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Index:A Daughter of the Samurai.pdf

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A Daughter of the Samurai.pdf

Title A Daughter of the Samurai
Author Etsu Inagaki Sugimoto
Year 1925
Source pdf
Progress Done—All pages of the work proper are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded
Validated in July 2021
I. Winters in Echigo 1
II. Curly Hair 11
III. Days of Kan 17
IV. The Old and the New 25
V. Falling Leaves 33
VI. A Sunny New Year 42
VII. The Wedding That Never Was 53
VIII. Two Ventures 61
IX. The Story of a Marionette 73
X. The Day of the Bird 87
XI. My First Journey 98
XII. Travel Education 107
XIII. Foreigners 118
XIV. Lessons 127
XV. How I Became a Christian 137
XVI. Sailing Unknown Seas 148
XVII. First Impressions 160
XVIII. Strange Customs 175
XIX. Thinking 187
XX. Neighbors 196
XXI. New Experiences 206
XXII. Flower in a Strange Land 221
XXIII. Chiyo 230
XXIV. In Japan Again 242
XXV. Our Tokyo Home 246
XXVI. Tragic Trifles 254
XXVII. Honorable Grandmother 262
XXVIII. Sister's Visit 273
XXIX. A Lady of Old Japan 280
XXX. The White Cow 289
XXXI. Worthless Treasures 301
XXXII. The Black Ships 311