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For details on the status of my global account see here.


Tool References[edit]


html and css[edit]



{{Pline}} - makes a line number

Scans to locate for works we have[edit]

Texts I have Uploaded (or had others upload for me) to Commons for use at enWS[edit]

Some of these are duplicates of above, others have not been indexed, links are to Commons:

Work on getting specific texts[edit]

I'm working with Inductiveload to seek out and upload large numbers of ancient, medieval, and Renaissance texts, some of which are listed here:

Sources and Resources[edit]

Free e-book scans[edit]

  • British Library not sure if these are actually full text scans - need further investigation

Needs a bot to effectively scrape but no membership or passwords to access scans:


Bibliographies and link lists[edit]

These can be useful for locating texts or at least locating information on texts to identify targets to search via Google.

John Dee[edit]

Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition John Dee.Com

Texts On WS that I find particularly intriguing[edit]

Maybe I'll work on them, maybe I'll read them

Various pages I had an open tab on and couldn't figure out why later[edit]

Pages on WS that I find particularly helpful[edit]

Examples, nice ways to do things, good style, etc.

More {{versions}}:[edit]


Pages on WS that I find particularly unhelpful or problematic[edit]

  • Masefield
    • - duh - at the time I posted this here the article looked like this, the problem was with the sister link which was just plain dumb, this was an example of a systemic problem with sister links which has been largely - though not entirely - addressed.
  • The Wizardry of George H. Earle, Jr. - more duh - same as above, though this one hasn't been edited since January which disproves my belief that a bot had taken care of these sister links. In case someone changes this one by hand, it looked like this on 18 August 2011 when I made this note.
  • Wikisource:Sister projects - this is the reason for this section
  • Template:Cleaning/Category:Cleaning - do we really need this? See Template:Cleanup/Category:Clean up and also the link in the template to wp:cleanup, really?

Other users who have good stuff in their userspace[edit]


{{Need image}} - created by me, I consider this the best


Scripts and script info[edit]


User:Phe/Scripts User:Phe/Scripts/ User:Phe/Author - output from the above User:Phe/Author_possible_match


Bot stuff (mostly py)[edit] - needs a lot of work to clarify



My subspaces:[edit]

My .js:[edit]

My scripts:[edit]

My user templates (for wip etc):[edit]

Backlinks reports:[edit]



Bot testing:[edit]

Books (using the book creation tool):[edit]

Ideas, bright and dim[edit]

  • transclude {{versions}} pages to the appropriate author page and any relevant dab then make them collapsible/expandable, like commons creator templates are.


Database Reports stuff[edit]

w:User_talk:MZMcBride#Wikipedia:Database_reports.2FTransclusions_of_deleted_templates w:Wikipedia:DBR w:Wikipedia:DDR w:User:BernsteinBot

Misc. Misc.[edit]

Look for: (I'm not even sure what this section is anymore)

Notes on interwiki Bots[edit]

  • User:ZSBot - en says unflagged iw lang only but it is flagged and has done more than just iw lang (over 10k edits), la bot is flagged for iw; bot is inactive since 4/2009 so at the very least the sort status should be switched to "I"; on la bot has 94 edits, last in 10/2008; no other edits.
  • User:Cswikisource-bot - not flagged iw lang bot, has performed 192 edits on en (last on 6.2.11) and 101 edits on de (last on 26.1.11), 341 on fr (last on 6.2.11), and 13 on la (las on 20.11.10); plus many others.