The Religion of God/Who is Piety for?

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Belief based on knowledge.

Such people are materialistic. This level of belief is based on what is heard and such people base their belief of knowledge. Their faith rests on what they hear from others and they are susceptible to being misguided. These people are not provided for on the basis of what they believe but only on the basis of effort, whether they provide for themselves by either lawful or unlawful means.

Belief based on vision.

Such people even though they have renounced the world continue to live amongst the people. Their sense of direction and heart is towards God. Such people are often shown celestial visions. Their station is that of sight and vision (belief is based on what they see and witness). They are also people who are provided for on the basis of their lawful efforts, they will be affected adversely if their provision is obtained by unlawful means.

Belief based on witnessing the truth.

Their station is that of arriving at the truth. In other words they have been exalted and have been awarded some status by God. They come within the Grace and Mercy of God. They are known as those who have completely abandoned the world and even whilst living amongst people they refrain from both lawful and unlawful enterprise. If these people were to go and sit in the jungle, God would provide for them in the jungle. This is the station of Piety. Although beginners talk about piety and abstinence they do not succeed in it.

The Religion of God
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