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After the human sperm enters the womb the bonding spirit arrives which enables the blood to collect and bond. Then as a result of the botanical spirit the fetus grows in the womb. After four months the animal spirit is placed in the fetus due to which the fetus is able to move in the womb. These are the terrestrial (earthly) spirits. After birth the human soul arrives along with the other spiritual entities, these are the celestial spirits.

If a child dies in the womb a few moments before birth, then there is no funeral for the child, as it was not a complete human. Should a child die a few moments after birth then its funeral service is compulsory. Due to the arrival of the human soul and the spirit of the self, (ego) which arrived with its companions (spiritual entities) and settled at the navel. If the bonding spirit is strong in a child, then in adulthood that person will generally prefer to live in mountainous regions. Similarly, as a result of the botanical spirit, human beings develop an affection for flowers and trees. Further if the animal spirit is dominant within a person, a love for animals and behavior similar to that of animals develops. Whereas the spirit of the self, generally referred to as the human ego, resemble a dog in appearance. When this is the dominating force within a person, that person develops dog-like behavior and an affection for dogs. When the spiritual entity known as the Qalb is awakened, the human being is angelic in nature. After an individual’s death, the celestial spirits, which are particular to each body, return to the celestial spheres. The terrestrial spirits including the spirit of the ego remain in the world. The terrestrial spirits are allocated to individual bodies but do move around from one body to another, as these spirits have no connection with the hereafter. The spirit of the self, of the holy and the pure however, remains in their graves, continue worshipping, practice meditation and provide spiritual help and assistance to people. Just as the Prophet Mohammed on the “Night of Ascension” passed the grave of the Prophet Moses and saw that Moses was engaged in meditation. When the Prophet Mohammed reached the celestial spheres he saw that the Prophet Moses was present there also. The powerful spirit of the self (ego) of the evil and the impure, joins Satan’s clan in to survive. These possess different bodies and generally cause harm to people. These are evil spirits and it is in the Bible that Jesus exorcised people to expel evil spirits from people who were possessed. Terrestrial (earthly) spirits and the spirits of the self, remain in the world. After death the human soul is sent either to the realm where the righteous souls wait before the final judgment or to the realm where the evil and wicked souls wait before the final judgment. The remaining spiritual entities inside the human body, if these are spiritually strong and illuminated, they too go to the waiting place of the righteous, otherwise they waste away in the graves. It is because of the spirit of the self, and when it came within the human body that the human being became impure. According to a famous saint of the East, Bhulle Shah, “this spirit of the self (ego) made us impure, we were not impure from the beginning,” (when created by God). It was to purify the spirit of the self (ego) that Scriptures, Prophets and Saints were sent. Sometimes the person was frightened by the tales of hell, an incentive for betterment, and sometimes it was given the incentive of paradise. By practicing various austerities, such as meditation worship and fasting, efforts are made to reform and improve it and only then was the individual entitled to paradise. Many people did manage to purify it by becoming illuminated and attaining a higher consciousness through spiritual disciplines and who then became the friends of God.

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