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Catullus 81
by Catullus, translated from Latin by Wikisource

Elegiac couplets.

1320086Catullus 81Catullus
Translation Original Latin Line

Is there no one in a society of such size, o Iuventius,
  no handsome man whom you might start to adore,
besides that guest of yours, paler than a gilded statue,
  from the settlements of the dying [town of] Pesaro,
who is dear to you now, whom you dare to place
  before us, and don't know what a crime you are committing?

Nēmōne in tantō potuit populō esse, Iuventī,
  bellus homō, quem tū dīligere inciperēs,
praeterquam iste tuus moribundā ab sēde Pisaurī
  hospes inaurātā pallidior statuā,
quī tibi nunc cordī est, quem tū praepōnere nōbīs
  audēs, et nescīs quod facinus faciās?