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Catullus 30
by Catullus, translated from Latin by Wikisource

Greater Asclepiad.

117109Catullus 30Catullus
Literal English Translation Original Latin Line

Alfenus, unmindful and false to your like-minded companions,
now does it pity you nothing, harsh one, of your sweet little friend?
do you no longer hesitate to betray and deceive me, traitor?
And the impious deeds of treacherous men do not please the sky-dwellers.
Which you neglect and you desert wretched me in evils.
Alas, tell me what men should do or in whom men should have faith?
Certainly, you ordered me to hand-over my soul, unfair one,
leading me into love, as if everything would be safe for me.
Now, the same you draw back you, and your words and all your deeds
you allow the winds and airy clouds to carry away unfulfilled.
If you forget, but the gods remember, Faith/Loyalty remembers,
who later will make you regret your deed.

Alfēne immemor atque ūnanimīs false sodālibus,
iam tē nīl miseret, dūre, tuī dulcis amīculī?
Iam mē prōdere, iam nōn dubitās fallere, perfide?
Nec facta impia fallācum hominum caelicolīs placent;
quae tū neglegis ac mē miserum dēseris in malīs.
Ēheu, quid faciant, dīc, hominēs, cuive habeant fidem?
Certē tūte iubēbās animam trādere, inīque, mē
indūcēns in amōrem, quasi tūta omnia mī forent.
Īdem nunc retrahis tē ac tua dicta omnia factaque
ventōs irrita ferre ac nebulās āereās sinis.
Sī tū oblītus es, at dī meminērunt, meminit Fidēs,
quae tē ut paeniteat postmodo factī faciet tuī.