Translation:Catullus 86

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Catullus 86
by Catullus, translated from Latin by Wikisource
Literal English Translation Original Latin Line

Quintia is beautiful to many, to me, she is radiant, tall, and upright.
Thusly I concede these individual things.
I deny all of this so-called "beauty." For there is no charm,
No grain of salt in such a big body.
Lesbia is beautiful, who both is most beautiful in all of this
and has stolen all the Venuses together from everyone else.

Quīntia fōrmōsa est multīs, mihi candida, longa,
    Rēcta est. Haec ego sīc singula cōnfiteor,
Tōtum illud 'fōrmōsa' negō: nam nūlla venustās,
    Nūlla in tam magnō est corpore mīca salis.
Lesbia fōrmōsa est, quae cum pulcherrima tōta est,
    Tum omnibus ūnā omnīs subripuit Venerēs.