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Some people played sports, others danced, others built and knocked down walls and others exercised, all tried to increase the vibration of their heartbeat and they then tried to synchronize the Name Allah with the vibrating heartbeat (heart/Qalb meditation). Then in ascending order the Name of God Allah reached all the spiritual entities (inside the body).

Others without going into the depths of this knowledge started to emulate such people. They started to dance to the chanting of Allah, Allah. They did not understand the concept of heart meditation and also failed to synchronize the Name Allah with their heartbeat. Nevertheless their animal spirit, whose nature it is, to jump around did become acquainted with the Name of God. Similarly the botanical spirit (in a person) also becomes strong and acquainted, as a result of chanting the Name Allah accompanied by music. Music is the food of the botanical spirit.

In the United States an experiment was carried out, whereby crops were exposed to music. Two portions of the same crop were planted on the same piece of land. One part of the crop was exposed to music day and night and the other part was left unexposed to music. The crop exposed to the music was better in quality and appearance than the crop that was left unexposed to the music.

The Nafs, the spirit of the self is very dangerous. Even after it has been purified (illuminated) it always searches for excuses and it likes music and rythm. Some people have tried to attract the attention of the spirit of the self by singing and have then attempted to divert its direction towards God. Others chanted and synchronized the Name, Allah with their guitar music. Even if this was not the ideal achievement, at least there ears were engaged in worship.

I met a guitar player who told me a story. He said: “In my spare time, I play the guitar and chant Allah, Allah with the music and sometimes when I awake from my sleep, I hear a similar melody of Allah, Allah inside me.” Such people became, better than the other pre-occupations, in other words (better than) the people who simply jump about and sing and play but they did not achieve any Saintly status. Nevertheless such people do possess an inclination and yearning and are seekers and if they (become attached) to a complete spiritual teacher and guide they do reach some spiritual station (status).

Amongst the Muslims and the other religions sufis (ascetics, seekers of spiritual knowledge and illumination) have attempted in many different ways to absorb the Name of God within themselves. An action that turns one towards God and increases the love for God is not wrong.

A Prophetic statement, “God does not look at the actions, but looks at the intentions.”

The people who follow the written Laws (Scriptures) regard this as abnormal and wrong as they become satisfied and nourished by (following) the Laws; but those people who want to advance from following the Laws to the Love of God, or those who do not follow the written Laws; why are such people prevented from adopting an alternative.

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