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See the Latin Wikisource for some of the texts in Latin until this page is completed. When completing articles about the above poems, please use something similar to the following as a template for consistency:

| previous=←[[*The name of the previous poem, if applicable*]]
| next=[[*The name of the following poem, if applicable*]]→
| title={{PAGENAME}} (Wikisource translation)
| section=
| author=*The name of the author*
| notes=*The meter and other notes*
{| border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" align="center"
! Literal English Translation !! Original Latin !! Line</noinclude>
|- style="vertical-align: top;"
| <poem>*The literal English Wikisource translation*</poem>
| <poem>*The original latin*</poem>
| <poem>*A full list of line numbers*</poem><noinclude>
{{AP Latin Footer}}


Do not submit copyrighted translations without permission.

Indicate in your edit summary:

  1. if you are releasing your own translation under GFDL,
  2. if the translation is already in the public domain, or
  3. if you have express permission from the author to release it.

Translations without a source indicated will be deleted.

Please keep translations as literal as possible.