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The complete works of Florence Earle Coates[edit]

Florence Earle Coates Poems 1898 Bruce Rogers Lyre.jpg
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POEMS. (1898)
POEMS. (1912)
POEMS. 2 vols. (1916)
Featured.pngPRO PATRIA. (1917) Privately published.
Fugitive verse.
On Matthew Arnold. (1894, 1909)

Other books[edit]

Preludes (1875)
Poems (1921)
Coates Trivia: On March 2nd, 1912, Florence Earle Coates attended a dinner celebrating the 75th birthday of writer William Dean Howells. Held at Sherry's in NYC, it was hosted by Harper's Weekly editor, Col. George Harvey. Also in attendance was President William Howard Taft, who gave an opening address. Mrs. Coates also wrote a poem in honor of the occassion.

Articles, addresses, etc.[edit]



Poems, etc.[edit]

Coates Trivia: On November 10, 1906, Florence Earle Coates attended the 70th birthday celebration of Harper's editor Henry Mills Alden. Mrs. Coates also wrote a poem dedicated to Mr. Alden, published first in Lyrics of Life (1909), possibly in honor of the occassion.
The Ancient "Lady of Sorrow" (1871)
"The Bastille" (1905)
"The Man with the Hoe" (1899)
"The Shining Adventure" (1921)
"Faery Magic" (1921)
"Back Along the Old Trail" (1921)
  • by John E. D. Trask (Son-in-law of Florence Earle Coates; husband of Alice Earle Nicholson Coates Trask):
Lines on "The Muse Finding the Head of Orpheus" (1915)
Coates Trivia: Amos Wilder dedicated a poem to Mrs. Coates entitled, "The Vision of Purgatory"; it is included (pp. 39-41) in his collection of poetry, Arachne (1928). Mr. Wilder also describes an encounter he had with Mrs. Coates (occurring during her later years—post 1921) in an article he wrote which appears in a 1951 issue of Religion in Life (Vol. 21, p. 10), where she is quoted as stating, "A man's wisdom is measured by his hope"—referencing Emerson.[1]
in Yale Literary Magazine:
"As One Who Leaves His Birthplace when a Child", a poem (Nov 1919)
"Moon-Rise", a poem (Jan 1920)
"Winter Night", a poem (Apr 1920)
"Campus Evening Hymn", a poem (June 1920)
"A Student's Walk" (June 1920)
"Ode in a German Cemetery", where many victims of the Great War were interred (The Hibbert Journal, Jan 1922)

Librivox recordings[edit]

Recordings from Mine and Thine


Edward Hornor Coates (1903) by Charles Grafly at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.
Procter, Adelaide Ann from the Dictionary of National Biography: 1885-1900, Volume 46
and other assorted items, such as individual poems, associated with Adelaide Anne Procter.


  1. See "Matthew Arnold", where Mrs. Coates quotes Arnold referencing Emerson.
  2. Dickens also wrote the introduction to a "New Edition, with Additions" of Procter's Legends and Lyrics. See Littell's Living Age, 6 January 1865 on Google Books. Subsequent editions of Procter's works also contain Dickens' introduction.