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Catullus 28
by Catullus, translated from Latin by Wikisource

Excellent Veranus, and you my Fabullus,
aides to Piso, a useless brigade,
with backpacks ready and lightly equipped,
how are you doing?
Have you suffered enough hunger
cold and discouragement
with that guy?
Did your gamble show a bit of profit
on the books, as it did for me
who followed my leader
and counted experience
as a bit of return?
Hey Memmius!
Long and slow you fucked me
in the mouth face up
with all that cock!

But as far as I can see
you two are in the same mess
since you are stuffed with
a prick no smaller.
Find rich friends!
May the gods and goddesses
give you lots of trouble,
you embarrassments
to Romulus and Remus!