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This is a Satanic bacterium. It’s fixed abode is at the navel point. All the Prophets and the Saints sought refuge from it’s mischief. Its diet consists of phosphorous and unpleasant odors. These are in bones, coal and cow-dung. All the religions have stressed the importance of bathing after sexual intercourse because of the unpleasant odor released from the sweat pores. Further, drinks and animals that have unpleasant odors are also forbidden for human consumption for this reason. In the primordial time all the souls that were in front of God, up to and including the bonding spirit, became acquainted with each other and became supportive of one another. As a result of the bonding spirit coming to the earth, (which formed stone and rock) human beings made homes from rocks. As a result of the botanical spirit coming to the earth (which created vegetation) they made roofs for their homes by collecting wood from trees. They also derived benefit from the shade and the trees provided clean oxygen. The animal souls that were at the rear of all the souls came into the world and hence animals came into being and these were made lawful for consumption by all human beings. Birds that were in this category of animals were also made lawful. On the left side of God, genies and Satanic elf-like creatures were made and behind these were another form of evil spirits which became the enemies of God. The animal, botanical and bonding spirits that appeared behind these evil spirits, on the left side of God developed enmity for human beings. The bonding spirit of this category was sent to the world as a result of which coal and cinder came into being. Gases released by these became harmful to human beings. Due to the botanical spirit of this category, dangerous and thorny vegetation harmful to humans came into existence. Due to the animal spirit of this category, (left side of God) wild and man-eating animals came into being. Birds related to this group, due to their hostility towards humans were declared unlawful for human consumption for this reason. The animals and birds of this category are recognized by the fact that they eat their food by holding it with their paws or claws. The souls on the right side of God were to serve human beings. These became the message-bearers and helpers and the human being was endowed the most, with excellence and perfection and appointed the vicegerent of God. It now depends upon the individual to decide, the efforts made and the destiny of an individual, whether to be a Vicegerent or to reject this status. The spirit of the self leaves the body during sleep. It takes on the appearance of the person it lives in and then wanders around Satanic gatherings. Another spiritual creature the Khannas is connected to the spirit of the self. It resembles an elephant and sits between the spirit of the self (at the navel) and the spiritual entity the Qalb (which is close to the heart). The Khannas helps the spirit of the self in tempting and misguiding the human being.

In addition to these, four spiritual birds attach themselves to four of the spiritual entities inside the human body, known as the Qalb, Sirri, Khaffi and Akhfa. Again their function is to lead the human being astray. Of these four birds, the cockerel attaches itself to the Qalb, as a result of which lust dominates the heart. Only when the Qalb, itself engages in the continuous incantation of the Name of God (a spiritual discipline practiced under the guidance of a perfect spiritual guide) does the cockerel eventually become purified. Only then do an awareness and an appreciation of what is lawful and unlawful develop in a person. The Qalb in this state is known as the healthy and awakened Qalb. Attached to the spiritual entity Sirri is a crow. This brings desire and greed. Attached to the spiritual entity Khaffi is a peacock that creates envy in a person. With the spiritual entity Akhfa is a pigeon that comes with stinginess. The nature of these birds, forces greediness and envy upon these spiritual entities only until they become spiritually illuminated. It was these four birds that were taken out of the body of Abraham. They were purified and returned to his body. After death, the birds inside the holy and the pure make their home in the trees. Many people make bird-like sounds after spending a few days in the jungles. These birds then become acquainted with these people and help them with cures for minor ailments.

An important note:

· The spirit of the self is connected with Satan. · The five spiritual entities inside the chest are individually connected with the five major Messengers of God, (five major Prophets). · The spiritual entity, Anna, found in the head is connected with God. · Similarly the human body is connected to the perfect spiritual guide (Universal Master).

Whichever spiritual entity or person is lacking its connection, it is deprived and incapable of receiving the corresponding spiritual grace and bounty from that source.

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