is in to `alle worldis;

2 for thou betist, and makist saaf; thou ledist doun to hellis, and `ledist ayen; and noon is that ascapith thin hoond.

3 Sones of Israel, knowleche ye to the Lord, and herye ye hym in the siyt of hethene men;

4 for herfor he scateride you among hethene men, that knowen not God, that ye telle out his merueils, and make hem to wite, that noon othere God is almyyti outakun hym.

5 He chastiside vs for oure wickidnessis; and he schal saue vs for his mercy.

6 Therfor biholde ye, what thingis he hath do with you, and knouleche ye to hym with drede and tremblyng; and enhaunse ye the kyng of worldis in youre werkis.

7 Forsothe Y in the lond of my caitifte schal knouleche to hym; for he schewide his maieste on a synful folc.

8 Therfor, synneris, be ye conuertid, and do ye riytfulnesse bifor God, and bileue ye, that he schal do his merci with you.

9 Sotheli Y and my soule schulen be glad in hym.

10 Alle chosun of the Lord, blesse ye hym; make ye the daies of gladnesse, and knouleche ye to hym.

11 Jerusalem, the citee of God, the Lord hath chastisid thee for the werkis of thin hondis.

12 Knouleche thou to God in thi goodis, and blesse thou God of worldis, that he bilde ayen in thee his tabernacle, and ayen clepe to thee alle thi prisoneris; and that thou haue ioie in to alle worldis of worldis.

13 Thou schalt schyne with briyt liyt, and alle the coostis of erthe schulen worschipe thee.

14 Naciouns schulen come fro fer to thee, and thei schulen brynge yiftis, and schulen worschipe the Lord in thee, and thei schulen haue thi lond in to halewyng;

15 for thei schulen `clepe in thee the grete name.

16 And thei schulen be cursid, that dispisen thee, and thei schulen be dampned, that blasfemen thee; and thei schulen be blessid, that bilden thee.

17 Forsothe thou schalt be glad in thi sones, for alle schulen be blessid, and schulen be gaderid togidere to the Lord.

18 Blessid ben alle that louen thee, and that han ioie on thi pees.

19 My soule, blesse thou the Lord, for `oure Lord God hath delyuered Jerusalem, his citee, fro alle tribulaciouns therof.

20 Y schal be blessid, if the relikis of my seed schulen be to se the clerenesse of Jerusalem.

21 The yatis of Jerusalem schulen be bildid of saphire and smaragde, and of preciouse stoon; al the cumpas of wallis therof schal be of white and clene stoon.

22 Alle the stretis therof schulen be strewid; and alleluya, `that is, the heriyng of God, schal be sungun bi the stretis therof.

23 Blessid be the Lord, that enhaunside it, that his rewme be on it in to worldis of worldis. Amen.

Chapter 14[edit]

1 And the wordis of Tobie [1] weren endid; and aftir that he was liytned, he lyuede two and fourti yeer, and siy the sones of hise sones sones.

2 For whanne an hundrid yeer and tweyn weren fillid, he was biried worschipfuli in Nynyue.

3 `For he of sixe and fifti yeer loste the liyt of iyen; sotheli he sixti yeer eeld resseyuede `that liyt.

4 Forsothe the residue of his lijf was in ioie, and he yede in pees with good encresyng of Goddis drede.

5 Forsothe in the our of his deeth he clepide to hym Tobie, his sone, and seuene yonge sones of hym, hise sones sones,

6 and seide to hem, The perischyng of Nynyue schal be niy, for the word of God schal not falle doun [2]; and youre britheren, that ben scaterid fro the lond of Israel, schulen turne ayen to it.

7 Sotheli al deseert lond therof schal be fillid, and the hows of God, which is brent ther ynne, schal be bildid ayen, and alle that dreden God schulen turne ayen thidur.

8 And hethene men schulen forsake her idols [3], and schulen come to Jerusalem, and schulen `enhabite it.

9 And alle the kyngis of erthe schulen haue ioie ther ynne, and schulen worschipe the kyng of Israel.

10 Therfor, my sones, here ye youre fadir; serue ye the Lord in drede and treuthe; and enquere ye to do tho thingis that ben plesaunt to hym.

11 And comaunde ye youre sones to do riytfulnessis and almesdedis; that thei be myndeful of God, and blesse God in al tyme, in treuthe and in al her vertu.

12 Now therfor, my sones, here ye me, and nyle ye dwelle here, but in what euer dai ye han biried youre modir biside me in o sepulcre, fro that dai dresse ye youre steppis, that ye go out fro hennus;

13 for Y se that the wickidnesse therof schal `yyue an ende therto.

14 Forsothe it was doon aftir the deeth of his modir, Tobie yede awei fro Nynyue, with his wijf, and sones, and with the sones of sones, and turnede ayen to the fadir and modir of his wijf.

15 And he foond hem sounde in good eelde. And he dide the cure of hem, and he closide her iyen; and he took al the erytage of the hows of Raguel, and he siy the fyuethe generacioun, the sones of hise sones.

16 And whanne nynti yeer and nyne weren fillid in the drede of the Lord, thei birieden hym with ioie.

17 Forsothe al his kynrede, and al his generacioun, dwellide perfitli in good lijf, and in hooli conuersacioun, so that thei weren acceptable bothe to God and to men, and to alle enhabitynge the erthe.

  1. [Note: Tobie The preisable knowleching of Tobie, and his profecie of heuenli Jerusalem.]
  2. [Note: sum is profesie of manaas, and this is chaungid, as the meritis of men chaungen; and in this maner Jonas profeciede the distriyng of Nynyue, but for thei diden penaunce, this peyne was delayed; and whanne thei turneden ayen to her synnes, God yaf ful doom of distriynge of Nynyue bi profesie of predestynacioun ether of ful doom, as it is in Goddis knowyng, and this profesie ether doom is neuere chaungid.]
  3. [Note: this profesie was fillid in part, whanne the Jewis turneden ayen fro Babiloyne; but more perfitly it was fillid in the tyme of Crist and hise apostlis, whanne hethen men forsoken her idols, and camen to cristen feith, and serueden Crist truly, King of Israel.]