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It is mentioned in some inspired books that fourteen thousand Adams have come into the world. It has been said that Adam Safi-Allah was the fourteenth thousandth and last Adam. There have indeed been many Adams in this world. When Safi-Allah was being made of clay the angels said (to God) that he too will go into the world and cause mischief. In other words the angels were aware of the actions of the previous Adams, otherwise how would they have known what God was making and what he (Adam) would do.

On the Tablet there are inscribed different languages, different affirmations and declarations, different mantras, different Names of God, various verses and even the knowledge relating to magic, (the magic) which was taught to people by the angels Harut and Marut and as part of their punishment both the angels are hanging upside down in a well in the city of Babal in Egypt.

Every Adam was taught a language. Thereafter a Prophet was sent to the nation of that Adam for its guidance. It has therefore been said that one hundred and twenty five thousand Prophets have come to the world, whereas Adam Safi-Allah was last on the earth six thousand years ago. If a Prophet was sent every year then there would have been six thousand Prophets.

Some time later because these nations transgressed they were destroyed. Evidence found of ancient cities has appeared and so has the evidence of ancient languages within them, which are not understood by anyone. Some nations were destroyed by flooding, like the people of Noah, and those who survived inhabited these ancient cities.

In the end Safi-Allah was made, better than the others, and sent to Arabia and many major Prophets emerged from his offspring. Many languages of the other Adams remained for some time amongst the surviving nations. When the last Adam came he was taught the Semitic language. Some of his descendants travelled to distant places and met with ancient peoples. Some of these travellers liked the regions they travelled to and others liked the fertile land and thus they settled with the ancient people.

The Semitic language was spoken in Arabia and then due to the mixing of the various nations Arabic, Persian, Latin and Sanskrit met up with the English language. On different islands there were people living who were the descendants of different Adams. Of these there was one Adam who was a gypsy, and his descendants survive to this day and as a result of whom many other nations were discovered.

The people of remote islands were unaware of the existence of each other and long distance travel by sea was not possible by the means of small boats. Columbus was successful in making a seaworthy ship as a result of which he was the first man to reach America. He reached land and saw people with brown skin and he thought that he had arrived in India.

These people were the red Indians (native Americans), who can also be found in North Dakota, in the United States today. I asked an Indian tribal chief if he knew who his Adam was. He replied that according to their belief their Adam was in Asia, the wife of which was named was Havva (Eve).

He further stated that according to their historical records their Adam (of the great Sioux nation) appeared from a mountain in South Dakota (Black Hill). The mountain place is marked even now.

People say that the English and the Americans are light-skinned as a result of the cold climate, this is not the case. There were descendants of a dark-skinned Adam, who were also present in these regions but who did not develop light skin. Therefore this is the basic reason that the appearance, character, intellect, languages and diet of human beings differ. The descendents of Adam Safi-Allah remained in Middle East, this is why people in Middle East are similar (to each other) in appearance.

It is said that Adam Safi-Allah (Shankar Ji) descended in Sri Lanka. Then from there he travelled to Arabia where he remained and where his grave lies. If this is the case then who discovered his foot markings in Sri Lanka? Which are preserved to this day. This means that (prior to his descent) there was some community present there.

Saints and Prophets were no longer sent to the nations that were destroyed. The remaining survivors of these nations were therefore deprived of these exalted people and at some later time went astray.

As foreign lands were discovered saints from Asia travelled to those parts and taught the people, according to the respective religions of the saints and today we see that the Asian religions have spread all over the world. Jesus was from Jerusalem, Moses was from what is now Palestine and the Prophet Mohammed was from Mecca. Whereas Noah and Abraham were also from Middle East.

Some nations were punished and hence destroyed and others turned into bears and apes. Those who survived, then out of fear, turned to God. Others then regarded God as All-Powerful and imperious and turned away from him in disgust. They disobeyed every command of God and started to say that there is no such thing as a God and that a human is no more than an insect, and that paradise and hell are figments of the imagination.

At the time of Moses, there was a nation of people who were transformed into apes (punished by God). The survivors turned towards Europe. The pregnant women at the time of the wrath, were now apes but gave birth to human babies. Those people exist today and say that they are the descendents of the apes.

The nation that was transformed into bears, turned towards the jungles of Africa. Similarly the pregnant women of the time were carrying human babies. They gave birth and the race continued to survive. These people are known as Mamm. They have long hair on their bodies, the majority of them are female and they abduct people. They cannot be influenced or reformed by religion but due to their human nature they conceal their private parts by using leaves.

Another Adam, due to a mistake he had made, was punished for a thousand years. He was transformed into a snake. His descendants survive to this day in the form of a very special snake. It can transform into a human being a thousand years after birth and it is known as Ruha.

It is mentioned in history that Alexander the Great was out hunting one day, in a jungle, when he discovered a beautiful woman crying. He asked who she was and she replied that she was the princess of China and she was hunting with her husband when a lion attacked and ate her husband, further that she was now alone. Alexander asked her to return with him and that he would make the arrangements for her return to China. The woman thought that her husband had died, and how would she save face on her return in China. Alexander took her to his home and married her.

Some time later Alexander developed a pain in his stomach. He tried all kinds of remedies but these had no effect. His pain increased and the doctors too gave up. A snake charmer also came to treat him. He called Alexander to one side and said to him that he could treat him, but that there would be some conditions. Further that if he did not treat Alexander within a few a days, that Alexander could then have him killed.

The snake-charmer advised Alexander that he, have some pudding made for that night and that the salt in it should be plentiful. Further that both Alexander and his wife should eat plenty of pudding and that Alexander should lock their room from within so as neither of them could leave the room. He further advised that Alexander should not sleep but pretend to be asleep so as his wife would believe that he is in fact sleeping and that there should be not a drop of water in the room. Alexander did as he was advised .

During the night, his wife became thirsty and discovered that there was no water in the pot, she then tried to open the door and saw that it was locked. She then looked at her husband and felt that he was fast asleep. She then transformed into a snake, went out through a hole. She drank some water, returned in the form of a snake and then transformed back into a woman. Alexander watched all this. In the morning he related this to the snake-charmer who told Alexander that his wife was a snake which transformed every thousand years and that she was the cause of the pain in his stomach.

This woman was then taken to the sea on the premise that they were going sight-seeing and she was then thrown into the water. The place where she was thrown exists today and is known as the barrier of Alexander.

The descendants of this race exist in the world today. Ordinary snakes do not have ears but this type of snake has ears. It is not known which Adams descendants are locked in the mountains of China and for which Alexander made the wall of China in order to prevent them from entering this region. As mentioned they have very long ears. They place one beneath them and cover themselves with the other. They are known as Gog Magog (pr. Jooj-Majooj).

Scientists have discovered many areas and regions but there are many still to be discovered. Behind the Himalayas there are “snowy humans” and there are many humans in the jungles and apart from them, no one knows their language. They too worship according to the way taught to them by their Adam and in order to survive they have a tribal system. In addition to these Continents, there are many other lands and Planets. Such as the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, Mars and so on, Adams have inhabited these Planets also. Some of these have been destroyed. In some instances by stopping the supply of oxygen and in other cases by the total destruction of the land.

There is still human life on Mars and there is a fiery life form inhabiting the Sun Our scientists have yet been unable to reach Mars whereas the inhabitants of Mars have visited the Earth on numerous occasions and have taken people back with them for experimentation. They are scientifically more advanced and their inventions are superior to ours. Even if our satellites and scientists reach Mars they will be unable to escape once they are captured by the Martians.

There was one Adam who was abundantly endowed with knowledge by God. The descendants of this Adam on the basis of their knowledge, were able to travel to and reach the realm where God communicates with the angels and gives them various tasks in the form of commandments. In other words whatever command God gave to

the angels, these people were able to hear them. One day the angels said to God, that these people had started to interfere with the affairs of the angels. Further that when the angels came down into the world these people would already have found an alternative solution to the task of the angels.

God then commanded the Archangel Gabriel to go and to test these people. A twelve year old boy, was herding some sheep when Gabriel approached him and said, “Do you possess any knowledge?” The boy replied, “ask me?” Gabriel then asked the boy to tell him where Gabriel was at that time. The boy closed his eyes and then said that he (Gabriel) is not in the skies. Gabriel then asked, “where is he?” The boy then said that he (Gabriel) is not on any land either. Gabriel asked, “then where is he?” The boy opened his eyes and said that “I have looked in the fourteen realms and he is nowhere to be found, either I am Gabriel or you are Gabriel.”

Then God said to the angels that this nation be destroyed by the floods. The people heard this command and started to make homes made of metal and glass. Then this nation was destroyed by an earthquake. At that time, the region was known as Kaalda. It is now known as Greece.

Those people with their knowledge and now our scientists with their scientific knowledge, are interfering with God’s affairs. In order to instill fear into them, disaster on a small scale has been instigated and for the complete destruction an Asteroid has been sent towards the Earth which is expected to hit the Earth in about twenty to twenty five years and when it does, that will be the last day of the Earth. A part of that Asteroid has fallen on Jupiter in the last two years, even the scientists are aware of this.

They are therefore wishing to move to the Moon or some other planet and there have even been plot bookings on the Moon for this purpose when they know that life cannot be supported on the Moon as there is no oxygen, water or vegetation. Then what is the purpose of all the frenzied effort? As far as research is concerned, what benefit has humanity derived by reaching the Moon or Jupiter? Has any medicine or prescription been discovered to facilitate immortality or has a “cure” been found to prevent death?

Even if we reached the inhabitants of Mars, the difference in our atmosphere and theirs would make living on Mars very difficult.

All the money that is being spent in this regard is going to waste and if the United States and Russia were to spend that money on the poor, then everybody would be better off. The differences between human beings have led to the creation of atomic bombs (weapons of mass destruction), in order to destroy one another, when the world will be destroyed without the bombs anyway.

Too many souls were created in the celestial sphere

The souls of the those closest to God were in the front row (in front of God). The ordinary souls were sent to the world, amongst the nations of the Adams some of whom (Adams) were made from black, some white some yellow and others red clay. They were taught knowledge by the Archangel Gabriel and the angels Harut and Marut.

When Adams were created by clay on the land, then Satanic genies would at the right opportunity enter the bodies of those Adams and their offspring and would further try to entrap them in their Satanic hold. Then the Prophets and Saints of that nation and the knowledge taught by them would become the means of alleviation. Countless Adams were made in pairs (with their female partners) from which procreation commenced and sometimes a woman was created on her own (without an Adam) and she would bear children (at the discretion) subject to the command of God “Be”.

These people too, exist in the world. Only the women are the tribal leaders and as they are the offspring of women only, they believe for this reason that God is female. They further believe that they are the children of angels as their (female) Adam produced children without a man. This custom continues amongst them even today. The women of these tribes bear children by anyone and then later marry any other person, and do not regard this as abnormal.

The decisions made by the souls, their destiny and their spiritual status would determine the types of Adams that would be sent. Corresponding souls would then descend (once these Adams had been sent). This is the reason that no special religion was formulated for the souls. This is also the reason that even when the Prophets were sent amongst them, very few accepted them. They did the opposite of what the Prophets taught and instead of worshipping God, they worshipped, the Moon, stars, the Sun, trees, fire and even started to worship snakes.

Finally, Adam Safi-Allah was made in paradise, of clay which was also from paradise. In order that he would surpass all (the previous Adams) in excellence and perfection and be protected from the Satanic spiritual entities as these did not have access to paradise.

Satan was from amongst the genies and was recognized because of his vast knowledge and due to his abundant worship, he became the leader of the angels. He spat on the body of Adam out of envy. As a result of the saliva a Satanic type of bacterium entered Adams body, which is known as the Nafs, the spirit of the self, (ego) which was then inherited by the offspring of Adam. It is in relation to this that the Prophet Mohammed said that, “when a human being is born, a Satanic genie is also born with the human at the same time.”

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