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God addressed all the Prophets by special Names. These became the means of recognition and titles of affirmation for the people of the Prophets. These names were in God’s own language, Semitic. By verbal affirmation of the different names individuals entered the “nation” of the individual Prophets. It is a requirement for this reason that the name (affirmation) be repeated three times.

After entering a nation of a Prophet the amount of recitation and chanting of these words, results in acquiring a corresponding amount of individual purification. At a time of disaster or misfortune the chanting or recitation of these words is a cause of relief from the affliction. These words can also help reduce accountability in the grave. Entry into paradise is also subject to the utterance of these words.

People of every Prophet should memorize the affirmation of their Prophet and chant these words as much as possible day and night. For guidance you can read the revealed Scriptures in your language, but for worship the original text of the original books bring the most spiritual grace and benefit.

The affirmations of the Prophets

The affirmation of the Christians:


There is no deity but Allah Jesus is the soul of God.

The affirmation of the Jews:


There is no deity but Allah Moses speaks with God.

The affirmation of the people of Abraham:


There is no deity but Allah Abraham is a friend of God.

The affirmation of the Muslims:


There is no deity but Allah Muhammed is the Messenger of God.

The Hindu and Sikh faiths are links of the religion of Adam and the religion of Noah. It was due to the respect that Adam had for the Hijr-e-Aswad (Black Stone) that the practice of idol worship started in the Hindu faith. Further people that survived on Noah’s Ark started to propagate (their beliefs) after reaching India and their gurus received spiritual grace from Khidr. The names of Adam, (Shankar Ji) and Khidr, (Vishnu Maharaj) are also found in the prayer (benediction) of these people.

Furthermore there is a group that is devoted to Hazrat Fatima (Prophet Mohammed’s daughter) who call upon her as Durga Mai, Lakshmi Devi and Ma (mother) in their worship. Guru Nanak taught his followers “Ishwar Allah is your Name you (God) are Raam and you (God) are the Merciful.”

For the recognition and salvation of individuals of every religion, these affirmations which are of the language of God, Semitic, are essential, no matter what language the individual speaks. It is necessary for an ordinary person to chant or memorize God at least 33 times morning and evening. To be protected from worldly afflictions 99 times a day or as much as possible.

To avoid calamities 5000, 25,000 or 72,000 times a day. Some individuals do this at one time whilst sitting in the same position. The highest figure is 125,000 times a day.

In order to purify the heart and to remove dark patches of sins, there is the discipline of chanting with every breath. When inhaling synchronize LA ILAHA IL-ALLAH with the intake of breath and then synchronize the remainder of the affirmation with the exhaled breath. Concentrate your mind on your heart when exhaling.

To acquire the Love and Friendship of God there is another method which is difficult to acquire without the will and favour of God. For this method as is described in this book, the heartbeat is regarded as a rosary and only the single word Allah is synchronized with each and every heartbeat. Practice this method also, as much as possible on a daily basis.

Some individuals can acquire this practice of meditation by concentrating. Others can acquire it without concentration and some acquire it after reviving (illuminating) their Qalb and soul, when this form of meditation can start automatically.

The amount of chanting done by the friends of God is 72,000 times a day. Whereas the figure of chanting done by the lovers of God can reach upto 125,000 times a day. In addition, if the spiritual entities (inside a person) also engage in chanting then the amount of the individuals chant is beyond the count of the angels keeping “the record” Karamann Katibeen.

Some on land, some on the celestial throne

Some in the Ka’aba, some in the presence of God

The Religion of God
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