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Some people who are eternally destined to go to hell attempt to be worthy of paradise by practicing worship and good deeds, but they are rejected in the end, like Satan because stinginess, arrogance and envy is their inheritance. There is a Prophetic statement to the effect that one who has even the tiniest amount of stinginess, envy and arrogance cannot go to paradise. People of paradise, even if they are not worshippers are recognized. Such people are soft-hearted and sincere, free from desire and envy and generous. If such people do engage in worship, they can attain a very exalted status and it is for such people that God creates opportunities and excuses for their salvation. There are others in between who have a continuous record of their good and bad deeds.

Further there are those who are special to God, it is these souls that loved God at the beginning of time. Such souls are not concerned with paradise or hell and they renounce everything for the love of God. With the discipline of heart-meditation and the grace of God they illuminate their souls and achieve the Vision and Sight of God. The highest paradise, Firdos is reserved for such people.

It is regarding these people that a Prophetic statement declares:

there are some people who will go to paradise without any accountability.”

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