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The love of God and the recognition of those in the religion of God

Into which all the rivers merge, it is known as the sea. Into which all the religions merge and become one that is the love of God and the religion of God. “Where the four religions meet.” (the Saint Sultan Sahib)

The early recognition (signs of those in this religion)

When the meditation of both the Qalb and the soul commences, whether they are activated by worship and meditation or by the spiritual glance and grace of a complete spiritual teacher and guide, in both instances this means that the person is eternally Godly (destined to be thus from the beginning). Further the person develops a dislike for sins and even if a sinful act is committed the person regrets this deeply and thinks of ways in which to prevent the recurrence of the sin.

God has said: “ I like those people also, who ponder over ways in which to stay free of sin.”

Further the love of the material world decreases and the love of God starts to dominate. Desire, envy, stinginess and arrogance are felt to be disappearing. Also the tongue remains free of slander, you feel humble, stinginess is replaced by generosity and lying disappears.

Unlawful desires change into lawful desires and a dislike develops for acquiring things in a wrongful or unlawful manner. A dislike for eating forbidden and unlawful foods and a dislike of doing forbidden and unlawful things.

The extreme recognition (signs of those in this religion)

A complete abstinence from the use of cocaine, opium, heroine and alcohol. Be able to meet exalted spiritual dignitaries, whether in the dream state, by meditative journey or vision. Achieve the spiritual purification and illumination of the Nafs, the spirit of the self so that it is transformed from its base state to that of the “self at peace.” Have the spiritual entity, Anna standing face to face before God and find that all the veils between God and the human being have been lifted away.

Further to become free of sin, have the extreme love for God, be in Communion with God (united in God’s Essence), and from an ordinary person to a “provider of people” and from a poor man to the “provider of the poor.” Due to the fact that many Godly souls from the different religions will be entering this religion, for this reason there will be no condition attached to any religion. Every person will be able to continue with the worship as prescribed by their religion but the meditation of the Qalb, they will all practice, will be the same. Despite the fact they will all be from different religions, their hearts will be united and when God comes within their hearts they will all become the people of God. Thereafter it is up to God, whether God keeps them to himself or sends them into a religion for its guidance. In other words some will be amongst the people and be beneficial to them, some will be solitary and isolated, some soldiers and others commanders (spiritual). Even the unholy and sinful, who will help and assist these people will achieve some spiritual reward and status. Those people that will not have joined this group (religion of God), the majority of them will join the Satan (Anti-Christ) whether they be Muslims or Non-Muslims. Finally the two groups will have a mighty war. Those of Jesus, the Mehdi and the Kalki Avtar, will join and defeat the other group (Anti-Christ). Many of the Anti-Christ will be killed and those that survive will remain silent out of fear and lack of choice.

The Mehdi and Jesus will reign over the hearts of people and peace will be established in the whole world. All the different religions will cease to exist and transform into one religion. That will be the religion most liked by God and will be the essence of all the religions of all the Prophets and their books, and will be accepted by all of humanity. Superior to all types of worship and even superior to the Love for God will be the Ishq of God (a stronger, extreme and passionate form of Love for the Divine Essence of God).

“Where Ishq (love) takes one, the faith does not know.” (the Saint Sultan Bahu) The famous poet Iqbal, presented a view of this time in the following way:

“The world needs the Mehdi whose philosophy will shake the foundations of accepted thought.” “Being opened are the hidden secrets, bygone has the time when God refused his vision whose essence has appeared before the people, he is the Mehdi, the one of the end time.” “Opened my eye in the mirror of comprehension, look at the hazy picture of the future look at the Universe, the land and space, look for a moment, at the one who appears from the East.”

“Gone has that time O’ giver of the drink (of love), when did hide the drinkers the whole world will now become a tavern and every soul will be the drinker (of Divine love).” “The time has come of the unveiling, all will see his splendour and majesty silence was his veil, whose secret will now be manifest.” “out of the desert came he, who overturned the kingdom of Rome heard have I from the angels, that the lion will awaken again.”

All of the revealed Holy Scriptures and the Commandments are not the religion of God. In these Books are the rules relating to the worship, austerities and beards. Whereas God is not bound by these. These religions were made to illuminate and to purify the people of the Prophets. Whereas God himself is a pure light. When a person too becomes light (illuminated) after unification with the Essence of God, then that person enters the Religion of God. The Religion of God is Love and affection. The meanings of the ninety-nine Names of God show that he is a God that talks about his friends.

(God) is the Love, the Lover and the Beloved. If any person of God, receives from God, a share of any of these (three) gifts then that person reaches and goes into the Religion of God. Then worship, is looking at God and chanting the Name of God (praise) is that persons desire. Further, the Sight of God absolves the person from the lack of life-long religious practice and worship. Then the collective worship of all the genies, angels and human beings cannot reach his status.

It is in relation to such a person that the grand Sheikh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani has stated:

“Whoever reached the vision of God and still practiced worship or intended to do so, he has insulted the Grace and Mercy of God.”

The Saint Bhulle Shah has stated:

“After I started the worship of love, I forgot the Temples and the Mosques.”

The poet Iqbal has stated:

“What would the pitiful priests know about this.”

The companion Abu Hureira (of the Prophet Mohammed) has stated:

“I received two types of knowledge from the Prophet Mohammed. I have told you one and if I tell you about the other you will kill me.”

History has witnessed that whosoever revealed the secrets of this knowledge was killed, just like Shah Mansur and Sarmad (Saints) and today Gohar Shahi stands on the edge of murder.

Submission to the laws of the Prophets is for the people of those Prophets as the Prophets themselves do not need to practice any worship. They are Prophets before their laws come into existence and more accurately, they are Prophets from the beginning of time. As they have to be an example for their religion, if they do not practice any particular rule or action, then the followers regard that as the example to be followed. For this reason the Prophets have to be careful and remain alert.

Is any person able to say, that if any Prophet is not practicing any type of worship that the Prophet will go to hell? Never! (this cannot be said)

Is any person able to say, that without practicing worship a Prophet cannot be a Prophet?. Or can anyone say that Prophecy cannot be received without first becoming educated. Then why do people object and complain about Saints? When Sainthood is the substitute of Prophecy. You must remember that those who without seeing God, claim that they are united with God and who consider themselves to be at this spiritual state and emulate (others at this level) are spiritual outcasts and liars. Such liars are the subject of the curses found in the Holy Scriptures and as a result of which, the time and belief of thousands of (innocent) people has been wasted and destroyed. This book is worthy of study and investigation by all religions, all sects and all peoples and it presents a challenge to those who reject spirituality

The Religion of God
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