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People of a religion, in addition to practicing with the Name of God Allah may also attempt to absorb into their hearts the name of their Prophet, so that the Name of God Allah is balanced. In the spiritual states of intoxication, absorption and majesty (rage and anger) continue to repeat the affirmation of the Prophet until that state no longer exists. Further visualize a spiritual teacher and guide that you have physically seen so as the guide’s spiritual power can inscribe the Name Allah onto your heart.

For people that do not have a religion, God has the knowledge of (the person) who holds their destiny (spiritual grace) or if it exists at all. These individuals, during the practice of this discipline, must visualize the names of the five major Messengers and visualize any Saint they have seen physically and in whom they place their trust and belief. Thereafter the origin of your blessings and grace will speak inside you. In other words your direction, love and heart will turn towards the subject of your visualization.

Some time in the past all the people of the Scriptures (nations) were gathered on one platform. Eating and drinking together and marriage amongst them was permitted. Similarly, in our present time the Ahl-e-Dhikr (people possessing the meditation of the name of God) will unite and gather in this way. The people of the Books were gathered temporarily as the Scripture was only on their tongue and they remained united until the Scripture was present.

Whereas unity amongst people of this type of meditation and chanting will be ever-lasting due to the Name of God Allah, and its light being present in the blood and the heart. A disease that enters the bloodstream or when love for an entity enters the heart, the removal of it is difficult.

Water is simply water but the chain reaction of its motion transforms it into electricity. When milk is churned it transforms into butter. Similarly when the verses of the revealed Scriptures are recited light is created. Recitation of verses and the attributive Names of God creates attributed light and the quality of access gained by this light is to the realm of the angels, which is further subject to assistance provided by an intervening medium. This is the state of “Unity of Being” Wahdat al-Wujjud. The recitation and chanting of the personal Name of God Allah and the personal light created by it provides access to the Essence of God which is direct and without a medium and is connected to the state of “Unity of Consciousness” Wahdat ash-Shuhud.

Many people have great respect, affection and love for the Prophet and the Saints of their religion but bear malice and enmity towards Prophets and Saints of other religions. Such people cannot receive any status from God as they abuse those who are from amongst the Friends of God and who were appointed by God to different nations and religions.

The Religion of God
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