Bible (Wycliffe)/3 Joon

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Chapter 1[edit]

1 The eldere man to Gayus, most dere brother, whom Y loue in treuthe.

2 Most dere brothir, of alle thingis Y make preyer, that thou entre, and fare welefuly, as thi soule doith welefuli.

3 Y ioyede greetli, for britheren camen, and baren witnessing to thi treuthe, `as thou walkist in treuthe.

4 Y haue not more grace of these thingis, than that Y here that my sones walke in treuthe.

5 Most dere brother, thou doist feithfuli, what euer thou worchist in britheren, and that in to pilgrymys,

6 which yeldiden witnessing to thi charite, in the siyt of the chirche; which thou leddist forth, and doist wel worthili to God.

7 For thei wenten forth for his name, and token no thing of hethene men.

8 Therfor we owen to resseyue siche, that we be euen worcheris of treuthe.

9 I hadde write perauenture to the chirche, but this Diotrepes, that loueth to bere primacie in hem, resseyueth not vs.

10 For this thing, if Y schal come, Y schal moneste hise werkis, whiche he doith, chidinge ayens vs with yuel wordis. And as if these thingis suffisen not to hym, nether he resseyueth britheren, and forbedith hem that resseyuen, and puttith out of the chirche.

11 Moost dere brothir, nyle thou sue yuel thing, but that that is good thing. He that doith wel, is of God; he that doith yuel, seeth not God.

12 Witnessing is yoldun to Demetrie of alle men, and of treuthe it silf; but also we beren witnessing, and thou knowist, that oure witnessing is trewe.

13 Y hadde many thingis to wryte to thee, but Y wolde not write to thee bi enke and penne.

14 For Y hope soone to se thee, and we schulen speke mouth to mouth. Pees be to thee. Frendis greten thee wel. Greete thou wel frendis bi name.