The Religion of God/Some sayings of His Holiness Gohar Shahi

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There are three parts of knowledge of the seen (apparent) and one part of the unseen (spiritual).”

To acquire the apparent knowledge, Moses and to acquire the spiritual knowledge, Khidr have to be found.”

The voice that comes without the medium of Gabriel is known as inspiration. The knowledge (that comes without the medium of Gabriel) is known as a direct Commandment of God; the knowledge which Gabriel accompanied is known as Holy Scripture; whether it is the apparent or the spiritual knowledge and whether you call it the Torah, the Psalms of David or the Bible.”

When religious Scholars make mistakes they dismiss them as politics and thus absolve themselves; if Saints make a mistake it is understood as wisdom and ignored, whereas the Prophets cannot be accused of making a mistake.”

Whoever is engaged in whatever type of spiritual discipline, the corresponding spiritual entities inside them will become strong (illuminated) and those who are not occupied (spiritually) their spiritual entities are senseless and in humility and those who absorbed the Name Allah within spiritual entities by whatever method, they were then occupied at all times with imperial meditation (when all the spiritual entities meditate at one time to the extent that the human body splits into seven separate pieces) and Ishq (love) of God.”

The Religion of God
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