The Religion of God

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  1. An introduction to this book
  2. Man from beginning to end
  3. The origin of man in the world
  4. The spiritual entity Nafs (self or ego)
  5. The spiritual entity Qalb
  6. The Human Soul
  7. The spiritual entity Sirri
  8. The spiritual entity Khaffi
  9. The spiritual entity Akhfa
  10. The spiritual entity Anna
  11. The word Allah
  12. The method of producing light
  13. Who is paradise for?
  14. An explanation
  15. Who is Piety for?
  16. Destiny
  17. The third category of the souls
  18. Think for a moment to which Adam do you belong?
  19. There is a difference between the angels and the Archangels
  20. In the study of spirituality the spiritual entity Qalb is of great importance
  21. The Religion of God
  22. The Religion of the Souls
  23. Some sayings of His Holiness Gohar Shahi
  24. Imam Mehdi will reform all religions
  25. The straight path (illuminated)
  26. A friend of God
  27. A revolutionary message from Gohar Shahi to all of humanity
  28. Important note
  29. Taryaak-e-Qalb
  30. A few experiences of loving souls

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