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In the realm of the angels, angels exist, which were created at the time of the creation of the souls. The spiritual entities that are in the next higher realm, in the realm of souls are known as the Archangels which existed even before the command of God “Be” (when creation as we understand it was created). God commanded that the angels bow down before Adam Safi-Allah. No Adam was made in paradise prior to this and nor did the angels bow down before any other Adam. Azazeel, (Satan) objected and refused to bow, he was then cursed as a result of which he became the enemy of the descendants of Adam Safi-Allah. Whereas the nations (of previous Adams) did not suffer from his enmity, as Satanic genies were enough to tempt them and lead them astray.

As Satan was the most powerful of all the Satanic entities he trapped the descendants of Adam Safi-Allah in such a way and taught them such crimes as a result of which the other nations started to dislike these Asians. On the other hand as a result of the greatness of this Adam, these people were guided by God and they had access to God in such a way (Godly) and became so exalted that the other nations were amazed. Further the greatest of the celestial books, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Psalms of David and the Qur’an were revealed amongst these people and as a result of the teachings, spiritual grace and blessing (of the books) the Asian religions were spread amongst all the people of the world.

The soul of Adam had not yet been placed in his body, when the angels realized that he was being made for the world as a human made from clay would only be found on the Earth. Then by some opportunity and reason he was sent to the Earth. Even though the eternal decisions and tasks are worked out by God, ultimately humans are blamed for things. If Adam was sent to the world without being accused of a crime (made to feel guilt) he would have then, come into the world and done nothing but complain. Further, why would he have wept and sought forgiveness? (as there would be no reason for him to do this).

A soul which is destined to go to hell, if it is born into a home which does not believe in religion then it is known as an unbeliever and a liar. It is such people that deny and reject the existence of God and who are the enemies of the Prophets and the Saints. These people are arrogant, hard-hearted and they take pleasure in harming the creation of God. The second category after having come into a religion remains distant from it. Such a soul if it is born into a religious home, it is known as a hypocrite.

These people abuse and slander the Prophets and Saints and create mischief within their religion. Their worship is useless just as the worship of Satan. Their religion attempts to take them towards paradise but their destiny pulls them towards hell.

As they are deprived of the spiritual assistance and help of the Prophets and the Saints for this reason they are easily led to temptation by Satan and the spirit of the self (who mislead them into believing) that they possess vast amounts of knowledge, they worship abundantly and that there is no difference between them and the Prophets? These people then without considering their spiritual reality feel that they are Prophets and believe that Saints depend upon them. They deny spirituality and the existence of miracles and only accept the qualities that they themselves possess. They even reject the miracles of Prophets and dismiss them as magic. They believe in the power of Satan but it is difficult for them to accept the power of the Prophets and the Saints.

The soul that is destined to go to paradise if it is in a non-religious home or in an unclean environment it is regarded as crippled. It is possible for such a soul to be forgiven and saved. It is such souls that try to find the straight (illuminated) path and who try to get out of the “quicksand” by looking for the aid and assistance of the Saints. They are soft-hearted, humble and generous. The soul that is destined to go to paradise, if it is in one of the revealed religions or in a religious home, then it is regarded as sincere and faithful. It is these people who by their worship and austerities find the closeness of God and become entitled to his inheritance.

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