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There are two types of destiny, eternal and man-made (pending)

Some people say that if our provision has been written and provided for in our destiny then why the wandering around and the effort for it?

Makhdoum Jahaniya has stated that the wandering and the effort made in order to obtain our provision has also been written in our destiny.

For example (if by an eternal decision) a bunch of flowers has been placed for you on a roof. In order to get the flowers you have to go up the stairs on to the roof (this is the man-made, pending destiny), which is within your power.

It is in relation to this second, pending destiny that there will be accountability and not in relation to what was written down in the beginning.

Another example is if you strived and you went to the roof you would collect what was written for you in your destiny and if you were lazy and did not get to the roof then you would be deprived of it. On the other hand if another person, in whose destiny there is not that particular bunch of flowers manages to get to the roof by the stairs or some considerable effort then he would still be deprived.'

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