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The third category of the souls who chose neither the world nor desired paradise and who remained looking at the Vision of God. These souls came into the world and sacrificed everything in their search for God. Many gave up their kingdoms and whilst hungry and thirsty went to live in the jungles in order to find God. There were others who sat in the rivers for many years and after succeeding these people became known as the Friends of God (Saints). They then received differing spiritual designations and duties from God and even became a remedy and a means of hope for those destined for hell.

Just as the famous poet Iqbal mentions in one of his poems:

that even the directive of destiny is altered by the graceful glance of the Godly

It is absolutely necessary for this reason that the earthly souls, (who re-appear in every lifetime), physically meet their spiritual teacher or Guru, in every lifetime. As the spiritual teacher of the previous lifetime or the ancestral teacher became free of his physical body (gave up the physical body he had at the time).

This is similar to when a previous Prophecy is removed and exempted after the arrival of a major Messenger. Just as the Prophet Moses (Mus’a Kalim-Allah) was a major Messenger and all the Prophets that came after Moses, their religions were abrogated after the arrival of the Prophet Jesus (Is’a Ruh-Allah).

Further, all the Prophets that came in between the Prophet Jesus and the Prophet Mohammed, all their religions were also abrogated upon the arrival of the Prophet Mohammed but the validity of the religious system of every major Messenger continued and still continues and exists today. This includes Adam Safi-Allah, (Adam), Ibrahim Khalil-Allah (Abraham), Mus’a Kalim-Allah (Moses), Is’a Ruh-Allah (Jesus) and Mohammed Rasul-Allah, and every Saint’s Sainthood is from their authority and grace).

As the five spiritual entities inside the human body are linked to the five major Messengers, for this reason their Prophecy and spiritual grace and power will remain until the day of judgement.

When it is said that a person will not go to paradise unless that person has affirmed their faith, this does not mean any one particular faith, but it refers to the affirmation, in any one of the faiths of the major Prophets. It is for this reason that the Prophet Mohammed stated that, “I have not come, to reject the books of the Messengers but I have come to revise and reform,” in other words to revise the books where they had been changed and adulterated. The belief system of Adam Safi-Allah (Adam) exists even today. Those people who only practice the heart-meditation, who praise the Name of the Lord are humble before it, repent and try to remain free of sin, are all coforming to this, the original or first religion, the first Prophecy and the first type of worship. A Ghose (Head-Saint in our human sphere) and for that matter every Saints spiritual category is attached to (and presided over) by one or the other of the Prophets who in turn are spiritually linked in this way to Adam Safi-Allah (Adam). The last reformer of our century Mujjadid Alf-Sani stated that his spiritual category and designation was linked to Moses. Whereas there is a group from amongst the Qalandar group of Saints, whose category is linked to Jesus. Sheikh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani was related to a category which was connected to the Prophet Mohammed.

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