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Index:The Art of Bookbinding, Zaehnsdorf, 1890.djvu

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Title The Art of Bookbinding
Author Joseph William Zaehnsdorf
Year 1890
Publisher George Bell & Sons
Location London
Source djvu
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Validated in March 2011
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Chapter I. Folding: Refolding—Machines—Gathering. 3-8
Chapter II. Beating and Rolling: Machines 9-12
Chapter III. Collating: Interleaving 13-19
Chapter IV. Marking up and Sawing in 20-23
Chapter V. Sewing: Flexible—Ordinary 23-32
Chapter VI. Forwarding: End Papers—Cobb Paper—Surface Paper—Marbled Paper—Printed and other Fancy Paper—Coloured Paste Paper 33-36
Chapter VII. Pasting up 36-37
Chapter VIII. Putting on the End Papers 38-41
Chapter IX. Trimming 41-44
Chapter X. Gluing up 45-46
Chapter XI. Rounding 46-48
Chapter XII. Backing 48-51
Chapter XIII. Mill-boards 51-57
Chapter XIV. Drawing-in and Pressing 57-59
Chapter XV. Cutting 59-66
Chapter XVI. Colouring the Edges: Sprinkled Edges—Colours for Sprinkling—Plain Colouring—Marbled Edges—Spot Marble—Comb or Nonpareil Marble—Spanish Marble—Edges—Sizing 67-77
Chapter XVII. Gilt Edges: The Gold Cushion—Gold Knife—Burnishers—Glaire Water or Size—Scrapers—The Gold Leaf—Gilt on Red—Tooled Edges—Painted Edges 78-83
Chapter XVIII. Head-Banding 83-86
Chapter XIX. Preparing for Covering: lining up 87-90
Chapter XX, Covering: Russia—Calf—Vellum or Parchment—Roan—Cloth—Velvet—Silk and Satin—Half-bound Work 90-97
Chapter XXI. Pasting Down: Joints—Calf, Russia, etc. 97-100
Chapter XXII. Calf Colouring: Black—Brown—Yellow—Sprinkles—Marbles—Tree-marbles—Dabs 100-108
Chapter XXIII. Finishing : Tools and Materials required for Finishing—Polishing Irons—Gold-rag—India-rubber—Gold-cushion—Gold Leaf—Sponges—Glaire—Cotton Wool—Varnish—Finishing—Morocco—Gold Work—Inlaid Work—Porous—Full Gilt Back—Run-up—Mitred Back—Pressing—Graining—Finishing with Dry Preparation—Velvet—Silk—Vellum—Blocking 111-153
Chapter XXIV. Washing and Cleaning : Requisites—Manipulation—Dust—Water Stains—Damp Stains—Mud—Fox-marks—Finger-marks, commonly called "Thumb-marks"—Blood Stains—Ink Stains (writing)—Ink Stains (Marking Ink, Silver)—Fat Stains—Ink—Reviving Old Writings—To Restore Writing effaced by Chlorine—To Restore MSS. faded by time—To Preserve Drawings or Manuscripts—To fix Drawings or Pencil Marks—To render Paper Waterproof—To render Paper Incombustible—Deciphering Burnt Documents—Insects—Glue—Rice Glue or Paste—Paste—Photographs—Albumen—To Prevent Tools, Machines, etc., from Rusting—To Clean Silver Mountings—To Clean Sponges 157-172
Glossary 173
Index 181