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William Morris

" What is in a name? "[edit]

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"What's in a name"? —— So goes the adage!

I dislike mere initial's in books! A person's full name should be used at least once. There is a world of history and other information (including genealogical) behind initials and full names. Take for example, Dabney Herndon Maury. All three of those are family surnames go back to early America and into various countries. He is a relative of Reverend James Maury who was a teacher of Thomas Jefferson for two years. The proof can be found in Thomas Jefferson's Autobiography. Did you know that Jefferson wrote one? The name "Maury" as in Matthew Fontaine Maury goes back to the year 1500 in France and includes Huguenot history which shows why and how the Fontaine and Maury families moved away from France. Dabney is also a Huguenot surname that connects via his family tree to Taliaferro, which is an Italian surname. On and on it goes, there is no end to the science and the history behind names. Another kinsman of his is "R.M.T. Hunter" as it is usually seen. What the heck is "R.M.T."? I would immediately wonder. Robert Mercer Taliferro Hunter has fascinating ancestral history aside from his own life and work being fascinating and historical. Some people working with genealogy seek fame in their family. I personally believe that every person has fame in their lineal family and kin. It is a matter of seeking it and finding it. Still, it remains important that fame of others of the past does not project their fame onto us of today. These are my thoughts and I am sure others will feel the same as well as differ with my opinions and that's fine with me. I just enjoy the quest and learning but I do not discard my own family, their friends and kin from history just as I admire others in history who fascinate me. I am not inclined to embrace fantasy in my researches and reading while I do prefer to encounter those on television or theater. --Veteran's Day



Knowest thou that every Knight and Knave's life is tick-tick-ticking away — abundant knowledge goes to the grave. Put your knowledge on a wiki area to help all of the world's generations — including those yet unborn. Wiki areas are as good or can be greater than the famed "Library of Alexander" that was destroyed.

Your life is currently tick-tick-ticking away with this very second, minute, hour, and day! — Thursday, July 31, 2014 and in this time long passed what is it that you have accomplished — what worthwhile have you done? — What things good have you left behind for others that will last for many generations?.


The Ancient Library of Alexandria[edit]

[2] "The Ancient Library Of Alexandria!

Sounds of the Earth

A Few of my Book transcriptions on Wikisource [edit]

[3] Biography of Matthew Fontaine Maury.

[4] Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson

[5] Reverend James Maury vs Patrick Henry (Penny Parson's Cause)

[6] Narrative Of The United States Expedition To The River Jordan And The Dead Sea.(by William Francis Lynch)

[7] Matthew Fontaine Maury 1853 Brussels -- First International Maritime Conference Held At Brussels 1853 For Devising An Uniform System Of Meteorological Observations At Sea. Official Report August And September 1853.

[8] Commander Matthew Fontaine Maury of the Naval Observatory - Virginia Historical Society

[9] Rear-Admiral Marin H. Jansen [Henri,] of the Royal Netherlands Navy. This brilliant man was a very close friend to and co-worker with Commodore Matthew Fontaine Maury. All honor due to him! History remembers these men.

[10] Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon by Lt. Wm. Lewis Herndon Vol.I

[11] Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon by Lt. Lardner Gibbon Vol.II

[12] John Walker Maury A Sketch of his Life and Lineage by his son William Arden Maury

[13] Virginia Military Institute, It's Building and Rebuilding. Author: General Francis Henney Smith, the Superintendent of V.M.I.

[14] Eulogy Upon William Wirt [attorney] by Richard Henry Lee.

[15]Fredericksburg, Virginia (1606—1908)

[16] Southern Historical Society Circular.

[17]Portal to 52 volumes of the Southern Historical Society. (working on)

[18]Confederate Military History 12 volumes. (Volume 3 represents Virginia. Other volumes represent the other Southern states.)

[19] The Political History of Virginia during the Reconstruction (1904).

[20] Benedict Arnold. A biography.

[21] Mexico, California and Arizona; being a new and revised edition of Old Mexico and her Lost Provinces.

[22]Heresies of Sea Power

[23] Mexico as it was and is.

[24] Eskimo Life.

[25] Memorials of a Southern Planter. ( DABNEY, MINOR, MAURY &c. kinfolk )

[26] In Memoriam. Matthew Fontaine Maury at Virginia Military Institute.

The Southern Literary Messenger, 1834-1864 (1905),_California_and_Arizona_-_1900.djvu,_as_it_was_and_as_it_is,_Chiapas_and_Yucatan.djvu

Featured Text for the Month of September 2012

[27] Mexico as it was and is — the Featured Text of the Month of September, 2012.

[28] Our Sister Republic (completed)

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The Oak

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I started, wrote, and added to so many articles on WikiPedia under various aliases, including Brother Officer in 2006) that I never counted any of them. I started there and used several aliases many years ago as I learned and until I discovered WikiSource which is now my favorite area for working on old books.

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Lincoln on posterity[edit]

"Few can be induced to labor exclusively for posterity; and none will do it enthusiastically. Posterity has done nothing for us; and theorize on it as we may, practically we shall do very little for it, unless we are made to think we are at the same time doing something for ourselves." - Abraham Lincoln

Southern Historical Society Papers -- 52 volumes of Southern History and Genealogies[edit]

William Morris[edit]

William Morris.

"A man at work, making something which he feels will exist because he is working at it and wills it, is exercising the energies of his mind and soul as well as of his body. Memory and imagination help him as he works. Not only his own thoughts, but the thoughts of the men of past ages guide his hands; and, as part of the human race, he creates. If we work thus we shall be men, and our days will be happy and eventful." — William Morris



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William Morris

Published on Feb 1, 2013

WikiSource Library. This is an old book placed on WikiSource and available to anyone for free. The text and images come from pages that are copied from original book scans. In one area these are shown as individual scans with new text or images copied beside the old book scanned. In another area you can read these new free books. Some are illustrated and some are not illustrated. This video is a 1st attempt to explain some of WikiSource. The main page will show 1st and the link will show last. This particular old book that has been saved is about "Cycles" - all kinds of old riding cycles of long ago. Unlike some free book sites WikiSource shows the old pages beside the copied new pages.

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