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The following is a list of duplicate words on validated pages. The list is computer-generated but I have tried to remove cases where the use of two identical words in succession is valid (ie things like "I handed her her purse").

In a significant number of cases, the duplicate word is in the scan (eg "if if" at Page:Austen - Northanger Abbey. Persuasion, vol. I, 1818.djvu/287). Otherwise, it can be that:

In a few cases, the two identical words are on two consecutive pages (eg "the the" at Page:Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire vol 1 (1897).djvu/77 & Page:Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire vol 1 (1897).djvu/78). I have identified such cases with the phrase "!!! duplicate from the previous page !!!"

If you happen to read this and want to check and correct some of the duplicates, by all means do so, then paste Yes check.svg Done at the beginning of each line. You could also use X mark.svg Not done to say you have checked and concluded no correction is required. Мишоко (talk) 16:35, 23 May 2021 (UTC)