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XLIV. Irregular Nouns of the Third Declension — Gender in the Third Declension— The First Bridge over the Rhine 111-112

XLV. Adjectives of the Third Declension— The Romans Invade the Enemy's Country 113-115

XLVI. The Fourth or U-Declension 116-117

XLVII. Expressions of PlacePlace to Which, Place from Which, Place at or in Which, the Locative — Declension of domusDædalus and Icarus 117-121

XLVIII. The Fifth or Ē-DeclensionAblative of Time — Dædalus and Icarus (Continued) 121-123

XLIX. Pronouns — Personal and Reflexive Pronouns — Dædalus and Icarus (Concluded) 123-126

L. The Intensive Pronoun ipse and the Demonstrative īdemHow Horatius Held the Bridge 126-127

LI. The Demonstratives hic, iste, illeA German Chieftain Addresses his Followers — How Horatius Held the Bridge (Continued) 128-130

LII. The Indefinite Pronouns — How Horatius Held the Bridge (Concluded) 130-132

LIII. Regular Comparison of Adjectives 133-i35

LIV. Irregular Comparison of AdjectivesAblative with Comparatives 135-136

LV. Irregular Comparison of Adjectives (Continued) — Declension of plūs 137-138

LVI. Irregular Comparison of Adjectives (Concluded) — Ablative of the Measure of Difference 138-139

LVII. Formation and Comparison of Adverbs 140-142

LVIII. NumeralsPartitive Genitive 142-144

LIX. Numerals (Continued) — Accusative of ExtentCæsar in Gaul 144-146

LX. Deponent VerbsPrepositions with the Accusative 146-147


LXI. The Subjunctive Mood — Inflection of the Present — Indicative and Subjunctive Compared 148-151

LXII. The Subjunctive of Purpose 151-153

LXIII. Inflection of the Imperfect SubjunctiveSequence of Tenses 153-155

LXIV. Inflection of the Perfect and Pluperfect SubjunctiveSubstantive Clauses of Purpose 156-159