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A. E. G.* Rev. Alfred Ernest Garvie, M.A., D.D.
Principal of New College, Hampstead. Member of the Board of Theology and the Board of Philosophy, London University. Author of Studies in the Inner Life of Jesus, &c.
Heresy (in part).
A. D. Henry Austin Dobson, LL.D.
See the biographical article, Dobson, H. A.
A. E. T. W. Alfred Edward Thomas Watson.
Editor of the Badminton Library and Badminton Magazine. Formerly Editor of the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News. Author of The Racing World and its Inhabitants; &c.
Horse-Racing (in part);
A. C. S. Algernon Charles Swinburne.
See the biographical article, Swinburne, A. C.
Hugo, Victor.
A. Cy. Arthur Ernest Cowley, M.A., Litt.D.
Sub-Librarian of the Bodleian Library, Oxford. Fellow of Magdalen College.
Hebrew Language;
Hebrew Literature
A. F. P. Albert Frederick Pollard, M.A., F.R.Hist.S.
Professor of English History in the University of London. Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. Assistant Editor of the Dictionary of National Biography, 1893–1901. Lothian Prizeman (Oxford), 1892, Arnold Prizeman, 1898. Author of England under the Protector Somerset; Henry VIII.; Life of Thomas Cranmer; &c.
Heath, Nicholas;
Henry VIII. of England
Hooper, Bishop
Humphrey, Lawrence
A. Go.* Rev. Alexander Gordon, M.A.
Lecturer on Church History in the University of Manchester.
Hofmann, Melchior; Hotman.
A. H. S. Rev. Archibald Henry Sayce, D.D., Litt.D., LL.D.
See the biographical article, Sayce, A. H.
Humboldt, Karl W. Von.
A. H.-S. Sir A. Houtum-Schindler, C.I.E.
General in the Persian Army. Author of Eastern Persian Irak.
Hormuz (in part).
A. J. H. Alfred J. Hipkins, F.S.A. (1826–1903).
Formerly Member of Council and Hon. Curator of the Royal College of Music, London. Member of Committee of the Inventions and Music Exhibition, 1885; of the Vienna Exhibition, 1892; and of the Paris Exhibition, 1900. Author of Musical Instruments; &c.
Harp (in part).
A. L. Andrew Lang.
See the biographical article, Lang, Andrew.
A. M. C. Agnes Mary Clerke.
See the biographical article, Clerke, A. M.
Herschel, Sir F. W. (in part); Herschel, Sir J. F. W. (in part); Hevelius; Hipparchus; Horrocks; Huggins;
A. N. Alfred Newton, F.R.S.
See the biographical article, Newton, Alfred.
Harpy; Harrier; Hawfinch; Hawk; Heron; Hoactzin; Honeyeater; Honey Guide; Hoopoe; Hornbill; Humming-Bird.
A. Sl. Arthur Shadwell, M.A., M.D., LL.D., F.R.C.P.
Member of Council of Epidemiological Society. Author of Industrial Efficiency; The London Water Supply; Drink, Temperance and Legislation.
A. W. H.* Arthur William Holland.
Formerly Scholar of St John’s College, Oxford. Bacon Scholar of Gray’s Inn, 1900.
Henry IV.: Roman Emperor; Hide; Hohenzollern;
Honorius II.
: Anti-Pope.
A. W. W. Adolphus William Ward, Litt.D., LL.D.
See the biographical article, Ward, A. W.
C. A. M. F. Charles Augustus Maude Fennell, M.A., Litt.D.
Formerly Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. Editor of Pindar’s Odes and Fragments; and of the Stanford Dictionary of Anglicised Words and Phrases.
C. B.* Charles Bémont, Litt.D. (Oxon.).
See the biographical article, Bémont, C.
C. El. Sir Charles Norton Edgcumbe Eliot, K.C.M.G., C.B., M.A., LL.D., D.CL.
Vice-Chancellor of Sheffield University. Formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford. H.M.’s Commissioner and Commander-in-Chief for the British East Africa Protectorate; Agent and Consul-General at Zanzibar; and Consul-General for German East Africa, 1900–1904.
Hissar (in part);
: Language;
C. F. A. Charles Francis Atkinson.
Formerly Scholar of Queen’s College, Oxford. Captain, 1st City of London (Royal Fusiliers). Author of The Wilderness and Cold Harbour.
Hohenlohe (in part).
C. H. Ha. Carlton Huntley Hayes, A.M., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History in Columbia University, New York City. Member of the American Historical Association.
Honorius II., III., IV.
C. J. L. Sir Charles James Lyall, K.C.S.I., C.I.E., LL.D. (Edin.).
Secretary Judicial and Public Department, India Office. Fellow of King’s College, London. Secretary to Government of India, Home Department, 1889–1894. Chief Commissioner, Central Provinces, India, 1895–1898. Author of Translations of Ancient Arabic Poetry; &c.
Hindōstānī Literature.
C. L. K. Charles Lethbridge Kingsford, M.A., F.R.Hist.S., F.S.A.
Assistant Secretary to the Board of Education. Author of Life of Henry V. Editor of Chronicles of London, and Stow’s Survey of London.
Henry IV., V., VI.: of England.
C. Mo. William Cosmo Monkhouse.
See the biographical article, Monkhouse, W. C.
Hunt, W. Holman.
C. P. Rev. Charles Pritchard, M.A.
See the biographical article, Pritchard, Charles.
Herschel, Sir F. W. (in part); Herschel, Sir J. F. W. (in part).
C. Pf. Christian Pfister, D.-ès-L.
Professor at the Sorbonne, Paris. Chevalier of the Legion of Honour. Author of Études sur le règne de Robert le Pieux.
C. R. B. Charles Raymond Beazley, M.A., D.Litt.
Professor of Modern History in the University of Birmingham. Formerly Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, and University Lecturer in the History of Geography. Author of Henry the Navigator; The Dawn of Modern Geography; &c.
Hayton; Henry the Navigator.
C. S. Carl Schurz, LL.D.
See the biographical article, Schurz, Carl.
Hayes, Rutherford B.
C. W. W. Sir Charles William Wilson, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., F.R.S. (1836–1907).
Major-General, Royal Engineers. Secretary to the North American Boundary Commission, 1858–1862. British Commissioner on the Servian Boundary Commission. Director-General of the Ordnance Survey, 1886–1894. Director-General of Military Education, 1895–1898. Author of From Korti to Khartoum; Life of Lord Clive; &c.
Hierapolis (in part).
D. B. M. David Binning Monro, M.A., Litt.D.
See the biographical article, Monro, David Binning.
D. F. T. Donald Francis Tovey.
Author of Essays in Musical Analysis: comprising The Classical Concerto, The Goldberg Variations, and analyses of many other classical works.
D. Gi. Sir David Gill, K.C.B., LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.A.S., D.Sc.
H.M. Astronomer at Cape of Good Hope, 1879–1907. Served in Geodetic Survey of Egypt, and on the expedition to Ascension Island to determine the Solar Parallax by observations of Mars. Directed Geodetic Survey of Natal, Cape Colony and Rhodesia. Author of Geodetic Survey of South Africa; Catalogues of Stars for the Equinoxes (1850, 1860, 1885, 1890, 1900); &c.
D. G. H. David George Hogarth, M.A.
Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. Fellow of the British Academy. Excavated at Paphos, 1888; Naucratis, 1899 and 1903; Ephesus, 1904–1905; Assiut, 1906–1907. Director, British School at Athens, 1897–1900. Director, Cretan Exploration Fund, 1899.
Heraclea (in part);
 (in part);
D. H. David Hannay.
Formerly British Vice-Consul at Barcelona. Author of Short History of the Royal Navy; Life of Emilio Castelar; &c.
Heyn; Hood, Viscount;
Howe, Earl
; Humour.
D. Mn. Rev. Dugald Macfadyen, M.A.
Minister of South Grove Congregational Church, Highgate. Author of Constructive Congregational Ideals; &c.
Henderson, Alexander (in part).
D. S.* David Sharp, M.A., M.B., F.R.S., F.Z.S.
Editor of the Zoological Record. Formerly Curator of Museum of Zoology, University of Cambridge. President of Entomological Society of London. Author of "Insecta" (Cambridge Natural History); &c.
Hexapoda (in part).
E. C. B. Rt. Rev. Edward Cuthbert Butler, O.S.B., M.A., D.Litt.
Abbot of Downside Abbey, Bath. Author of "The Lausiac History of Palladius" in Cambridge Texts and Studies, vol. vi.
Hilarion, Saint
E. D. B. Edwin Dampier Brickwood.
Author of Boat-Racing; &c.
Horse: History;
 (in part).
E. D. Bu. Edward Dundas Butler.
Formerly Assistant in the Department of Printed Books, British Museum. Foreign Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Author of Hungarian Poems and Fables for English Readers; &c.
Hungary: Literature (in part).
E. E. S. Ernest Edward Sikes, M.A.
Fellow, Tutor and Lecturer, St John’s College, Cambridge. Newton Student at Athens, 1890. Editor of the Prometheus Vinctus of Aeschylus, and of The Homeric Hymns.
; Hermes.
E. F. S. Edward Fairbrother Strange.
Assistant-Keeper, Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington. Member of Council, Japan Society. Author of numerous works on art subjects. Joint-editor of Bell’s “Cathedral” Series.
Hiroshige; Hokusai.
E. G. Edmund Gosse, LL.D.
See the biographical article, Gosse, Edmund. W.
Heroic Romances;
Heroic Verse
; Holberg.
Ed. M. Eduard Meyer, Ph.D., D.Litt. (Oxon.), LL.D.
Professor of Ancient History in the University of Berlin. Author of Geschichte des Alterthums; Geschichte des alten Aegyptens; Die Israeliten und ihre Nachbarstämme.
E. M. W. Rev. Edward Mewburn Walker, M.A.
Fellow, Senior Tutor and Librarian of Queen’s College, Oxford.
Herodotus (in part).
E. O.* Edmund Owen, M.B., F.R.C.S., LL.D., D.Sc.
Consulting Surgeon to St Mary’s Hospital, London, and to the Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street, London. Chevalier of the Legion of Honour. Late Examiner in Surgery at the Universities of Cambridge, London and Durham. Author of A Manual of Anatomy for Senior Students.
Heart: Surgery;
E. Pr. Edgar Prestage.
Special Lecturer in Portuguese Literature at the University of Manchester. Commendador, Portuguese Order of S. Thiago. Corresponding Member of Lisbon Royal Academy of Sciences and Lisbon Geographical Society.
Herculano de Carvalho e
E. Re.* Emil Reich, Doc.Juris., F.R.Hist.S.
Author of Hungarian Literature; History of Civilization; &c.
Hungary: Literature (in part).
E. R. B. Edwyn Robert Bevan, M.A.
New College, Oxford. Author of The House of Seleucus; Jerusalem under the High Priests.
F. B. Felice Barnabei, Litt.D.
Formerly Director of Museum of Antiquities at Rome. Author of archaeological papers in Italian reviews and in the Athenaeum.
F. C. C. Frederick Cornwallis Conybeare, M.A., D.Th. (Giessen).
Fellow of the British Academy. Formerly Fellow of University College, Oxford. Author of The Ancient Armenian Texts of Aristotle; Myth, Magic and Morals; &c.
Holy Water.
F. G. M. B. Frederick George Meeson Beck, M.A.
Fellow and Lecturer of Clare College, Cambridge.
F. G. P. Frederick Gymer Parsons, F.R.C.S., F.Z.S., F.R.Anthrop.Inst.
Vice-President, Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Lecturer on Anatomy at St Thomas’s Hospital and the London School of Medicine for Women. Formerly Hunterian Professor at the Royal College of Surgeons.
Heart: Anatomy.
F. G. S. F. G. Stephens.
Formerly art critic of the Athenaeum. Author of Artists at Home; George Cruikshank; Memorials of W. Mulready; French and Flemish Pictures; Sir E. Landseer; T. C. Hook, R.A.; &c.
Holl, Frank.
F. H. B. Francis Henry Butler, M.A.
Worcester College, Oxford. Associate of the Royal School of Mines.
Honey; Hunter, John;
Hunter, William
F. Ll. G. Francis Llewellyn Griffith, M.A., Ph.D., F.S.A.
Reader in Egyptology, Oxford University. Editor of the Archaeological Survey and Archaeological Reports of the Egypt Exploration Fund. Fellow of Imperial German Archaeological Institute.
Hermes Trismegistus
F. O. B. Frederick Orpen Bower, D.Sc., F.R.S.
Regius Professor of Botany in the University of Glasgow. Author of Practical Botany for Beginners.
F. Px. Frank Puaux.
President of the Société de l’Histoire du Protestantisme français. Author of Les Précurseurs français de la tolérance; Histoire de l’établissement des protestants français en Suéde; L’Église réformée de France; &c.
G. A. Gr. George Abraham Grierson, C.I.E., Ph.D., D.Litt.
Member of the Indian Civil Service, 1873–1903. In charge of Linguistic Survey of India, 1898–1902. Gold Medallist, Asiatic Society, 1909. Vice-President of the Royal Asiatic Society. Formerly Fellow of Calcutta University. Author of The Languages of India; &c.
G. C. R. George Croom Robertson, M.A.
See the biographical article, Robertson, G. C.
Hobbes, Thomas (in part).
G. C. W. George Charles Williamson, Litt.D.
Chevalier of the Legion of Honour. Author of Portrait Miniatures; Life of Richard Cosway, R.A.; George Engleheart; Portrait Drawings; &c. Editor of new edition of Bryan’s Dictionary of Printers and Engravers.
Hilliard, Lawrence;
Hilliard, Nicholas
; Hoskins;
Humphry, Ozias
G. G. S. George Gregory Smith, M.A.
Professor of English Literature, Queen’s University of Belfast. Author of The Days of James IV.; The Transition Period; Specimens of Middle Scots; &c.
G. E. Rev. George Edmundson, M.A., F.R.Hist.S.
Formerly Fellow and Tutor of Brasenose College, Oxford. Ford’s Lecturer, 1909. Hon. Member, Dutch Historical Society, and Foreign Member, Netherlands Association of Literature.
Holland: History;
: County and Province of.
G. H. C. George Herbert Carpenter, B.Sc.
Professor of Zoology in the Royal College of Science, Dublin. President of the Association of Economic Biologists. Member of the Royal Irish Academy. Author of Insects: their Structure and Life; &c.
 (in part).
G. J. T. George James Turner.
Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln’s Inn. Editor of Select Pleas for the Forests for the Selden Society.
G. K. Gustav Krüger.
Professor of Church History in the University of Giessen. Author of Das Papsttum; &c.
G. R. Rev. George Rawlinson, M.A.
See the biographical article, Rawlinson, George.
Herodotus (in part).
G. W. T. Rev. Griffithes Wheeler Thatcher, M.A., B.D.
Warden of Camden College, Sydney, N.S.W. Formerly Tutor in Hebrew and Old Testament History at Mansfield College, Oxford.
Ḥassān ibn Thābit
Hishām ibn al-Kalbī
H. Lord Houghton.
See the biographical article, Broughton, 1st Baron.
Hood, Thomas.
H. Br. Henry Bradley, M.A., Ph.D.
Joint-editor of the New English Dictionary (Oxford). Fellow of the British Academy. Author of The Story of the Goths; The Making of English; &c.
H. Bt. Sir Henry Burdett, K.C.B., K.C.V.O.
Founder and Editor of The Hospital. Formerly Superintendent of the Queen’s Hospital, Birmingham, and the Seamen’s Hospital, Greenwich. Author of Hospitals and Asylums of the World; &c.
H. Ch. Hugh Chisholm, M.A.
Formerly Scholar of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Editor of the 11th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica; Co-editor of the 10th edition.
Howe, Samuel Gridley.
H. De. Hippolyte Delehaye, S.J.
Assistant in the compilation of the Bollandist publications: 'Analecta Bollandiana and Acta sanctorum.
Helena, St; Hubert, St.
H. L. Henri Labrosse.
Assistant Librarian at the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris. Officer of the Academy.
Hugh of St Cher.
H. L. C. Hugh Longbourne Callendar, F.R.S., LL.D.
Professor of Physics, Royal College of Science, London. Formerly Professor of Physics in McGill College, Montreal, and in University College, London.
H. M. V. Herbert M. Vaughan, F.S.A.
Keble College, Oxford. Author of The Last of the Royal Stuarts; The Medici Popes; The Last Stuart Queen.
Henry Stuart (Cardinal York).
H. W. C. D. Henry William Carless Davis, M.A.
Fellow and Tutor of Balliol College, Oxford. Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, 1895–1902. Author of England under the Normans and Angevins; Charlemagne.
Henry I., II., III.: Of England; Henry of Huntingdon.
H. W. R.* Rev. Henry Wheeler Robinson, M.A.
Professor of Church History in Rawdon College, Leeds. Senior Kennicott Scholar, Oxford, 1901. Author of Hebrew Psychology in Relation to Pauline Anthropology (in Mansfield College Essays); &c.
Hosea (in part).
H. W. S. H. Wickham Steed.
Correspondent of The Times at Vienna. Correspondent of The Times at Rome, 1897–1902.
Humbert, King.
H. Y. Sir Henry Yule, K.C.S.I., C.B.
See the biographical article, Yule, Sir H.
Hormuz (in part);
Hsüan Tsang
 (in part).
I. A. Israel Abrahams, M.A.
Reader in Talmudic and Rabbinic Literature in the University of Cambridge. Formerly President, Jewish Historical Society of England. Author of A Short History of Jewish Literature; Jewish Life in the Middle Ages; Judaism; &c.
Hasdai ibn Shaprut;
Hirsch, Samson R.
J. A. C. Sir Joseph Archer Crowe, K.C.M.G.
See the biographical article, Crowe, Sir J. A.
Hobbema; Holbein.
J. A. R. Very Rev. Joseph Armitage Robinson, D.D.
Dean of Westminster. Fellow of the British Academy. Hon. Fellow of Christ’s College, Cambridge. Formerly Fellow of Christ’s College, Cambridge, and Norrisian Professor of Divinity in the University. Author of Some Thoughts on the Incarnation; &c.
Hippolytus, The Canons of.
J. Bt. James Bartlett.
Lecturer on Construction, Architecture, Sanitation, Quantities, &c., at King’s College, London. Member of Society of Architects. Member of Institute of Junior Engineers.
J. B. T. Sir John Batty Tuke, M.D., F.R.S. (Edin.), D.Sc., LL.D.
President of the Neurological Society of the United Kingdom. Medical Director of New Saughton Hall Asylum, Edinburgh. M.P. for the Universities of Edinburgh and St Andrews, 1900–1910.
J. Da. Rev. James Davies, M.A. (1820–1883).
Formerly Head Master of Ludlow Grammar School and Prebendary of Hereford Cathedral. Translated classical authors for Bohn’s “Classical Library.” Author of volumes in Collins’s Ancient Classics for English Readers.
Hesiod (in part).
J. E. H. Julius Eggeling, Ph.D.
Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology, University of Edinburgh. Formerly Secretary and Librarian to Royal Asiatic Society.
J. F. F. John Faithfull Fleet, C.I.E.
Commissioner of Central and Southern Divisions of Bombay, 1891–1897. Author of Inscriptions of the Early Gupta Kings; &c.
Hindu Chronology.
J. F. H. B. Sir John Francis Harpin Broadbent, Bart., M.A., M.D.
Physician to Out-Patients, St Mary’s Hospital, London, and to the Hampstead General Hospital. Assistant Physician to the London Fever Hospital. Author of Heart Disease and Aneurysm; &c.
Heart: Heart Disease.
J. G.* Rev. James Gow, M.A., Litt.D.
Head Master of Westminster School. Fellow of King’s College, London. Formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Editor of Horace’s Odes and Satires. Author of A Companion to the School Classics; &c.
Horace (in part).
J. Ga. James Gairdner, C.B.
See the biographical article, Gairdner, J.
Henry VII.: of England.
J. G. M. John Gray McKendrick, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.C.P. (Edin.)
Emeritus Professor of Physiology at the University of Glasgow. Author of Life in Motion; Life of Helmholtz; &c.
Hearing; Helmholtz.
J. G. R. John George Robertson, M.A., Ph.D.
Professor of German at the University of London. Formerly Lecturer on the English Language, Strassburg University. Author of History of German Literature; &c.
Heine (in part);
Hildebrand, Lay of
Hoffmann, E. T. W.
J. Hn. Jŭstŭs Hashagen, Ph.D.
Privatdozent in Medieval and Modern History, University of Bonn. Author of Das Rheinland unter der französischen Herrschaft.
Hecker, F. F. K.;
Hertzberg, Count Von
J. H. A. H. John Henry Arthur Hart, M.A.
Fellow, Theological Lecturer and Librarian, St John’s College, Cambridge.
Herod; Herodians.
J. H. F. John Henry Freese, M.A.
Formerly Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge.
Herald; Hesiod (in part).
J. H. Mu. John Henry Muirhead, M.A., LL.D.
Professor of Philosophy in the University of Birmingham. Author of Elements of Ethics; Philosophy and Life; &c. Editor of Library of Philosophy.
Hegel: Hegelianism in England.
J. H. R. John Horace Round, M.A., LL.D. (Edin.).
Author of Feudal England; Studies in Peerage and Family History; Peerage and Pedigree.
J. J. F. Rev. James J. Fox.
St Thomas’s College, Brookland, D.C., U.S.A.
Hecker, I. T.
J. K. L. Sir John Knox Laughton, M.A., Litt.D.
Professor of Modern History, King’s College, London, Secretary of the Navy Records Society. Served in the Baltic, 1854–1855; in China, 1856–1859. Honorary Fellow, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Fellow, King’s College, London. Author of Physical Geography in its Relation to the Prevailing Winds and Currents; Studies in Naval History; Sea Fights and Adventures; &c.
Hood of Avalon.
J. M. M. John Malcolm Mitchell.
Sometime Scholar of Queen’s College, Oxford. Lecturer in Classics, East London College (University of London). Joint-editor of Grote’s History of Greece.
Hume, David
 (in part).
J. P.-B. James George Joseph Penderel-Brodhurst.
Editor of the Guardian (London).
J. P. Pe. Rev. John Punnett Peters, Ph.D., D.D.
Canon Residentiary, Cathedral of New York. Formerly Professor of Hebrew in the University of Pennsylvania. Director of the University Expedition to Babylonia, 1888–1895. Author of Nippur, or Explorations and Adventures on the Euphrates.
Hillah; Hit.
J. S. Co. James Sutherland Cotton, M.A.
Editor of The Imperial Gazetteer of India. Hon. Secretary of the Egyptian Exploration Fund. Formerly Fellow and Lecturer of Queen’s College, Oxford. Author of India in the “Citizen” Series; &c.
Hastings, Warren.
J. S. F. John Smith Flett, D.Sc., F.G.S.
Petrographer to the Geological Survey. Formerly Lecturer on Petrology in Edinburgh University. Neill Medallist of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Bigsby Medallist of the Geological Society of London.
J. T. Be. John T. Bealby.
Joint-author of Stanford’s Europe. Formerly Editor of the Scottish Geographical Magazine. Translator of Sven Hedin’s Through Asia, Central Asia and Tibet; &c.
Hissar (in part).
J. T. C. Joseph Thomas Cunningham, M.A., F.Z.S.
Lecturer on Zoology at the South-Western Polytechnic, London. Formerly Fellow of University College, Oxford. Assistant Professor of Natural History in the University of Edinburgh and Naturalist to the Marine Biological Association.
J. T. Mo. John Torrey Morse, Jr.
Author of The Life and Letters of Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Holmes, Oliver Wendell.
J. T. S.* James Thomson Shotwell, Ph.D.
Professor of History in Columbia University, New York City.
J. V.* Jules Viard.
Archivist at the National Archives, Paris. Officer of Public Instruction. Author of La France sous Philippe VI. de Valois; &c.
Hundred Years’ War.
J. V. B. James Vernon Bartlet, M.A., D.D. (St Andrews).
Professor of Church History, Mansfield College, Oxford. Author of The Apostolic Age; &c.
Hebrews, Epistle to the; Hermas, Shepherd of.
J. Ws. John Weathers, F.R.H.S.
Lecturer on Horticulture to the Middlesex County Council. Author of Practical Guide to Garden Plants; French Market Gardening; &c.
Hippeastrum; Honeysuckle; Horticulture (in part).
J. W.* James Ward, D.Sc., LL.D.
Professor of Mental Philosophy and Logic in the University of Cambridge. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Fellow of the British Academy. Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences.
J. W. F. J. Walter Ferrier.
Translated George Eliot and Judaism from the German of Kaufmann. Author of Mottiscliffe.
Heine (in part).
J. W. Fo. The Hon. John Watson Foster, A.M., LL.D.
Professor of American Diplomatics, George Washington University, Washington, U.S.A. Formerly U.S. Secretary of State. Author of Diplomatic Memoirs; &c.
Harrison, Benjamin.
K. S. Kathleen Schlesinger.
Editor of The Portfolio of Musical Archaeology. Author of The Instruments of the Orchestra.
Harp (in part);
; Harpsichord;
; Hurdy-Gurdy.
L. H. B. Liberty Hyde Bailey, LL.D.
Director of the College of Agriculture, Cornell University. Chairman of Roosevelt Commission on Country Life.
Horticulture: American
 (in part).
L. J. S. Leonard James Spencer, M.A.
Assistant in Department of Mineralogy, British Museum. Formerly Scholar of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, and Harkness Scholar. Editor of the Mineralogical Magazine.
Harmotome; Hemimorphite;
; Hornblende;
L. W. Lucien Wolf.
Vice-President of the Jewish Historical Society of England. Formerly President of the Society. Joint-editor of the Bibliotheca Anglo-judaica.
Hirsch, Baron.
M. G. Moses Gaster, Ph.D. (Leipzig).
Chief Rabbi of the Sephardic Communities of England. Vice-President, Zionist Congress, 1898, 1899, 1900. Ilchester Lecturer at Oxford on Slavonic and Byzantine Literature, 1886 and 1891. President, Folk lore Society of England. Vice-President Anglo-Jewish Association. Author of History of Rumanian Popular Literature; &c.
M. Ha. Marcus Hartog, M.A., D.Sc., F.L.S.
Professor of Zoology, University College, Cork. Author of “Protozoa” in Cambridge Natural History; and papers for various scientific journals.
M. H. C. Montague Hughes Crackanthorpe, K.C., D.C.L.
President of the Eugenics Education Society. Honorary Fellow, St John’s College, Oxford. Bencher of Lincoln’s Inn. Formerly Member of the General Council of the Bar and of the Council of Legal Education, and Standing Counsel to the University of Oxford.
Herschell, 1st Baron.
M. N. T. Marcus Niebuhr Tod, M.A.
Fellow and Tutor of Oriel College, Oxford. University Lecturer in Epigraphy. Joint-author of Catalogue of the Sparta Museum.
M. O. B. C Maximilian Otto Bismarck Caspari.
Reader in Ancient History at London University. Lecturer in Greek at Birmingham University, 1905–1908.
M. T. M. Maxwell T. Masters, M.D., F.R.S. (1833–1907).
Formerly Editor of Gardener’s Chronicle; and Lecturer on Botany, St George’s Hospital, London. Author of Plant Life; Botany for Beginners; and numerous monographs in botanical works.
Horticulture (in part).
N. D. M. Newton Dennison Mereness, A.M., Ph.D.
Author of Maryland as a Proprietary Province.
Henry, Patrick;
Homestead and Exemption
O. Ba. Oswald Barron, F.S.A.
Editor of The Ancestor, 1902–1905. Hon. Genealogist to Standing Council of the Honourable Society of the Baronetage.
: family;
: family.
O. Br. Oscar Briliant.
Hungary: Geography
 and Statistics
O. C. W. Rev. Owen Charles Whitehouse, M.A., D.D.
Christ’s College, Cambridge. Professor of Hebrew, Biblical Exegesis and Theology, and Theological Tutor, Cheshunt College, Cambridge.
Hebrew Religion.
P. A. Paul Daniel Alphandéry.
Professor of the History of Dogma, École pratique des hautes études, Sorbonne, Paris. Author of Les Idées morales chez les hétérodoxes Latines au début du XIII e siècle.
Henry of Lausanne;
Hugh of St Victor
P. C. M. Peter Chalmers Mitchell, M.A., F.R.S., F.Z.S., D.Sc., LL.D.
Secretary to the Zoological Society of London. University Demonstrator in Comparative Anatomy and Assistant to Linacre Professor at Oxford, 1888–1891. Examiner in Zoology to the University of London, 1903. Author of Outlines of Biology; &c.
P. C. Y. Philip Chesney Yorke, M.A.
Magdalen College, Oxford. Editor of Letters of Princess Elizabeth of England.
Holles, Baron.
P. H. Peter Henderson (1823–1890).
Formerly Horticulturist, Jersey City and New York. Author of Gardening for Profit; Garden and Farm Topics.
Horticulture: American
 (in part).
P. H. P.-S. Philip Henry Pye-Smith, M.D., F.R.S.
Consulting Physician to Guy’s Hospital, London. Formerly Vice-Chancellor of the University of London. Joint-author of A Text Book of Medicine; &c.
Harvey, William.
P. La. Philip Lake, M.A., F.G.S.
Lecturer on Physical and Regional Geography in Cambridge University. Formerly of the Geological Survey of India. Author of Monograph of British Cambrian Trilobites. Translator and Editor of Kayser’s Comparative Geology.
Himalaya: Geology.
R. A.* Robert Anchel.
Archivist to the Department de l’Eure.
Hérault de Séchelles.
R. Ad. Robert Adamson, LL.D.
See the biographical article, Adamson, R.
Hume, David (in part).
R. A. S. M. Robert Alexander Stewart Macalister, M.A., F.S.A.
St John’s College, Cambridge. Director of Excavations for the Palestine Exploration Fund.
Hebron; Hor, Mt.
R. A. W. Robert Alexander Wahab, C.B., C.M.G., C.I.E.
Colonel, Royal Engineers. Formerly H.M. Commissioner, Aden Boundary Delimitation, and Superintendent, Survey of India. Served with Tirah Expeditionary Force, 1897–1898; Anglo-Russian Boundary Commission, Pamirs, 1895; &c.
Hasa, El; Hejaz.
R. H. S. Richard Henry Stoddard.
See the biographical article, Stoddard, Richard Henry.
Hawthorne, Nathaniel.
R. I. P. Reginald Innes Pocock, F.Z.S.
Superintendent of the Zoological Gardens, London.
Harvester; Hibernation.
R. J. M. Ronald John McNeill, M.A.
Christ Church, Oxford. Barrister-at-Law. Formerly Editor of the St James’s Gazette, London.
R. J. S. Hon. Robert John Strutt, M.A., F.R.S.
Professor of Physics in the Imperial College of Science and Technology, South Kensington. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
R. K. D. Sir Robert Kennaway Douglas.
Formerly Keeper of Oriental Printed Books and MSS. at the British Museum, and Professor of Chinese, King’s College, London. Author of The Language and Literature of China; &c.
Hsüan Tsang (in part).
R. L.* Richard Lydekker, F.R.S., F.G.S., F.Z.S.
Member of the Staff of the Geological Survey of India, 1874–1882. Author of Catalogue of Fossil Mammals, Reptiles and Birds in the British Museum; The Deer of all Lands; The Game Animals of Africa; &c.
 (in part); Howler.
R. N. B. Robert Nisbet Bain (d. 1909).
Assistant Librarian, British Museum, 1883–1909. Author of Scandinavia, the Political History of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, 1513–1900; The First Romanovs 1613–1725; Slavonic Europe, the Political History of Poland and Russia from 1469 to 1796; &c.
Höpken; Horn, A. B., Count;
: History (in part);
Hunyadi, János
Hunyadi, László
R. Po. René Poupardin, D.-ès-L.
Secretary of the École des Chartes. Honorary Librarian at the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris. Author of Le Royaume de Provence sous les Carolingiens; Recueil des chartes de Saint-Germain; &c.
R. P. S. R. Phené Spiers, F.S.A., F.R.I.B.A.
Formerly Master of the Architectural School, Royal Academy, London. Past President of Architectural Association. Associate and Fellow of King’s College, London. Corresponding Member of the Institute of France. Editor of Fergusson’s History of Architecture. Author of Architecture: East and West; &c.
R. S. C. Robert Seymour Conway, M.A., D.Litt. (Cantab.).
Professor of Latin and Indo-European Philology in the University of Manchester. Formerly Professor of Latin in University College, Cardiff; and Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Author of The Italic Dialects.
R. S. T. Ralph Stockman Tarr.
Professor of Physical Geography, Cornell University.
Hudson River.
R. W. Robert Wallace, F.R.S. (Edin.), F.L.S.
Professor of Agriculture and Rural Economy at Edinburgh University, and Garton. Lecturer on Colonial and Indian Agriculture. Professor of Agriculture, R.A.C., Cirencester, 1882–1885. Author of Farm Live Stock of Great Britain; The Agriculture and Rural Economy of Australia and New Zealand; Farming Industries of Cape Colony; &c.
Horse (in part).
S. F. B. Spencer Fullerton Baird, LL.D.
See the biographical article, Baird, S. F.
Henry, Joseph.
S. A. C. Stanley Arthur Cook, M.A.
Lecturer in Hebrew and Syriac, and formerly Fellow, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Editor for Palestine Exploration Fund. Examiner in Hebrew and Aramaic, London University, 1904–1908. Author of Glossary of Aramaic Inscriptions; The Laws of Moses and the Code of Hammurabi; Critical Notes on Old Testament History; Religion of Ancient Palestine; &c.
T. A. I. Thomas Allan Ingram, M.A., LL.D.
Trinity College, Dublin.
T. As. Thomas Ashby, M.A., D.Litt. (Oxon.).
Director of British School of Archaeology at Rome. Formerly Scholar of Christ Church, Oxford. Craven Fellow, 1897. Conington Prizeman, 1906. Member of the Imperial German Archaeological Institute.
Heraclea (in part);
T. Ba. Sir Thomas Barclay, M.P.
Member of the Institute of International Law. Member of the Supreme Council of the Congo Free State. Officer of the Legion of Honour. Author of Problems of International Practice and Diplomacy; &c. M.P. for Blackburn, 1910.
High Seas.
T. B.* Thomas Brown.
Incorporated Weaving, Dyeing and Printing College, Glasgow.
T. F. H. T. F. Henderson.
Author of The Casket Letters and Mary Queen of Scots; Life of Robert Burns; &c.
Hooker, Richard.
T. Gi. Thomas Gilray, M.A.
Formerly Professor of Modern History and English Literature, University College, Dundee.
Henderson, Alexander (in part).
T. H. H.* Colonel Sir Thomas Hungerford Holdich, K.C.M.G., K.C.I.E., Hon. D.Sc.
Superintendent Frontier Surveys, India, 1892–1898. Gold Medallist, R.G.S., London, 1887. Author of The Indian Borderland; The Countries of the King’s Award; India; Tibet; &c.
Helmund; Herat;
Hindu Kush
T. L. H. Sir Thomas Little Heath, K.C.B., D.Sc.
Assistant Secretary to the Treasury. Formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Hero of Alexandria.
T. Se. Thomas Seccombe, M.A.
Balliol College, Oxford. Lecturer in History, East London and Birkbeck Colleges, University of London. Stanhope Prizeman, Oxford, 1887. Assistant Editor of Dictionary of National Biography, 1891–1901. Author of The Age of Johnson; joint-author of Bookman History of English Literature; &c.
Hayward, Abraham;
Hughes, Thomas
T. Wo. Thomas Woodhouse.
Head of the Weaving and Textile Designing Department, Technical College, Dundee.
T. W. A. Thomas William Allen, M.A.
Fellow and Tutor of Queen’s College, Oxford. Joint-editor of The Homeric Hymns.
Homer (in part).
W. A. B. C Rev. William Augustus Brevoort Coolidge, M.A., F.R.G.S., Ph.D.
Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. Professor of English History, St David’s College, Lampeter, 1880–1881. Author of Guide to Switzerland; The Alps in Nature and in History; &c. Editor of The Alpine Journal, 1880–1889.
Hautes Alpes;
Herzog, Hans
W. A. P. Walter Alison Phillips, M.A.
Formerly Exhibitioner of Merton College and Senior Scholar of St John’s College, Oxford. Author of Modern Europe; &c.
Hohenlohe (in part);
Holy Alliance, The
Honorius I.
: History (in part).
W. Ba. William Bacher, D.Ph.
Professor of Biblical Studies at the Rabbinical Seminary, Budapest.
W. Fr. William Fream, LL.D. (d. 1907).
Formerly Lecturer on Agricultural Entomology, University of Edinburgh, and Agricultural Correspondent of The Times.
 (in part).
W. F. C William Feilden Craies, M.A.
Barrister-at-Law, Inner Temple. Lecturer on Criminal Law at King’s College, London. Editor of Archbold’s Criminal Pleading (23rd ed.).
W. G. H. Walter George Headlam (1866–1908).
Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge. Editor of Herodas. Translator of the plays of Aeschylus.
W. H. F. Sir William Henry Flower, F.R.S.
See the biographical article, Flower, Sir W. H.
Horse (in part).
W. H. Ha. William Henry Hadow, M.A., Mus.Doc.
Principal, Armstrong College, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Formerly Fellow and Tutor of Worcester College, Oxford. Member of Council, Royal College of Music. Editor of Oxford History of Music. Author of Studies in Modern Music; &c.
W. L. G. William Lawson Grant, M.A.
Professor at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. Formerly Beit Lecturer in Colonial History at Oxford University. Editor of Acts of the Privy Council, Colonial Series; Canadian Constitutional Development (in collaboration).
Howe, Joseph.
W. M. R. William Michael Rossetti.
See the biographical article, Rossetti, Dante Gabriel.
Haydon, Benjamin Robert.
W. P. J. William Price James.
University College, Oxford. Barrister-at-Law. High Bailiff of County Courts, Cardiff. Author of Romantic Professions; &c.
Henley, W. E.
W. R. Ni. Sir William Robertson Nicoll, LL.D.
See the biographical article, Nicoll, Sir W. R.
Harris, Thomas Lake.
W. R. S. William Robertson Smith, LL.D.
See the biographical article, Smith, William Robertson.
Hosea (in part).
W. R. S.-R. William Ralston Shedden-Ralston, M.A.
Assistant in the Department of Printed Books, British Museum. Author of Russian Folk Tales; &c.
W. R. W. William Robert Worthington Williams, F.L.S.
Superintendent of London County Council Botany Centre. Assistant Lecturer in Botany, Birkbeck College (University of London). Member of the Geologists’ Association.
Horticulture (in part).
W. T. H. William Tod Helmuth, M.D., LL.D. (d. 1901).
Formerly Professor of Surgery and Dean of the Homoeopathic and Medical College and Hospital New York. President of the Collins State Homoeopathic Hospital. Sometime President of the American Institute of Homoeopathy and the New York State Homoeopathic Medical Society. Author of Treatise on Diphtheria; System of Surgery; &c.
W. W. William Wallace, LL.D.
See the biographical article, Wallace, William (1844–1897).
Hegel (in part).
W. Wr. Williston Walker, Ph.D., D.D.
Professor of Church History, Yale University. Author of History of the Congregational Churches in the United States; The Reformation; John Calvin; &c.
Hopkins, Samuel.
W. Y. S. William Young Sellar, LL.D.
See the biographical article, Sellar, W. Y.
Horace (in part).


Harvard University.
Harz Mountains.

Hebrides, The.
Heidelberg Catechism.

High Place.

Household, Royal.
Hudson’s Bay Company.

  1. A complete list, showing all individual contributors, appears in the final volume