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The Popular Science Monthly Project
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  1. Article contributors of Volumes 1 to 87.
  2. Wherever possible, the following is to be included on the Author page:
    1. Full name, even if the Wikipedia page name is different. Use the {{Initials}} template if only the initials are known.
    2. Birth and death dates.
    3. Description.
    4. If missing, add the Category:PSM contributors
    5. Link to the author's Wikipedia page if this exists.
    6. Inversely link the Wikipedia article with the following templates:
      1. Wikisource generic OR
      2. Wikisource author name OR
      3. PSM article title | Volume number | Month and year
  3. This list is updated after the completion of a volume’s main namespace article pages.
  4. For comments, please use THE PROJECT TALK PAGE.


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Last name Author Number of articles


Abbe Cleveland Abbe 2
Abbott Benjamin Vaughan Abbott 3
Abbott Charles Conrad Abbott 18
Abbott Frances Matilda Abbott 1
Aber Mary Alling Aber 3
Aber William Martin Aber 1
Abercromby Ralph Abercromby 1
About Edmond François Valentin About 1
Abrams Leroy Abrams 1
Ackerman Albert Ammerman Ackerman 1
Adams John Coleman Adams 1
Adams John Quincy Adams 1
Adams Mabel Ellery Adams 1
Adler Felix Adler 1
Agassiz George R. Agassiz 1
Aikman William Aikman 1
Aitchison George Aitchison 1
Alger Abby Langdon Alger 2
Alglave Émile Alglave 1
Allbutt Thomas Clifford Allbutt 1
Allemann Albert Allemann 1
Allen Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen 38
Allen Frank James Allen 1
Allen Harrison Allen 1
Allen Nathan Allen 3
Allen Robert McD. Allen 1
Allen William Francis Allen 1
Allman George James Allman 1
Almy Albert H. Almy 2
Alvord Clarence Walworth Alvord 1
Amos Sheldon Amos 2
Amphlett John Amphlett 1
Anderson James Anderson 1
Anderson John Anderson 1
Anderson Melville Best Anderson 1
Anderson Robert Van Vleck Anderson 2
Anderson William Edwin Anderson 1
Andrew Sallie L. Andrew 1
Andrews E. Benjamin Andrews 1
Andrews Christopher Columbus Andrews 1
Andrews Eliza Frances Andrews 3
Andrews Ethan Allen Andrews 1
Andrews Launcelot Winchester Andrews 1
Andrews Marlin Olmsted Andrews 1
Angell Frank Angell 1
Angell James Rowland Angell 1
Angstman Charlotte Smith Angstman 1
Anthony William Arnold Anthony 1
Appleton Thomas Gold Appleton 1
Arbuthnot Charles Criswell Arbuthnot 1
Arms Jennie Maria Arms 1
Armsby Henry Prentiss Armsby 6
Armstrong Henry Edward Armstrong 2
Armstrong Mary Frances Armstrong 1
Armstrong Samuel Treat Armstrong 2
Arngrimsson Frimann B. Arngrimsson 1
Arnold Frederick Arnold 1
Arnold Matthew Arnold 1
Arnot Raymond H. Arnot 1
Arrhenius Svante Arrhenius 1
Ashley George Hall Ashley 1
Ashley Sr. Charles Sumner Ashley Sr. 6
Astley Arthur F. Astley 1
Atkinson Edward Atkinson 13
Atkinson William Parsons Atkinson 1
Atteridge Andrew Hilliard Atteridge 2
Atwater Wilbur Olin Atwater 2
Aubrey-Vitet Eugène Aubrey-Vitet 1
Auer John Auer 1
Austen Willard Austen 1
Axon William Edward Armytage Axon 1
Ayres William Orville Ayres 1
Ayrton William Edward Ayrton 1


Bacheler Otis Robinson Bacheler 2
Bacon Francis Bacon 1
Badenoch L. N. Badenoch 2
Badenoch Margaret T. D. Badenoch 1
Badoureau Jean Paul Albert Badoureau 1
Bagehot Walter Bagehot 1
Bailey Edgar Henry Summerfield Bailey 2
Bailey Joshua F. Bailey 1
Bailey Pearce Bailey 2
Bailey Solon Irving Bailey 4
Bain Alexander Bain 18
Bain Harry Foster Bain 1
Bair Joseph Hershey Bair 1
Baird Henry Martyn Baird 1
Baker Benjamin Baker 1
Baker Francis H. Baker 1
Baker Smith Baker 3
Balch Edwin Swift Balch 1
Baldwin Bird Thomas Baldwin 2
Baldwin F. Spencer Baldwin 1
Baldwin James Mark Baldwin 4
Balfour Arthur James Balfour 1
Balfour Henry Balfour 1
Ball Robert Stawell Ball 4
Ballou William Hosea Ballou 3
Bancroft Hubert Howe Bancroft 2
Barber Amherst Willoughby Barber 1
Barber Edwin Atlee Barber 2
Bardin James Bardin 1
Barker George Frederick Barker 1
Barnard Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard 1
Barnard William Stebbins Barnard 3
Barnard William Theodore Barnard 2
Barnes Earl Barnes 1
Barnes Mary Sheldon Barnes 1
Barnett Samuel Augustus Barnett 1
Barnum Clara Kempton Barnum 1
Barr J. Miller Barr 1
Barr James Barr 1
Barr Martin W. Barr 2
Barre L. Barre 1
Barron G. B. Barron 1
Barrows Albert Lloyd Barrows 1
Barrows David Prescott Barrows 1
Barrows Samuel June Barrows 1
Bartlett Dudley Bartlett 1
Bartley A. G. Bartley 1
Bartol H. W. Bartol 1
Barton Samuel M. Barton 1
Baskerville Charles Baskerville 1
Bassler Ray Smith Bassler 1
Bastian Henry Charlton Bastian 6
Batchelder Charles Clarence Batchelder 1
Bates Henry Hobart Bates 1
Bateson William Bateson 2
Bather Francis Arthur Bather 1
Bauer John Bauer 1
Bauer Louis Agricola Bauer 2
Bawden Henry Heath Bawden 1
Baxter Jr. William Baxter Jr. 8
Bayard Edward Bayard 1
Bayles George James Bayles 1
Beach Frederick E. Beach 1
Beach Walter G. Beach 1
Beadle John Hanson Beadle 1
Beal William James Beal 1
Beaman George W. Beaman 1
Beard Richard Olding Beard 1
Beard George Miller Beard 9
Becker Bernard Henry Becker 1
Becker Ferdinand Wilhelm Becker 1
Beckwith Nelson Marvin Beckwith 1
Beecher Henry Ward Beecher 2
Behrens Wilhelm Julius Behrens 1
Bell Agrippa Nelson Bell 1
Bell Alexander Graham Bell 3
Bell Josiah Jones Bell 2
Bell Louis Bell 1
Bellamy Elizabeth Whitfield Croom Bellamy 1
Belt Thomas Belt 1
Benedict Arthur Lincoln Benedict 2
Benedict Wayland Richardson Benedict 7
Benjafield Harry Benjafield 1
Benjamin Marcus Benjamin 2
Bennett Alfred William Bennett 1
Bennett John Hughes Bennett 1
Bentley Madison Isaac Bentley 1
Bentley Wilson Alwyn Bentley 1
Benton Joel Benton 2
Benton Warren G. Benton 3
Bergen Fanny Dickerson Bergen 5
Bergeron J. Bergeron 1
Berghaus A. Berghaus 2
Bernard Claude Bernard 1
Bernhardt W. Bernhardt 3
Bernstein Julius Bernstein 1
Berry Edward Wilber Berry 1
Bert Paul Bert 2
Berthelot Marcellin Pierre Eugène Berthelot 7
Bertillon Jacques Bertillon 2
Bessey Charles Edwin Bessey 1
Beulé Charles Ernest Beulé 1
Bevington Louisa Sara Bevington 1
Beyer Henry Gustav Beyer 1
Bicknell Edward Bicknell 1
Bicknell Percy Favor Bicknell 1
Bigelow Frank Hagar Bigelow 3
Bigelow Samuel Lawrence Bigelow 2
Bignon Fanny Bignon 1
Bilfinger Eugen Bilfinger 1
Bill M. B. Bill 1
Billings John Shaw Billings 1
Billson William Weldon Billson 3
Binet Alfred Binet 5
Bingham III Hiram Bingham III 1
Bird Robert Montgomery Bird 1
Birge Edward Asahel Birge 1
Birgham Francis Birgham 1
Bishop William Warner Bishop 1
Bissell Mary Taylor Bissell 2
Bixby James Thompson Bixby 2
Black Cornelius Black 1
Black James Rush Black 3
Black James William Black 1
Blackford Jr. Charles Minor Blackford Jr. 2
Blackwelder Eliot Blackwelder 1
Blackwell Antoinette Brown Blackwell 1
Blackwell Emily Blackwell 1
Blackwood-Cowell Henry Clayton Blackwood-Cowell 1
Blake Edith Bernal Blake 1
Blake Euphemia Vale Blake 2
Blake Henry Arthur Blake 1
Blake I. W. Blake 2
Blanc Edouard Blanc 1
Blanchard Charles Émile Blanchard 5
Blandford George Fielding Blandford 1
Blatchley Willis Stanley Blatchley 1
Blight Robert Blight 1
Bliss Richard Bliss 1
Blumentritt Ferdinand Blumentritt 2
Boas Franz Boas 6
Bodin Th. Bodin 1
Bodington Alice Brooke Bodington 1
Boggess Arthur Clinton Boggess 1
Boggs Lucinda Pearl Boggs 1
Boileau John Peter Hamilton Boileau 1
Boland M. A. Boland 1
Bolas Thomas Bolas 1
Bolles Frank Bolles 3
Bolton Frederick Elmer Bolton 1
Bolton Henrietta Irving Bolton 1
Bolton Henry Carrington Bolton 12
Bond A. Curtis Bond 1
Bond Frank Bond 1
Bond Frederic Drew Bond 2
Bond Thomas Bond 1
Bonfort Helene Bonfort 2
Bonney Thomas George Bonney 1
Bonnier Pierre Bonnier 1
Boodle R. W. Boodle 2
Borodin Nikolay Borodin 1
Bostwick Arthur Elmore Bostwick 1
Bourdeau Louis Bourdeau 1
Boutwell George Sewall Boutwell 1
Bowen Edwin Winfield Bowen 4
Bowen Eliza A. Bowen 2
Boyd David Ross Boyd 1
Boyer Jacques Boyer 3
Boyesen Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen 1
Boynton Frank Ellis Boynton 1
Boys Charles Vernon Boys 1
Bracchi André Bracchi 1
Brackett William Brackett 1
Bradley W. E. Bradley 1
Bradley W. P. Bradley 1
Brame C. E. Brame 1
Bramwell Frederick Joseph Bramwell 2
Brandicourt Virgile Brandicourt 2
Brandt K. Brandt 1
Branner John Casper Branner 6
Bréal Michel Bréal 2
Breguet Alfred Niaudet Breguet 1
Brehm Alfred Edmund Brehm 3
Breitenbach Wilhelm Breitenbach 1
Brémont Félix Brémont 1
Brewer Thomas Mayo Brewer 1
Brewer William Henry Brewer 1
Brewster C. E. Brewster 1
Bridge Cyprian Arthur George Bridge 1
Bridges Flora Bridges 1
Briggs Charles Augustus Briggs 1
Brigham Albert Perry Brigham 3
Brinton Daniel Garrison Brinton 1
Bristol Charles L. Bristol 1
Britton Nathaniel Lord Britton 2
Britton Wilton Everett Britton 1
Broca Pierre Paul Broca 1
Brooks Alfred Hulse Brooks 1
Brooks Margarette W. Brooks 2
Brooks William Keith Brooks 21
Brown Allan D. Brown 1
Brown Calvin Smith Brown 1
Brown Charles Wilson Brown 1
Brown Edmund Woodward Brown 1
Brown Ernest William Brown 3
Brown F. C. Brown 1
Brown Orville Harry Brown 1
Brown Robert Marshall Brown 2
Brown Sanger Brown 1
Brown Simpson Leroy Brown 1
Brownell T. F. Brownell 2
Browning William Browning 1
Browski L. E. Browski 1
Brues Charles Thomas Brues 1
Brunton Thomas Lauder Brunton 5
Brush Edward Fletcher Brush 2
Brush George Jarvis Brush 1
Bryant Charles S. Bryant 1
Bryce Peter Bryce 1
Buchan John Milne Buchan 1
Buchanan John Young Buchanan 1
Buchanan Joseph Rodes Buchanan 1
Buchner Max Joseph August Heinrich Markus Buchner 2
Büchner Ludwig Büchner 1
Buck Winifred Buck 1
Buckland C. T. Buckland 1
Buckland Francis Trevelyan Buckland 4
Buckley Arabella Burton Buckley 2
Buckman Sydney Savory Buckman 1
Bucknill John Charles Bucknill 2
Bullen Frank Thomas Bullen 1
Bumpus Hermon Carey Bumpus 1
Bunbury Robert Clement Sconce Bunbury 1
Bunce Oliver Bell Bunce 2
Burbank Luther Burbank 1
Burnett Swan Moses Burnett 2
Burns E. S. Burns 1
Burns Elmer Ellsworth Burns 1
Burpee Lawrence Johnstone Burpee 1
Burr George Lincoln Burr 1
Burr William Hubert Burr 2
Burroughs John Burroughs 2
Burt Stephen Smith Burt 1
Büsgen Moritz Büsgen 1
Bushee Frederick Alexander Bushee 2
Butler Nicholas Murray Butler 1
Butterfield Kenyon Leech Butterfield 2
Butterworth Hezekiah Butterworth 5
Büttner Carl Gotthilf Büttner 3
Byers Charles Alma Byers 2


Cahall William Cannon Cahall 4
Cairnes John Elliott Cairnes 2
Cajori Florian Cajori 4
Caldwell Otis William Caldwell 1
Calkins Gary Nathan Calkins 3
Calvin Samuel Calvin 2
Cameron Frank Kenneth Cameron 1
Campbell Charles William Campbell 1
Campbell Clarence Thomas Campbell 1
Campbell Douglas Houghton Campbell 2
Campbell George John Douglas Campbell 4
Campbell William Wallace Campbell 5
Cannon W. A. Cannon 2
Cannon Walter Bradford Cannon 1
Capitan Louis Capitan 1
Cappie James Cappie 1
Cargill John F. Cargill 2
Carhart Henry Smith Carhart 3
Carlton Frank Tracy Carlton 7
Carman A. Carman 1
Carmichael James Carmichael 1
Carnegie Andrew Carnegie 1
Carney Frank Carney 2
Caro Elme-Marie Caro 1
Carpenter Frank G. Carpenter 1
Carpenter William Benjamin Carpenter 11
Carrington James B. Carrington 1
Cartaz A. Cartaz 2
Carter Agnes Louisa Carter 1
Carter Joseph Carter 1
Carver Thomas Nixon Carver 2
Case Ermine Cowles Case 1
Casey John F. Casey 1
Castle Cora Sutton Castle 1
Castle William Ernest Castle 2
Cattell James McKeen Cattell 11
Cazelles Émile-Honoré Cazelles 2
Chahoon George Chahoon 2
Chamberlain Alexander Francis Chamberlain 5
Chamberlain Charles Joseph Chamberlain 2
Chamberlain Joseph Chamberlain 1
Chamberlin Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin 2
Champlin Jr. John Denison Champlin Jr. 3
Channing William Francis Channing 2
Chanute Octave Chanute 1
Chapin Charles Value Chapin 1
Chapin Francis Stuart Chapin 1
Chapin Henry Dwight Chapin 3
Chapin Lillian Chapin 1
Chapman Frank Michler Chapman 2
Chase H. W. Chase 1
Cheadle Walter Butler Cheadle 1
Cheesman James Cheesman 1
Cheney Simeon Pease Cheney 1
Cheyney Edward Potts Cheyney 1
Chidsey Charles E. Chidsey 1
Child A. L. Child 2
Chisholm George Goudie Chisholm 1
Chittenden Russell Henry Chittenden 4
Choate J. B. Choate 1
Chodat Robert Hippolyte Chodat 1
Christie William Henry Mahoney Christie 1
Churchill Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill 1
Churchill William Churchill 2
Churchman Philip Hudson Churchman 1
Clapp Henry Lincoln Clapp 3
Clark Emmons Clark 2
Clark George Archibald Clark 3
Clark Hubert Lyman Clark 2
Clark William Bullock Clark 1
Clarke Frank Wigglesworth Clarke 19
Clarke Franklin Chase Clarke 1
Clarke George H. Clarke 1
Clarke Henry L. Clarke 1
Clarke John Mason Clarke 3
Claypole Edward Waller Claypole 1
Claypole Katharine Benedicta Trotter Claypole 2
Clayton Henry Helm Clayton 1
Cleghorn Allen Cleghorn 1
Cleland Herdman Fitzgerald Cleland 2
Cleve J. Cleve 1
Clifford William Kingdon Clifford 3
Clouston Thomas Smith Clouston 2
Clozel François Joseph Clozel 1
Cluss Adolf Cluss 1
Coan Titus Munson Coan 2
Cobb Collier Cobb 1
Cobden-Sanderson Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson 1
Coblentz William Weber Coblentz 1
Cochin Denys Cochin 1
Cochrane Charles Henry Cochrane 1
Cockerell Theodore Dru Alison Cockerell 16
Coe Charles H. Coe 1
Cohen Nina Morais Cohen 1
Cohn Ferdinand Julius Cohn 1
Cohn Hermann Cohn 1
Coker Robert Ervin Coker 1
Cole Leon Jacob Cole 1
Coler Bird Sim Coler 3
Collens Thomas Wharton Collens 1
Collet Oscar W. Collet 1
Collier James Collier 10
Collins Joseph V. Collins 1
Colton Harold Sellers Colton 1
Conant Robert Warren Conant 1
Conant Charles Arthur Conant 1
Conant William C. Conant 1
Conder Francis Roubiliac Conder 1
Conklin Edwin Grant Conklin 7
Conn Herbert William Conn 3
Conrad Victor Lafayette Conrad 1
Converse Emma M. Converse 2
Conway Jr. Thomas Conway Jr. 1
Cook Alice Carter Cook 2
Cook Frederick Albert Cook 1
Cook Orator Fuller Cook 6
Cooke Jr. Josiah Parsons Cooke Jr. 9
Cooley Le Roy Clark Cooley 1
Coolidge Dane Coolidge 1
Cooper Samuel Williams Cooper 1
Cope Edward Drinker Cope 3
Cornwall Henry Bedinger Cornwall 1
Cortambert Pierre-François Eugène Cortambert 1
Coues Elliott Coues 1
Coulter John Merle Coulter 2
Coulter W. S. Coulter 1
Coupin Henri Coupin 3
Courant Maurice Courant 1
Courtney Leonard Courtney 1
Couty Louis Couty 1
Cox Charles Finney Cox 1
Cox George William Cox 1
Cox John Cox 1
Craighead James B. Craighead 1
Cram William Everett Cram 5
Cramer Frank Cramer 2
Crampton Henry Edward Crampton 2
Crandon Frank P. Crandon 2
Crane Thomas Frederick Crane 1
Crane Thomas S. Crane 1
Crawford Russell Tracy Crawford 1
Crawley Edwin Schofield Crawley 2
Crichton-Browne James Crichton-Browne 3
Crofton A. F. B. Crofton 1
Crook Alja Robinson Crook 2
Crookes William Crookes 6
Crosby Howard Crosby 1
Crotch William Duppa Crotch 1
Crothers Thomas Davison Crothers 7
Crowe Albert B. Crowe 1
Cumings Edgar Roscoe Cumings 1
Cumings Elizabeth Cumings 1
Cummings Emma G. Cummings 1
Cunisset-Carnot Paul Cunisset-Carnot 1
Cunningham William Cunningham 1
Currier Amos Noyes Currier 1
Curry Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry 1
Curteis George Herbert Curteis 2
Curtis H. H. Curtis 1
Curtiss L. R. Curtiss 2
Cushing Frank Hamilton Cushing 1
Czermack Joseph Czermack 2